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  1. I had a problem with it at first then I did as jokerBR said and it 's working now.
  2. The other day I was having problems with my FPS being low so I deleted my startup.cfg. I had to reset my graphic settings and some option settings. While resetting the graphics I noticed that I had a lot more options for resolution. you may try just deleting your startup.cfg. Good luck
  3. I travel a lot, play in hotel rooms so I use a laptop with a 17" 1080p screen. A little small so I am quite happy with the new alt visibility. Love the sim.
  4. Just tried theHe111 in SP Parked. Worked with both engines selected and with 1 only and 2 only. Have not tried the rest.
  5. Ok let us see. If you take into account the size of the last 100 up dates and the number of line items in each up date. Then we can come up with an average of download size to line item. Then we have to mod (flight sim word) this number by the amount of hype in the forum, witch (night witch, if u can find one) is a good indication of content of the update. Now we have a good place to start. You then have to get rid of the outliers (get rid of influence of forum trolls) X the awesomeness (anytime you have P-38 and P51 together you must use this word)of the update. This gives us a factor to apply to our prime number that we the divide by the number of updates this month will result in the size of the update. Now you may ask how I know this and what kind of experience do I have in the field of sats , well I was a stats guy in the military (CAMS for you USAF Aircraft guys) for the B-2 Bombers. Factor comes out to 1(because this is the #1 update) X Prime number of 14.356GB (just a guess) divided by 1(number of updates) = 14.4 rounded up😏
  6. When you look as good as those two, you just whistle. Or so I have heard.
  7. Ah, yes, but think of the happiness you'll spread though? The joy, after all, is in the giving drinking!!
  8. I think they changed the oil and cleaned the windshield also.
  9. Ok Ill give it a try, here goes.....Wololololoololloollollololololololololololo ops hope I didn't hurt the chance of a DD
  10. Yes, if the game is paused the AC moves back towards you. un-pause the game and the AC will move forward to full view. if you a watching a recorded flight then the camera will follow the pilots view. I'm using a flat monitor, it might be different in VR.
  11. I mat be wrong, but it might be LFT CTRL+F4 for locked chase view by default. and again I might be right.
  12. You must take this video down NOW!!!!!!!! The Top Secret duplicating Bomb must be kept secret at all costs. If we can employ this weapon of mass destruction England will be ours! 😁
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