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  1. That's for the normalmap texture. For these skins use the following: \IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\graphics\skins\Fw190A8
  2. Don't go down that rabbit hole sevenless. Edit: too late, you woke him up 😉 The markings above are from JV44 machines found at Innsbruck in Austria during May 1945, which would make it very unlikely to be Nowotny's white 8, which was destroyed in NW Germany in Nov 1944. In fact both Schall's White 1 and Nowotny's White 8 are part of the stock skins but with camo schemes that are far more indicative of Kommando Nowotny aircraft. It should also be noted that the tadpole camo tail was never indicative of Kommando Nowotny 262s. https://falkeeins.blogspot.com/2012/04/nowotnys-me-262-white-8-kommando.html Here is an interesting thread on the JV44 White 8 photos. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235037850-could-this-me-262-be-of-walter-nowotny/ So those 262 schemes are very nice and I would love to see them done, just make sure they are described as belonging to JV44
  3. It was Jason who suggested I made it available before he got back from vacation. He knows all to well how important it is to see the community get working on new skins
  4. Guys Jason is on a well earned vacation, so it would be next week until the official link to the Me 262 are posted. In the meantime here is an unofficial link which will be removed when Jason uploads officially. Happy painting. https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/9q1YgU3wha
  5. I sent the 262 4K template to Jason this morning for upload.
  6. I will never change my opinion on the Macchi 202, it is and always will be awful pretty to look at and fly
  7. Good post von_Michelstamm. It is refreshing and interesting to see how new players feel towards what the old hands take for granted. We have patches dropping all the time with new content and even updates to the older stuff. Sometimes it is easy to forget just how hard these guys work to keep BoX fresh.
  8. Rest in Peace Kwiatek My respect to you and condolences to your family.
  9. The stock Fw190A-8 skins have been upgraded to 4K and will be in an upcoming update. Don't devote any time to updating the A8 yet spudkopf
  10. I have reported this to the devs.
  11. My latest and most bitter loss was a MiG 3 Moscow career at high difficulty. I had flown 70ish missions and had 43 kills and always tried to help my fellow pilots and stick with my flight lead. It is amazing how many kills you pick off the tail of your flight leader if you maintain discipline and stick with him. What was to turn out to be my last mission was an artillery attack mission. Close to the target area we were intercepted by four 109Fs and I dropped my bombs to cover my flight, who were of course focused on attacking ground targets. I managed to damage a few of the 109s but was never able to stay on them to finish them off before one their wingman started to get perilously close to a gun solution. I did this for what seemed like an age before running out of ammo and just being an aunt sally to keep the 109s off my squadron mates. Eventually the early damage I inflicted on two of the 109s forced them to ditch and my squadron finished their ground attack runs and joined in the fight. While my AI flight engaged the other 2 109s I headed for home with my plane full of holes, hard to fly straight and a damaged engine. We were a far distance behind enemy lines and I expected my engine would not hold out long. As I was at tree top level I had to decide on running for home hoping the engine would get me over the front lines, or getting some alt to give me some much needed distance from the inevitable ground units I would encounter. I elected to gain height slowly and eventually, at about 1K altitude and right over the front lines the engine quit. I gave myself a virtual pat on the back knowing I could glide to safety. When I was inside friendly territory, I had to decide to bail or to ditch, with the plane still hard to control I felt ditching would be too risky and bailed out. Well it seems bailing out over a forest is not a good idea, I gracefully descended on the parachute into so trees and died instantly. All those missions and I ended up getting killed by a tree.
  12. It is sitting about half done I'm afraid. I have been working on getting the BoBP planes updated to 4K. I will of course get it finished at some point.
  13. Rudel was a truly despicable human being.
  14. I totally agree about your point that people will continue to ask these questions and will need educated. I always find FM threads interesting and educational.
  15. I'm not sure if you are agreeing or not, but your post kinda proves the point. Pilot account without context and conditions mean absolutely nothing in comparative plane performance. Some virtual pilots read these vague pilot accounts and conclude, "dive in P-47 = instant escape ALWAYS" and when it doesn't happen they come to the forum to complain about LW UFOs. The same happens when a 109 or 190 pilot gets caught in a dive by a Yak or LaGG. That is the crux of the problem, these dive tests were done at co alt and co speed and as such having only a few hundred metres (at best) separation after 30-60 seconds of a dive is shows that in this regard the sim has got it right. So my point is once again that these real WWII tests can be used to stop these kind of complaints dead.
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