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  1. Excellent P39 skin collection! These skins will give me all the motivation i need to train to master the cobra. Thank You very much!
  2. I would say "as told by the "inexperienced pilot in a disadvantageous tactical situation" themselves"... I think it is overexagerated to compare a complex early twin engined fighter with an automated 109 in an advantage position to try to make your point. Fact is the more you are trained and experienced the less time you would need to trim your aircraft. In this sim you still have to spend more time learning non automated aircraft than the amount you need to for automated aircraft.
  3. There are also those little and fragile devices called slats. On aircraft that have them like La5, MiG3, Bf109, a damaged or destroyed slat would make controlling aircraft under G very difficult or maybe even impossible in some instance. However i have never seen slats damaged in any other way than detaching/dissapearing when wing is already separated from the plane.
  4. After playing a bit this week end i must say i have never seen anything like the new pilot physiology in any sim. It is fantastic! The visual impairement and the physical effects on the pilot are outstanding: you really feel that your pilot is exhausted and getting sick . Immersion is now way beyond any other sim, as far as i know. Thank you so much 1CGS team: i never expected that a sim would go so far in immersion and in simulating what hard maneuvers can do to your body: IMHO You just realeased one of the finest addition in the world of WW2 air combat si
  5. Hello, It would be nice to model the pilot strap locking system in the aircraft that were equipped with them. It could not only make looking around possible as we have now but also make body movement in the cockpit under high G easier to counter in some US aircraft, ie P51 Mustang. Here is a video, please look at min 3:06 : Thank you for this outstanding combat simulator!
  6. There is alot of discussion about a lot of details when it comes to pilot advantage for instance pilot seat position to help resisting higher G loads before blacking out, but nothing on the ability to move in the cockpit. It would be nice if the straps locking system in some US types was modelled. In some US fighters there was a lever in the cockpit that enabled the pilot to chose to be strappped tightly or to have more freedom of movement on the fly and to change the straps tension at will in no time. This could be a major advantage in a fight imho look the video at m
  7. It's nice to see developpers having fun too, they deserve it! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and you passion for flying, your sim is exhilarating and we can easily feel the amount of passion and knowledge in it. It is the work of a very dedicated and successful team
  8. This is a fantastic DD! Pilot physiology added so much more fun in this simulator, i cannot wait to try the new development of it. Your dedication to all these important details are what make this sim so good! Your guys at 1CGS are fantastic!
  9. Cool, i love trucks and half tracks. I hope many versions will be implemented like without weapons just to cruise on the maps for fun! Also human controlled flak could bring nasty surprises to those flying too close. I can see frustrated pilots taking their revenge with these haha!😀 Having anti air guns on trucks could also be very cool to test DM. Nice. That would be so cool! Anyway i think mobile AA was really needed to protect tanks in this sim. I think the idea is to make tactical movements on the ground more realistic and more feasible for vehicles in il2
  10. Thank YOU! It's pretty awesome for a team to allow us directly to voice our opinion and knowing it is taken into account. There has been constructive criticism, but don't worry, people here love your work, respect your choices, and like it much to have you giving us the opportunity have a discussion with you. We love you sim! This team is really incredible...
  11. Deleted. Did not answer the OP question. Anyway, what could be cool is a reshade type of program to set color and contrast inside IL2GB and also an option to zoom in and out ( settable increments) by using keys so one could control the magnification progressively and quickly without having to bind it to an axis.
  12. I believe it is how things work in the sim community, there's nothing strange in this and it doesn't necessarily mean that things are OK and that those who don't like the .50cal DM are completely wrong. It reminds me when the 20mm minengeschoss were doing unsufficient damage: same reactions! Everything is OK, it is possible to have loads of kills, learn how to aim, concentrate your fire on weak points, you want uber 20mm, etc... And in the end the 20mm were rightly corrected (still not perfect) and it has improved the sim. At the time i was upvoting for improving the DM effect of t
  13. Exactly what i meant. At those angles when you are directly on the target's six and shooting at the wings. The HE ammo only hit the ailerons and flaps kinetically and would not do anything to the wing but chemically their blast is large enough (perhaps too large i don't know) to reach the wings DM boxes and cause damage similar to 20mm HE round. The issue is as Unreasonable said related to limitation in the DM programming. But we have to remember that it is always a work in progress, and we can all remember that the situation was reversed not so long ago when the Minen 20mm were clearly unde
  14. That could be because the blast area of high explosive ammo can reach and trigger the wing DM boxes while on the other hand the .50cal is stopped by the flaps and ailerons "shield" in the test. Another limitation of the DM could be the size of the blast area for HE 13 and 12.7mm HE ammo which could possibly be more important than real figures explaining the (too important?) differences between AP and HE in the game. Perhaps all HE ammo have a similar blast area explaining why MG HE ammo damage is looking much more like cannons shell damage than to AP rounds for the same calib
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