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  1. I'me pretty new to the whole Mission Editor thing ad tried to make a Raceing Map with Bridges. Somehow I wasn't able to change the y Axis of the Structures as they seem to be locked to the ground. Am missing something or is it impossible to lift those things? I Haven't found anything about that in the guides and Tutorials I have looked at.
  2. [GG]Sarpalaxan

    Developer Diary 218 - Discussion

    You mean it's possible to Fly trough with Planes with a Wingspan of less than 24 Meters and a Height of less then 10 Meters right?
  3. [GG]Sarpalaxan

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    My first test with the Dolphin didn't go so well. That's what you get for mostly flying Metal Birds.
  4. [GG]Sarpalaxan

    DCS news

    Mig 19!!!
  5. [GG]Sarpalaxan

    Aircraft that do not exist!

    1. The Game Engine can't handle 4 Engine'd planes. 2. There have been 3 Eastern Europe Themed Games in the BOX Series and one Western Europe is in Early Access. Where should all these British and American planes fit in? 3. A PTO Game was pushed back to a later date because of a lack of Recourses from the Japanese Planes. Instead we got Bodenplatte. 4. I Don't think the listed aircraft are so obscure that nobody knew they were missing. (Not like the K+W C-36)
  6. [GG]Sarpalaxan

    Will there ever be a manual engine startup?

    Yes it's pretty fun for the first 2-5 times. But it also would mean a lot more work for every Plane and 50 more buttons tht you neet to assign and don't need in flight. It's a Compromise that gives us a lot more Content for a lot less money.
  7. [GG]Sarpalaxan

    Effects of Inertia on pilots head

    In my Opinion it's not really a good idea to shake the camera around if someone plays in VR. And if it's only implemented for 2D Players they will complain that VR Players have too much of an advantage.
  8. [GG]Sarpalaxan

    New Players start here ...

    You are Missing the U-2VS, LA-5FN, BF 109 G-6, Ju 52 and the Yak-1b
  9. [GG]Sarpalaxan

    Allied Bomb sight

    Never really noticed this but tecnicaly they would need to change that in Hooves, Unicorns per Hour and Unicorns per Second too. Or maybe even the Bombsight builders couldn't deal with those absurde Units and just made a Metric one.
  10. [GG]Sarpalaxan

    Texture of german locomotives

    Hans, why are there Raschen plens sörkling se trensteschen for se last tu auers? I sink sei ar weting for se treen.
  11. [GG]Sarpalaxan

    VR users need mirrors.

    for the same reason most planes have multiple compasses. In case one stopps working. Also i can imagine that some voice cominucation can get lost while shooting and getting shot.
  12. [GG]Sarpalaxan

    What great missions you sell.

    It's the Bush School of Accomplishing Missions.
  13. Since one of the devs commented in a thread with the release order. I Think the me-262 comming out at the end was always just a guess from the Players. Maybe they wanted to start early so they have enough time if problems arrise.
  14. [GG]Sarpalaxan

    Is the cockpit clickable in VR?

    Would you rather pay twice as much for Planes and wait Twice as long? Thanks can be sold, Klickpits can't.
  15. [GG]Sarpalaxan

    Nummerierung der Flugzeuge in gescripteter Kampagne

    Jep ist so. In den vorgängern konnte man die nummern ja noch in game bestimmen aber hier müssten sie dafür bei 6 flugzeugen 6 mal den gleichen skin einfach mit einer anderen nummer hinten haben.
  16. [GG]Sarpalaxan

    Nummerierung der Flugzeuge in gescripteter Kampagne

    Naja Wenn auf einem Flugzeug eine Nummer drauf ist dann ist die hier fest im Skin. Das heist du bräuchtest für jede Nummer einen Eigenen Skin.
  17. [GG]Sarpalaxan

    Bodenplatte defense of the reich and bombers

    They are all pretty simmilar buzzwords but maybe i can try to explain what i think they mean. Realistic Would be the oposite to Arcade. In Ballistics it would be the difference between a hitscan system and a System with bullet drop that reaches somewhat the reallive values. Precision wouldthen be how close the in game results come to the real live values while detail is the rabit hole of factors that influence the calculation. For a single shot you can ad stupid amounts of factors like weight of the bullet, Wind, densety of the air witch depends on height, themperature ect. Gravity depending on height curvature ofthe earth. It's really fun to do but unnesecary, umm where was ?
  18. [GG]Sarpalaxan

    U2 land in a road, then take off

    managed to land it in a muddy field between trees, Managed to get it unstuck by going ful throttle for about a minute. Got up to 40km/h on rough terrain but i had to stop because of trees. Broke a wing while turning around and overheated my engine. But i guess if you can get to a road or in winter a frozen river it would be fine. Or you land on a hill and start downhil.
  19. [GG]Sarpalaxan

    2x1080ti in VR

    Don't think it would do much. This game is mostly capped by how good your cpu is.
  20. [GG]Sarpalaxan

    I'm blown away.

    It is possible to look down above the Nose and there is a front cam in the vive (Altho i haven't gotten thet thing to work. But for 95% of the imputs you want to feel them.
  21. [GG]Sarpalaxan

    I'm blown away.

    Open Cockpit and leaning to the side to see through the gaps between the Wings.
  22. [GG]Sarpalaxan

    A20 Bomber.

    Power, Sadly. The Pe-2 May have better defensive armament, for my taste a better Payload and Airbreakes, and is just allaround a Beautiful Plane. But The A-20 autclimbs 109's. Can't we just take those A-20 Engines and strap them to the Pe-2? Those Filthy capitalist Pigs don't deserve them anyway.
  23. [GG]Sarpalaxan

    VR and JU88

    How are you able to go back to 2D? I can't even play Clod any more because it's only 2d. But yes the cockpit box in the ju88 is pretty small and i think it is as far as 2d players can move theyre head. So when i go over to check my Radiator Themps suddenley the pilot pops into existance to my left. Maybe the JU-88 has one of those self inflateing Autopilotes.
  24. [GG]Sarpalaxan

    calculating sun distance from tolepmy experiment

    To have any chance of working this model would Require particles to be able to be compressed. I'm not an expert in particle physics, but I believe the common opinion is that this is impossible. As this would be a system where the least dense part would be at the centre Gravity is out of the question and also making thing's smaller is not really how it works. If there was a decrease in the empty space between atoms there would be a measurable difference between the poles. The only thing that I could imagine working somewhat like this would be a spinning disc of near infinite size. The further you would move out the faster you would travel and as you approach the speed of light to an observer at the Centre it would appear as if you start to walk slower and slower.
  25. Just unbind the twist axis and you will be fine. As far as rudders go. If you get one of the cheaper ones. I Don't think they are worth what they cost new but i got some for cheap of my country's e-bay knockoff. I Guess the 300$ Shiny cutom metal thingies will be worlds better, but it's a steep price tag and get ready for some waiting. Maybe the first investment would be a throttle quadrant.