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  1. Does he drink Guiness? You know what they say about Guiness, "drink Guiness and s**t your way to a finer figure" Even the wartime propaganda were onto it...
  2. Lot of good detail in this .pdf about RAF Culmhead. It's part of a collection of 26 .pdfs about airfield structures during WWII in all theaters and referencing most combatants. The whole file would weigh in at 136 mb and if your interested I could upload it for you? 43838d1181855673-airfield-structures-layouts-raf_culmhead-airfield-layout.zip
  3. Here's a nice spreadsheet detailing the RAF during WWII, all Squadrons, aircraft types and general location with date. No aircraft strengths unfortunately, but comprehensive other than that. Possibly a good base to work from for anyone with an interest. Authors name is Greg Appleyard. I can't remember where I got this and a quick net search turned up nothing. I just ran into an old hard drive full of stuff, much of it from over 10 years ago. I'm going to put up the better stuff as I get time. A cool photo of a Whirlwind re-fuelling was in the folder with the spreadsheet
  4. You know what they say..."you're never alone when you're a schizophrenic" ...or was that just me
  5. “clipped, cropped and clapped” eh, the nickname they were given, the latter part referring to the amount of hours the air-frames already had in before conversion A lot of fun on the deck, at least in IL-2, not sure how hard you would want to have pushed one for real though. http://spitfiresite.com/2008/05/clipped-cropped-clapped-yo-q.html
  6. I think the Spitfire MK.IXE that we have in BOBP is depicted correctly as it was at the time, a fighter-bomber. Therefore to expect it to be on a par with the aircraft tasked with air superiority around it is always going to disappoint. If we had the Spitfire MK,IX as it first appeared in 1942 in a Battle of Dieppe scenario, that would be entirely different. If your looking for a balanced fight in a historical time-frame with a Spitfire MK.IX, then that's going to be on the channel front in 1942-43 I would say, as by 1944 it was already getting past it's sell by date in
  7. No, that's why I said "Not sure if it's exactly the same issue". Sorry it's not of any help to you.
  8. Nice video, pretty heavy attrition rate though, how many state of the art fighters were lost for one old bomber? 2, 3 or 4, it was hard to tell? This is exactly why people complain that bomber rear gunners are too accurate, they fly right up their six o'clock and right into their gun fire relatively slowly (remove bomber speed to see just how slow) and steadily (just as steady as they can so that they can aim at the smallest, most protected silhouette the bomber has to offer) If you want to live, try going in at as close to 90° to the bombers flight path as you can and
  9. If it is, I hope it doesn't involve steam... It'd be far better to have it under the BOX umbrella.
  10. Not sure if it's exactly the same issue, but the info in this thread really helped me reduce any stuttering to virtually zero.
  11. For combat I tend to set it slightly nose heavy as when you speed up or add power from a neutral trim state you will end up nose light. This leaves you having to hold forward stick pressure when aiming which as Roblex said above tends to put your aim off. Whereas I don't find it an issue if I need to pull back on the stick when aiming. Everyone has their own feel for whats right for them and this may or may not be of help.
  12. Pict

    B-25 or B-26

    I went with the B-26, not that it's an easy choice in a sort of Fw-190 or Bf-109 choice kinda way. The reason and this leans somewhat into what @JG7_X-Man said above, is that they operated from my local aerodrome, Cormeilles-en-Vexin, I drive past the 388th Bomb Group memorial regularly, (twice today) and this will bring that local history back to life for me in the sim. Same reason I prefer the Fw-190 and really look forward the A-6 as Jg-2 flew them out of here too, though sadly no memorial as of yet. Possibly not the best of reasoning but when faced with
  13. Either way I also doubt that it just happened, but was "pulled" intentionally. Other thing that crossed my mind, they seem to run pretty rich, like they're burning LFO or something
  14. That actually reminded me of this; and makes me think that Gerry Anderson was way ahead of his time And I bet it's not gin & tonic
  15. At least he could hop onto the hood. Frank Canon who was on TV around the same time would have needed a fork truck to get up there and a tow truck for the slide Canon was massive, so was his car, whatever make it was?
  16. Reading that makes me think of a one liner an old guy I knew used to say... So listening to you, I probably should put the horse in the garage and take the car in from the pasture. But it's unlikely that I'll do any of it
  17. Since I posted above your funny idea has been in my head a bit. I was thinking about what I said regarding roundels & camo and about your blue star. I don't see the star as being exceptionally neutral since the USA & the USSR both used them, with your star almost being a mix of both. And then I realized that I was offering nothing as an option. This led to a line of thought that turned up an odd, but semi-original thought. When thinking about neutral, I came up with the image in my head of the H shift pattern of a manual car gear lever. This in turn was easy to convert into
  18. I think that's a fun idea and why not, it's up to you. My questions are more about your choice of roundel and lack of change to the camo than why you want to do it. So, why the blue star and why in particular keep the RLM camo complete with yellow Barbarossa invasion markings?, as they are as Nazi Luftwaffe as any of the other markings I would suggest ( and possibly just me) It could be an idea to come up with your own colours & camo patterns to go with your blue stars? It could be a fun exercise to start with a blank canvas. It made me think about the
  19. Something along these lines? It's a quick job to get the basic layout so it's not finished just yet. The TV car base red color was Ford 2B Bright Red and I used the hex values from this site https://encycolorpedia.com/bf1e1a to get it as accurate as possible. The white stripe is also a Ford color, but should have a black pinstripe outline which I'll add when the white is finalized. Do you want it red underneath too, clean or weathered? Would you like anything else added, Stars, Crosses, Stars n bars, personal logo or whatever? U
  20. Sorry you feel that way as it's not intentional. I'm simply defending the guys who put the effort in around here. Not at all, it's you who needs to make your mind up You may well have flown TAW in the past, but according to your own post I quoted with the screen above, you don't fly it now and don't appear to want to. Also, BOS doesn't show on the forum under you name and that's the only info anyone here has to know. If you don't don't like it, nobody is forcing you to fly on it.
  21. TAW has been on the go for quite a while and has been developed to what it is now by a great bunch of guys who put their own time and money into it, with a little help from others. They listen to what people who use their server have to say and sometimes change things. Either way they take the time to explain their choices and that's the bottom line...it's their choice. If you have a suggestion, put it forward in a structured fashion and if it makes sense people will debate it with, possible even they guys who run the server and possible they might implement you ideas. But if it's
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