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  1. Very nice skins! Thank you, we really need more P39 skins, yours are excellent! Hopefully you will paint some more, i hope so, and cannot wait
  2. Always liked the choices you made for the rendering of your skins, truly original and beautiful!
  3. Great the new U2 is exactly what i needed! I know i'm a pervert : and now i can take all my time to absorb all those eyecandies everywhere on the maps you created ...muhahahaha Purchased! Thank you 1CGS, i love you, you're the best 👍
  4. Its just about AI programming. Actually the bomber doesn't have a defensive mind set, and people trying to attack bombers expecting bombers to go defensive fall in their trap: that's what happens most of the time. If you look carefully at fast bombers (JU88, PE2) and at how they react to the presence of a fighter you will notice when you try to attack the in the rear side (up to 3 and 9 o clock with extrememy high speed) that they will always turn their six to you,, very very quickly with excellent timing and accuracy! You are actually getting ambushed!!! one of the most fun move is the zig zaging to expose yourself to the rear jedi gunners, them being red or blue doesn't make any difference. Another one is how quickly the get back speed, even with draggy bombloads attached externally 😀 The interesting thing is the extremely accurate and lightning slowing down and speed up moves they are able to put out of their hat to disturb you and get you hit by the gunners or forced to collide! What i find also fascinating is that it seems like the gunners and the AI pilot are reacting to your inputs very precisely. If you give some erratic inputs they seem to be unable to react as efficiently. Try to zig zag with erratic rudder and with stick and notice how close you can approach the bomber without being hit. The moment you fly a straight aiming path guess what, the jedis wake up and you're in trouble lol! The best way to attack -lets say a Pe2- is to actually go for the rear dead straight 6 oclock: because then the AI will slow down to trap you with its gunners so you will be able to gain rapidly. The trick is to zig zag erraticaly while you are approaching the bomber, this zig zaging will have a strange effect on the AI : he will stop to fire and even let the weapons in "sleep" mode. If you are lucky you can come as close as for a taran without the bomber firing back a single shot at you lol. the difficulty is of course to fire accurately while zig zaging like crazy, because as soon as you don't put erratic inputs in your ac, AI will wake up and shoot at you with deadly accuracy. But all this is not a tactic i would recommend, it is just a little experiment you can do to learn about the AI programming. Actually i recommend to attack bombers only with height and frontal and only when they are en route to the objective in formation and straight. As long as they go for the mission objective they behave like bombers, once they have dropped, you are facing bunkers with MG nests, they are waiting for you, you are ambushed.... Anyway just as the reaction of some fighters crashing in the ground or turning endlessly (as old as AI in rise of flight which had the exact same issue BTW) this bomber thing is really interesting to observe. The best is not to engage, it's what i do, and it actually requires a lot of discipline to control the greedy part in all fighter pilot. Think also that for most of us a realistic bomber behaviour would be piece of cake to shoot down. If Bombers are shot down that easily, then who's gonna fly bombers online, given the fact that people are more looking for kills than to protect the heavies... I sincerly hope for a better AI, and i also would like to thank the team for trying to improve it recently.
  5. That's probably the most spectacular part of shell damage. Perhaps wing off is a simplification of the aerodynamical issues caused by skin damage. The skin is damaged, because it is the weakest link but also because the explosion does not actually occur in a totally confined place (where HE shell shine). A part of the overpressured gasses would chose the path of least resistance and try to go out through the entry hole of the shell ripping the skin further. Still the remaining pressure would have great potential to damage structural internal parts.
  6. OK, then. There is always a possibility that something could be modelled incorrectly or that the model would react in a way not predicted by the developper, and i have nothing against people studying this and making a constructive report to the devs, let me be clear about this. The best way to do it is making a topic to show the issue and to produce an analysis. It is just that in this thread i would have prefered to see people focusing more on all the good things we got instead of seeing the usual Schadenfreude, trolling, bad faith and ranting... These are the threads newcomers or interested people will read first, we have all a responsibility to show newcomers how good this sim is. But sometimes i tend to forget how things go on the web... My bad.
  7. One guy enters a close fight in a P47 with a MC202 , enters a spin with damaged wing, then gets shot at while spinning down and eventually loses the damaged wing? Why should we really care about that? As always hysteria comes from people getting shot down because lacking skill or making mistakes, then trying to do as if it all came because the wing, tail, modelling ,etc, because of ammo... Red or Blue nothing new here...yawn....🤦‍♂️ So far i am under the impression® that the P47 is very well modelled, to me it seems much more resilient than the average fighter and performs much better than the previous IL2 version. A real joy to fly and to fight with.
  8. Fantastic skin! Thank you so much!
  9. You are right however there is a similar problem with the Yak 9U, there is actually 3 of them all three very different according to the version and the period of production: early U had the same wing just as the Yak9 with blunted shape wingtip (most beautiful wing ever🙂), engine M-105 PF2. Late U had round shape wingtip with greater wingspan, engine M-107A with new ViCh-107LO propeller, axial canon MP-20. UT different all metal wing, longer fuselage, option for 37mm+2X20mm, 23mm or 45mm Wololo🤭 BTW my wallet is ready... Yak9 blunt shaped wings are so beautiful i had to post this video of a 1990s replica
  10. Thank you so much! As for the Caudron, i'm thinking, wouldn't such colors fit a Yak7b perfectly?😀
  11. Beautiful shark P40 Melkarth, thank you very much! I would like to ask if there is any chance that you would be interested in painting Maj. Denisov P-40 or 191 iap P-40 n°93 ? Anyway, soviet and british shark P40s rule! Thank you for your collection, as a P40 i can say driver i'm already spoiled these days 😀
  12. They actually overheat, but for some reasons you can't notice for it only starts after you're shot down 😀
  13. This topic is very intersting and has evolved a lot since the original question. Now the title could be decieving or hidind some good points expressed. Maybe Scottvdken could change the title of his topic to reflect the different aspects of the issue more and to make it more visible to the devs? Just a suggestion. Anyway Scottvdken you deserve a big thanks for this thread: it is a great opportunity for us to share about something that is so important in a sim that it makes all the difference between fun and enthusiasm and what we have now (which is so promising that it is a pity that AI is left without further needed development). There is no doubt that this sim has the potential to become legendary (it really already is in many ways), but it won't quite reach this status completely until AI reaches the level that will make it as immersive and enjoyable as its predecessor. Just my humble opinion.
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