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  1. The Stats page has a bug in currently, and I am unable to view any pilot profiles. If you go here http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/ and click any pilots name it result sin a 500 server error
  2. Since I came here to complain its only right that I come back and say I was able to make my purchase after a brief online text chat with customer service. After he spoke with me, I was able to make the purchase via paypal no issue. Still doesn't change that fact that it was indeed a hassle I normally wouldn't have to go through.
  3. I agree with everything Highwayman posted above. I am in the same boat
  4. I will try this, but what Mike77 is saying resonates with me, and I believe he makes a very valid point. I love this game and even I am getting frustrated, and if I hadn't already bought the main game outside of steam I would have simply just gone to steam the moment I ran into trouble. I have tried paypal (which is linked to my bank account directly). It didn't even have paypal open up to let me log in, it simply said I wasn't allowed to use paypal. I then tried a debit card which didn't work (after following sxolla's instructions) and then I tried a credit card which al
  5. If the system was working I would have the plane I tried to purchase in my account but I don't. I went to bed and tried to purchase the plane again this morning. The frustrating thing to me isn't that I have to jump through a bunch of hoops to buy something (getting codes from my account and such). Its that even after i jump through said hoops it still doesn't work and fails to complete the transaction. I get the need to have security when dealing with online credit card payments, but They need to partner with a company that can provide a constant service. I hope the 20 dollars that got c
  6. This...... this xsolla stuff..... is drving me crazy. I tried to pay pal and it won't let me do that. I try to do xsolla, and when I entered the correct code it still failed. now I am trying again and it won't send a second code and the old one doesn't work either. This is a serious hindrance to me buying directly from the Sturmovik website. Just tried a second card. and that one doesn't work either. I'm literally trying to give you money and you won't let... Please seriously reconsider working with xsolla. I've never seen them before until now, and I hope I don't see them again. First
  7. I have noticed this issue on TAW as well, when I was playing on the first map. TAW didn't even register me as having damaged the enemy though so maybe something else is going on. As CountZero was saying. I figure this has to be an issue with the way the gameserver and the stats website communicate. obviously the game is counting these things as kills if they are showing up in the text feed. So the problem must lie with the way the websites are communicating with the game server, since on the client side things seem to be working as intended.
  8. Hey All, I thought I would chime in here with a VR perspective on things. I hold my stick with my right hand and I typically bank left. I never thought about why until now, but I think I have the answer (at least for me). Since I am playing in VR in order for me to check my six I have to physically turn my head all the way around to see behind me. When I do this I tend to favor looking to my left, because I am holding the stick with my right arm. Try sticking out your right arm as if you were flying or driving a car or something. Its much easier to turn to the left than
  9. I am not 100% sure. this is what I know / kind of know about it: 1) I know you can switch camera views in easy mode or custom mode, but it might be disabled in expert mode (not 100% sure though) 2) when flying single player you can switch camera views from internal to external, I also know there is a command to switch to the nearest enemy or freindly and cycle through them, but you will have to check the key bindings because I don't know them off the top of my head. That being said, I am not sure if you can switch the camera around after you have crashe
  10. AS I was saying a few pages ago, me and a buddy downed an enemy fighter, and when we checked our logs there was no damage recorded at all. I think there might be an intermittent bug that is occuring
  11. I wasn't sure if we had moved on to map 2 or not yet. Hmmmmm well I double checked to make sure I didn't friendly fire someone, so it was definitely an enemy.... could have been an I-16 I had a lot of energy relative to the target so I was just doing very quick passed. It is possible the plane was already dead or dying when I shot him. since he was super low to the ground already. Not sure, will need to record next time I suppose
  12. Last night me an another player bounced a mig. we both landed some shots on the mig before he lost control of his plane and ditched in a field. neither of our flight records show us even landing a single hit on the mig though: https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=4770&name==SqSq=switch201 I am fairly sure we hit him because I saw the hit markers on his plane. The only thing I can think is that it was server lag, and we actually missed, but the player still ended up crashing on his own. Still I don't know if that's for sure what happened. I am wondering if thi
  13. Also if anyone is wondering you can not kill the bombardier in the nose. he is invincible.
  14. I think if there is no wind, then your bombs will be fairly acurate. Obviously the higher up you are, the harder it will be to drop an accurate bomb. With wind if you want to be 100% accurate you would have to do some maths. for example. you might have winds like this: 1K: 2m/s 120° 2K: 3m/s 110° .... 5K: 3 m/s 100° So if I am bombing from 5K I usually just set my bombsight up for 3m/s at 100°, but I think (and someone can correct me if I am wrong) if you wanted to be 100% accurate, you would have to use an integral or something to figure out the best bom
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