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  1. Good skin but this was done using an old redundant template. Please use the official 4K template from here as it has new tyres and panel layout that matches the stock normalmaps. https://www.mediafire.com/file/24v8hue6ba3d4b3/Fw190-a8_4K_Public.zip/file
  2. LaGG-3 Template is here until Jason gets it uploaded officially. https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/cdcwVGgFis
  3. It is in 4K as is all BoBP planes.
  4. It's not the inside I am worried about. The external view of LW prop spinners looks horrible in VR, with their spiral appearing almost static.
  5. I have tested this and the effect is still not enough. Max I could get from external view was about 4rpm and any higher than about prop_blur_max_rpm_for_vr = 400 has zero increase.
  6. Hi Ripper. I had a look at those skins and there are only a few improvements I would recommend. I would also add some slight weathering to the alpha channel to give the skin some character. in different lighting conditions (Like your P-47 skins). This is just some constructive criticism to help you take your skins to the next level. They are already very good.
  7. I would love to see the skins sub-forum changed to have a single dedicated thread for each aircraft. I also believe we would have a large increase in interest if the skinpacks could be re-introduced for the best skins. This would allow people to use skins "mods on" as I feel a large percentage of people ignore the skins because they can't use them online anyway. Though as Jason said this is something they are considering but it is a small team.
  8. Unfortunately the 3D modeller now paints the skins in 3D and when they send me the unrefined template the lines and rivets are not separate. They are in one single dirt layer. I will see what I can do though.
  9. Yes, you can use this method to easily identify the 109 subtype during aggressive manoeuvring. 😉
  10. I have been using the higher oil cooler port on the port engine cowl as an ID aid.
  11. Good work on your first skin and thanks for posting but a few critiques if I may, This is saved without an alpha channel in the wrong .DDS format. Make sure to save with an alpha channel as DXT5 The stock normal map does not fit with this skin. You would be best to transfer to the official G-14 template with corrected panel lines and rivets etc. Here is a link to the official G14 template. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ph06ecnd8lcoo4i/BF109-G14_4K_Public.zip/file
  12. August is still summer. You have posted some evidence showing late July as possible and I find it plausible despite my understanding it was August before G14s started appearing. Though I would like to see some further evidence but alas the above is not it. Early G14 production was basically mixed with late G6 and it would be all but impossible to tell the difference.
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