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  1. A'm not sure about this but it seem to me that you have to set the pilot's head. Then the snap views. And if you reset the head that misses up the snap views.
  2. But they put the X-mas tree and the rocket in the hanger.
  3. They only cost about 2.1B. Would of been less then that if all of them would have been made. Seems the US Gov. made the order, payed in advance then cancelled with only about 2/3 made. And they did not get a refund on the unmade plans. Was the maintenance data base manager for the B2 my last 5 or 6 years in the service. Heres a little known fact : it takes 400 man hours to replace the coffee machine in a B2.
  4. Glad you got it worked out. I find that if I leave it at a low setting when I use a snap view the snap is not that snappy.
  5. I work for the railroad. Must keep the trains moving so you all can stock pile TP.
  6. Ok I'll give it a try. Go to settings, then camera, and change both the right and left camera speeds to around 5. This will let you make small movements with the keys. Hope that helps. oh, don't forget to change them back.
  7. because you are adjusting the trim tab and not the elevator itself. up on the trim tap pushes the elevator down and the the nose of the plane down.
  8. This is happening to me also. It was not like this the last time I flow the Mig. Before if you pressed the down command and held it you set the limiter, then pressing the then pressing once released the flaps to the position set. Pressing the up command raised the flaps back to 0%. Don't know when it changed, I have not flowen the Mig for sometime until last night.
  9. What I do is: while still on the ground before take off I press and hold the Flaps release watching the indicator on the floor. After a sort time holding the button the indicator moves. Set to desired combat flap position. When needed in slow speed combat press and release the flaps down button and the flaps will deploy to the preset position. For landing press and hold to set more flap.
  10. If you can't see the Black square box with the three tabs, look for the small gray square in the lower right of screen and click on it.
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