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  1. =SqSq=switch201

    Dice destroys WWII -Battlefield V

    I can agree with you that the writing in the new starwars movies is bad, I just disagree that its baddness is a result of SJWs or what have you. That's not what made it bad. And nothing in your previous comment had anything to do with Race or gender or SJW sutff. you simply pointed out bad writing, I don't see what your criticism of the movie has to do with SJWs agenda, but it seemed as if you were trying to make the argument that episode 7 was bad because Disney forced a black character into a role that should be played by a non minority????
  2. =SqSq=switch201

    Dice destroys WWII -Battlefield V

    Also Leia was the daughter of the chosen one so that has to count for something right? She is also part of the rebellion before episode 4 starts, so its not crazy to think that she gets some training along the way at leading the space force, especially since she has been in a position of authority her whole life too.
  3. =SqSq=switch201

    Dice destroys WWII -Battlefield V

    Ahh I see lol. Well I think that you all still get my point to some extent: why is historical fantasy a problem in this context but not in the millions of others.
  4. =SqSq=switch201

    Dice destroys WWII -Battlefield V

    But Anikin (a 10 year old boy) pod racing/ flying the naboo starship is ok?
  5. =SqSq=switch201

    Dice destroys WWII -Battlefield V

    Just as Battlefield is depicting the fictitious Dice WWII where people have bionic arms and what not: there is no relation between the two..... For the Record, I have not seen Captain america, I just know it takes place during the civil war (at least one of the movies) My rebuttal of your argument basically boils down to what Tektolnes said. I enjoy some debate and what not but the point brought up by Tekolnes just pokes such a big hole in your argument.....
  6. =SqSq=switch201

    Dice destroys WWII -Battlefield V

    Don't the Captain america movies take place during the civil war? By your logic, Marvel should have chosen a different setting since Captain america is "fantasy". Do you see now how your argument falls apart so easily?
  7. I took a break from playing the career mode for awhile will they ironed out the kinks. I decided to play it some yesterday, and I have to say I am impressed by the improvement I saw. I noticed all the small bugs seemed to be squashed. The amount of planes lost in a morning mission can effect the evening mission now which is just so cool to me for some reason. Another thing I noticed that I was not expecting: Allow me to paint the scene. I was doing a 109 E-7 career and I was flying spot 3 in a flight of 4. we were attacking a river crossing. We all lined up for our bombing run and all dove down at the same time. As we pulled up and out of the dive I noticed one of my mates was leaking some kind of substance (it was wither fuel or coolant). I didn't pay much attention to this at the time, but when I went to make my second attack run. I noticed that make leaky friend was no longer with us. I kinda assumed that he had crashed into the ground or something, and I didn't think much of it. a few minutes later though, I heard my injured mate ask for landing clearance on the radio. The AI actually knew to break off and land after getting a coolant/fuel leak. This was totally unexpected and I am pleasantly surprised by that improvement. now. I am not 100% sure if the guy ended up actually landing though. I never saw my mate again that mission, but at some point after the landing clearance thing, he called out that he was out of fuel. so I am not sure if he was still just circling the airfield, or if maybe landed on the ground and then ran out of fuel. Either way, his plane did show up as "Crashed" in the after action report, so I am not sure what happened. either way I think the career has been improving and was wondering if any one else noticed any nice improvements.
  8. =SqSq=switch201

    FlightSim Labs goes after Reddit

    Gotta love some good 'ol flight sim drama
  9. =SqSq=switch201

    What "gives" a clickable cockpit?

    Borys, I assume this question was directed at me? To answer the question, Its not perfect but the control does rumble to let you know something is moving for example to grab a knob in order to set Autopilot altitude, I first reach my hand over to the clickable area. once I am close enough the knob I am trying to grab will highlight and my controller will do a very small vibrate. when I click and old down my finger I am then "grabbing" the knob. as I rotate my wrist the controller will vibrate with each tick or increment of the knob. Having played a bunch of other VR games, maybe its a feeling I am simply just used to at this point. I remember it being quite weird at first but it is very very immersive. For example on a cessna 172, I think you are supposed to increase your mixture as crank the engine. with a mouse this is not possible. you have to up the mixture and then crank the ignition, but with my VR hands I can crank the ignition while I slowly slide the mixture forward. It feels quite real to me. also when controlling the flight stick, it can be difficult to gauge where the yolk is currently positioned without any pressure. you have to use your eyes more than anything to see where the yolk is in the virtual plane. that's why I said having the virtual yoke and throttle in a combat flight sim would put you at a disadvantage for sure.
  10. =SqSq=switch201

    What "gives" a clickable cockpit?

    Idk if you have tried VR yet or not, but there are a few commercial flight sims I play that have enabled "VR Hands". I don't think DCS has this fully implemented yet. When I fly in these sims I don't even use my X56 joystick. I use my VR hands to reach out and grab the yoke and throttle in the virtual plane. it is the same for flipping all the switches and levers in the plane as well: I need to use my virtual hands to reach out and control these devices. Although the virtual yoke would not be ideal for combat, I feel that the VR hands combined with clickable cockpits can be the ultimate in terms of immersion. Also, I know clickable cockpits for this sim are not feasible, but would it be possible to bind a hotkey to the fuel tank switcher thing? I find it annoying that I have to stare at it waiting for it to jump in the spitfire, but if I look away I miss it.
  11. =SqSq=switch201

    why the gunsight of the 109 has a cushing?

    I always thought that the pilot would rest his face against the cushion when aiming down the sights. When I Play in VR that's kinda what I do. I lean forward until my face hits the pillow and that's how I aim
  12. =SqSq=switch201

    Junkers 52 ❤️"Tante Ju" Fan Club

    I'll just leave this here:
  13. I will just chime in and say that this happens to me as well, but does not happen to me in other VR games.
  14. =SqSq=switch201

    IL-2 Survival

    You would be surprised, a majority of my fighter kills during the current online TAW campaign have been achieved flying the IL2. I think it might be the fact we were up against E7s and F2s, and also that we had around 3-4 Il2s flying together and in communication, but the bird can hold her own in a fight as long as you are not alone
  15. =SqSq=switch201

    Unable to complete 3.002 update

    It finally worked for me I think