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  1. Hi guys, Please be aware the RaFiger template is not accurate for the stock 4k resolution Bf109G14. The panel lines and rivets do not match up 100% with the default normalmap. In order to ensure full compatibility please use the default template. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ph06ecnd8lcoo4i/BF109-G14_4K_Public.zip/file
  2. IL-2 version: 4.004 Motherboard: Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro CPU: Ryzen 3900X CPU Freq: 4.5 Ghz L3 cache: 4x16 MB Cores: 12 HT: On RAM type: DDR4 RAM size: 32 GB NB Freq: 1863 MHz RAM Freq: 3733 MHz RAM Latency: 16 (CAS Latency CL) GPU: RTX 2080 STMark: 3063 HP Reverb: Resolution Per Eye - 2208x2160 Frames: 12303 - Time: 180000ms - Avg: 68.350 - Min: 47 - Max: 91 Going from the results for similar systems my scores are right in line with 5GHz 8700K with 1080Ti (my 2080 has similar performance to 1080Ti). The faster results for the Reverb on the 9900KS at 5.4GHz are far more likely to be due to the 2080Ti on that system. So it seems Reverb is GPU limited rather than CPU, it was the same with my Pimax 5K+.
  3. Rename the devices.txt (to back it up) and run Il-2 to create a new one. It will give you a list of devices with the associated numbers as picked up in the sim. When in the keybindings screen look at the joystick numbers (0, 1, 2 etc) that your different devices are assigned. If your throttle is seen as Joystick 2 in keybindings, make sure it is number 2 in devices.txt. If your joystick is device 1 then it must also be number 1 in devices.txt (and so on). Example configId,guid,model| 1,%22126dc660-2f98-11ea-0000545345440b80%22,Logitech%20G940%20Joystick| 2,%22126dc660-2f98-11ea-0000545345440780%22,Throttle%20-%20HOTAS%20Warthog| 3,%22126dc660-2f98-11ea-0000545345440680%22,T-Rudder Don't worry about the order the numbers are in, as long as the numbers match within input.map and devices.txt it is fine.
  4. Panther Template https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/I1SJ5cQzRc I have uploaded the Panther template to Jason, it has been cleaned up ready for public release. I wanted to give some info for those creating skins for the Panther. Templates Panther_TC_Public &1#1 (contains turret, wheels and engine decking) Panther_TC_Public &1 (contains hull) There are 2x templates, one for the hull and one for the turret, wheels and engine decking and the naming conventions must be followed. The skin name must be identical for both parts of the skin and IT MUST end with the text highlighted in red. So for example if I create a skin called Panther 123 I end up with 2x skins called Panther 123 &1#1 Panther 123 &1 You can have any names for the skins you want, as long as it has the same name and ends with the text in red. Failure to follow these naming conventions means your skins will not display properly.
  5. Yes, the new one has improved details and some changes to panel and rivet layout. When I originally started doing the 4K templates I was focused on making them fit the original 2K skins.
  6. This is certainly a dilemma for us when we are upgrading the stock skins to 4K. Do we fix errors and improve or add details knowing older skins will no longer work well, or do we look for backward compatibility. Personally I prefer to add missing details and fix some of the more glaring errors from the older skins. 4K allows us to add details a 2K skin simply can't do well, such as more detailed screws for example. I do apologise for breaking many of the older great skins that have been released over the years but I hope you understand that improving details and fixing errors is worth it overall.
  7. Do you get a boost if you OC your 1080Ti? If yes then the answer is yes, you will see an increase with a 2080Ti as long as the GPU is your bottleneck. Having said that they can be bought a lot cheaper than $1500 (assuming USD).
  8. The Yak 1 and Yak 7 were developed in tandem, the 1 was designed as a fighter and the 7 as an advanced trainer. As it was originally intended as a trainer the Yak 7 was designed more for stability and it had to accommodate the additional seat for the instructor which of course made it heavier. Prior to major production, some Yak engineers decided to modify the Yak 7 UTI and the result was arguably better than the Yak 1 because it was more stable and easier to fly. The reason I am stating this is because the Yak 7 evolved into the Yak 9. The fact the Yak 9 was based on a heavier, sturdier and more stable airframe which gave it more flexibility for improvements and allowed for a better multi-role capability. EDIT: I said bigger but should have said heavier. The Yak 1 and Yak 7 had identical span and length.
  9. I have to say the Jetseat support in Il-2 with the latest Simshaker Wings is nothing short of stunning. I am a strong advocate of using Force Feedback joystick and use a G940 stick despite also having a TM warthog stick. For the first time ever, the Jetseat has made my force feedback joystick feel unnecessary. Stalls Engine Bumpy ground Flaps Gear Firing weapons Taking damage All of them have a presence that just increases the immersion massively. Great work Andre and of course the devs for implementing this excellent addition.
  10. I have a jetseat rolled up waiting for this moment... I must dust it off and get it working in Il-2.
  11. I have to say I am very impressed with the improvement in clarity and colours with the 8K+. The 8KX will be better again.
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