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  1. Great news update I've said this before but I'll say it again, IL2 BOX is streets ahead of lots of other game software in the way they don't just add new content, but retro-fit and upgrade existing content to meet the new standards. Which is a mammoth task (tusk) and one that get bigger and bigger. The example in this update that really appeals to me is this: Great job, great work and much respect. Thanks.
  2. That's good to know, thanks for clearing that up for me. I very much look forward to taking part in the next TAW as although I had registered for the last two as usual, life got in the way with some sad family news that then involved a couple of extended international trips in the middle of ever changing legislation and border closures. All up it meant that virtual flying went by the board for quite some time. Hopefully I will get a chance to make up for lost time and get shot down more often than before
  3. I really must be getting old...used to be that the present is now and the future hasn't come yet, or was that past that hasn't happen yet???...whatever spins your dial kid 😵 Thanks, yes I kinda figured that, it's not like you can ditch it really is it? I was more talking about registration and being able to take part. Could be I just read it wrong, but I got the impression that stuff was now or in the future to be handled on this new dangled Disco thing I confess you lost me with that. I'm starting to feel like Joe Biden here So, to r
  4. Discord. The one you mentioned above. The one I already asked you about yesterday, above. TS I use and have used in one version or another for well over 10 years, without a problem. Discord on the other hand I cannot envisage myself installing on either my PC or my phone. Thanks.
  5. Cool...any info regarding the communication software mentioned above, to be specific, will it be a requirement to register and take part in the "New" TAW or will we be able to continue as before?
  6. Is that was the "move to space" is all about? Well, if it is, it's their ball and they can take it home as and when they want. If it was my ball, I would just let people run with it and let others do the judging. After all you can and will be judged on what you say and do, won't you. If you're gagged, nobody will know what kind of clown you are or are not. Additionally, if people are getting silly with each other, I would introduce the time honored duel. Choice of weapon and duke it out in the virtual sky before being allowed to make a clown of yourself on the forum aga
  7. This hadn't occurred to me and you're right in that it would be better than TS resource wise as it wouldn't run on the PC. That said I also have the option to run TS on another PC so that kind of cancels that bonus out. However TS doesn't have access to my phone book or my sms's or my camera etc., nor would it even ask for permission to do so. Can that be said of this "app"? Good point and no I didn't, nor would I forget such a significant historical event. It's not mentioned in the video above though and it should be I think. I'm more into
  8. No, neither do I, but I forgot to add "for me" in the original post, that I have since updated. That's possibly open to some debate. It's been tried before though I did a search for "dank meme" and this came up
  9. What's that? I figured so much. Not so worried about Geriatric Joe or even China as much as the other players you mentioned. Geez that no good, I'll be sticking with TS. Thanks for the info. Now to find out if it's the end of TAW for me or not.
  10. Could you clarify a few things about this please? 1. Does that mean that if you don't use Discord, you can't access TAW? 2. What benefit does using Discord have? 3. How invasive is Discord?, ie., how much info does it want about the user and does it "phone home"? 4. How resource heavy is Discord? Will it impact frame rate etc.?
  11. Hello. I enjoy the skins you make, but would like to offer a small criticism of this MiG-3 The star on the tail appears to be too small and positioned too high when compared to the still photograph. Other than that it looks great
  12. Ah ok thanks, I already have the decrease one bound to one of my joystick buttons since it became available. I'm looking for something that you can just switch the radio off with in one clean hit. Even better what Gambit appeared to be suggesting, a pre-selectable state where the radio is off prior to flying the mission. I'd like this as apart from the convenience of switching it off once and forgetting about it, my RAM wouldn't get spammed with radio sound files I don't want that cause stutters while they're loading. Which in turn in a QMB airstart is just when you don't want it.
  13. Wonderful news. I must have missed this little gem being added as I've really not been able to get any serious flying done for some months. However I looked all over the settings and still don't see it. Got a clue for me?
  14. Tuning in would be a big step towards realism. A decent start in that direction would be if our "chaps" would give us an ON/OFF switch so that we could decide if having all that repetitive noise was a good idea or not. The AI have access to an ON/OFF switch for the radio, so we know it's there as they use it while going through the start up & shut down routine that we also don't have access to. So the ability to turn ON, TUNE in and turn OFF would be a really good foundation to build from.
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