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  1. Apparently developers submit their game to Nvidia who then train their supercomputer to beable to use AI to upscale the game. And from there it's apparently quite easy to implement on the Developers side. Source: I have no idea if this is true or not. But DLSS is an incredible feature. And it would be nice to see IL2 on the list of compatible games, particularly for better performance in VR etc.
  2. I'm curious about the VR integration. Will this be similar to the VR integration in Tank crew? or will the experience be tweaked somewhat? I imagine it's a tricky egg to crack In my opinion sitting in the tank was great, but as with the gunner position in planes, the different bindings to control the gun and a separate binding to nestle to the sights is unnecessary in VR. Also when nestled the view control is taken away from the VR players control. And this is just asking for VR sickness. With the mobile flak, It'll be nice to have turret control in the open air but yeah, I just hope the targeting works intuitively for VR users.
  3. Awesome, I was hoping so, it just didn't mention that specifically in the description.
  4. Very exciting! Are they going to be multi-crewable? As in, one player can drive, and you open up the gun position for another player to hop into?
  5. Il2 Great battles takes a while to load into missions and on the desktop this isn't a big deal, you have a lovely 2d pictures to look at. But in VR (running Rift S via Open Composite) there is only blackness until the game loads. I think it would be quite cool to have a series of splash screens made for VR, particularly if they were stereoscopic. I know there are actually quite a few stereoscopic photos from ww2, I don't know how many were aircraft related. But I'm sure there would be some. But even if that weren't possible, simply having some nice 360 stereoscopic screenshots from Il2 to look at would be nice to look at while we're waiting. Obviously, not a big deal or anything, just wanted to mention it while I was thinking about it.
  6. @Jaegermeister Thanks for looking into it! I'm loving the missions by the way!
  7. I only play in VR, so I can't say what the Monitor version of the game is like. I also know that playing in vr makes spotting harder due to the resolution and screendoor effect. I am not going to complain however, as I take this as a growing pain in the technology of VR and as the headset resolution increases, this problem will disappear. My choice of VR is due to the increased immersion, and as such, I want all opportunity to seek realism, even at the cost of easy fun. However, I do find the "alternate visibility" option to be a mixed blessing. On one hand, I see the enemy from much further off. But on the other hand, judging distance based on size becomes impossible. So yeah, my opinion shouldn't hold much weight as i'm knowingly crippling my ability to spot by using VR only. But even with terrible spotting ability, I still enjoy the game immensely.
  8. I've noticed in the Lightning Strikes campaign that I'm half way though the missions are playing a bit weird since this update came out. The flight leader seems to slow down a lot on route to the mission. I have to throttle back to 20% throttle so I don't overshoot. Then when I did the next mission where I was flight leader, the rest of my flight turned back to base before we arrived at the target. I'm curious if its the update which has destabilized these missions...
  9. Interesting! Sounds like its worth checking out at least. thanks!
  10. I can't seem to find your COOP operation Oyster mission @Ala13_UnopaUno_VR Could you post a link please?
  11. just to confirm, in Vorpx you don't get stereoscopic vision in il2 1946 right?
  12. But, this is a discussion forum, where people discuss the announcement of this new game! This is precisely where this stuff needs to be discussed, as it's a finger on the pulse of the community which will be supporting it. Also, the overwhelming majority of comments I've read about future VR implementation have been positive. I might be able to explain a bit better how I feel about it. The game looks great, and I'm hoping it will be a success. But if I buy it on release day it would only be on the *hope* of future VR support. As much as I wish i was made of money, I can't do that. As the simple fact is, that I won't be playing the game if it's not in VR. This is not entitled, or whining, this is just my only interest and my only incentive to play. I can understand that it might be frustrating to hear as it sounds like multiple people are "blackmailing" the devs to include VR before they hand over their money. But i see it from the other perspective. A loyal niche, within a niche of gaming who are excited for more content to play! They can't wait, and they want to mention it in the discussion forum. It would be a colossal shame if the game wasn't as financially successful as anticipated, and therefore wasn't able to fund the addition of the VR integration, but if that's the case, then it won't be the fault of the VR players. Anyway, I hope that clears up my reasoning for posting about VR support, and I hope you can see that it comes from a positive place.
  13. a year or two ago, they mentioned that VR was going to be worked on after 5.0 was released. At the time they mentioned needing 4-6 months to implement. I'm curious to know whether this means clickable cockpits... Either way, It's an exciting release, but I will be waiting for the VR implementation before I purchase, as much as I want to support them, VR is the only way I want to fly.
  14. Perhaps it's different with the rift, oculus implemented ASW 2.0 which has much less visible artifacting. I don't really know how the other motion smoothing solutions compare.
  15. I guess it depends on what makes you feel worse. Choppy framerates can cause vr motionsickness in some people. The ASW 2.0 is much better than the original ASW, and better still than ATW. Since the latest update for IL2 I haven't noticed many visual artifacts when using ASW
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