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  1. Pict

    Game running so smooth now

    I don't have a fast machine either, but for the short time I've had to test it out, I certainly see a big improvement in overall performance. I'm really happy about it as over the last say 5 or more updates I had lost much of the performance that made it enjoyably playable and have not used MP for a long time for that reason. Looking forward to finding out just how it's affected everything including MP, when I get the time window.
  2. Pict

    Forum Signature Images

    Yes if you can see them they assume you have a fast net connect and have the time and patience to scroll down through them repeatedly. I can't see Bullets banner, probably because my adblocker stops them loading. I use both ABP and uBlock and I may well have blocked signatures on here myself or they are in a filter package I use, I can't recall. But it works just great I would say his opinion was objective, by dint of the fact that there is a size restriction on these things for that and other (speed of loading pages) reasons. I personally find these things irritating enough to blanket block them all, but that's just my subjective opinion Well noted. I'm gonna do some Ad blocking tests to see how much I can reduce the loading & scrolling time here Edit: results of before & after uBlock test; Before After Edit 2: That's much better, I think. Also discovered how to put a screen shot in a spoiler, which is good too
  3. Pict

    Best aircraft for attacking ships

    Not sure if these are still relevant, but they are fun to watch and wouldn't do any harm to test out... Dart's IL2 training videos Skip bombing small ships https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Af4syRR5r7s&list=PL23ABD7CBB962A977&index=8 Attacking big ships https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8whPvW85a0E&list=PL23ABD7CBB962A977&index=9 Whole collection here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL23ABD7CBB962A977
  4. Pict

    Default Head position and FOV

    Bottom line is you don’t use zoom to look at your instruments just like I don't. Regardless of what you said to the contrary. Good luck finding someone who finds your arguments credible. I don't.
  5. Pict

    Default Head position and FOV

    I don't do that as I don't need to do that either.
  6. Pict

    What is your favourite plane

    That'd save me some typing, but for some odd reason I tend to fly the LAGG-3 more than anything, could be I enjoy a challenge
  7. Pict

    What IL2 games do you own?

    Everything listed with the exception of TC & CoD. I have yet to buy TC, but absolutely intend to. I bought CoD, but gave it away in a free draw before registering the key when I realized it was a pre-requirement to have Steam, which was a deal breaker for me.
  8. My fathers, father and his brother were both Scottish Highland infantry men at Gallipoli in 1915 after which they were asked to volunteer for the flying corps, which they did... So they were shipped to Egypt and joined 67 Sqn RFC (Royal Flying Corps) / 1 Sqn AFC (Australian Flying Corps) where they did their flight training and then on to Palestine where the unit went into combat with the Ottoman Empire. My Grandfather told of some details like how there were quite a few one armed fitters due to starting accidents, hand dropped bombs and of successfully attacking a convoy only to find out days later it was one of their own. My Granduncle continued after WWI with what became the RAF as a test pilot and had to bail once when he lost a wing. Post WWI my Grandfather moved to Australia, only to return less than 20 years later to Scotland for WWII, this time in the British Army as a Captain in the pay corps. I always found this move curious as he had no obligation to do so, had a family and a good going business in Australia. He knew some curious people too, like Colin Gubbins, who as a friend of the family, parted with his old 1944 Willy's jeep to my father in the 1950's. My father told us that "old man Gubbins" had been the head of the British secret service during the war and this had been his personal jeep that he was allowed to keep, but we weren't allowed to tell anyone. Even as a kid I was more that a little skeptical about stuff and never took him seriously. Years later after my father died, I was given the jeep, which I still have, what's left of it, needs a total rebuild and I mean total. I checked the registration document and "old man Gubbins" was actually Major General Sir Colin Gubbins and had a Monopoly board address of 99a Park Lane London W1. This got my interest and I started to look into stuff. During WWII the then Colonel Gubbins was indeed the head of S.o.E. Special operations Executive and that was not all. He was a fascinating individual with an equally fascinating military and post military career. I did some contracting for the RAF around that time and when there were special forces on base they were logged in as pay corps or other such non-attention grabbing stuff. With all this in mind I did as much research as I could about my Grandfather. British government was zero help, but when quizzing my Aunt she said he was based in Scotland, but would be away for weeks sometimes, but they were never allowed to know more. Looking into his WWI unit I found that it's squadron leader at one point was none other than Arthur Tedder, subsequently Lord Tedder, who was RAF Air Marshall for the MTO during Malta and 2IC to Eisenhower in SHEAF for D-Day. So he knew some serious people and I don't think he was a pay clerk, but I don't really know. I like to think he was a Lysander pilot during WWII, but have no way of knowing...thus far As some have moved from relatives, to relatives by marriage and even just relatives of friends, I want to include two more WWII aviators I was connected to. An uncle, by marriage was a Seafire pilot in the Fleet Air Arm who had an odd nickname Kio (sp) we never knew how it was spelled but it was pronounced K-eye-oh if that makes sense. Anyhow it made sense years later when reading about the FAA's only ever attack on an enemy carrier, it's name, the Kaiyō. My guess is that he was there, told the story a few times when he got home and that was it. And the last one was a US Naval Aviator whose surname was Darrow. He had died from his injuries after managing to get his aircraft back on deck somewhere in the Pacific. His widow returned to Scotland and lived next door to me while I was a kid. She told me about him, showed photos and before she passed on, gave me the Kodak camera they had when they got married, which I still have, is still in it's original box and functions perfectly. @Novice-Flyer Thanks for opening this interesting subject.
  9. Ok, that would account for it. Bomber intercept is a favorite pastime of mine and I prefer the high sided attack, where you position yourself above and to the side of the bombers, then roll & dive into them perpendicular to their course. You can practice your defection shooting on the the way down and still have ammo to hit that massive wing area as it fills your windshield, then keep on going down till your clear and use all that energy to zoom climb up to the other side and start again. The bomber gunners have to track a fast moving target and you get the biggest and least protected part of the bomber to knock holes in Shame that the quick combat missions have the bombers swirling around like fighters making it really difficult to practice this technique. You really need a mission with a few bombers in a steady stream to get the hang of it. Once you do, it's good fun and with a big cannon you can down a bomber almost on every pass. Spot on. That'd be why some air-forces only awarded a kill if the aircraft was witnessed going in or going down in flames. I only break off an attack if I see it going in, if it's on fire or if I come under attack myself. I would add out of ammo to that, but I've been known to ram them
  10. Why would you attack a bomber from the dead 6 o'clock position in the first place?
  11. Love your work 👍 makes me want to go and strap on a MiG 😻
  12. I don't mind where they go next, it's been a wonderful journey so far. For sure there are many places that we have been in the original IL2 series that would be wonderful to re-visit in this level of detail, and some places that have never really been done ever, but I still get a great kick out of, say, flying a LaGG-3 on the Stalingrad map and will continue to do so regardless of what comes along next. Whatever they choose to do, I'm sure they will do it justice. I seem to remember Jason say that Yak-9's and Yak-3 would be done, but whether that's as part of new map or just collector planes I don't recall? All part of the fun in waiting to see
  13. You obviously do not understand my reply, if you think I want to start a fight with it.
  14. Pict

    Arado AR 234 as a Collector's plane.

    Yes Great aeroplane, would make for a really decent addition as it ticks all the right boxes
  15. Pict

    Me 262 Questions

    Agreed, but "there was plenty of dynamic air combat both before and after" the Dieppe landings too, but there was a massive air battle during the landings & there's the difference, like I originally said.