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  1. My comment was from what I've read of NII VVS testing at the time of Yak-9K development in early 1944. The testing on the NS-37mm canon of the Yak-9T almost exactly one year earlier in January 1943 was a similar story; No need to stand next to a WW2 aircraft and ponder it's size in comparison to the relatively small rounds of ammunition that were designed, engineered and thoroughly tested to destroy such an aircraft. The information about all of that is readily available.
  2. I haven't use the mixed belting on the 37mm yet for air to air or air to ground, as it seems to me like taking my already small ammo count and cutting it in half. I prefer to use HE on large cannons like the 37mm for air to air. You have mixed belting on the UBS 12.7mm machine gun anyway and it's no slouch at 850-900 rpm and would probably put more AP rounds into the target than the slow firing 37mm and if so, would most probably have a better chance of hitting something critical. At least we have all these options, so it's a case of whatever floats your balloon till so
  3. Why not? The Yak-9K with it's 45mm cannon, (just a larger bore version of the Yak-9T's 37mm) was regarded as a guaranteed 1 shot 1 kill weapon in air to air, so 100%. If we simply use size as a comparison, a child's balloon is way bigger than the pin that will destroy it
  4. There's a little bit of Yak-9T and it's cannon in ground testing in this doco, starts at 32:32, which I set the link to.
  5. Having tried both the Yak-1B & Yak-9 series 1 back to back in the same QMB scenario against 190A-5's & 109G-2's, I can say that the Yak-9 was slightly faster than the Yak-1B. I'm enjoying both the new Yaks, I like the ammo counter for the 37mm, it's a good feature. I also like that they added the ring and bead gun-sight, great attention to detail. The skins are beautiful, but there is only one thing that stands out for me that seems incorrect, and it's something that applies to all Soviet aircraft across the board, not just the Yaks. That is the majority of star
  6. Absolutely fantastic and a big thanks for all the hard work. Not a hitch so far for me, everything smoother, faster and better. I just tried out the new canopy reflections at max with the gauge reflections, just excellent stuff. Loving the Yak-9 & the Yak-9T I've only just run it for half and hour or so and so far I'm delighted, thanks again to all involved
  7. I like all 3 and will get all 3 both to support and for my own pleasure. But as of right now if I had to make a choice, to answer the op's question, bearing in mind that the Yak's will be out first and I have everything else already including the Yak-1B, it would be the Yak-9T. Why is easy, with a 37 mm canon armed bomber interceptor that's fast and agile, I might even leave my LaGG in the hangar Like everyone else I'm gonna be interested to see what they all have to offer load-out and modifications wise. I really liked the field mod version of the Hurrica
  8. Getting back to work, so that I can buy a new rig to run it like it should run
  9. Yes, that ability will now be there if a server admin wants to use it. I know that the TAW guys wanted it, so we can expect it be available there. I'm happy, as I like to fly using the gauges, but up until now you were never on a level playing field.
  10. The advantage and disadvantages of the technochat are mostly about situational awareness. This won't affect a bomber or transport pilot much, but for fighter jockeys in a furball it can make all the difference. Keeping an eye on your opponent is essential, but engine management in a dogfight is equally important, so if you can do both at the same time, you have the advantage. The technochat is a HUD that gives information about engine settings and more. So the pilot using it can manage the engine and maintain situational awareness all through the flight or fight. Withou
  11. That's wild ! I just spotted that it was originally called MV Liverpool Bridge. They say it's bad luck to change the name of a ship and they sure had bad luck. "Lost on 9 September 1980 during Typhoon Orchid, 44 people (42 crewmen and two wives) killed" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MV_Derbyshire Could be something in that naming superstition. Her sister ship also sank and had been re-named 3 times. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MV_Kowloon_Bridge
  12. Good idea for a thread, I'm almost surprised it never happened before now. I was tempted to add something of my own to it when I saw the headline, but once I saw 390 V8 I couldn't resist. I'm a little younger than you, but just a little and fast cars and the insurance for them was still cheap as chips, when compared to recent years. I grew up in a remote part of Scotland, so muscle cars weren't common, nor were long stretches of straight road that is to say there weren't any Anyhow I was 16 and had had dreams of owing a Mustang for a few years when I met this Texan in
  13. Great update. I also want to say that I have big respect for you and the team for having the discipline to keep working and working effectively even though like many of us you are isolated at home.
  14. Just signed up for the current TAW and true to my usual practice I signed up for the team with the least players. Which matches my prediction for the Rhineland map. The plane set is spot on for me as I like Fw190's, Ju88's & He111's and have little interest in the 109 or 262. I hope I have the time to get shot down a few time before the end of this short campaign
  15. The way I do that without going out of the mission or onto the website is very easy. Just look in the map default key o and in the mission properties where it gives your the temperature & weather etc., it also gives the mission start time. A quick look at the cockpit clock, then take into account that TAW mission run for 2 hour give or take 5 minutes.
  16. Indeed it was now you mention it It appears he didn't call himself @il2crashesnfails for nothing
  17. Good on you Ogg ... ..."shot at VVS" is a recurrent theme in TAW, at least from my experience
  18. Any bail out is a good bail out as long as you can walk away from it You'd have been ok in the first one if the ground hadn't been there As a side note, on your second bail you got shot down by a Stuka...that 7.7mm rifle round ammo did an impressive job of flipping your Jug on it's back, or was that part of your bail out routine? If not, I wonder what @Legioneod would make of it
  19. As is often the case. In this case the movies and the books don't tie up to what the scuttlebutt in Scotland had to say of the Kray twins and their supposed effort to get involved in the Glasgow gangland scene. The books claim that the Kray's had some kind of relationship with Glaswegian gangsters and got them to perform hits for them and even supply dynamite off all things from Scotland all the way to London. You don't need to be inspector Poirot to figure out that this is far fetched, at least the dynamite story is simple ridiculous. My mates father was a blaster and worked on th
  20. I was too and you are spot on correct, it appears to have gone full circle from "everything starts with an 'e' " to grandpop ends with a pee
  21. Great video, really made me want to fire up IL2 Flying Circus Gotta love the Pfalz D.III
  22. Oh Shit'kovo...I'm sorry about that. It never happened to me probably as I run 2 heavily tweaked ad-blockers on my browser. I'm going to edit that post after this. I was just trying to confirm that he meant that film, as he had got the title wrong and there was more than one film about these guys. Me too, as is the OP and I'd bet just about everyone else
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