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  1. it downloads it...then it say "extracting packed files" and gets to about 85% of that and then says "failed to update" ... ?
  2. Nope...didn't work...thx for tryin though
  3. i had to do a reinstall on my whole pc...game installed but not it fails to do the last bit on update...?? anyone have any ideas?? D~
  4. are they ever going to give us back control over graphics adjustment? i love this game but i also like to be able to tweak my graphics to just the right tweaks for MY PC . i don't like the low medium high thing...a lot of us play games on PC specifically for the control over being able to tweak it just so to match up with our set ups...i dunno i just really like that better than what we have...
  5. why is it that when I shoot at someone it sounds like the bullets are hitting my plane...i can hear HIS plane get hit? really annoying lol D~
  6. why don't they just give us a slider so people can adjust it to their pc's specs? it wouldn't be hard...i just wish they'd put it back to where we can adjust all of the graphics...that's the reason i game on a pc...i'm a settings whore.
  7. i for the life of me cannot find terrain.ini went into the graphics folder and i lokked over and over and it isn't there? what am i missing?
  8. Are we ever going to be able to do more than one profile on our accounts? My stepson wants to play when i'm not and i don't want him on my profile when he does. In ROF he just uses another profile but as far as i know you can't on here. D~
  9. wasn't the "gold" players supposed to get all the unlocks? didn't see it on the list... D~
  10. when i play and use teamspeak i run the game sound through my open 5.1 system and the TS3 i run through headphones...it works great and add to the immersion IMO ~FTT also FTR i use a buttkicker and that bring a lot of thing like taxiing to life because you "feel" the ground beneath you...they are worth the cash. they have cheaper ones for gaming but i have a musician grade BK mounted to the back of my seat and it rocks if mixed correctly. S! ~FTT
  11. i bought the saitek rudders and a track ir and never looked back lol
  12. 20 bucks for a twisty stick at best buy here where i live... ~FTT
  13. they are aiming for a greater cause so i'm fine with it ~FTT
  14. s8n


    will we ever get more graphics options or are we slaves to the "great and wonderful OZ?" i'm a graphics whore sometimes i spend a week setting up a new game to get the balanced graphics on my machine...i don't complain about it ...it is what i like to do. can we plz since the game is released get our graphics options back? the preset crap just doesn't do it for me as everything i do is either too much (low fps) or too little(crappy looking) i do ask ... can ya help a brother (graphics whore) out? ~FTT
  15. PLZ do something with triple screens....i'm sure there are enough of us to warrant some kind of joy here... FTT~
  16. some ladies of the night in our hangers....hey pilots need love too landing "gear" retracted instead of landing "gears" retracted...
  17. all of you guys crying about the unlock system are wayyy off base...it is NOT THAT BIG OF DEAL...it takes 20 min to unlock something and you get to see different aspects of the game you might otherwise miss by just playing MP... just fly the sim and enjoy it...why in the time it takes for you all to argue a moot point, you could have whatever unlock you wanted and be flying on MP killing people with it...just enjoy the flying. they are polishing off the last of the bugs and getting it ready for sale and i for one think it has turned into a spectacular sim/game... FTT~
  18. they said they would let us know...
  19. that is the point...one of the controls says oil rad. shutters but it works tha water rad. on one of the 109's FTT~
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