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  1. =SqSq=switch201

    Developer Diary 208 - Discussion

    Serious question, not trying to complain or anything like that, but what is the point of making 3D models for stuff like the powertrain? We can never see this model correct? so why put so much detail into it instead of making a set of hitboxes that correspond to a given system in the plane? Again I am not complaining, I am just curious as to how this all works.
  2. =SqSq=switch201

    VR and fully clickable cockpits

    It does make sense. In my opinion though its not worth doing unless everything (or close to everything) is interactable and clickable (think full start up procedure), and since that's not going to happen any time soon, I am not sure how much value adding in VR hands to this game would bring. The only thing I can think is that it would help people who had VR but didn't already have a joystick. But yeah X-plane 11, P3D, and microsoft flight sim X (with flyinside plugin), all have fully clickable VR cockpits, and there might be more I am unaware of. the only one from that list I haven't tried is P3D, and I prefer x-plane to Flyinside, because you don't have to deal with installing a seperate application on top of the Sim. If you are interested I would say give it a try for sure.
  3. =SqSq=switch201

    VR and fully clickable cockpits

    They have full VR cockpits for a couple of civilian flight sims now at this point. It is really the next level of immersion for sure, and I would love if they offered it in this sim at some point in the future. That being said, I find it pretty difficult to control the plane with a virtual stick. I mean it's doable just fine, but I would be curious to see how it goes in a combat scenario, without any type of feedback. Also the Devs have already stated many many many many many many many many many many MANY times that they won't be doing fully clickable cockpits. so if VR hands were implemented, you would only be controlling the stick and whatever else you need for engine management. And if that's the case I'm not so sure it's worth doing honestly. the VR hands really shine when you are able to interact with every little switch and knob which this sim won't be doing any time soon. But yeah if you haven't already I would look on Steam for some of the other civilian flight sims that are VR compatible (x-plane 11 is one, but there are others) and try out some of their fully clickable with VR hands cockpits. its really awsome
  4. =SqSq=switch201

    Oculus ASW 2

    I was just about to make a post about this. it looks like the game will need to provide oculus with a "depth feed" value. quote from the article: I am hoping that if this is implemented it finally gets rid of the prop artifacts we tend to see when ASW kicks in.
  5. Last time I hopped on the server I noticed a number of players with names "Player-1234" etc. I was wondering if those players represent bots or what?
  6. I have no mission making experience, but have played a Ju88 career in career mode and noticed how the AI bassically does what your asking for. I am wondering if you were to make a ju88 career and then crack open a career mission file if it would have an useful info.
  7. =SqSq=switch201

    Wings Of Liberty Captured Algorithm

    I believe for the WOL stats. your rank can determine your escape chance. I think its something like 5% chance you escape at the lowest level, up to like 20% for the highest ranks.
  8. =SqSq=switch201

    Nose Overs

    Yes, this is what I also read somewhere on these forums. If this is the case though it would be nice to have the game detect if you are using a button or an axis for breaking and adjust accordingly. But really I am totally fine with the way it is. I have no idea how it was in real life so I can not speak to that.
  9. =SqSq=switch201

    HUD deactivated - which altimeter is active?

    Unless you are on the Kuban map, then the barometric value is always higher than the airfield level. As for Kuban, they are almost identical values.
  10. =SqSq=switch201

    Tactical Air War

    For the defensive positions, I don't think the bunkers count for anything. Your main target are the artillery and vehicles at the defensive position. I think you only get points for those things plus flak.
  11. =SqSq=switch201

    Where to start?

    The key is if you plan to play online or not. Most servers have at least some BOS planes available at all times, but it might be hard to find a server that has BOM planes running. For example WOL maps always have at least a few BOS planes for every map/mission, but only about half of the maps/missions have BOM planes if multiplayer is of no concern to you, than I think I would go with your gut.
  12. =SqSq=switch201

    Dice destroys WWII -Battlefield V

    I can agree with you that the writing in the new starwars movies is bad, I just disagree that its baddness is a result of SJWs or what have you. That's not what made it bad. And nothing in your previous comment had anything to do with Race or gender or SJW sutff. you simply pointed out bad writing, I don't see what your criticism of the movie has to do with SJWs agenda, but it seemed as if you were trying to make the argument that episode 7 was bad because Disney forced a black character into a role that should be played by a non minority????
  13. =SqSq=switch201

    Dice destroys WWII -Battlefield V

    Also Leia was the daughter of the chosen one so that has to count for something right? She is also part of the rebellion before episode 4 starts, so its not crazy to think that she gets some training along the way at leading the space force, especially since she has been in a position of authority her whole life too.
  14. =SqSq=switch201

    Dice destroys WWII -Battlefield V

    Ahh I see lol. Well I think that you all still get my point to some extent: why is historical fantasy a problem in this context but not in the millions of others.
  15. =SqSq=switch201

    Dice destroys WWII -Battlefield V

    But Anikin (a 10 year old boy) pod racing/ flying the naboo starship is ok?