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  1. What I do is: while still on the ground before take off I press and hold the Flaps release watching the indicator on the floor. After a sort time holding the button the indicator moves. Set to desired combat flap position. When needed in slow speed combat press and release the flaps down button and the flaps will deploy to the preset position. For landing press and hold to set more flap.
  2. If you can't see the Black square box with the three tabs, look for the small gray square in the lower right of screen and click on it.
  3. It is a little known fact that just was unclassified within the year, That on the night of 28.09.1944. The pilots of a B-25 Sqd held a secret meeting in a hanger somewhere in liberated west Europe. All pilots of the sqd voted to try to end the war early by a low level attack on Hitler himself. Knowing that HQ would not approve this suicide mission a secret plan was hatched. On 29.09.1944 the authorized target was Grevenboich but it was decided to fly to the target and then continue to BERLIN! Fighting through heavy flak and massed formations of Bf109s, FW190s, Me110s, and anything else the LW could find to throw at them four B-25s made it to Berlin. The rest of the sqd lay scattered across western Germany. The bombs where dropped on target as a swam of Me262s, at least 25 by all accounts shot down the last of the bombers. Sadly that morning Hitler had woke up with a headache and had refused to come out and play. Although heavy damage was reported to the café and bakery where he was scheduled to have breakfast. All records of this mission were sealed and filed deep within bldg. 13 inside of area 51. 😉
  4. Settings Graphics bottom right column. ops to slow again.
  5. Have you tried making a copy of your input folder then setting your key bindings to default. See if the F keys work. If they do, try putting your copied input folder back in and see if that works. Or after resetting bindings to default reassign them. Good luck
  6. November 26th 1941 the Japanese navy left port bound for Peral Harbor. Just saying, don't know if it means anything.
  7. Been working on the RR for some 18 years now and never saw a train moving with out the head light on. But then I never saw one move in a war zone.
  8. See the little arrow right above the ACCEPT tab click on the little "<" . Happens to the best of us.😉
  9. Got to agree with you that it would be boring not to use comms in MP. Talking to other pilots is the main reason for MP. And is comms really non-historical or is it just that we talk to each other at a different time than the IRL pilots did. That is to say that flying planes takes up very little time of each day. 1 to 3 sorties a day at 1 to 2 hours per sortie that's only 6 hours max. that leaves 18 hours to sleep, eat and talk about what to do if attacked this way or that way etc...…………. So IRL the pilots spent hours talking about tactics and what to do when this or that happened. We don't have this sort of time so we talk in flight. So we may understand each other less and pass less info between each other then RL WWI pilots did even with our modern comms. Just a thought.
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