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  1. Thanks for the heads up. At some point I will revisit the 190A skins and fix this.
  2. Apolgies, I said spar but meant rib. Thanks for the correction.
  3. I think ther emay be some element of truth to that but I doub't it was the main reason for the change. In order to improve the weapon variety they had to change the wing design (internal spar removed if I recall) and they also strenghted the wing in the process.
  4. I agree with this point. I have read many people state the A6 wing was designed to reduce weight but that doesn't add up when we look at the actual weight difference between an A5 and an A6.
  5. Your problem is as I mentioned in my earlier post, purely thinking about your needs and preferences. You want a bigger variety and state the devs need to diversify, yet contradict yourself by saying your are OK with the AR234, Sptfire XIX and Typhoon. Yet we already have two versions of the Spitfire and a Tempest, so why didn't the devs just leave those out? Or is that OK because you personally find those planes interesting (but not more 190s or 109s it seems)? What about those looking forward to the Me410, or the Mosquito, or a Bf109G that fits into the Normandy period? The G1
  6. Please don't take this wrong but this is an argument that keeps coming up and to be perfectly frank, it is not a good one. As has been pointed out many (many) times, not everyone purchases every module. So someone buying new to BoX buys Battle of Normandy but finds no Fw190 or Bf109 included because the planes in other modules are out of period. Or do they just say, sure here's a 109G6 and Fw190A5 from 1943 and put up with the complaints of "this is not accurate". So let's say they create a Battle of Fance, or a Battle of Britain, or even just a 1941 module. They decide to use
  7. I think adding an Allied aircraft skin to an Axis aircraft officially would be a non-non for obvious reasons. Though I have asked for these to be added to the official Ju 88 skins list. The Italian Ju 88s did only make it to training stage before Italy surrended, but they are historically accurate.
  8. In January 1944 Hitler had declared that fourteen places along the Atlantic Wall were to be held to the last man (or last bullet). During the rapid advances eastward after the successful D-Day invasion, most of these pockets surrendered. Some of these pockets remained under seige until the German surrender in May 1945. France operated a number "liberated" Ju 88-A4 bombers against these German Atlantic Pockets, from Oct 1944 - May 1945. I know this may be seen as sacrilage but I find these French Ju 88s to be among the best looking there was. The mix of invasions stipes, the intrica
  9. Still a lot of targetting weathering to do.
  10. The A6 is an A5 with A8 wings, so while A5 skins fit and work, there will be some very large discrepancies around the outer wing cannon ports. A8 skins will look even worse with the different cowl layout.
  11. https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/Jg4j7C4zbh Here is the link for them in PSD format.
  12. So I wanted to do a QMB in 1940 France and thought it had to be Bf109E vs an Armée de l'air DB-7. So a quick check here and I find out there aren't any DB-7 French skins. So I made one. https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/6tLQn8kuFV I know it is not 100% accurate but the variant of A20B we have in game is close enough. The Armée de l'air DB-7s I researched all had random stlye camo, so I picked one I liked and sorta copied that. The number on the side of the plane is an educated guess based on the fact this number did in fact exist at some point in France du
  13. I have been cleaning up an preparing the new Bf109E-7 4K template and was testing the results.
  14. Are you talking about the flexible light blocking piece? I lifted the bottom of the face foam plastic frame and tucked the black nose flap guard underneath out of the way. It stopped quite a bit of irritation for me.
  15. When you tart a VR game from Pitool Experience it should open SteamVR automatically. Personally I don't use Pimax Experience and just use Steam VR. To run Il-2 VR, Start Steam VR from Pitool app (not PE) first without putting on the HMD, then run Il-2.
  16. It is indeed a stunning shot but it would not be allowed for the following two reasons that I can see. It is edited in photoshop to add vignette The skin is not stock I have watched the screenshot submission thread and there are so many great screenshot that people submitted without reading the restrictions/requirement. Jason will most likely just skip right by them.
  17. Go on take the risk Re-flashing can be done manually if it fails. Honestly I have an RTX 3080 and running at 60Hz instead of trying to reach 75 made a big difference. It is smoother and has reduced stutters because it maintains max FPS easier. Though I am blessed that I can handle lower FPS so 60Hz still looks smooth. Now before someone says once you try hi refresh you never go back, I have another PC with a 144Hz 1080p screen and I can see and feel the difference, it's just not a must have.
  18. Hi slikslik, I thought I had mentioned in our PMs to position the lighthouse to the front and side? Sorry if I didn't make it clear I meant diagonally. Amazing that such a poor choice oof words can lead to such issues. My apologies for the hassle.
  19. I had heard about him giving bad reviews of the 8KX but by then I had already orderd an 8KX and had stopped listening to anything MRTV said. Thankfully my 8KX is perfect and I get no serious distortion. Can I ask if you got the thin or the thick face foam on your 8KX, we were meant to get both but I only got the thin one and others reportedly got the thick one. When I finally got my thicker foam delivered it was absoutely horrible, the HMD became totally unusable with massive distortions and blurry focus. So I believe many people simply got the wrong (for them) facefoam and declared the 8K
  20. I believe what is happening is down to the individual rather than a physical difference with the HMDs. I could use any high res HMD and get a "perfect" clarifty, then hand the same HMD to someone with an identical IPD, who complains about blurryness and distortions. That and the fact the G2 was massively overhyped by MRTV and many others to be almost flawless. I stopped watching MRTV years ago because each new HMD he likes becomes overhyped to insane levels. Rift CV1, Odyssey, Pimax 5K+, G1, Index and now G2. I remember people saying the Rift CV1 had even clarity accross the en
  21. I'm really sorry everyone, I had forgot to upload the public 4K templates for the I-16. Here is a link while we wait for Jason to upload and update the official links page. https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/gSOVBTHqS2
  22. I sent you a link to the best version for the 8KX in our PMs, don't upgrade to another version using the option in Pitool. I would also recommed getting the new 60Hz firmware as it gives the option of 75Hz or 60Hz in native resolution mode. I have used it in Il-2 and the 60Hz mode helps keep the stutters at bay. I have had a Pimax 5K+ backer unit and now a Pimax 8KX. The 5K+ was one of the early versions and it had issues lower spec screens than later versions and Pimax refused to fix under warranty. But the unit itself was solidly built, as is the 8KX. In fact as someone who
  23. Hi all, I just flashed to the latest Pimax 8KX (not older 8K) firmware which enables a 60Hz option. https://community.openmr.ai/t/new-pitool-v1-0-1-268-and-new-firmware-v2-1-255-296/34512 A quick test shows it runs very well in Il-2 BoX series and reduces the HW requirements to push maximum refresh without resorting to reprojection/smootinh techniques. Worht downloading but please only flash the firmware at your own risk.
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