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  1. Tank Crew is aimed at representing the Battle of Kursk from July - Aug 1943. The only tank in your list that participated in the Battle of Kursk was the Su-152 and that is in the game. The rest all came after the Battle of Kursk had ended. Try to remember the aim of a simulation is not balance, but to provide an historically accurate representation of actual events.
  2. Well, 8x .50 HMGs do dispense a lot of irony. Baldrick, have you no idea what irony is? "Yeah. It's like goldy and bronzy, only it's made of iron." ๐Ÿ˜„
  3. Last P-40 shot, I'm happy with it but I'm sure I'll find something to tweak.
  4. Surely the most famous P-40 ace of all time ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  5. Still a lot of weathering to do for the next 4K update.
  6. You have already created a thread for this topic, please stop spamming threads or keeping track of responses becomes impossible.
  7. The P47D will get 150 octane fuel and some FM refinements in the upcoming 4.08 patch. It will be interesting to test these changes in the context of this post.
  8. I for one will be sorry to sea you leave Murf. I will be honest, I have never once logged into an online server with this sim. I did that with the original Il-2 and with RoF but had my fill when I saw the same kind of thing. It was so long since I logged in online I simply lost the desire. I embraced the singe player aspect of the sim and while the thrill of facing a skilled opponent is gone, it makes up for it many other ways that online could not deliver. Would it not be possible to stick with your squad and other trusted flyers in your own servers?
  9. This was already discussed, bullet resistant glass will lose integrity after only a few hits of LMG rounds. None of the evidence you posted indicates it would deflect bullets forever as you and others seem to believe. The RAF test on the Blenheim shows that even with tumbling 1 out of 5 LMG rounds were able to reach the armour and even if very few penetrated it, only one doing so will ruin the pilot's day. Hits to your front windscreen will not be tumbling, they will be hitting full force. In real life, if you saddle up on the dead 6 of a bomber at 350m and provide an easy target, your bullet resistant glass will provide some but not complete protection against a rigid mounted LMG. Most certainly not after multiple hits and spalling starts to occur even if the rounds aren't penetrating.
  10. Are you telling me those movies where the hero shelters behind an upturned wooden table while being shot at from two metres by an automatic weapon are LIES? ๐Ÿ˜„
  11. That's purely down the the sniper AI rather than the damage model. It might be fine to have a damage percentage for critical parts but the AI sniping them from unrealistic ranges would be a different fix.
  12. Pretty much this would be how it works it in sim for most if not all projectile damage calculations. You've hit the nail on the head (pun intended)
  13. AI issues aside, you had asked if it was plausible that 7.92mm LMG rounds could penetrate bullet resistant glass on a P-47 at 350m. In real life, the answer is yes, it's plausible if you sitting behind the bomber making a reasonably steady target and were hit with multiple rounds which weakened the armoured glass integrity. Remember this is a sim and the devs are having to use best approximations for damage models. So there could be a simple hit percentage going on where after 2 or 3 direct hits your armour % is pretty much zero (even if there is no visual damage).
  14. It was deemed not as efficient for shooting down bombers as hits, even with 8X MGs as in the Spitfire were not causing enough internal damage. RAF tests against a Blenheim Bomber showed 8X MGs were easily capable of penetrating the skin but the subsequent tumbling meant that 1 out of 5 rounds would penetrate 4mm of armour or cause a fuel tank fire. Having said that, the RAF during BoB did shoot down a lot of LW bombers even with "woefully inadequate" (as you claim) MGs. LMGs were not useless, most air forces still mounted them right up until the end of the war. They just weren't as effective as heavy MGs, or cannons. In this instance the hits were directly onto the bullet resistant glass and as such tumbling would not be a factor. The bullet resistant glass would certainly stop 1 or 2 high velocity 7.92mm LMG rounds but subsequent hits could penetrate and (IF) spalling is modelled it could explain why the OP virtual pilots was wounded. The OP asked if it was plausible, evidence presented so far shows it was indeed plausible. Armoured glass offered pilots in WWII some protection but let's not start pretending 7.92mm LMG rounds were "woefully inadequate".
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