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  1. just make it whatever...you can make any key/button anything you want
  2. s8n


    hmmm? i never get it . just blood effect. s8n~
  3. s8n


    any idea if the Devs are going to add the oil in face effect they did in ROF? kinda ruins it with it not there for me... s8n~
  4. no more friday night fights?!?
  5. s8n

    [MOD] New Road

    how to install?
  6. how do you install it to mod manager? i can't get it to work...
  7. that was it thx sir
  8. Even after i close out of game even after the star icon is gone from task bar my launcher still remains on in processes? ...
  9. I am getting a LOT of CTDs as of late...I never got them on my older pc that had an amd r9 280 but on my new pc I have an rx 580 but it just randomly crashes it seems... B~
  10. s8n


    Is there any way we can get the little sliders on the screen as seen in Cliffs of Dover and in Rise of flight? They really are helpful to people like me and make the game more enjoyable to me... Beez~
  11. Also can we get it to where like in ROF that it saves your loadouts so you don't have to screw with them every time you get on to fly? ~Beez
  12. The fuel gauge in the Camel is all over the place...I set it at 37 percent and it either shows completely full or super low almost empty. ~Beez OH! Also can we get it to where like in ROF that it saves you loadouts so you don't have to screw with them every time you get on to fly? ~Beez
  13. Hi, Where do we post things that need fixed in the FC beta? thx, ~Beez
  14. I flew all over but never saw any enemies...Guess i'll try again at some point. Beez~
  15. Just a curious qusetion ... When I fly the server and no one else is on (which is most of the time ) the only AI that I can see is my own side (absolutely no enemies) ... Why is that? Beez~
  16. it's just like the ROF page...exactly what i was talking about... again thanx B33Z~
  17. Thanx guys...just what i was looking for B33Z~
  18. In ROF we have a page to check live servers and see if anyone is on...Is there or can there be a page for someone to setup to check live the servers and how many players. In ROF it's a game changer since it takes a bit to load game then find out no one is on. B33Z~
  19. Had a great time playing last night...Hope you do this regularly as that was the first time I played with an actual group of real people. Loads of fun to be had there. Thanx Beez~
  20. s8n


    just curious...has anyone ever shot down a plane with a tank and is there any video of that happening?
  21. same prob her...updated a few days ago and same thing happens D~
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