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  1. At this point I really did laugh out loud Excellent video agree with all points made in it I have always played Red side as when I go to log on at the start of a TAW campaign there are always less Red and you are recommended to join the side fielding the lower number. If everyone did that balance would be less of an issue. I would like to be able to fly with groups on the Red side, but many of the players don't speak English and my Russia is non existent, unlike the Blue side where English is almost universal (I think), so this is one of the many factors leaving a hole in Red teamwork, at least for me. I've seen some of the Russian squads operating and they are very together and impressive, which is why I'd like to fly with them, if I only could. I simply didn't have time to spare for the last campaign, but hope that changes for the next one.
  2. Almost. Last time I checked the Mission Editor was only accessible to someone who payed for one of the BOX series*. So it's not free to start with, and therefore could be argued to be behind a paywall from the start. *or had it gifted to them. If that would even be possible?, as the main feature of the old IL-2 FMB, at least in the way I used it, was that it was accessible from within the game. This way you could build and test missions without closing IL-2.
  3. If you turn the radio volume down to zero, those messages should disappear along with the sounds attached to them. It's like turning the radio off. I think
  4. Original IL2 had this long ago. I already posted about this in another one of these comms threads, but it's worth saying again. It was a simple affair and it worked. I used it with guys in the squad I flew in back then and I liked it. If I remember right it had sort of crackling effect, which I found quite cool and immersive. I also liked that it had a press to talk feature, as this stops lots of radio spam. Anyhow I'd prefer this over any of the 3rd party options and most certainly over the AI radio spam we now have I thought that too, even to the point of avoiding a few people
  5. That's interesting, thanks. You say one of the big pluses, does it have many? And what are it's minuses?
  6. This 🔺 Plus you have to have Steam on your computer, so even if it was free and good I wouldn't have it. It will be a while after 2020 before any of the above are addressed.
  7. As it turns out, no it doesn't. I just noticed it when messing about with a tank and having forgotten the command for changing the ammo I pressed a few keys and there it was "radio off". I was so delighted I posted this thread to share the info, but clean forgot that I'd been in a tank when I found it. Needless to say if it had worked in aircraft we would have bumped into it sooner. ======================================== Anyhow all is not lost as the reduce volume key turns the radio off when you reach zero volume. I've tested this and the AI stop blabbing in the technochat when you get down to zero, so I figured that's it off. I bind the reduce volume key to a button that I hold down often and right from the start, so I switch the radio off without even thinking about doing it. In this case it's a button on my stick that I programmed through JotToKey to act as a multiplier or "shift"key to increase the number of times I can use the mouse wheel as an axis.
  8. I can't think of a title that does them well I mean it is what it is at the end of the day, just a limited bunch of recordings that are programmed to chime in eventually very predictably. When you are in a group of 8 fighters and you meet opponents, the AI chime in one at a time with the same stuff and for me at least, this produces a stutter as the precious memory gets soaked away with stuff I neither need nor want. This is two close, this is three close, this is four close sort of thing, all jumbled up and as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike.
  9. Now you mention it, it wasn't in a plane, but in a tank I clean forgot to check if it would show up in a plane, you would think it would but...there you go. I must give that a quick check later. ===================== The hold volume down trick still works at any rate. I have this bound to a button on my joystick that doubles as a control multiplier via JoyToKey, this way I turn the radio of without thinking about it
  10. At least those Tigers were on the Western front at the time in question and not in the USA A hand grenade, a Molotov cocktail or even a well placed box of itching powder can defeat a King Tiger, or any other tank in this situation
  11. Only 254 built, so it was very common, the first 128 arriving in France on the 22nd of September 1944, just in time for the D-Day landings Too little too late to be considered a Tommy cooker, so it's literally out of the question
  12. I found that they caused a stutter or lag when they kicked in or loaded or whatever they do and I find that their cartoon style of immersion actually kills any immersion stone dead for me. Add to that the looping repetitive, clunky after the tone press the star key automated telephone styled composition and I really felt the need to turn them off. But up until recently I couldn't without deleting the 198mb file on my hard drive, that just kept getting downloaded and rebuilt with every otherwise welcome update. Needless to say others have other ideas and it was a huge community effort and all that good stuff. They just kept forgetting to give us an option to opt out and I would still like such an option in the settings so that they don't eat my RAM, as I have no plans of ever using them. That's no bad thing, he just needs to look at the coloured light and keep quiet, especially when your in a single seat fighter Until such a time I prefer silence
  13. Yes it's there, hidden in the channel selector switch (default RightCtrl+R), with no mention of it in the control settings. Just cycle the channel selector and you will find the recently added off position. If you have the technochat enabled it will show up there. I already figured out that if you hold down the reduce radio volume control, the radio seems to go off, but this latest find seems to be an off switch, albeit mixed in with the channel selector. I wish it was a button of it's own, better still an pre-option somewhere that you can select once an leave forever But we certainly appear to have made progress from deleting all the radio files, that we would download again at the next patch. Update: Currently this off switch can only be accessed from tanks - go figure.
  14. Sure thing, however the 17 pounder did not stop the initial gap, the one you overlooked earlier. I pretty much agree with all you've said, just wanted to highlight the overlooked gap.
  15. That much is clear I find them interesting and helpful to understand the whole complex scenario, as did those designing the weapons at the time. After all if they omitted to imagine an all things being equal scenario between the Tiger and the Sherman, it would have been a fiasco...what am saying, they did and it was for the crews of the Sherman's.
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