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  1. It's impressive alright, even if both engines were running it would still be something to watch. I wouldn't try it with a full fuel load, (TAW supply style) though
  2. While doing some supply missions to help the war effort and replace my bomber fleet, I started to race myself against the clock. Abganerovo - Gromoslavka in a Pe-2 35 series, best time I made in 6 flights was 11 min 20 sec. All flights were done in accordance with TAW rules, ie., using taxiways etc., and landing in a pattern, albeit a short one and clearing the runway before exiting the mission. On my fastest run I used the air-brake to bleed of speed to drop the gear and flaps, but it was a pretty hairy landing Using a calmer landing technique coupled with a clean departure, well trimmed out with optimum prop pitch and a heading of just short of 290, put me just around the 12 minute mark. Needless to say some hotshots will do it much faster, I'd like to see it if they can, same set up, best of six
  3. Tell that to the guy's who regularly fly 90 minute plus bombing missions on TAW and spend 10 minutes or more just taxiing to a take off position so that they can take off together. Should they give up everything they are doing, just so that a few people can "get into the action as fast as possible"? What sort of compromise can be made there? Air-start? What do you do when such a bomber formation is forming up for take off? Are you the kind of guy that just cuts across the base in front of everyone because you want to "get into the action as fast as possible"? If you don't like the server settings or it's rules, join a server you do like and if you can't find one, make one of your own and if you are too lazy to do any of that, it's you that needs to compromise! And what a massive compromise it really is eh? All you need to do in a 109/190 is nudge the throttle forward an inch and hit the e button. For a 262 you need to ignite the engines and it's easy, plus any lost time in a 262 on the ground is made up for by it's sheer speed when airborne. Additionally, the best opportunity to combat a 262 is when it is on or around it's base, so extra historically correct time to get going in a 262 is a good argument for allowing it on servers where balance is often a talking point. That's true, it most certainly was me who mentioned the technocrap™
  4. Not from the new T-34 movie the thread is about...but funny all the same
  5. People who take the time and effort plus the resources to run servers should always have the last say about how their missions are made and executed. The players option is to join or not join any available server, so the player always has the option. I think you will find that not everyone would be happy with that. I wouldn't for a start. Compromises by definition do not make everyone happy. Difficulty settings should always be server side, otherwise it is not possibly to have a server on difficult settings. The reason I play on servers with maximum difficulty setting is so that I know that I am flying alongside and against others with the same level of difficulty. For that reason I strongly advocate "technochat" going to server side settings.
  6. That happened to me a few times in the past. After multiple attempts, I realized that my firewall was blocking the updater. An odd one as it had updated previously with zero issues and the updater had been white-listed in my firewall. Worth a check anyhow, if you haven't already done so.
  7. Kuban was historically a blue defensive map, whereas Moscow and Stalingrad were blue offensive maps. But in this round of TAW blue didn't appear to take the offensive until Kuban, which I find both ironic and funny, up to a point. The blue side on TAW has always been pretty well coordinated from what I have seen and this massive change in performance has appeared with the Kuban map, for just about exactly the reasons outlined above by @AKA_Relent Personally I'm happy to see a bit of balance and equal opportunity, as most people quickly get put off flying when the odds are massively stacked against them and that's no fun for either side. I'm out of it this weekend, which is frustrating for me as I actually enjoy flying when my back is to the wall Not sure what difference knowing the supply situation will make now or made up till now on the Kuban map, which I would guess will be over soon. Thanks for the tip anyhow, but it was already know and used by me since day 1 and have so far completed 58 transport missions....not sure how anyone could miss it
  8. Agree with all you said. I would like to add to that, the train that appeared a few times so close to the German airbase at Timashevskaya that I only noticed it when I zoomed the map right in at that point, is close enough to be covered by the airbase flak. When I went to attack that train I was shot down before I could open my bomb doors. I'm not sure about the flak on the Kuban map, it's sure seems to be far more effective than the previous maps, but when the targets are so close together, it becomes suicidal to even try. Hardly necessary on a map so big But that's war eh, you win some and lose some. Kuban reminds me of the previous times I have flown TAW, where the blue wave across the map was unstoppable and getting killed was given. Overall I find it interesting to observe the efforts at balancing something that is clearly way out of balance and appears to have a mind of it's own, kind of like the villagers versus Frankenstein...TAW, "it's alive"
  9. Best sharpen your knives as they are pushing back hard in map#6 and look as if they are starting to get their act together... that said I'm off to bomb a depot and test out my new A-20 Boston, see if it can hack the flak ============== Update: After a nice long well planned flight, using tricks I picked up in another one of Darbzy's videos IL-2 BoS: How to Navigate on IL2 Sturmovik , I reached the target depot through heavy cloud in low light, only to get totally hammered by the flak just as I dropped my bombs, had to bail and as I landed just about smack on top of the depot, I was captured. I destroyed a couple of buildings though, so it wasn't a total loss....back to the Pe-2 for now
  10. No worries Kestrel, I had other stuff to do anyhow and it was a good excuse to get them done I've just been on TAW for a few hours with no issues, didn't even get shot down for a refreshing change Looks like map#5 will be done shorty as the Axis are backed into a corner with just one aerodrome...gonna miss the Pe-2-35 as it's not available as a bomber in map#6.
  11. That's about the size of it. It just happened again while I was starting my take off run. That's over at least 10 times this evening and as many in the afternoon. Too hard for the moment, I'm off to do other stuff before I get aggravated
  12. Keep getting multiple "Game server connection lost" today for some reason. My net connection is solid and the ping is low when I go to connect, 20 at my latest attempt. Anyone else getting this? Absolutely spewing, just successfully bombed a bridge and was almost rtb, when I was disconnected again
  13. I've seen someone, can't remember who, say on this forum that they buy everything the team produce, but don't fly them all, making the purchase simply to support the Great Battles series. So in a sense they haven't wasted their money. I sort of understand this pov, as I buy everything they release, but some of the aircraft in my hangar get very little use at all, like the Bf-109G-6, which I bought mainly to support the team, knowing that it would get very little use when compared to others and CoD I gave away without registering the key I bought. For me this little poll stemmed from asking myself who I would fly for on the TAW server when Bodenplatte releases. So it was more online-centric to start with, but I decided to leave that out in the end. I fly all of them offline to a greater or lesser extent and have even flown campaigns in the U2 and Ju-52, which were both fun and challenging.
  14. Not sure I understand? I put a Both option in the EF vote & an All 3 in the West. Or are you suggesting something else? I had wanted to set it out in a way that would clearly show the progression of someones choices, but have yet to come up with an ideal (read simple) solution for that.
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