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  1. All the negative posts have been putting me off a bit. I've been gaming and "simming" since when a soldier myself, in 1985, and I know what it's like - same reason that keeps me away from the DCS forums, even though it's such a great sim (if I said that about IL-2 over there, my post would be deleted and I may get a warning). I only just bought Tank Battles and am waiting for my Rift S to arrive before I have a go - been flying BoX/GB with my Rift for a couple of years and it's just awesome and I'm looking forward to the increased resolution for fighting on the ground (got a new RTX2060 to help). My favourite tank game in the past was Armored Fist 2, with my 3Dfx card, it was just so tense and exciting and I would never have imagined that one day I would be able to fight in a virtual tank as is possible with Tank Battles in VR. I just reminded myself of the issues that the devs went through with BoS and all the complaints and hate and I think that it may take a while, but we will eventually have our awesome tank sim, just like we eventually got our awesome flight sim - and then some.
  2. Apologies for the late reply - I don't visit forums so much these days. Yes, I used VorpX - but I have flown it a lot more since and there are definitely some issues that need ironing out. The whole cockpit seems to move slightly when you look around, and this can be quite off-putting. The scale also seems to change when you move your head on the X-axis. This can probably be ironed out, but so far I've not had the time for twiddling. If it can't be ironed out and this is all you want VorpX for, I would say don't. If I do get that issue fixed, I will post here.
  3. I was watching a documentary on ForcesTV a short while ago and they had some veteran P-47D pilots being interviewed. They basically said they do what many of us do - fired off a rocket or two and used that to gauge where they fell so they could then get the rest on target.
  4. I got this working a few days ago - awesome, sitting in my Seafire on deck. I used the res Libory recommended (1600x1800) and it works just great. No need to use the LibOVRWrapper these days - Opentrack has no issues with the current Oculus version. Some tips: I always find that after the intro track, the game freezes at the final frame, though you can still hear the music etc. All I had to do was bring up the VorpX menu and change the 3D process. Just click the right arrow and go all the way round until it's back at the Full VR (I think that's what it was - I'll check) setting it started on. This makes the game UI appear and I can continue. I found that if I switched the Intro track off, the game wouldn't start. I initially edited the config ini and set the res in that - which worked, but the res is also there to choose in the video options in game, so it's not really necessary, once you have created the custom resolution. I did initial testing with my desktop res of 1920x1080, which works - but is too zoomed-in, so the larger res is needed. I often find that when the game starts - and sometimes briefly at other times, the UI is only visible in the left eye. Don't worry, it will sort itself out. It is very awesome - so well worth doing. I've spent the last 2 days going through my vast collection of custom missions and campaigns downloaded from numerous sites years ago and installing them to fly in VR. I'm currently using the bog standard Steam 4.13.4 version, but will be adding BAT soon.
  5. I think I remember seeing an option somewhere, whether to record tracks or not. I may be wrong - it's a long time since I did any set-up or config changes and my grey cells are only getting greyer! Might have been in another sim, but I think it was IL-2.
  6. As long as you recognise the copyrights and that I take no credit for these documents (except the ones I clearly make myself) this is my Google Drive link for various IL-2 BoX/Great Battles documents that are available: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9QxVW975K48U251YWVxemlRTTg You shouldn't have any issues with permissions etc - and I'll soon be doing some IL-2 guides to add to the website (link in my sig - but there's no IL-2 content yet)
  7. My old man worked with that mob in the late '70's, but I didn't get there until the early 90's.
  8. Really chuffed about the A-20 campaign - the 'Boston' as we call it (or Boston MkIII) was the main attraction to Kuban, for me. Bought the campaign and can't wait to get started. Also just bought Bodenplatte, so there won't be enough hours in a day again! Flying Circus will just have to wait until I have more time. Nice to see the Camel out as well, though - that will be awesome in VR.
  9. Just like to join the guys in thanking you for the missions. I've had BoS a couple of years now but only recently started really getting down to it (and a ground pounder since 1985, desperately trying to master the air to air side of things) and these missions look The Bizz, especially in VR. 😎
  10. This is very nice and very generous! My wife has now given up arguing against me buying Flying Circus! It's a shame the purchase of Rise of Flight itself isn't included - that would have got me to the $201 mark, but that's okay, not only can I now get FC, I can also afford to finally buy Battle of Kuban, thanks to the 25% code. Been dying to get into that A20 Now, VR headsets on and tally ho, chaps! Off to hammer the Boche!
  11. I was wondering what I could do to help my situation a little. Up to now, I have had faultless performance with my Rift. Yesterday I flew a ground attack mission in the older Yak-1. Whilst strafing a staff car I got very low on occasion - I'm talking having to throw the aircraft 90° to avoid hitting the trees along the side of the road. In VR it was just awesome fun (my wife came to see why I was laughing and whooping so much!) but each time I got to this point, I got very bad stutter. Well, stutter isn't really the right word - the sim would pause for a notable time and then continue - perhaps two or three times in total for each pass, as I was closest to the ground. Yet in the past, on two occasions I have got so close to the ground, in similar circumstances, that I actually skimmed it (gently, of course- no discernable damage) with the back section of the fuselage, but no kind of stutter or pause at all. This against AAA. Okay, I shouldn't be in these situations in the first place - but it's so much fun. I don't want to lower the settings if I don't have to - in other VR flight sims doing this has just completely ruined the experience. Running an i5 4690k @ 4.3GHz with 16GB 2133 DDR3 on an Asus Z97 with GTX 1060 6GB and SSDs. I think I left the settings pretty much as standard, but I will check. I really don't want to ruin things - I've had zero issues in dogfights and all previous ground attack sorties.
  12. Yes, all sorted now that I have set it to expert - much more fun, too! Thanks.
  13. Yes, I did wonder if it was somehow running in auto mode. I was wondering how it had changed since my previous flights, but you are right - all my initial flights were on servers, though the first one where I realised it wasn't working was also online (the checksix server) - but maybe it got switched somehow while I wasn't used to the new HOTAS layout. I'll give it a try, anyway - thanks for your replies.
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