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  1. Exactly. When you have the good people at 1CGS that tell you they miss important data on the aircraft in the PTO it is not just any other piece of information. It is critical information. They can't do the work as accurately, and if you respect their professionalism you can not ask them to do something like a new battle below their standards. No, this game is not just a video game as some say. It is far more than that even if it is not advanced civil or military simulator or reality. The amount of quality in this sim is fantastic. It is really honest on their part and shows how those "details" are important to them. You can't ask a professional to do things unprofessionally, they would not do it with all their heart anyway. They actually dismiss the idea of making money on something not as accurate as their products. What about that? That speaks a lot for them. What a great team, i hope they will find data somehow eventually. If not well, i'm already so grateful for what we have! Thank you 1CGS
  2. Found this and already posted it in a similar thread. Seems like those G suits were very efficient: The instructional film warns the pilots that if they now are able to sustain more G, their aircraft may not. Hi Kornezov, interesting what you wrote, have you some data about how the valve works, or is it just speculating? Are you sure G strain maeuvering was known at the time, and if it was as efficient as todays one? I think that even the reclined seat at those speeds would not prevent the massive pooling of blood from the upper part of the body in the abdominal area. If no opposite pressure to pump the blood back towards the head, the reclined seat would work effectively only one time before letting pilots experience fatigue and reducing drastically their G resistance, no? Just a question...
  3. Yes they should make this available for the duel mode of the QMB too. With the duel mode beeing simpler they could make the fight beginning with correct cruise/combat speed and configuration for each aircraft. It would be very convenient for training, especially for beginners trying to learn how to engage and fight dissimilar fighters. Anyway, Just tried the fight Fw190A3 400l + 4X20mm configuration. Start at 1000m vs I16 1/3 fuel load veteran and ace AI. Map Kuban summer. Start: push the engine to 1.3 ata while diving slightly, speed increase very rapidly, you should be at 500/550 easily at the merge, slightly turn under its nose at the merge, while keeping in a shallow dive (don't go for the deck in a rush as there is no need and you'd black out in the pull up). You are building separation you can climb back up until 1000 1300m. (note: I16 is far behind and could be difficult to spot). There bank you ac in a shallow diving turn to keep your speed high in a wide curve. AI will try to lead turn yourself, keep your speed up, and when merging this time, pull up in an steep zoom climb. don't forget to release pressure on the stick as soon as you are vertical enough, let yourself climb up, check the ball, roll as needed to get out of firing line. Keep the I16 in sight all the time and begin your hammerhead as soon as you notice he will stall. It's time to say hello to the I16 and greet him with a bunch of twenties, one pass is enough. Enjoy it burning and crashing on the ground. combat time: 2:00 min
  4. Hello, The problem is related to how QMB works. Actually if i remember correctly all aircraft start the combat at the same speed. I'm not sure about the real figures but its something like this: when your Fw190A starts way below its normal combat speed and in the part of its enveloppe where it will have the most difficulty to win the acceleration or vertical contest against your I16 opponent which then is in an ideal environment to give you a little sweat. I believe the starting speed in qmb at 1000m is something like 300kmh whatever your fighter is. Now you remember that AI is rather performant in accelerating and you have a situation where AI may have built more speed than you at the merge. In case of I16: it will be able to roll very fast and turn very hard to get on you six in a short time and probably in range and closing to force you to bleed more speed if you have no room left to build speed to run away in the initial part of the fight. It is a pity that qmb doesn't set the right cruising speed or fighting speed for all aircraft and instead making them all start at the same speed. But on the other hand that taught me a lot of things, and is a good training and warming up place to practice quick setting of radiators (since some aircraft also start with fully open radiators ie p40 for no reasons while other start with rather hot temperatures for no clear reason either ie p39. Strange...)/rpm/mixture/turbo/trim etc to train to get the most of your aircraft in the least amount of time.
  5. Hello, Firstly wanted to say that any new aircraft contributes to make the whole sim environment richer and more accurate, increasing the amount of action and of scenario one can have, and that is of the utmost importance for a tactical ww2 simulator like IL2 GB. That is why i think it is very important that people order, if they can afford, any new aircraft in the sim. Many different aircraft brings life and joy to a sim, that explains the huge success of the original IL2. In IL2 GB building a new aircraft is a lot more job, the kind of job i'm very serious about supporting: a world without a sim like IL2 GB won't be the end of the world, but a lot of fun and pleasure to learn about aircraft and history would dissapear without it and these boards. That said i would also like to tell that Yak9 and Yak1 are not really comparable to say 109 different subtypes. They are quite different airframes not in construction only but also visually. They have different wing shapes: to me the Yak9 has one of the most beautiful wings of all WW2 types. Check the link and see how (to me at least) the Yak9 has the most beautiful wing of all the Yak family http://vvs.hobbyvista.com/Research/Yakovlev/FuelGauges/ An all metal modern version with the same similar wing shape: Wartime footage min 30:39 : Also the cockpit will look different from the Yak1B, AFAIK it will have a variometer, not present in the Yak1/7. The wing being different, and of different contruction (metallic longerons) will make the airframe more rigid, that will also be noticeable in the roll axis. It is really a different aircraft, definitely worth having! Anyway i need to have them all...
  6. I don't think so. AFAIK the metal spar helped make some more space allowing for bigger fuel tanks in the wings compared to wooden construction. Performance wise, the metal spar made the wings more rigid, so maybe we can expect some improvement in the roll axis compared with other all wood Yaks. Also maybe the wing, due to lighter, contruction will be more fragile. Thank you 1CGS, i cannot wait to fly these Yaks. BTW any chance that you could possibly post a picture of the Yak9 taken from above showing the shape of the new wing? It is so beautiful on this plane. TY anyway!
  7. I'm with Blitzen, Car door Tiffie looks so good! As far as i'm concerned, the best looking Typhoon.
  8. Tropicalized version with 4 X 20mm: i love you!🥰
  9. True, but imho, if there is an advantage for the pilot, the real issue, tactically wise, is to know if it is modeled, and to model it if it is not. And this for all aircraft. Anyway, it is rare that in a WW2 fighter the pilot has a completely vertical seating posture anyway, it is not like this at all. It is a matter of few degrees, the difference may not be that huge imho. But as you said we need figures and a study. Also, the comparison with only one type only tells us the BF had a "possible" advantage vs the Hurricane. But is it really an advantage a pilot could exploit tactically? Reading the report Kurfurst sent, it seems that in a dogfight there was nothing other than half rolling and diving away that could save the Bf109 from the Hurricane (!?) and that the Bf109 had great difficulties, even using the ("extremely heavy" )trim wheel to go out of the dive. (BTW I would never have expected such a report to be posted by a Bf109 dedicated fan like Kurfurst!!😲!!) Perhaps the Hurricane pilot was able to pull more Gs due to better control authority at higher speeds than the 109 one, this causing the Black out, or the more heavy BF controls allowed its pilot to ride the grey veil to the limit, the report doesn't tell.
  10. Sounds like this, really 😀 PS out of curiousity, what other aircraft are equipped with G suits in IL2?
  11. With what is coming in the il2 GB world, it will be a awesome year, be sure : the party is just beginning😀 Great achievements this year again, very nice job guys!
  12. Hello Bene Gesserit, I have noticed the following: try QMB Tempest vs ACE Spitfire MKV engine Merlin 45 100l. With the Tempest get some distance between you and the Spit, then you reverse with a sliceback to force AI to turn dive at you. 90% of the time AI will try to lead turn you, pulling loads to cut through your high speed diving turn. When you see the Spit belly close, reverse your trajectory to the opposite direction using roll: AI has lost sight of you! 😀 AI actually tried a "blind" lead turn maneuver to cut through (nice!) , but it doesn't notice you reversed. Now the Spit does'nt see you in front of him, and it starts his flat and tight horizontal turn to reacquire visual. It does it to spot you back, it's touching to see that! Ai is not all seeing, what do complainers know? AI is actually intelligent, still in its infancy, but i hope you guys will help it growing up: you can do it!
  13. Older games, well... the good old times when some onliner only simmers did not have the influence to ruin the reputation of a sim with constant forum complaining? Of course it's all the SP offliners fault! It's really them we hear whining all day on sim forums.... lol Seriously, i was more under the impression that the need for the AI to stop "cheating " originate from casual online coop players and online war aces that could not cope with the fact that they were shot down by "cheating" AI (because you know AI is easy to shoot down, however they cheat, go figure). At the same time they considered SP players as sub category of simmers and pushed the devs to consider only player vs player gameplay so that they could make it a e sport: the score board being so historically important...
  14. Soon in IL2 BON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOXxUApaaWo Thank you team!
  15. When the team improved the Stalingrad map textures, when they improved the weather effect (rain on cockpit) and light on winter maps etc for free, what was then the lesson you could have learned?
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