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  1. Hello. I enjoy the skins you make, but would like to offer a small criticism of this MiG-3 The star on the tail appears to be too small and positioned too high when compared to the still photograph. Other than that it looks great
  2. Ah ok thanks, I already have the decrease one bound to one of my joystick buttons since it became available. I'm looking for something that you can just switch the radio off with in one clean hit. Even better what Gambit appeared to be suggesting, a pre-selectable state where the radio is off prior to flying the mission. I'd like this as apart from the convenience of switching it off once and forgetting about it, my RAM wouldn't get spammed with radio sound files I don't want that cause stutters while they're loading. Which in turn in a QMB airstart is just when you don't want it.
  3. Wonderful news. I must have missed this little gem being added as I've really not been able to get any serious flying done for some months. However I looked all over the settings and still don't see it. Got a clue for me?
  4. Tuning in would be a big step towards realism. A decent start in that direction would be if our "chaps" would give us an ON/OFF switch so that we could decide if having all that repetitive noise was a good idea or not. The AI have access to an ON/OFF switch for the radio, so we know it's there as they use it while going through the start up & shut down routine that we also don't have access to. So the ability to turn ON, TUNE in and turn OFF would be a really good foundation to build from.
  5. Hi, 1. Screen is set to 1366 x 768 which is the standard maximum and recommended resolution by the manufacturer...it's a laptop Like I said, if the buttons were higher up the first screen it would work just fine. As it is I have a nice large screenshot of a P-47 that fills most of that screen and the buttons I need to make the whole thing work lost off the bottom. I can access the game location button and just and no more the file name prefix button, after that I know they are there if I tab through them, but can't see or click on them. 2. The Prokhorovka map isn
  6. Hi, I haven't been doing much flying for a while and today I updated to the latest version of your great mission maker. I also noticed that there is a version for Tank Commander so I got that too. Unfortunately that about as far as I got I ran into two problems, at least problems that affect me and possibly not many other people. 1st was with the new version of the builder. I 'm pretty sure there's a button to generate a mission down at the bottom of the first page, but as I can only just see the edge of the second button, I can't make a mission at all. Nothing I try
  7. If you see Berlin as a bookend, how do you view Manchuria? Late model Soviet aircraft there too, even more so than Berlin, P-63 King-cobra for example. I'd also love to see some Nakajima in the BOX series ============ I think the Battle of France would be an interesting and as far as I'm aware undone scenario and a good chunk of the mapping will be released with BoN and RoF. It would also provide a few aircraft for a Finland setting and vice versa, Morane Sauliner & Curtis P-36.
  8. That's true and apparently so obvious we all missed it Yet it only applies to IL2 commands, of which "Make a screenshot of the game" is one. Bandicam controls and other 3rd party stuff is not covered by the in game settings, but is with JoyToKey as you set your joystick buttons to your keyboard buttons with no restriction as to what those keyboard buttons do.
  9. While making the above screenshot, I used a little program called mgrab or multi grab by Martin Wright http://www.mwgfx.co.uk/programs/mgrab.htm It occurred to me that this little tool could be used to make guncam type records if you compiled the mulitiple screens it can make into a .gif , just a thought , yet to try it. But you can have up to 999 screenshots at up to 10 per second and can adjust the "shutter" speed so it could be interesting?
  10. JoytoKey will do this for you and it's free https://joytokey.net/en/ Just tested it and it works
  11. There's another solution, you can use a 3rd party image converter. I use DXTmp by Martin Wright, it's free and works like a charm and has been around for a long time so is well tested. Just flatten the image and save as a (stress save as so as to avoid overwriting your template) BMP, then open with DXTBmp and save it as a .dds image and your good to go. More detail and download link at his website here http://www.mwgfx.co.uk/programs/dxtbmp.htm
  12. @mincer explains what I meant better than I could repeat... ...after that the exact number depends on several variables. 1. The weapons fitted 2. The ammo loaded 3. The pilot A P-40E for example can have 4x50cal or 6x50cal with an option for extra ammo for both. This gives different overall firing times for each combination and that's just one aircraft. Different pilots use different "bursts". An accurate idea of the firing time for any aircraft/weapon/ammo combo can be assessed by recording a track while firing a
  13. Almost... of the planes we currently have available the only allied one that has an ammo counter is the Yak-9T and even then it's only for the cannon and even then is optional. Anyhow it's an interesting observation and one that I would like to understand better. Why did the Germans see an ammo counter as an almost essential feature? After all it's extra weight, cost and maintenance time that the opposing forces did well enough without. The amount of ammo you have can be easily measured in seconds or a number of bursts at x seconds, so it's never been someth
  14. Brilliantly entertaining, cheered me up for the day, thanks
  15. Wouldn't that be cool, I'd settle for any one of them. That said we must be coming close to the point where pre F series 109's are all that's left to do, any idea how many 109 variants will be left after this release?
  16. Very sad to read this news. Condolences to all who knew him.
  17. Good stuff !!! Yet another great update, Hurri, for sure, but the Dakota was a nice surprise, plus all the other great stuff. KV-1 getting a new additional skin is appreciated as it's probably my favorite tank. I stood next to one once and was awestruck at their size and how far ahead of their time they were. Left my joystick at home so the test flight will have to wait...
  18. Sounds good to me, just need to get them into the BOXing ring now Absolutely, I always preferred the look of the early P40's over the later ones for some reason and they would make a great stepping stone towards the PTO with a Flying Tigers chapter of BOX, while still being useful on the Moscow map (not sure about the rest?) The P-51A would also be great. I really like the earlier versions of the hot rods that got all the glory and media cover. The Mustang MK.I was active in the ETO and 4 Squadrons saw action during "Operation Jubilee" (Dieppe landings '42)
  19. Wouldn't that be great to see in BOX The Ki-61 & Ki-84 were certainly well received by many, but for some reason I always had a soft spot for the Ki-44. What would you pair a Ki-44 with? I hope they get around to fleshing out the P-40 we already have with some more variants in the mean time.
  20. Yes, that's certainly a classic, both in BOX and historically. I recently re-read "Malta Spitfire", George Beurlings biography, so I reckon the Macchi 202 should be in the mix with the Spitfire MK.V too
  21. "Repeat please" I'm not sure what he really meant, as by the time he was quoted saying it he must have been fully aware of the significant number of Polish and Czech pilots that made up the RAF number during the height of the battle. None of whom were any part of the "Commonwealth". https://www.historic-uk.com/HistoryUK/HistoryofBritain/Polish-Pilots-the-Battle-of-Britain/ That's almost every third pilot the Luftwaffe would encounter, that was neither British nor from any Commonwealth nation. Lest we forget. Edit:
  22. I mentioned the P-40E & the Spitfire MK.V as they were of a similar time frame, arriving in 1941, and had a similar development through combat experience in that the engine & armament had been upgraded while the air-fame remained relatively the same. The Spitfire MK.V was on a par with the Macchi 202, yet so was the P-40E, at least according to Charles W. Dryden in his book "A-Train" it could out turn the Macchi 202 in the horizontal. To be fair, not all of the pilots flying for the RAF at that time were British, not by a long way. So Rall could have b
  23. Splitting hairs is fun, especially when there's someone around who want's to glue them back together
  24. Just a polite reminder that I had zero intention of starting a thread about the BoB or the Hurricane, or reigniting the battle here. The Hurricane MK.II that is about to be released did not even participate in that battle did it? Thanks ======================== More toward the sort of debate I was looking for, what would anyone think was a balanced opponent to say the P-40E as it's depicted in BOX?, and I don't just mean an Axis aircraft as there are pretty much only the 109, 190 or Macchi to choose from, which leaves plenty of scope in the Allied hangar? (f
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