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  1. With skins, ... aint (i know not a word lol) there a way that they can make it to where numbers 1 through whatever and you could just change the number? Not getting into the argument just curious...
  2. hats off to the dev's the clouds look great and my game is running like butter....congrats w/ the clouds they look super...best i've seen in a flight sim FTT~
  3. have to wait till they implement name change...
  4. yea they come and go ...i think they are still testing and such
  5. anyone still failing to update ... all i did was keep closing and opening to update again and finally it went through...hope this helps
  6. i got cable 50mbps 3:) my shiot is FAST!
  7. any word on this update yet? i'm curious to what was fixed....
  8. i get headaches when playing a lot too so i really started wearing sunglasses when needed and you know what? IT HELPS! lol it really helped me see the planes in the sun better...my wife of course laughed her ass off at me but i played with them on about an hour the other day and i'll use them when i need em you can bet on it :D
  9. s8n

    the radio...

    i was thinking...wouldn't be cool if they could make the radio recognize voice commands so instead of pushing buttons to do them we could do it with our headsets? that for me would make it uber real and add soo much to immersion. thoughts? D~
  10. it means to watch everyone else play by changing camera to see the action,,,
  11. Type of improvement: triple screen help Explanation of proposals:i have a 3 screen setup 24" x 3 in portrait. when i play the game all is good but when i go to play online the way the server page is setup i cannot see how many ppl are in the server the bezels cover it so i go in blind if any 1 is in or not. however i don't have this problem in ROF because the srver screen is setup to where it is only on my center screen. i been all over this forum looking to see if there was something i am missing ( i.e. a setting) to fix it but, i have no luck there. so to the devs...can you fix this to make it readable i know not a lot play this way but i love my setup. i just wish it was set up more like ROF in this case...thoughts? Benefits: so ppl can see how many ppl are in servers
  12. worked great on my end...mine didn't do too bad when the servers could hold a lot of ppl. was a lil laggy but i could still fly it. you sure could see everyone else around you crashing and stuff though. lol i even set back and took a hit so i could watch the havoc as everyone crashed into each other on take off. when they took the numbers lower mine ran smooth as butter. you saw the other planes sometimes lag jump but it was a lot of fun. i got to shoot down quite a few planes with both fighters. i got shot down a bunch but hell i haven't played WW2 game for the best part of 10 yrs so i think i did pretty well. had fun can't wait till the next one....
  13. are they going to fix the ffb issue or are the ones with the problems screwed for this session?
  14. MS ffb2 don't work here either... :'(
  15. i have same specs except i have a 7950 card and mine runs great!
  16. where do i extract that JSGMEMODS folder?
  17. i lived a whole mission like that...it was fun but, i wouldn't ever have wanted to do it in real life lol
  18. will there ever be a time in early access that we will be able to fly when we want to? or is it always just going to be weekends? i got early access to fly it early obviously but i only got to fly a couple times because i get too busy to do so...
  19. is it updating yet? mine says to but nothing
  20. nope...ROF ppl know me but that's about it
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