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    PC Audiophile, Flight / Space/Race SIM lover ! Waiting for 3 dof montion platform, Pimax 8k backer.

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  1. Guys, I bought SRS "Double-the-fan" Power Wind Package for race sims, but I also figured out that it's nice addition when flying in IL 2 BoS VR with opened canopy Ofcourse we don't have telemetry exposure so for now only joy2key helps me when opening cabin. race sims software auto recognizes the car/track max speed and changes the fan rpm accordingly (@ every 1 MPH or KPH, not in intervals). right now only 1 flight sims is fully supported - Xplane 11 my short vid here: (~1.30 IL 2 box)
  2. As there is no telemetry exposure in IL2 I’m wonder is somebody here using a montion platform with simtools joy plugin ? https://www.xsimulator.net/community/threads/joystick-plugin.6160/ If so , how is this working ?
  3. It fixes scale issues in ED, when you lower your Vive IPD setting below your real IPD. I dont have ViVe PRO (yet) to check this with IL 2. this guy didnt know that he must set Vive IPD below his real IPD, lenses from gear vr have different focus than frensel
  4. sorry I made mistake, refering to barrel distortion fix which is different for Vive and PRo , you have right. "I do however notice some barrel distortion. Ironically, not nearly as bad as I see in the GearVR. The pre-lens distortion parameters, which are stored in a json file, need to be adjusted to account for the different lens shape. slikk66 has posted a fix with instructions here to account for the barrel distortion. There are separate versions for the Vive Pro, try ProV12 or ProV14. This is a work in progress.
  5. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2837804 downolad zip , print v3.2 adapter only ( and read txt file)
  6. just print them in xero point - in my country 3d printer services are in every city.
  7. just watch this 2 videos :
  8. TWHYata_PL

    DISCORD kanał głosowy

    a na jakich serwerach gracie ? ja lubie normal ze wzgeldu na slaby spotting w goglach
  9. You sholud do it , it will fix probalby problem with your scale. It works for me, and difference is quite suprising. https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/426855-Vive-Lens-mod-Scale-IPD
  10. have you did lens mod ? I noiced that scale is a bit different with this mod ..
  11. TWHYata_PL

    Vive Pro

    So, lens mod is working here perfectly, there is still a bit barell distortion but noticable only in start menu and maps at IL2. The best impression I had in ED. Superb sharp picture!
  12. TWHYata_PL

    Vive Pro

    Can you explain this ? Vive and Vive Pro have the same lenses
  13. TWHYata_PL

    Vive Pro

    I will , just send STL files to my friend with 3D printer, I'm wearing glasses so I need to experiment more with adapters
  14. TWHYata_PL

    Vive Pro

    Guys , gives your Vive or Vive Pro some love doing this mod