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  1. I think that's a slightly different story, while I don't think either of them should be "done away with" I don't see them as the same What anyone does offline is up to them. From an online point of view the auto wing leveler is a necessary temporary feature that can be used like an online pause button for instance For me, the so-called HUD (aka lever percentage and compass indicator) should be off in any "full real" or "hardcore" online environment as it's not necessary. We have beautiful functional cockpits that render it unnecessary. And those who use this HUD have better situati
  2. Now that is hardcore You well and truly need the auto leveler such an environment, you made me smile too as I can see myself in a similar setting, thanks May need to change it's name from -auto leveler- to -online pause button if you dare-
  3. I think this makes sense, otherwise they can hardly be called hardcore
  4. I'm inclined to agree with all you've said, but I would like to add to this point in particular... As I outlined in other posts regard the FMB, I have to literally rotate my desktop through 90 deg and back again just to use the FMB every time I start it...and that's before the steep learning curve. Hopefully this issue will get fixed sometime as it's very far from fun. The learning curve I don't mind so much as having to jump in and out of the FMB & IL2 just to test stuff. I tried to fire up both at the same time to save the rig-marole of rotating the desktop, but was quickly info
  5. Property Dialog box - not accessible This essential dialog box is, for some of us, off screen when starting up the Mission Editor For some of those affected, the reset editor settings file trick does nothing to fix the problem Personally it is necessary to rotated my screen to 90 degrees and back to normal to access this essential dialog box every time I want to use the Mission Editor...it is really off putting to put it mildly Shame really as in my eyes the key to unlock the huge potential this gem of IL2 BOX is through the Editor Thanks
  6. No worries, I just noticed it as I've been going through the bomb & rocket controls on all aircraft to see if it was possible to avoid the HUD completely, I was happy to see that it is, and think it's a great credit to the developers. Most of the single engined VVS aircraft have a standard control device that appears in the cockpit when it has rocket & or bomb load-outs, with the exception of the IL-2 which has the additional 4 bomb lights you already highlighted, so you might be able to do a one for all deal there and thereby save yourself some valuable space. When bombs &
  7. Really good work, clean and easy to use and a big help to those wanting to fly without the HUD an enjoy a more realistic flight. I noticed you haven't included bomb & rocket selectors and indicators, other than one small reference on the IL2. All BOX aircraft have them when set up with rocket or bomb load-outs and they all work so that you can set up your attack from inside the cockpit without using the HUD. I guess it would be quite a task to include them all and a description of how they function?
  8. Ok thanks for explaining. That's the set up I use, so my point about the watch may be relevant. Another issue I am having that seems to only happen in IL2 BOX is when I'm pulling high G and suddenly have my view point move well under the gun sight...I reason this to be built in to IL2 BOX as a way to simulate being squashed into your eat under G. Anyone know if there is anything in this? This seem to be more pronounced as I have some dead zone set up in my Track IR software, which makes it somewhat unrealistic. I really need to do some experimentation with this.
  9. I must have missed this 1st time around... Turns out to be the only solution for me, even if it is a ton of hassle, it's not so stupid
  10. After getting the properties box in the middle of the screen, I tried your suggestion of closing when the mission editor i maximized...but when I restart the editor, the box is back up out of reach There is definitely something not right about it Thanks anyway
  11. Thanks for the reply, I tried your trick and it moved the property box...further up off the screen Then I tried changing my screen resolution, but that did nothing So just for kicks I tried changing my screen rotation and bingo it worked...it doesn't always work and it always goes back to just off screen when I restart the editor I hope someone looks into this and with any luck fixes it a changing the screen rotation every time I want use the editor is gonna be a drag
  12. Hello, did you ever find a solution to this problem... I have tried all the above ideas and nothing work for me. The dialog box is just as you describe...out of reach of everything, making the editor unusable. Anyone got a solution to this?
  13. Not too sure what a "track hat" is, but while using my Track IR 5, I had an intermittent problem with the symptoms you described... It turned out to be my watch that was reflecting light into the Tracker unit. Or at least that was one of the problem. There is usually more than one and they usually show up at the worst moment
  14. Not sure about a .pdf, but... The most excellent "IL-2 Mission Planner" has got the Kuban on it, if that helps http://il2missionplanner.com/ Select the map in the settings button on the bottom right or direct link here http://il2missionplanner.com/#kuban
  15. Hello and thanks for a great experience. I have only recently started to fly online and am slowly getting my bearings So tonight I made one of my best flights so far, took off in an I-16 and patrolled with a few others for a while, then when flying with another I-16, A 109E Jabo passed underneath and I had a very easy kill. After some more patrolling, I landed, running out of fuel on the roll out For me it was a lot of fun. However, in the briefing, while the easy kill was registered, it said "flight cancelled 0 points". How & why was the flight cancelled? I looked in
  16. @DiNasty I think that's a little simplistic, neither of your described problems or solutions apply to me and I arrived at this thread after looking for a solution to massive frame rate drop (not just in the cockpit) after installing the Spit VB patch Simply updating my drivers did not fix it It seems to me that that the Nvidia control panel sees IL2 when in a mission and the IL2 menus as separate programs, but even this was not the only problem I had Something definitely affected my frame rates when I installed the patch, like lots of other people
  17. Fixed After reading Alexmarine28's post above I went to double check my Nvidia control panel settings... Under the Manage 3d settings menu there are two tabs, Global settings & Program settings Under the Program settings tab I had already previously custom set the IL2 launcher.exe to use the High performance Nvidia processor as per the FAQ regarding laptops on this forum when I first installed IL2 BOS Under the Global settings tab I changed it to High performance Nvidia processor instead of Auto-select. This was the only change I made before testing to find my frame rate wa
  18. Hello, Not the type of 1st post I had hoped for but this info may help... I use a Samsung laptop which is a few years old and have enjoyed playable frame rates on BOS, BOM and BOK up until I installed the latest patch a few days ago where the game became totally unplayable due to the slideshow frame rate Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1 CPU Intel Core i7 @ 2.30GHz RAM 6.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M Memory 4.0 GB Driver version 358.91 EDIT; updated to 381.65 but slide show remains Thanks for ev
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