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  1. Sounds like this, really 😀 PS out of curiousity, what other aircraft are equipped with G suits in IL2?
  2. With what is coming in the il2 GB world, it will be a awesome year, be sure : the party is just beginning😀 Great achievements this year again, very nice job guys!
  3. Hello Bene Gesserit, I have noticed the following: try QMB Tempest vs ACE Spitfire MKV engine Merlin 45 100l. With the Tempest get some distance between you and the Spit, then you reverse with a sliceback to force AI to turn dive at you. 90% of the time AI will try to lead turn you, pulling loads to cut through your high speed diving turn. When you see the Spit belly close, reverse your trajectory to the opposite direction using roll: AI has lost sight of you! 😀 AI actually tried a "blind" lead turn maneuver to cut through (nice!) , but it doesn't notice you reversed. Now the Spit does'nt see you in front of him, and it starts his flat and tight horizontal turn to reacquire visual. It does it to spot you back, it's touching to see that! Ai is not all seeing, what do complainers know? AI is actually intelligent, still in its infancy, but i hope you guys will help it growing up: you can do it!
  4. Older games, well... the good old times when some onliner only simmers did not have the influence to ruin the reputation of a sim with constant forum complaining? Of course it's all the SP offliners fault! It's really them we hear whining all day on sim forums.... lol Seriously, i was more under the impression that the need for the AI to stop "cheating " originate from casual online coop players and online war aces that could not cope with the fact that they were shot down by "cheating" AI (because you know AI is easy to shoot down, however they cheat, go figure). At the same time they considered SP players as sub category of simmers and pushed the devs to consider only player vs player gameplay so that they could make it a e sport: the score board being so historically important...
  5. Soon in IL2 BON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOXxUApaaWo Thank you team!
  6. When the team improved the Stalingrad map textures, when they improved the weather effect (rain on cockpit) and light on winter maps etc for free, what was then the lesson you could have learned?
  7. TY for posting this pic, Jizzo. Actually i saw this type of damage a couple of times, but it always occurred when aileron and wingtip was shot off. What i wonder is if the slat can be shot off or damaged without the whole wingtip and aileron being destroyed. Given their very light construction and sensitivity slats look very vulnerable, an exposed and fragile part of the wing. My guess is that even a rather distant 20mm canon shell shock wave would bend it or damage it causing a lot of aerodynamical issue like extra drag erratic/dissimilar deploying, and turbulence in the area of ailerons causing trouble in controlling the aircraft.
  8. I just wanted to ask if wing slats can be destroyed or damaged in our simulator?
  9. If i understood Yippee post he says the the seat provides for less than half a G not 1.5G that would be provided by the G suit system. Also some aircraft having the G suit system would also benefit somewhat from reclined seat. I am all for modelling damage to complex systems (we have already oxygen failures IIRC), anti g suit, but also Kommandogerät-like devices should be exposed to damage just like automated engine and automated cooling systems. Not to forget the slats equipped aircraft : it seems that those (slats) should be damaged and destroyed too as im sure they were sometimes during combat. It could be nice to see aircraft with damaged slats trying to turn or to fly straight at high speeds losing control because of assymetrical/erratic deployment of a damaged slat. Given the nature of the system, i'm sure slats don't need much energy to be completely broken or severly damaged, i'm not sure they would survive more than a 20mm or a couple 12.7 mm hits. For some reasons slats seem to be indestructible unlike flaps (at least when hit by ammo lol). Those topics always give me some ideas, i will create a new topice about damage of slats and automated devices.
  10. Is there somewhere some info about the efficiency of the inclined seat, describing the advantages in numbers of G somewhere? I'm all for modelling them if it is not already done, because otherwise some people will talk about it endlessly, for some it already starts to feed a sort of delusion of persecution. The Bias card has been played so many times... Growing complaints about the so called superman suit will lead to more whine eventually leading to forbid the use of G suits for US fighter. (Same phenomenon has already be observed in the development of another WW2 Mustang module.)
  11. 2:55 "And Skip says he can take on five or six Mustangs easy with it if you want to hang around for a fight" Clearly an objective statement... Appreciated, especially when so many people do sound like fanboys you know...lol
  12. Found this interesting video on YT: they seemed to be very efficient.
  13. "When i had acquired some practice with the Mustang, i found it fun to take off with only little fuel, i.e. at low weight, retract the undercarriage and landing flaps at once then immediately fly a full circle close to the ground. Apart from everything else, this manoeuvre really showed the agility of this fighter [...] But there were points to watch; with the fuel tanks filled to a certain level and the CG shifted to the rear accordingly, the Mustang had its limits as to longitudinal stablility. And at full throttle one could stall it even in a steep turn." Hans Werner LERCHE, in Luftwaffe test pilot, Flying captured Allied Aircraft of World War 2, Jane's London, p.119 NB: the Mustang tested by Lerche is a P-51B
  14. Nonsense! No Yak so far has duralumin longeron construction or a 37mm canon! The cg of the Yak9T and wing rigidity and shape should make the FM somewhat different. As far as i am concerned fantastic news Many thanks to the Dev Team!
  15. It's beautiful what you are doing with this simulator. Impressive! Once again thank you all team for this fantastic update 👌 Maximum joy over here 👌
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