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  1. I can't see it. Considering the view was limited even with TrackIR, it would probably be too much work for little return. I also used VorpX to get it in VR and was also somewhat disappointed. I really can't see what motivation they would have for doing it.
  2. Yeah, I've had Tank Crew since released but not even looked at it yet - will be great to have a decent mission to get cracking with - thanks a lot!
  3. OK - now adding further pages. Was up all last night with asthma attacks (I was cleared of it 8 years ago but it has returned with the high tree pollen this year - drat!) so I spent a few hours working on the website in the early hours. I'm happy with the new liveries sections, but I hope to improve the modifications pages at some point. I want to show all the available presets for each aircraft, but for some reason I just can't get them all to display in the sim UI, so at the moment I'm just including those that I can get to appear.
  4. Thank you guys - and best wishes to you all - stay safe! 🙋‍♂️
  5. Thanks, guys, I'm currently stuck in the top half of our house, having to keep my distance from my wife, who goes to work every day! But I'm glad you like the site - I hadn't had any feedback at all and was beginning to wonder if I should abandon it - so now I will continue with a smile I'm a bit busy with research for JM on the Ardennes offensive just now, trying to find the time for everything, I'm also working on my FSX/P3D site, but have stopped updating the DCS World one for the time being. I have lots of data for the IL-2 website, it just needs editing, uploading and formating. So many things to do, so few hours in a day!
  6. I've stopped working on the website. My consultant told me if I get Covid-19 I won't survive, so I'm busy trying to do things to keep me active and happy and take my mind off the threat to my elderly relatives, too. On the other hand, I may soon be confined to my home, so in that case I will work on it, probably a lot more. If additions stop permanently or it gets taken down, you'll know why.
  7. A while ago I started making a website covering data for allied aircraft in the Great Battles series - I remember posting on reddit about it and thought I had posted here, but it seems not. I thought it may not be a bad idea to post here when certain things have been done on the website, as I build it. Like I said, it only covers allied aircraft - I don't fly Axis aircraft and don't own the collectors axis aircraft, so it would be pointless trying to cover things that I can't check and actually know little about. imho that is how it should be - that is how it was for the pilots of the time - they didn't get to fly an enemy plane before they fought against it and know all its little vices. They only knew the little they were told (and I use the RAF info from the time, when I fly) and what they found out from combat. As I said on reddit, if anyone else wants to help make the site by writing pages for the axis aircraft I'd be happy with that. Each aircraft will have pages for the following: Aircraft home & contents page, with links to the other pages for that aircraft: Specifications page Mods & armaments page Cockpit guide page Flying & combat page Paint scheme page The specifications is well under way - I've got about 8 aircraft covered so far and the rest will be done soon. The main task here is editing that info given in the manuals and online for the sim into English and relevant sections. Mods & Armaments are just what it says. These are the additional mods you can fit before each mission, plus where I can, the ammunition presets available. Cockpit Guides will consist of at least 3 diagrams from the cockpit - the front panel and left & right consoles/controls etc. The screenshots are taken from the game and I label the relevant controls in yellow, plus showing which direction increases or decreases an effect. I intend on providing advice for this, too, but haven't yet decided whether to put that in the cockpit guides or flying and combat pages (such as use of cowl or radiator flaps, monitoring temperatures etc). Currently only the A-20 has the cockpit page started, and the left panel diagram is attached, as an example. Flying and combat is what will take the longest, so I'll be doing it last. It's exactly what it says - it will explain how best to start up (warm-up temperatures etc), how to take off (flaps or not, speeds, MTOW, etc), land and so on. The combat side will consist of tips for bullet convergence, bombing dive angles, speeds, altitudes etc and also aerodynamic characteristics. I've purchased books to this end and obviously they take time to read through and collate the relevant info. I've already come across some eye-opening facts about Soviet air regiments of the time and some of the things they got up to that would have had western pilots in the glasshouse had they done the same. So it's not all the same old same old. I only just started doing the paint schemes - it was a bit of an afterthough tbh, but I thought "why not?" so that will include all of the different paint schemes that come with each aircraft. I decided to post here and keep it current, as I have had to take a break whilst building a new PC after my lest motherboard died a death, so I can assure visitors that things are continuing. I have stated on the home page that I hope to have the site completed by the end of the year - and I think that's a reasonable guesstimate, but things do get in the way, so this is where I can let you know if I'm having to take time out for other things, when new stuff stops appearing on the site. The link is in my signature.
  8. Okay, fair enough. Thanks for trying. Shame I didn't update anything up to now - too busy with other things atm. Just for your info, I host several websites with guides for various flight simulators and also have files available for public download to use in their kneeboards in DCS World and all is hosted on Google - Google Drive for the downloadable files and Google Sites for the website (like the new one I just started, linked in my sig). Initially I didn't pay for these at all, it was free with my Google+ account. I don't know if they charge everyone now that Google+ has been closed down, but I decided to use their pay option and it's the princely sum of £1.56 (call it $2) a month - or £16 a year, for 100GB, which includes everything. Might be worth considering.
  9. I don't understand why it's necessary to have the Fw-190 collector plane, when the mission is for the Tempest? Be a shame if that is always the case when missions are made - I only fly allied aircraft, so that's what I buy.
  10. JD_LincsUK - BoN thanks very much for the generous gesture!
  11. @Zeev - great potential, thanks for the ute - when I tried to go to the site you linked to: I am required to log in
  12. Thanks for the mission - I was a little confused when downloading as in a previous post you said you were not going to update the link in the first post and gave a new link for the 3.2 patch. I then looked at the two downloaded files and I see that the first link is to v1.3.1 and the second is to 1.3 - also the first one is from October and the second from September - so I'm thinking you changed your mind (or I misunderstood) and the first post is now the latest version?
  13. @Jade_Monkey - sorry, offering to use one book as reference is not ideal - but I'd also be happy to help with any internet research into operations and anything else I can find. Already done some of this for DCS devs along with a lot of voice acting and proof reading. Just let me know - same goes for anyone else that would like an extra pair of hands and eyes. I'm retired, so I have enough time on my hands.
  14. Sorry I didn't notice your post earlier - I only visit the forums now and then - spend already far too much time on forums and reddit and the like! Anyway, I have James Holland's recent book on the Normandy landings and all the operations and missions that went on there (including stuff like Charnwood and Epsom) - and would be happy to look up anything you like, or just have a good read through and let you know of anything concerning any operations you are planning to cover. That's if you don't have the book yourself, of course!
  15. All the negative posts have been putting me off a bit. I've been gaming and "simming" since when a soldier myself, in 1985, and I know what it's like - same reason that keeps me away from the DCS forums, even though it's such a great sim (if I said that about IL-2 over there, my post would be deleted and I may get a warning). I only just bought Tank Battles and am waiting for my Rift S to arrive before I have a go - been flying BoX/GB with my Rift for a couple of years and it's just awesome and I'm looking forward to the increased resolution for fighting on the ground (got a new RTX2060 to help). My favourite tank game in the past was Armored Fist 2, with my 3Dfx card, it was just so tense and exciting and I would never have imagined that one day I would be able to fight in a virtual tank as is possible with Tank Battles in VR. I just reminded myself of the issues that the devs went through with BoS and all the complaints and hate and I think that it may take a while, but we will eventually have our awesome tank sim, just like we eventually got our awesome flight sim - and then some.
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