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  1. Sure, but to do that you must hit the wing in the first place and only if you hit it with an HE round. My own personal experience so far with the NS-37 in the sim offline has been mixed; HE against Fw-190A5: 1st hit blew off his rear starboard horizontal stabilizer and elevator, knocking him out of control into a spin that lost him some height till the AI pilot recover it and started to climb. At that point I dropped onto him and with the 2nd round blew his starboard wing off. AP against Fw-190A5: Lost count of how many hits on both wings and fusel
  2. That's what I was thinking, as there are plenty of non squad channels available on the TAW TS. Indeed, it'd take more than a few short post to overstate that or overblow it or whatever ================== I never understood the logic behind letting people have more than one account and be able to switch sides as they please. I reckon if everyone had to pick a side at the start of the campaign and stick with it, much of that silliness would evaporate.
  3. Hardly "overblowing" it, simply pointing out that it's a potential problem because it's known to happen. Like you say it's easy enough to work around it, but like anything else you feel the need to work around, you first have to recognize the need to do so. As I said, it's not something I would do myself, but it doesn't bother me too much that a few people do. Rather than get wound up about it, I tend to find it funny, in a hopeless way. But once again it's something to be aware of especially when debating solutions for comms. Which is the context that it was brought up
  4. I'm sure the whisper list is useful, but my point wasn't about have secure comms with people, but more about having comms with secure people PS., I just looked at you profile and you have made 6 posts since you joined in March 2016, not including the last 2 you've made that were in the last 24hrs or so, that 4 posts in 6 years+ which is an average of less than one post per year. That would be impressive on it's own, but as you have quoted me in the last 2 posts it fires my imagination. What's the go, are you a fan? or what? @SPEEDWUL
  5. It still comes down to a trust issue as even "Comms" (I assume you meant stuff like TS) doesn't guarantee that your not going to get spied on by "single Pilots" as you can never be 100% sure who you've hooked up with. I got to flying with a guy for a bit on TS and he directed me to his location at one point saying there was some action to be had, then he disconnected only to reconnected for the other side. I smelt a rat and bugged out, but I could have been done in over it. I'm not in a squad, but the same applies where squads must be reluctant to trust random single pl
  6. You are not the only one by a long way, but some of us have a different way of dealing with the problem...when I'm on Team Speak, my wife wears earphones if she's going to watch the TV because she doesn't like the idea of being on the balcony
  7. Yahoo, I just noticed the Property Dialog Box has been fixed, so the problem I had with using the editor is gone I'm really stoked and now have the urge to start doing stuff in the editor. A big thanks from me to whoever took the time to tweak this annoying problem
  8. That's good news, looking forward to that.
  9. If it clears later, you will be 5 for 5
  10. Just because you run another server, doesn't give the right to force your opinion about what happens here over and above the heads of the rest of us as you appear to have tried to do. I have a full HOTAS setup with decent rudder pedals and used it until it got old, with worn springs & gimbals and the pots spiked out making it unplayable. I have for a long time now run with my spare joystick, an MS sidewinder twist grip, mouse & keyboard. And I have zero problems flying without the technochat HUD. I have zero interest in flying a WW2 aircraft with a HUD and find i
  11. Agreed. Without a compass and the new g meter too, as it appears that they have slipped past the new realism settings.
  12. If someone is prepared to fly it, I'm sure plenty of others will be happy to shoot it down, it'd certainly make nice canon fodder for the new Yak-9T But as has already been pointed out, for the current maps we have a B version would be more fitting and that would make nice canon fodder for the upcoming Hurricane MK.II
  13. 360 deg = 400 gra, so it looks like your memories of your math teacher are good. And as 53 deg = 58.8889 gra, it is probable that the I-16 gauge is marked in Gradians.
  14. It funny how both aircraft have identical armament and identical sights, yet putting the shots on target is actually a very different experience in both. Kind like the Spitfire & Hurricane, one was always given the "steady gun platform" treatment people say when there's not much else to say, while the other was super light on the controls. As you are have no dramas with the LaGG-3, I would hazard a guess that it's largely down to it being less twitchy than the Yak. That said you could have a look at your stick input settings, try tone them down a little. I might take a screen o
  15. Now I'm wide awake and keen to do some reading about this rare bird ... Your right it is a late Yak-7B, but it has both UBS machine-guns removed and is only left with the canon as armament as it was a photo recon version or scout, known as the Yak-7B Razvedchik. The Razvedchik version of the Yak-7B was produced at Zavod 83 (aircraft factory 83) and stemmed from previous stop-gap limited production versions of the earlier Yak-7 that were fitted with the AFA-IM tactical camera. It was given no unique suffix, like B,D,T,K as other versions and retained the name Yak-7B. Th
  16. That's what I thought. The other factor that everyone appears to have missed is that the 109 may not have survived any length of time, had it not been nailed by the other Yak. Therefore any one of those hits could have downed it, given some time. The assumption is that just because the 109 never went down immediately for whatever reason, that it would survive 4 hits period. So 4 hits with what and would it have survived or not are the questions that come up for me. Only way to test this as you already mentioned is offline SP as that's how it has been develop
  17. If it is a Yak-7B then it's pretty odd, as even the Yak-7-37 still had the 2 UBS machine guns. Like I said above, the machine gun delete in the Yak-7 came about with the 7D aka Yak-9 development, at least from everything I've read so far. Someone else may know better.
  18. That'd go well with the above (and now below)often linked 4 hit Sheriff video...as would sh**e-s*ite-shi**-*hite I want you in my sight when the 109 forced an overshoot an tagged him The above video doesn't show what the ammo belting was. So can you fill us in on that missing fact? If it was mixed AP/HE, then 3 of the 4 hits could easily have been AP rounds and that would paint a very different picture to the one you take as fact.
  19. Ultimately I agree with you on all of that, as I never saw the NS-37 as a one shot one kill weapon. I possibly prefer the Yak-9 over the Yak-9T for the moment as it handles so well and I it's armament plenty sufficient to knock up to 4 opponents down before running out of ammo, but the jury is still out on that The NS-45 is another story; I really do think they were not wrong about it's one shot one kill assessment. But getting that one shot on target in an air battle was another thing, as apart from anything else it was deemed unreliable. I think that's s
  20. You may or may not have tried the following, if not it's the 1st most essential thing to do if you are running any graphics intensive software on an Nvidia equipped laptop. Many Nvidia equipped laptops have two graphics cards. One is an onboard low spec intel affair that would produce results like in your screenshot, and is reffered to as "Integrated graphics". The other is the Nvidia gaming card you probably bought the laptop to make use of, and is reffered to as "High performance Nvidia processor". Almost always for some unknown reason, the low spec card is the defaul
  21. Me too and after reading through your post and giving your Nvidia inspector settings a go, I can say they are virtually gone So far so good 8x8 on all maps running like I always hoped it would. Thanks for that.
  22. There also needs to be a Luftwaffe skin called Home-work... as in, a Yak-9T ate my home-work.
  23. Is that with HE? I ask, as the HE was an incendiary/fragmentation round and it's ability to regularly flame aircraft in the sim is representative of the real thing I reckon.
  24. Says the guy who's input to the debate was, "Have you ever stood beside a WWII plane? Its huge compared to 3.7cm. Certainly don't see a 90% chance, no offense intended." If you like hard data so much, how about putting some on the table, instead of that hollow stuff above? ================ The stuff I posted is translated from the LII VVS, it was the Soviet military aviation testing institution and it also goes well with the video clip I posted earlier of the very same tests. Lest we forget, these people at LII VVS were testing on behalf of the
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