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  1. Activision is just playing all sides. Hey look those evil sjw journalists want to censor our game Pwuise buy to show them that they are evil. Hey look we have strong Wamen. Pwuise buy to show those Nazis that they are evil. Hey US Army. Look how badass your soldiers look in this and how we make people feel with those poor soldiers who accidentally shoot at babies. Pwuise give money to us so that people don't think about laughing drone pilots mowing down civilians and creating future terrorists when they hear your Name.
  2. From what I heard from the Racing Game Community one of the defining features of Simcade games is hat they are designed with 3. rd. person View and Controller input in mind. With70% placeholder cockpits even in premium Planes and a player base playing mostly in 3. rd. person Mouse mode War thunder fits this pretty well. IL-2 on the other hand can be played like this but I don't think many people are doing this for too long until they get a flight stick. Although if we don't want to barrow Racing sim terms, my term for War thunder is a Flight sim sim. It's where you simulating playing a Flight simulator without the hassle of getting out your vive and stick and playing the real thing.
  3. Sure Just a joke. But when I wrap my hands around someone's throat and start to press everybody tries to stop me, even though I told them that I'm just joking. Ok serious answer now. Reading TrueGrey's post I got the impression that he can't understand the people wanting to fly without historical markings. So I tried to argue why they could have that view.
  4. Why should that shock me? If you can afford that option as a gamedeveloper legaly and financially and the option doesen't undermine the message of your artwork go for it. All I argued was that soemone playing in il-2 without Historical markings isn't a lesser player because of his choice.
  5. As a building service engineer I can say that we only now start to transfer everything to 3D and to work with parts that have Background data. If I had to bet on something it would be AR Technology. First to show and sell your work to clients, then to visualize and control your work on the screen and much later maybe even for the workers, giving them points in the eel world on which they can orient themselves. I don't think it will become an 8-9 hours a day thing but maybe a 10 minutes per 2 hours' tool. But people watching the first screens probably couldn't imagine looking into one for most of the day.
  6. @TrueGrey A hammer doesn't care which nail it strikes and neither does a plane. A Plane can fly under multiple banners but not many Banners will change to which nation they belong. A BF-109-G6 shooting at a B-21 can be an Axis or a Swiss pilot shooting at an American or British crew, but a Swastika Shooting at a Red Star will almost always be the same. Some people just like to learn a certain skill without wanting to think too much about the circumstances in which it was needed.
  7. It is one thing to handle a Machine created by People where masters of their craft and just so happened to find them self in a certain region of the world at the time working under the leadership of that region and painting the symbol of that Ideology on your virtual avatar. Although I have no problem with it I understand everyone who doesn't want to do that. You can appreciate certain parts of people without having to think everything they did was good.
  8. First games that would come to mind would be "This war of mine" and "Spec Ops the line". Most major game companies use those edgy topics only for their marketing blurbs but when there is any serious conversation they pull back claiming that they're games in no way have a message. Realistic violence and Morally grey/black situations don't make for good Blockbusters. The American military which helps with many of the games is also not really fond of being portrayed as anything but Pure, clean Good guys. There is also a growing number of Gamers who have experienced the real horrors of War. Videos of drone pilots, laughing they're asses of while mowing down civilians and so on. It is not far enough removed to be an easily consumable producer for the masses.
  9. Well, not really someone who is good at recognizing fonts, maybe because of my bad handwriting. But yeah I think I took one of the German Luftwaffe fonts I had around. I rather tried to read the red triangle for two hours until o found out it reads Ejection Seat and Danger in 3 Languages and decided to not use it. But if you ever find a font that is it, or close to it I would gladly take it.
  10. Non-historical Swiss Skin inspired by the Vampires. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/view/yk5zx4i7r1a76tc/Me262A_Swiss_J-1003.dds/file
  11. Yes, I Remember doing this. I think in the end I was lacking ballistic data of WW2 rounds. As for the head on comparison. There surely should be a difference between bullet's hitting with somewhere around muzzle velocity to bullets hitting with the added sum of the tas of both planes, but there is also the added benefit of hitting directly the Engine or cockpit without having to penetrate the whole rear of the Plane. Testing if there is any drag modelled should be relatively easy. Take an Airfield that has a known length, position a P-39 or me-262 on one end with a convergence = Length of airfield and a Target on the other end. Shoot at it and measure the time to impact. (Probably best done in Slow-motion). If the time is slower than what would be expected if the bullet travelled at muzzle velocity the whole time, there must be at least some factor of drag. Proving the damage values could prove much harder since the targets need to move at a much faster pace to show any measurable difference.
  12. Have you tried Anapa? Maybe the Clif at the end of the runway helps.
  13. Immerhin kann man jetzt die Mig-19 bei Nacht fliegen.
  14. Impressions from the last Riverrun with @=RR=ROCKET_KNUT
  15. Sure will do my best to be there. Is there maybe a Discord or a Teamspeak we can add to this? Also, those are some dam good Skinns. I will add a link to my own when I'me home. https://www.dropbox.com/s/covtzujrj8hwy6l/A20B_Sarpalaxan.dds?dl=0
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