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  1. Great stuff, I'm thinking this will be part of the needed infrastructure for up coming the air commander, or coordinator feature that's been talked about? Will we now finally get a radio off switch, preferably pre-settable in the config too, so that we can enjoy the live comms without the looping spam in the background?
  2. I though as much, but figured that it might pull the wings off. Incidentally, was the elephant also intended as a payload to be collected after the bungee launch in a sort of perpetual motion great egg race fashion
  3. I know it was wartime, make do & mend and all that, but surely they could see that the elephant was way to fast for the walrus
  4. My take on this subject is that I don't do it myself, but I'm not interested on going on a crusade to stop it happening, simply as it's too large a task to enforce. I just about only fly offline on TAW and their rule allows for it. I'd guess that's because it really did happen and again it's too much hassle to enforce. If someone shoots me in my chute I think it says more about them than it say about me, so it's not really my problem ultimately but theirs. Anyhow, I'm far more concerned about getting smashed on the runway by others on my own side who don't use the taxiway or follow the pattern or land / take off against the wind because they are either too lazy or consider themselves too important to taxi around to the right runway, or both. But that's also hard to enforce.
  5. Whenever @=LG=Kathon pushes this; Then you can ring this; http://www.scramblebell.co.uk/
  6. It has been debunked, time & time again and then some, but like a discarded fishing net the odd cod swims wallop right into whats left of it
  7. Does he drink Guiness? You know what they say about Guiness, "drink Guiness and s**t your way to a finer figure" Even the wartime propaganda were onto it...
  8. Lot of good detail in this .pdf about RAF Culmhead. It's part of a collection of 26 .pdfs about airfield structures during WWII in all theaters and referencing most combatants. The whole file would weigh in at 136 mb and if your interested I could upload it for you? 43838d1181855673-airfield-structures-layouts-raf_culmhead-airfield-layout.zip
  9. Here's a nice spreadsheet detailing the RAF during WWII, all Squadrons, aircraft types and general location with date. No aircraft strengths unfortunately, but comprehensive other than that. Possibly a good base to work from for anyone with an interest. Authors name is Greg Appleyard. I can't remember where I got this and a quick net search turned up nothing. I just ran into an old hard drive full of stuff, much of it from over 10 years ago. I'm going to put up the better stuff as I get time. A cool photo of a Whirlwind re-fuelling was in the folder with the spreadsheet, so they might as well stay together here RAF_OrderOfBattle.zip
  10. You know what they say..."you're never alone when you're a schizophrenic" ...or was that just me
  11. “clipped, cropped and clapped” eh, the nickname they were given, the latter part referring to the amount of hours the air-frames already had in before conversion A lot of fun on the deck, at least in IL-2, not sure how hard you would want to have pushed one for real though. http://spitfiresite.com/2008/05/clipped-cropped-clapped-yo-q.html
  12. I think the Spitfire MK.IXE that we have in BOBP is depicted correctly as it was at the time, a fighter-bomber. Therefore to expect it to be on a par with the aircraft tasked with air superiority around it is always going to disappoint. If we had the Spitfire MK,IX as it first appeared in 1942 in a Battle of Dieppe scenario, that would be entirely different. If your looking for a balanced fight in a historical time-frame with a Spitfire MK.IX, then that's going to be on the channel front in 1942-43 I would say, as by 1944 it was already getting past it's sell by date in the air superiority role. After all, it wasn't just a 1943 aircraft as it is often depicted. It was Spitfire MK.V that got hot-rodded in 1942 in an effort to stay on equal terms with the then all new and at the time superlative Fw-190A design. ============================== Best solution, a Battle of Dieppe scenario. I'd be all for that, it's going to be on the new Normandy map, as Dieppe is in Normandy, (though many seem to forget it's there at all), so the map will already be made. It was one of the biggest and most significant air battles...ever. It's not BOB so it's not been done to death and there is a really cool plane set to choose from that includes the USAAC. A fair few of the aircraft have already been made, some of them would need tweaking, like the Spitfire MK.IX and some that are currently being made could be "relatively" easily modified into their older versions, like the P-51B into the Mustang MK.I that was at Dieppe with the RAF. B-17's also saw early use by the USAAC in the operation to bomb Abbeville aerodrome in an effort to suppress Luftwaffe activity. Lots of potential
  13. No, that's why I said "Not sure if it's exactly the same issue". Sorry it's not of any help to you.
  14. Nice video, pretty heavy attrition rate though, how many state of the art fighters were lost for one old bomber? 2, 3 or 4, it was hard to tell? This is exactly why people complain that bomber rear gunners are too accurate, they fly right up their six o'clock and right into their gun fire relatively slowly (remove bomber speed to see just how slow) and steadily (just as steady as they can so that they can aim at the smallest, most protected silhouette the bomber has to offer) If you want to live, try going in at as close to 90° to the bombers flight path as you can and make a diving attack from high and follow through to the other side low as fast as you can. Then trade your speed for alt., and zoom climb to set up another pass. This way fewer of the gunners can track you and those that can will have to track you in 3 directions and at a far greater relative speed. You get a clean shot at all the vulnerable bits. The wings, so fuel tanks and engines, the cockpit, so pilot and chance of a PK and the bomb load if it's still aboard, so the chance of setting that off for a massive bang and saving some ammo
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