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  1. Whelp, thought I throw my hat in the Ring. Never really done historicaly acurate skins before but hey, If there are some from my own Country why not. https://www.mediafire.com/view/xzzlx59f8456mte/P51D15NA_J-2076.dds/file
  2. This thing looks so good. Saadly it won't have VR Support at launch.
  3. Everybody can do it. Means no unfair advantage. There is nothing that would have stopped a real Pilot from doing this and the material was available. Means not really unrealistic. So no, I wouldn't consider that cheating. But I guess looking down into your cockpit to double check when you have spotted something results in a good chance of loosing the possible target when you look back up.
  4. atleast now if he doesen't give me enough emotional support i can ram the yoke trough his hand. Altho he doesen't even Flinch. Very German that boy.
  5. Instead of grounding them with frowning Browning rounds in there cowling you should have Schwaked their buts with ShVAK Brrats and ShKAS Brass.
  6. And That is exactly the Problem why we can't have it. I Don't think they will programm Torpedos just for one collector Plane.
  7. It looks like you imported the dds file into Gimp. You can't really do that. The square Overlay is the Alpha layer. To do a Skin you need the template. Once to dds converted skins can't or only bareley be modified.
  8. Whelp. Could go trough as a Wing Walker Show Plane to raise bailbonds. If you squint hard enough. Or maybe it just so happens that my main Hero in Overwatch is called Diva (Spelled D.VA).
  9. Sorry Guys but someone had to do it. They left me no choice. I mean it's litteraly called D.VA. http://www.mediafire.com/file/rw5zyzzvpt83k6p/AlbatrosD5_Diva.dds/file
  10. Ok so I did a brute force on your game as I understood it. You pick 5 cards out of a pool of 10 which contains 3 prices. You get a dollar for each winner in the 5 you picked. In 1'000'002 simulated games I got 374'381times 1, 376'340 times 2 and 125'030 times 3 giving me a value of 1'502'151 dollars. This makes an average win of 1.502147996 dollars per game. So roughly the calculated 1.5 now if your goal is to just get at least one price and any overflow disappears I got to a chance of roughly 0.875749249 for winning a game means if the price is 1 dollar it would be worth 0.876… dollars to invest. Now since you brought out the goats why don't we extend this into a Monty-Hall problem. You have a pool of 10 with 3 prices, split it into 5 and then get the chance to pay the dealer to reveal either 0, 1 or 2 goats from your 5, how much would those options be worth.
  11. You could always add a Neutral side and put in the K+W C-36. Why? Because I want it. Gimmi Gimmi.
  12. So you don't think that the transition from an agricultural to an industrialized society, the advances in medicine reducing child mortality rate and an overall reduced monetary usefulness in children due to child labour laws could be the reason for a reduced birth rate? If they wanted people poisoned wouldn't they want more people smoking instead of printing pictures on the outside of boxes, made to stop people from doing it? If the pictures where there to tell the cigarettes to do bad things why are they on the outside of the box and not the inside? If you want to reduce population, why put diseases into the cigarettes that so slow that the user most likely is already has children if he plans to have them? On the other hand, due to the placebo effect which is proven to be able to cause negative reactions they certainly don't make them healthier if you continue to consume them. But if you use hand soap to wash the cyanide taste out of your mouth that doesn't make Cyanide healthy.
  13. Activision is just playing all sides. Hey look those evil sjw journalists want to censor our game Pwuise buy to show them that they are evil. Hey look we have strong Wamen. Pwuise buy to show those Nazis that they are evil. Hey US Army. Look how badass your soldiers look in this and how we make people feel with those poor soldiers who accidentally shoot at babies. Pwuise give money to us so that people don't think about laughing drone pilots mowing down civilians and creating future terrorists when they hear your Name.
  14. From what I heard from the Racing Game Community one of the defining features of Simcade games is hat they are designed with 3. rd. person View and Controller input in mind. With70% placeholder cockpits even in premium Planes and a player base playing mostly in 3. rd. person Mouse mode War thunder fits this pretty well. IL-2 on the other hand can be played like this but I don't think many people are doing this for too long until they get a flight stick. Although if we don't want to barrow Racing sim terms, my term for War thunder is a Flight sim sim. It's where you simulating playing a Flight simulator without the hassle of getting out your vive and stick and playing the real thing.
  15. Sure Just a joke. But when I wrap my hands around someone's throat and start to press everybody tries to stop me, even though I told them that I'm just joking. Ok serious answer now. Reading TrueGrey's post I got the impression that he can't understand the people wanting to fly without historical markings. So I tried to argue why they could have that view.
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