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  1. Sounds like your snap views have gotten messed up somehow. If you want to reset them, go to your "IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles/data/LuaScripts/snapviews" directory and delete (make a copy first and save to desktop or some where) the "spad13.svc" file. Then the next time you start the game your views should be back to normal. If you have set up any special views you will have to do them again.
  2. I get payed on the 10th, I'm ready have my wallet open, LET'S GO!
  3. Yes it dose. And yes it's as fun as the others.
  4. It's cold up that high, have your gunner put on some long johns, or you can turn up the heat. I have seen this too. I think it happens when a EA is just at the gunners awareness limit. So he can't decide if he should sit or stand.
  5. Planes that uses trim wheels are controlled by "Elevator trim axis" and planes that uses buttons or switches are controlled with "Elevator trim switch: up/down" The Spitfire uses trim wheels, so the keys to control trim must be assigned to the "Elevator trim axis control". I bind all 3 controls that way it dose not matter what plane I'm flying. As for the camera axis, I may be wrong (happens once every year or so)but I don't think you can use an axis to control trim. Hope this helps.
  6. Ghost666


    Very nice shooting there ACE!
  7. 109s use "adjustable stabilizer axis" not "elevator trim axis" there is a separate key binding for this. Hope this helps.
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