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  1. Maybe it uses Urber. Sorry could not resist.
  2. P-38. Still carry one on my key chain and have one of the large variety in my dresser at home. wonder if I should put them in the safe with the other valuables? LOL
  3. All steam is good where ever it comes from. if you think American is to big ,ugly take a look at the narrow gage engines. you just might become narrow minded. lol.
  4. Over heated the guns on a P-47 sitting on the runway. Had unlimited ammo, they heated up, tech note, but only stopped for a couple of seconds to reload. The cone of fire did increase, quite a bit.
  5. If this tree hadn't jumped up and grabbed me, I would have got the other 3 109s. Now somebody GET ME DOWN!
  6. Get that light out of my face!
  7. Us yanks were trying to save the world. Not from the axis but from global warming. 🙄
  8. Love it, Can't wait for Vol. 2
  9. Try F2, then Ctrl+F1. For me It seems to help, doesn't get rid of it but goes from like you have to about once every 20-30 sec.s I even have the problem if I use F3 before F2. Hope they fix it soon Good Luck
  10. OK that's a much better explanation then mine. TY
  11. Have you tried going to settings / game and changing the language? or in the startup.cfg file change as below: [KEY = interface] forces_color_mode = 2 language = "eng" log = "_gui.log" scale = 1.00000 showcompas = 1 showicons = 1 units = "" withdebug = 0
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