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  1. Finnish markings for the Bf109G2, G4 and G6. Will also work on Bf109F2, F4, G10 and K4 https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/heRtM57PYf
  2. https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/MviDu8RAtf Something a bit different for the P-39 fans out there. P-39 Airacobra of A.L. Kozhevnikov, 212 giap, 22 giad https://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/lendlease/p-39/misos/212giap-53/212giap-53.htm P-39 Airacobra, Red 100“, 213 giap, 22 giad https://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/lendlease/p-39/misos/213giap-100/213giap-100.htm
  3. Thank you for pointing out the errors Hanu. I have fixed it and submitted to the devs.
  4. Hi potatohead spudkopf Bf109G-6 4K skins are definitely in Skins2.gtp. I just checked and they are the 4K versions. Make sure the skins2.gtp is dated 16 Sep 2020. Bf109G-6 default 4K skin is in Planes5.gtp P-39L1 4K skins are in Skins13.gtp P-39L1 4K default 4K skin is in Planes2.gtp Any problems let me know. I'm sure you already know I also release the new G6 template here. The template includes the Finnish national markings with a censor layer you can disable. https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/5KHF5e8Xpq
  5. Why would you want to? The game will automatically resize skins to 2K on the fly (pardon the pun) if you uncheck the "use 4K textures" option. Are you having problems opening 4K templates due to due to a low spec PC?
  6. Bf109G-6 template has been sent to Jason for upload. In the meantime here is a temporary link to it. https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/5KHF5e8Xpq Enjoy. On the template, enable the Mk 108 Port layer in the Guides folder. When you paint your skin you need to ensure the green part is duplicated to the pink part. Generally this will only be needed for any mottling or non standard markings you do there. By default my included markings will already have the correct part duplicated. The guide lines are there to ease the lining up process.
  7. https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/3lvSXmghFl Try this, it can be used help see the texture layout.
  8. Hi Razor, The wireframe does indeed look off by 1 or at most 2 pixels. The warping there is nothing I can do, the 3D texture mapping is cause that and you have to learn to work around those warps. This is the bane of skinners since the dawn of 2D textures.
  9. Slowly but surely working through the 4K upgrade of the stock P-39 skins.
  10. Can I ask why your game still shows that older 2K skin, is it an older screenshot? The La5-FN has had 4K for months now, including the new version of that skin.
  11. Continuing the P-39 theme.
  12. Flying Circus kites are already 4K
  13. All Battle of Stalingrad and Bodenplatte planes have complete 4K textures. BoM and BoK are about half done. Planes that are 2K still and will require mods. Bf109-E7 Bf110E Bf110G Ju88 I-16 Mc.202 P-40E (I just completed the update for this one, so should be release with the next update) Yak-7B P-39L Spitfire Vb Hs-129 Ju52 Bf109G6 Yak 1b
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