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  1. what i was getting at is that some are mislabeled and some are for the same thing but for a different plane... i.e. if i set my prop pitch to one thing it doesn't work for the other...i'm just saying if they took time to label it right it would make tons of difference... FTT~
  2. i was trying to set up controls and notice you have a lot of the controls with the same name for different planes and it's very confusing to have to set something go in game to see f it worked just to find nothing happens....if it's for a certain plane label it that way. one says oil shutters and it really is water shutters. wayyyyy too confusing for the casual player to even grasp and very much just makes me get pissed and turn it off. FTT~
  3. i think a lot of the negative feedback here is unwarranted ... it by all accounts IS a GAME. you want total realism go get a pilot licence and fly for your military...ridiculous FTT~
  4. my issue is i'm not good at reading the gauges i wish they would do like rof and just some lil sliders to show what percentage they are at and maybe some dummy lights for overheat...the compass is the only thing i don't care if they leave off because i CAN read that...and it's dead center now which to me is irritating... lol FTT~
  5. look "drift", i'm not in it for realism and never once bitched and said i was... so quit acting like a jerk because i said i didn't like something that YOU don't care about...
  6. i hate the new Help box...why did they take the percentages and dummy lights away and add a compass which is the one thing on the planes i CAN read...don't like it...HATE IT...ok now that that's outta the way. i like the new icons FTT~
  7. well... you could leave it as is for the low end of the spectrum and just make it to where you can turn guns up louder and plane specific noises up for us hard of hearing geezers lol FTT~
  8. I dl'ed and played WT yesterday just to check it out and the ONLY thing I liked about that game (truest sense of that word) was that you can turn volume up and down on different things that way you can tune it in to the best way YOU yourself can hear it...if this game had that and we could set our own graphics preference I think that would be it as far as what I would want out of this game aside fixing bugs and whatnot...any thoughts? FTT~
  9. i also think there should be an intermediate level and it should be "normal" and the "normal" now should be easy mode FTT~
  10. i just want to add ... the flight in this and ROF are second to none on the feel of flight. it's the closest any game has ever come to "real" flight. the thing the nay sayers need to think about is...games in this day and age of beautiful eye candy (that we all enjoy) is the reason this and other sims are the way they are. i mean il2 (the one everyone compares this stuff to) didn't have to look nearly as good as sims today. it took less pc power to get all that stuff into it. these monster machines of today can only handle so much and hence the reason for lower numbers per server...you all are comparing apples and oranges. if they took the eyecandy wayyy down and added all that stuff you all would be bitchin that the graphics look like crap. you have to have give and take...you have to give up one thing for the other and eyecandy looking real as possible is what people want so that is what the devs try to deliver...just my opinion
  11. or at least a red to green light or something ...are they going to make anymore things for the simple gauges like a flaps indicator or an indicator for supercharger ?... i'm sure there are more but i'm drawing a blank lol D~
  12. failed to update ... tried 5 times...same outcome everyone else having this problem? anyone?
  13. my suggestion is this...i as a rule of thumb do not fire on any aircraft until i zoom in and identify the markings on said aircraft. sure you get shot down a lot doing it that way but it leaves you confident on what you're firing at. and along with that the longer you do that the better you'll get at identifying from a distance by the shapes of the aircraft...hope this helps S!, D~
  14. just wait a few seconds till someone dies and steal the spot...it's what i do when i want to "choose"
  15. jordan ... wth are you talking about?? Chuck learn to fly both sides
  16. 150 bucks is not that much for a track ir and is was the best 150 bucks i ever spent...
  17. Are they ever gonna fix the glitch that when your wing falls away from the plane the rockets are still attached to a ghost wing? I mentioned it some time ago. Also I play with 3 monitors in portrait and when you click on multiplayer you can't see how many ppl are in the servers due to the bezels covering it up...rRoF doesn't have the problem because all the info just shows up on the middle screen...Just a couple of things I noticed lately. FTT~
  18. seeing as though this is early access and the guy at least spent 50 bucks on it ... i don't think he'll go away soon...my advice is ...right now if nyone does it get the whole server teammates and all just go after him. if you make his experience terrible he'll leave. like someone said right now you can't change your name. FTT~
  19. 41 here...i play in normal servers so you can come shoot me down. i suck too so don't worry lol FTT~
  20. @raaaid The only reason i don't do that is ,on my setup if you do that it makes color and the way shine on certain things change. So when i get it to where it looks good i don't mess with it past that...In other words if i change something on one game, then if i go on to another game, the look is all off. So when i find a happy middle i leave it
  21. @13./JG51mprhead or it make you all sound like you have no faith in the dev team that imho are doing a great job already without your yammering about something that has yet to be implemented ... FTT~
  22. isn't all this skin and number back and forth a bit like flogging a dead horse when we have yet to know how it works? relax and enjoy early access and when the time comes then voice your concerns. you know like when THEY TELL US how it's going to work...just my 2 cents... FTT~
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