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  1. In your video I noticed that you're getting shot at by P-40E's...who's .50" cal ammo are the best firelighters in the game at this point, so that might be a factor. Also no He-111 for comparison, why not? It'd be interesting to see the difference back to back and then try with different fighters, then different ammo belting. A small caliber AP round armed fighter and say a 37mm LaGG-3 or P-39 once with AP then again with HE. I bet it doesn't get the chance to catch fire with a few well placed 37mm HE rounds
  2. Call of Sturmovik would be awful...might be ok for a call of nature though, like nipping around to the NAAFI fo a swift cuppa... ...and pick up some Brylcream... ...for the hair I no longer have
  3. It's really much better without it when you manage to shake the habit, as it's one less thing to deal with. I also reckon my situational awareness got better. Try cold turkey for a bit and just unbind the zoom controls, that's what I did and it was more gain than pain. I put them back in since as I like to have a bit of close up eye candy now and then, the wide zoom I just never ever use.
  4. Start off with the LaGG-3 (or similar non hot rod fighter) and stick to it until you get a few non-accidental kills with it This way you will quickly learn how to take a beating and get over it, as the LaGG-3 will provide you with plenty of opportunities to practice dying online Then when your ready to progress to an easier type of fighter you will be way more competitive than the guy who started with the hot rod. To stay sharp, go back to the LaGG-3 often Edit; Almost forgot. Ditch the technochat and learn how to fly your plane on it's gauges f
  5. Interesting idea, but there is a world of difference between a Yak? and a Yak-3, that'd be the "poop™ in the party™" in my opinion
  6. Golden tip from an excellent observation While Mobile_BBQ's comment above answers your question superbly, being a long time advocate of a technochat free IL2 experience I would like to add a little to that. Edit: ok it turned out to be more than a little I've found that flying without the tc on has (after a period of time) the effect of increasing your awareness in a way that I feel more connected to the aircraft I'm flying. Checking the gauges becomes second nature and not just the oil & water temps, but everything that keeps you in the air.
  7. Fair enough, good comment ... @=LG=Kathon when does the next TAW campaign start?
  8. I approve this wall of text Essentially they're trying to make something from a diamond, which is pointless. TAW is a diamond, it started out rough cut like all diamonds, but it's finely cut now, some might say, too fine. All this extra award stuff on top is just not needed, especially when many feel it's over-cut already.
  9. Interesting stuff. This may or may not be of interest to someone...I have always saved to .bmp then converted outside of Photoshop with an old but far from obsolete tool called DXTBmp by Martin Wright, which along with his other stuff is still available here http://mwgfx.co.uk/ ================ While digging up that link I also spotted a screen grab utility that he did called mgrab that I used to use. I must test it out again and see if it works to take screen shots of the viewer, as that might be handy. Update: Yes after testing I can confirm th
  10. Agreed, the logic for this award is deeply flawed. Even if a pilot flew as many hours as the top combat pilots, he could exclusively fly cover over his airbase and if shot down by a bomber gunner, parachute back home with no fear of loosing a life. This is a world apart for the pilot who regularly flies low level attack missions where the chance of getting shot down and killed is extremely high. Awards for not loosing a life appear meaningless in this context, which in the end is the context that TAW is set in.
  11. Sounds like there are Klingons™ on the server , iirc they have to "de-cloak" before firing... More seriously this doesn't sound good at all. I hope it's just a bug that can be replicated and squashed and not an exploit some unscrupulous characters have found.
  12. For a first skin it's really good ! Just imagine that it's a real Panther and the Sherman's are coming down the road. No time to fuss over unfinished camo details then, just prepare your ambush and worry about finishing the camo later, if you survive the battle I think an unfinished camo is fairly realistic and many people would enjoy beta testing it in battle if you uploaded it, but no-one will even see it if you don't. Either way you can finish it later if your getting fed up with it for now. Just my thoughts on it...I think it's too good to waste
  13. No worries, I'm glad your getting some use from it. I should have renamed that file 15 years ago, but it's done now With that in mind are you having any success with your Panther skin? Is Eliminator helping at all? Do you think another 5th layer would be useful? I'm interested to see how effective it is currently, as I often though that an extra 5th layer would be beneficial.
  14. The Tiger I know works with the standard setup as it was the 1st thing I tested. I have since tested all the currently available tanks in TC and only two of them use the double skin set up and both work the same way, ie., &1 and &1#1. Those are the Panther and the Su-122. All the other tanks work just fine on the standard set up. So I have compiled a new additional version of Eliminator to handle the double skin setup and called it Eliminator 2x. I also renamed the Elim Start skins so that they appear at the top of the list in game, something I shou
  15. That's interesting and news to me, thanks. I've duplicated & renamed all the files and tested them on the Panther, all good. Tomorrow I'll compile them as a separate version just for "twin skin tanks" and put it up here for trial It's going to be over 2.6gb of skins when decompressed, so I think it's probably better to keep it as a separate version for the hard core tank skinner's out there
  16. Eliminator now available for IL2 BOX (currently in Beta). After many years, 15 at least I would think off the top of the head, since I made a little tool called "Eliminator" for the original IL-2 series and after responding in this thread here, I decided to convert it for use in the IL-2 BOX series. It's intended application is to find those elusive parts of a template and it had a track record of success in doing so. It works in a different way to other tools made for this purpose, not saying it's any better or any worse, just another tool that works anothe
  17. I'm pleased your interested as I will be hoping for some feedback and even some input to expand things a little when I release the Beta, which I am just in the middle of post now...should be up in about 15 minutes on the skinning resources thread. The Panther has got some weird issues I think as I had a look at it with Eliminator and it appears that the complete turret, rear boxes (fuel?) and most of the drive train don't appear to be on the skin that we can access. I would post a screenshot, but you can see for yourself shortly
  18. I might be able to help you. I made a little tool for just this kind of problem quite a few years back for the original IL2 called Eliminator which incredibly after all those years is still up at M4T from when Jim the site owner transferred it in 2006 to his then new site when he closed Airwarfare.com. I think it was around 2004 when I originally made it while on the Airwarfare forum I had planned to update it to work in IL2 BOX but it's no small task and I lacked the required level of motivation. However seeing you struggling and having some time today I felt motivated to crank
  19. Here's a good little website for anyone looking for different language fonts, but doesn't want the hassle of downloading (sometimes paying) and installing them. It's basically a virtual keyboard with some added functionality (that you can find in the little setting button at the bottom of the input box), quite handy, especially if your not working on your own computer https://www.typeit.org/ I just typed the following sample including a selection of scientific, European, Polish & Russian fonts in seconds without downloading or installing any
  20. Are you sure? Looks really like a B-17 to me...
  21. At this point I really did laugh out loud Excellent video agree with all points made in it I have always played Red side as when I go to log on at the start of a TAW campaign there are always less Red and you are recommended to join the side fielding the lower number. If everyone did that balance would be less of an issue. I would like to be able to fly with groups on the Red side, but many of the players don't speak English and my Russia is non existent, unlike the Blue side where English is almost universal (I think), so this is one of the many factors leaving a hole
  22. Almost. Last time I checked the Mission Editor was only accessible to someone who payed for one of the BOX series*. So it's not free to start with, and therefore could be argued to be behind a paywall from the start. *or had it gifted to them. If that would even be possible?, as the main feature of the old IL-2 FMB, at least in the way I used it, was that it was accessible from within the game. This way you could build and test missions without closing IL-2.
  23. If you turn the radio volume down to zero, those messages should disappear along with the sounds attached to them. It's like turning the radio off. I think
  24. Original IL2 had this long ago. I already posted about this in another one of these comms threads, but it's worth saying again. It was a simple affair and it worked. I used it with guys in the squad I flew in back then and I liked it. If I remember right it had sort of crackling effect, which I found quite cool and immersive. I also liked that it had a press to talk feature, as this stops lots of radio spam. Anyhow I'd prefer this over any of the 3rd party options and most certainly over the AI radio spam we now have I th
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