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  1. It looks fine to me, this is the wireframe from the official template. Can you check the alpha template to compare your wireframes?
  2. What Megalax said. Look on Google for profiles and decal sheets of the particular aircraft you are skinning. If they are high res enough you can cut paset and resize in a very sort time. If you need to paint them by hand be prepared to waste an evening or two.
  3. I won't even entertain the notion of playing Tank Crew until I can bind turret traverse and gun elevation to my joystick axis. So I vote both control methods are crap
  4. Generic air-show warbird. https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/i9at6RJsai
  5. Guys here are some invasions stripe layers for the P-51D. I have created 2 versions, modern warbird with sharp masked perfect lines and another with WWII done in a hurry by brush. Full and underside only versions included https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/FMnJGZ6dkc
  6. I have fond memories of the Matchbox kits and this was always a favourite. Thanks for doing this.
  7. Good work Julian, thanks for the skin. I really should check the forums before creating a skin. I just spent an evening painting this very Tempest to find you beat me to it. 😄 I gave mine a red spinner with a black stripe and darkened (new?) paint over the old sky fuselage band because it fits with the real image you posted.
  8. The problem with a Tempest is you've seen one you've seen em all I did make a bare metal Tempest skin in the skins forum but it is a post war historical skin.
  9. Against the Spitfire and P-38 stay fast Against the P-51D, and P-47D use your agility Against the Tempest use your climb Though to be honest it is all so close there are no guarantees, especially if the other pilot has loaded less fuel or is using the higher boost setups.
  10. NV708, Flown by W/Cdr John Chester Button DSO, DFO, CO of No. 123 Wing, RAF Station Wunstorf, Germany, 1946/47. Generic Late 1944 style RAF camo https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/pvPSTyH0Cl P.S. The Tempest template is available for download in the official templates page.
  11. Sorry guys, link should work now and also includes a couple of extra skins.
  12. It's quite logical in hindsight. At 4K a pixel is one quarter the size it is at 1080p so all things being equal it will be much easier to see at 1080p. Maybe the devs need to take rendering resolution into consideration. Or as my testing shows, keep alternate vis off. It is still a big improvement over the older pre-patch visibility system.
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