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  1. For me it's the Tempest, the turn rate just seems way to optimistic for me, to the point that it just doesn't remotely match historical records.
  2. Sometimes I just get sick of posting all those ugly Spitfire screenshots. 🤢 I kid folks, I kid but here is a nice Mc.202 anyway.
  3. I haven't changed it in any way, has it always looked like that?
  4. The Mc.202 now has HE round for it's 2x HMGs. It is not an insta kill point and destory like an Fw190A or Tempest, but I frequently get 2 - 3 AI kills per ammo load now in 8v8 in QMB.
  5. Still work in progress on the Spitfire Vb but good enough for a sneak peak screenshot
  6. The Me410 suffered primarily from the fact it was delivered years too late. Had it been available in 1942 as a bomber interceptor it would have had far more success. The fact it entered service just as the Allies were winning air superiority made it far less successful.
  7. I think it is worth mentioning that most games use non-sequential read/writes during actual gameplay. So the difference between a high priced NVMe drive and a cheapish SSD would be negligble at best, because most high speed NVMe drives are only really beneficial for sequential read/writes. I moved from a 512GB SSD to a much faster (on paper) 1TB NVMe drive for games and saw zero increase in performance. Load times may be a tad quicer but we are talking a second or two at best. There is absolutely ZERO tangible benefit to having a dedicated NVMe or SSD for IL2 BoX. Just have a s
  8. Yes, basically any new templates I release are used for the official 4K skins in sim. So the 4K normalmap matches the new template. I have released this one because the template was released prior to the official patch release. So sometime when the sim is updated the 4K normalmap I linked will become redunant.
  9. There are now PM me some screens but I would assume they would be similar to existing 1944 Spitfire IX generic.
  10. Do you mean the actual layered template so you can edit the normalmap?
  11. Lol, tell me about the OCD we skinners and template creators have for accuracy, it is equal measure gift and curse Your post demonstrates the problem of using profiles as a primary source, because your are basically doing that artists version of the real thing. The real image you showed was what I used (among others) to base my intpretation of the colours on.
  12. New Mc.202 official template in 4K released. The stock skins will be updated in the next release and will include some new skins. Though it will be released in the the update, if you want the Mc.202 to look its best now, download the 4K normalmap as well. https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/tGWBHLkaot
  13. Yep, it will be after I am done with the Spifire Vb.
  14. I love the fact you research your skins and spend days on them to get them just right. In so many ways it takes longer to get a skin right than creating a template. Bravo Flowbee.👍
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