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  1. It would appear that you were not wrong While possible, it certainly seems unlikely. So much so that I have been motivated to run a few tests in an 109F-4 with and without 20mm gunpods against a group of 4x Pe2-35's. (I left the MiG-3 out of it for now) So far I can replicate the claim with the gunpods, even down to getting hit and winding up in front of a Pe2 No joy yet without the gunpods though...so far Maybe someone better than me can give it a go and see if they can?
  2. I just watched this and the 1st thing that came to mind was that you don't look around you very much. It seemed like the first time you looked behind you was to try and keep track of the bandit you appeared to overshoot. So, no fancy analysis from me. Just check 6 much more often would be my advice.
  3. Whatever anyone thinks about Bob Dylan, he was certainly original...and he had a strong right arm for a puny little guy
  4. That's an interesting question. I'm not sure such a thing exists, at least not one that co-ordinates everyone that flies Red. Does such a thing exist for everyone that flies Blue? I doubt that too. There are certainly little groups, both squads and just people who band together on the spur of the moment, but that's not the same and does't have the same effect. While getting everyone on-board with a common co-ordinated goal has many plus sides to it, equally it has a couple of real down sides. First and foremost is the language barrier. This is no small issue. Then there is the first question of trust. Many people fly both sides and run two accounts to do so, they also take TAW ultra seriously and are not past using any information to the benefit of their preferred team. I've been drag'n'bagged with this caper already, so it's quite a real issue. Then there is the second question of trust. Who makes the decisions and are they universally trusted?, is everyone happy with that persons assessment and so on? ============================== I'm keen to see what the developer comes up with for the "Air Marshal" feature and how it addresses the points I have just highlighted.
  5. Oddly enough many people seem to believe that the French were an easy pushover in 1940. But then some people believe that the Pe-2 in BOX has magical powers Pierre Le Gloan - 5 Italian aircraft shot down in one sortie, 15th June 1940 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_Le_Gloan Following Italy's declaration of war on France and the Italian air force commencing bombing raids, Le Gloan shot down two Fiat BR.20 bombers on 13 June.[3] On 15 June Le Gloan with another pilot attacked twelve Italian Fiat CR.42 fighters. Le Gloan shot down three of them while Cpt. Assolent shot down another.[4] While returning to the airfield Le Gloan shot down another CR.42 and a BR.20 bomber. For this outstanding achievement of destroying five aircraft in one flight he was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant.[2]
  6. I don't think this is necessary, as it is an imagined problem to start with. Just try to keep things historical and ignore the hysterical
  7. Pict

    Using 3ds Max

    That's almost certainly a no.
  8. Give the first bit of the other paragraph a go 🔻, good chance it won't be boring U-2VS added to the Allied hangar. It's listed under transport but you can use it as a fighter, bomber or transport (empty payload - no bombs, no rockets, no ShKAS wings). It's replenished like the Ju-52: after 3CM with other aircraft.
  9. It's about balance. If you are "killed" when your team has less players than the other team, you lose a percentage of a life relative to difference ratio. This means that you can still fly until your lives are less than or equal to zero. This is how I understand it, I hope sit helps.
  10. From the 16/02/2019 TAW update; Direct links to the changelog posts can be found on the very bottom of the TAW manual page http://taw.stg2.de/manual.php =================== The little U-2 biplane is slow but makes up for it in the fun way, I enjoy it and have no regrets buying it
  11. That will be because I don't. I'm sorry if you feel alienated or targeted in some manner as it's far from intended. I did. I even gave an ISBN number. Ultimately it's not up to me, so I don't require votes, anyhow historical research, as I understand it is not political (or at least it shouldn't be), it's scientific, so votes are pointless. Should I feel the need to spend even more time researching this I will, but I'm not going to be pressured into it by someone who's own data is so loose and colloquial.
  12. I only use the 23mm on a LaGG if I'm intercepting bombers for the same reason it became an option for real. That is the heavier armament reduces the handling. So it wouldn't be on "every LaGG-3 in TAW". Under-wing cannons were never a standard fitting on 109's, so what, that doesn't mean they were never used. What about the numbers of 109F-4's that had under-wing cannons fitted on the Eastern Front, or Macchi's with the same stuff?, you're not in a hurry to find numbers for them, not that you will. But anytime I've been shot down in a Pe-2 by a Macchi or a 109F-4, they had the extra cannons strapped on. So it's do as I say, but not do as I do eh? No worries, fortunately it's not up to you, but up to the guys running the server.
  13. Talking of such... Do you have a reference for this information? ================================= I'm surprised that blue pilots don't fly them more often. Faster, 200kg more bomb-load and at least twice the forward armament, than a contemporary Pe-2 model. Plus armor options that the Pe-2 just doesn't have. I suppose "Bubbi" Hartmann" never flew one, so...
  14. Not a unicorn. VYa-23 cannon was in fact standard cannon armament on the early production LaGG-3's. This was changed to the 20mm ShVAK by the time of our BOX LaGG-3 variant came along, but the VYa-23 cannon remained an option as is correctly depicted in the game. Operational use of the VYa-23 cannon armed LaGG-3 is well documented with early success of this weapon being a feature. Kapitan I.Nestov of 21 IAP recorded as having shot down 3 He111's in just two firing passes with his VYa-23 cannon armed LaGG-3 on the 21st of October 1941. My source for this is the detailed research by Erik Pilawskii, current book in my hand right now is his "Soviet Air Force Fighter Colours 1941-1945" ISBN 1-903223-30-X where he not only goes into fine detail of the paints and their application, but also the development and operational histories of each aircraft in equally fine detail.
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