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  1. Great update. I also want to say that I have big respect for you and the team for having the discipline to keep working and working effectively even though like many of us you are isolated at home.
  2. Just signed up for the current TAW and true to my usual practice I signed up for the team with the least players. Which matches my prediction for the Rhineland map. The plane set is spot on for me as I like Fw190's, Ju88's & He111's and have little interest in the 109 or 262. I hope I have the time to get shot down a few time before the end of this short campaign
  3. The way I do that without going out of the mission or onto the website is very easy. Just look in the map default key o and in the mission properties where it gives your the temperature & weather etc., it also gives the mission start time. A quick look at the cockpit clock, then take into account that TAW mission run for 2 hour give or take 5 minutes.
  4. Indeed it was now you mention it It appears he didn't call himself @il2crashesnfails for nothing
  5. Good on you Ogg ... ..."shot at VVS" is a recurrent theme in TAW, at least from my experience
  6. Any bail out is a good bail out as long as you can walk away from it You'd have been ok in the first one if the ground hadn't been there As a side note, on your second bail you got shot down by a Stuka...that 7.7mm rifle round ammo did an impressive job of flipping your Jug on it's back, or was that part of your bail out routine? If not, I wonder what @Legioneod would make of it
  7. As is often the case. In this case the movies and the books don't tie up to what the scuttlebutt in Scotland had to say of the Kray twins and their supposed effort to get involved in the Glasgow gangland scene. The books claim that the Kray's had some kind of relationship with Glaswegian gangsters and got them to perform hits for them and even supply dynamite off all things from Scotland all the way to London. You don't need to be inspector Poirot to figure out that this is far fetched, at least the dynamite story is simple ridiculous. My mates father was a blaster and worked on the London underground at that time. Dynamite was easy to come by on most construction sites and wasn't under anything like the controls we have these days for stuff like that. In Scotland, the word about the Kray's was that they arrived by train into Central station in Glasgow thinking they were hoping to "take over" Scotland. They were met by the Glasgow mob and told that if they stepped off the train it would be the last thing they did, so the stayed on the train and went back to London with it
  8. I was too and you are spot on correct, it appears to have gone full circle from "everything starts with an 'e' " to grandpop ends with a pee
  9. Great video, really made me want to fire up IL2 Flying Circus Gotta love the Pfalz D.III
  10. Oh Shit'kovo...I'm sorry about that. It never happened to me probably as I run 2 heavily tweaked ad-blockers on my browser. I'm going to edit that post after this. I was just trying to confirm that he meant that film, as he had got the title wrong and there was more than one film about these guys. Me too, as is the OP and I'd bet just about everyone else
  11. In your video I noticed that you're getting shot at by P-40E's...who's .50" cal ammo are the best firelighters in the game at this point, so that might be a factor. Also no He-111 for comparison, why not? It'd be interesting to see the difference back to back and then try with different fighters, then different ammo belting. A small caliber AP round armed fighter and say a 37mm LaGG-3 or P-39 once with AP then again with HE. I bet it doesn't get the chance to catch fire with a few well placed 37mm HE rounds
  12. Call of Sturmovik would be awful...might be ok for a call of nature though, like nipping around to the NAAFI fo a swift cuppa... ...and pick up some Brylcream... ...for the hair I no longer have
  13. It's really much better without it when you manage to shake the habit, as it's one less thing to deal with. I also reckon my situational awareness got better. Try cold turkey for a bit and just unbind the zoom controls, that's what I did and it was more gain than pain. I put them back in since as I like to have a bit of close up eye candy now and then, the wide zoom I just never ever use.
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