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  1. Unable to complete 3.002 update

    It finally worked for me I think
  2. Unable to complete 3.002 update

    Its ok. I am a patient man. I am sure they will have this sorted out soon.... I hope
  3. Unable to complete 3.002 update

    I closed the client and it restarted the download. still going very slow.
  4. Unable to complete 3.002 update

    I just unticked it, do I need to restart the client thingy. ohh I am at 11 KBs now which is an improvement for sure aaaaaaand its back to being low again
  5. Unable to complete 3.002 update

    I am having the same issue Thanks for doing the grunt work
  6. Does my kills have any effect?

    Any way.... can we please get back on subject? When one says that Il2 has a "Dynamic" campaign, the word "dynamic" implies something about said campaign. Now don't get me wrong, I think the new campaign is really great and a step in the right direction, but I am not sure if I would call it "dynamic" "dynamic" to me implies that the player should be able to see some sort of change in response to his or her actions. Although there is some of that (flights get suspended if you lose too many planes for example), I don't know if it is enough to warrant the title of "Dynamic". I am interested to hear others thoughts on this.
  7. Tactical Air War

    Should I have been given a CM+1 for this flight? http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=2458&name==SqSq=switch201 Although it was only about 14 mins I put shots on a 109 so I figured it should count.
  8. Bf-110 Autopilot Question

    wait a minute here... so in game is there an autoPilot on planes outside of the Sift+a auto level? It sounds to me like you can use the actual auto pilot function on certain planes but I have never heard of such a thing.
  9. Tactical Air War

    In that case SQSQ is def going red. Thank you Riksen for all your hard work. We will have to see how this TAW plays out this time. I have high hopes it will be more even than it has been in the past. just give it some time for people to register.
  10. Tactical Air War

    Hmm Maybe I mis-understood what this meant.....
  11. Tactical Air War

    adding from above: "StG77 goin' RED" I think Squid Squad is also goin Red, but we will see how the numbers are looking on registration day too and take that into account.
  12. Tactical Air War

    I figure they are going to wait for the next update in 3 or so weeks, but i am not sure if they have said this officially
  13. Tactical Air War

    Either way, I don't really see the downside of doing a pre registration.
  14. Tactical Air War

    Well I mentioned it because I noticed a number of squads on the previous page saying they will be going Red this time. IIf the teams end up balanced this time that would be great, but it will simply be due to luck of the draw. In my opinion I think team balance was the single most complained about thing last campaign, and I am curious to see if any steps will be taken to remedy that pain point. I mean how hard would it be to throw the TAW website up like 2-3 days before the actual server starts. That give people time to adjust and change teams if needed without being invested in their characters yet. LAst campaign if I would have know before hand how bad the balance would have been I think my squad and I may have changed teams but by the time we realized we were already invested in the campaign and the side we chose.
  15. Tactical Air War

    Guys..... Like I suggested last campaign. I think there should be some sort of pre-sign up for the respective teams to we can get an idea of how many players each team has beforehand. Last campaign the Reds had too few players. the campaign before that it was the opposite problem. I fear there may be a be a knee jerk reaction for a large number of players to go Red this time since blue was so stacked last time, but that's just going to perpetuate the problem. so yeah I think a pre campaign roster signup would be a good way to gauge the numbers for each side.