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  1. I'm really sorry everyone, I had forgot to upload the public 4K templates for the I-16. Here is a link while we wait for Jason to upload and update the official links page. https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/gSOVBTHqS2
  2. I sent you a link to the best version for the 8KX in our PMs, don't upgrade to another version using the option in Pitool. I would also recommed getting the new 60Hz firmware as it gives the option of 75Hz or 60Hz in native resolution mode. I have used it in Il-2 and the 60Hz mode helps keep the stutters at bay. I have had a Pimax 5K+ backer unit and now a Pimax 8KX. The 5K+ was one of the early versions and it had issues lower spec screens than later versions and Pimax refused to fix under warranty. But the unit itself was solidly built, as is the 8KX. In fact as someone who has owned quite a number of HMDs I would say the Pimax build quality is fine. But the problem isn't build quality, or the displays themselves. It's the support and dodgy business practices. They always overpromise and underdeliver, especially on delivery timescales. I orderd my 8KX in Oct 2019 as Pimax promised they were already in production for Jan 2020 delivery and in the end it took a year. Absolutely disgusting business practices. My 8KX is now setup and working perfectly with my IPD of 63, but it did take some tinkering with the software offsets at first. It has a good resolution, great FoV and is a solid enough build uality for me (I guess I got lucky). I have been through a lot of HMDs and to be frank, the 8KX is right up there at the top for features, clarity and overall IQ and the build quality is fine on the unit I have. I would not trade it for any other HMD on the market today and that includes the G2 because of the narrow FoV. Though I would say that I would be very, very reluctant to purchase another HMD form Pimax given their business practices.
  3. Hi all, I just flashed to the latest Pimax 8KX (not older 8K) firmware which enables a 60Hz option. https://community.openmr.ai/t/new-pitool-v1-0-1-268-and-new-firmware-v2-1-255-296/34512 A quick test shows it runs very well in Il-2 BoX series and reduces the HW requirements to push maximum refresh without resorting to reprojection/smootinh techniques. Worht downloading but please only flash the firmware at your own risk.
  4. New 109E weed whacker. 109E generic West Front late 1940 - 1941. RLM 74/75/76 scheme. I have submitted this for the devs to add (no promises) as a gneric skins for those who like to use the Bodenplatte map for early war missions.
  5. Thanks again Big_Al. I will not be adding variant specific stenciling as for some reasoin the 109E and F bomb racks are used on all the laster models as well. So as long as I can improve the basic look I will be happy.
  6. Makes sense, the esset was more common back in WWII. Thanks guys, really very much appreciated.
  7. Looks good Pierre64, though it looks like the word das or daz is between the words einstellen and ETC. Would that make sense to any German speakers?
  8. Thanks Big_Al, you have already doen more than enough. I will see what I can find, thanks.
  9. I have hunted the net and some of my Bf109 library but most deal with the aicraft and go into very little detail of the actual bomb racks. Here are some questions. Can anyone tell me what the stenciling on either of these says please? I can just about make out the stenciling on the multiple bomb rack (2nd image) but a native German speaker could help confirm Is the stenciling specific for the different marks of 109 (E, F, G etc)? I know the 109E used a different rack (image 1) than the later types. Thanks
  10. Bf109E-7 4K work in progress
  11. For reduced latency in Ryzen CPUs make sure Gear Down Mode is set to disabled in BIOS. Also make sure you are set to 1T and not auto or 2T. It should be possible to get those latencies down 10%.
  12. What model is your case, what type of fans and how are they setup? Also what GPU? When I changed to a 3080 FE my 5900X CPU temperatures rose 5c, due to hot hair from the back of the GPU blowing right onto my Notctua NH-U12S. Now before anyone says an NH-U12S is not good enough, I can categorically say it was running low 60s - mid 70s in my games with the older RTX 2080 AIB GPU. So it was perfectly fine. Another thing that rose by ~8c was the chipset. It went from 77c load to 85c load in some games. This is because the 3080 FE blocks the chipset fan completely. The older 2080 AIB had airflow from fans through the GPU heatsink fins onto the chipset fan. So make sure airflow is not being restricted too much and your case fans are setup correctly. Your CPU cooler is bigger than the NH-U12S so you should be getting lower temperatures. Are you usinbg push pull on the cooler (I assume yes because you did say fans plural)?
  13. Only a few days in to the new year, but I think that might just be the contender for worst joke of the year. Oh well, every cloud has a silver lining, plenty of time for an even worse joke to show up. 😉
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