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  1. According to the link that Burdokova kindly left above (see below for ease) the VVS had both old and new Hurricanes issued to them, the pilot mentioned Hurricanes arriving in creates with desert camouflage on them. His observations on the aircraft he flew are really interesting and worth a read. It's no small interveiw and I'm just slowly enjoying bit by bit. ===================== Just a funny thing I wanted to add, I got the Airfix thing wrong, it was Dogfight Double, not Duo as I said and guess what they paired up the Hurricane MK.IIB with....(drum-roll)....
  2. Thanks for the reply, all interesting stuff. The link you left is also interesting, from what little I have already read. I will slowly read and digest it, thanks for that Indeed, as was the M.S. 406/410, then the Mörkö-Morane having the Soviet development of the HS 12Y logically transplanted in by the Finns.
  3. True. Lets hope we see a Baltic map at some point so that we can fly Finish hot-rods like the Brewster and the Mörkö-Morane
  4. That's what I've also come to understand. The RAF Buffalo's didn't have the same attention given to them by any measure. This is difficult to reflect in the sim, without some form of reliability feature, which was my point.
  5. As a spin off from this thread https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/66232-dogfight-duo/ I figured a poll to see what you think is a good balanced match for the soon to be released Hurricane MK.II would be? Choice must be from what's currently available in BOX, but recommendations for something more appropriate are of course welcomed. I set the poll to close in exactly 2 weeks to coincide nicely with the release
  6. I've always found it interesting how some fighters performed exceedingly well in some theaters, yet abysmally in others. Hans Wind would almost certainly preferred the Brewster over the Hurricane in the Baltic, but would he have wanted the Buffalo in Singapore if he had the option of a Hurricane, which were also present? Similarly we could ask the question of Aleksandr Pokryshkin, would he have liked the Kobra as much if he had flown in it in PTO with the USAAC? Or George Beurling how he would have fancied flying the Spitfire V over the Kuban?...and many others. As @216
  7. That's probably more like it, especially considering the time-frame that they got them and the general state of repair they were in, old, well used and missing parts like cockpit gauges, at least from what I've read. Whereas on our virtual Eastern front we will have brand new factory fresh aircraft to fly. I'm still looking forward to comparing it to both the I-16 & the LaGG. So you seem to have the same conclusion I have, that so far we don't really have a balanced opponent for the Hurricane II. That said, what would you consider a balanced opponent for the I-16 or LaGG-3, fro
  8. Interesting, I need to fly both the Yak-7B & the G6 more often. I think the Hurri vs. the I-16 would be fairly close. Especially after reading Terence Kelly's book "Hurricane over the Jungle: 120 Days Fighting the Japanese Onslaught in 1942" about Hurricane 2's dog-fighting Zero's and surviving even though outnumbered.
  9. Nothing yet, that's why I opened it for some debate. But I don't fancy it's chances against the E7
  10. With all the hype surrounding the imminent release of the Hairy Khan, I wondered about what would make for a good balanced opponent to it in a classic Dogfight duo (Airfix iirc) sort of scenario. It seems like it's going to be out of it's depth with the 109's,190's & Macchi? And the VVS pilots reckoned it was between the I-16 & LaGG-3. This all led me on to thinking about any and all good pair ups that can be had with any of the currently available aircraft set. Anyone got any suggestions, or favorite sparring pairs?* *(don't have to be
  11. Sounds like it's with the local Gestapo office at the moment then, hopefully
  12. I appreciate the concern, but it really is a matter of opinion. I have no intention of upgrading to Win 10, as I don't want too, largely due to security reasons. I find Win 10 & MS more of a threat to my security than anything else, a read of Win10's eula was more than enough to put me off. That's all I want to say about it now. If I cannot get SRS to work in a useful way, I'll just continue with TS.
  13. That's good news, thanks. I've never been a fan of overlays of any type, so that's not a drama for me Thank for the heads up, I was however already aware of that. Yes, I prefer it.
  14. If only...looking around me these days, 2015 would be a massive step forward for most of us.
  15. This all sounded great to me until I read this thread and this bit... I'm still on Win 7 and will for the foreseeable future.
  16. I think the word for that is "zonk", at least according to "Way to the Stars" (1945) https://archive.org/details/TheWayToTheStars Quote is around the 50:15 mark. Good old movie, a classic.
  17. Don't forget the PTABs that are available on the later IL-2's, these little critters are highly destructive against tanks and stuff like that. When the Yak-9 was announced I was hoping for a 9B version as they also carried the PTABs...it would have been awesome
  18. I think what is being referred to is the way that every update resets the aircraft selection drop downs in the QMB. For allied WWII scenario this is the I-16. No way to prevent it that I'm aware of if that's the case.
  19. Great stuff, I'm thinking this will be part of the needed infrastructure for up coming the air commander, or coordinator feature that's been talked about? Will we now finally get a radio off switch, preferably pre-settable in the config too, so that we can enjoy the live comms without the looping spam in the background?
  20. I though as much, but figured that it might pull the wings off. Incidentally, was the elephant also intended as a payload to be collected after the bungee launch in a sort of perpetual motion great egg race fashion
  21. I know it was wartime, make do & mend and all that, but surely they could see that the elephant was way to fast for the walrus
  22. My take on this subject is that I don't do it myself, but I'm not interested on going on a crusade to stop it happening, simply as it's too large a task to enforce. I just about only fly offline on TAW and their rule allows for it. I'd guess that's because it really did happen and again it's too much hassle to enforce. If someone shoots me in my chute I think it says more about them than it say about me, so it's not really my problem ultimately but theirs. Anyhow, I'm far more concerned about getting smashed on the runway by others on my own side who don't use the taxiw
  23. Whenever @=LG=Kathon pushes this; Then you can ring this; http://www.scramblebell.co.uk/
  24. It has been debunked, time & time again and then some, but like a discarded fishing net the odd cod swims wallop right into whats left of it
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