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  1. I have the same Problem. A work around is to have something else running in the background. Then I can use Alt+tab to go to switch programs. Haven't tried Windows+D, will give it a try.
  2. what a cool collision. great video.
  3. It's the why it should be, was wrong before.
  4. 1. GTX 860M 2. 4. No Hope this helps
  5. Yes sorry to say you are correct in your Statement "Flight Records Gone". This is a common thing with up-dates.
  6. I think we are almost in agreement here. No a random observer would not even know the channel on the radio to use to talk to a plane. But he would know to report to his HQ that would then route info to where it could get to the plane. Worked quite well in BOB. although the delay would have been much more then we have in game. As for MP. Let the admins decide what they want to allow and let the pilots decide if they want to go to that server. After a time things will settle down and servers with the correct balance will be populated. IMHO Tech chat will likely be let on most servers in the end. I don't think the number of hard core players compared to I'm just playing a game players is to low to do other wise. Have a nice hopefully update day.
  7. With everyone on here pushing the F5 key with a jackhammer, the skies are empty. You could get on line and bomb anything you like, turn the maps like a merry-go round! Got to go now and press my F5 key.
  8. Don't recall them when they are spawning. LOL
  9. The messages from the server are their as information from ground observers and radio messages from other planes. All of this is possible in WW2. In Settings - Flight Interface you can turn off kill messages.
  10. That is a great skin, just love it!!! Now if that devil was a ghost it would be perfect. LOL
  11. try using Lft Ctrl + F1 to go back in not zoomed.
  12. I use it to change startup.cfg also. I have the game on a SSD that I switch between my laptop (when I'm on the road) and my desktop. I also use it to switch my input folder. I have input folders for different aircraft with different key bindings. makes it easy to jump from plan to plan.
  13. Well if you are like me for any little thing that comes in one ear a big thing drops out the other ear. Glad to help.
  14. Have you tried Settings/Flight Interface/ingame messages
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