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  1. why do you assume that I have Odyssey+ ? I can ask you the same question and yes I can read all instrument as well ( even small text at giro in spit mk9 ) and I have very sharp distance view + wide fov+ huge sweetspot
  2. I newer tried Smart Soothing with IL 2. Simply 72 hz is good enough for me. ( RTX 2080 TI)
  3. @lefuneste I have question , today updated your migoto tool to ver. 10.6.2 but noticed that in old user.var.initialization.ini we had possibility to raise saturation for all colours by simply one changes " ; Color Fix ;---------------- ............. ; default value for saturation (typically -1 to 1, but can be higher or lower...) x1 = 0.0 ; x1 = 0.5 " i dont see this lines in version 10.6.2 in user var initialziation.ini but I desperately need that back for my Pimax 5k How to raised saturation in new version ? Edit: I think I found possibility to change saturation at this line: data = R32_FLOAT +0.07 +1.00 +0.25 +0.00 +1.0 +0.25 +0.07 +1.00 +0.25 +0.10 +1.00 +0.50 ; ^Cockpit 1 ^|^External 1 ^|^Cockpit 2 ^|^External 2 ^ ; Add Mul Sat Add Mul Sat Add Mul Sat Add Mul Sat ; New color.RGB = oldColor.RGB*(Mul,Mul,Mul) + RGB(Add,Add, Add) + Sat.RGB
  4. Have you tryed new features seperatly ? or you just turn everything on ? During my test e.g 72 hz mode without FFR and Smart Smoothing and was the best , quality & stable 72 fps, munch better than 90 hz
  5. Are you sure it was turned on ? It hangs IL 2 in a second in my system..
  6. New features ! https://forum.pimaxvr.com/t/pimax-official-1-0-1-103-beta-test-release-for-brainwarp-1-0/14256/91 I have Asus Strix RTX 2080 ti right now and I tested alredy fixed fovated rendering and it dosnt work with IL 2 in this beta. ( It works OK with other sims like PC 2 , AC, ED) But Guys, lets forget about it, and lets forget about montion smoothness becouse they give us 64hz and 72 hz mode and this 72 hz mode is fantastic - I have stable 72 fps on every map with pitool 1.25, SS 60 % , medium textures, 100 km view no shadows ( or low dont remember) So I'm playing on the same resolutions like before update but somehow sharpness/clarity and rendering engines is even better ( faster) after this update even without fixed FR ! I was flying Today 2 hours , only for views. Amazing how they progress ! this is definitely the best hmd currently on the market. Samsung go fish..
  7. @I./JG68_Sperber I tryed your ZOOM settings but something is still off in my system. Can you send me your file ? Have you set somewhere IPD value ?
  8. Today I added additional velcro layer between hmd and my htc 6mm vr cover facepad replacement , just aded like 5 mm and this almost eliminated distortions, they moved to far periphery of my vision. So i can confirm , its works ! Thanks
  9. @chiliwili69 how munch this 18 mm is shrinking when you press hmd to you face ?
  10. I have 2 "lighthouses" but sometimes logging only 1 and tracking is still good for sim games.
  11. C0ngratulations ! 1 ) First of all you need to mark "Parallel Projection" in Pitool to play IL 2 and most simulators https://forum.pimaxvr.com/t/pitool-setting-suggestions/9312?u=ludx 2) Bookmark this page https://forum.pimaxvr.com/t/these-are-common-issues-i-have-had-5k-and-ways-to-fix-them/11522 & follow istructions in case of any problems with Pimax. 3 ) Are you backer or you got preorder unit ? your signature says that you are in preorder pool?! Have you recived any accessories like frame for corrective glasses & other stuff ?
  12. I have OG Vive with Gear Vr Mod and Pimax 5k+ ,both pair of lenses are good but in clarity Gear Vr plain lenses are unbeatable. Additional benefits: 2x sweet spot and almost 0 godrays. Anyway my Vive is retired now and Pimax won in all others categories..
  13. I'm recommending settings: PiTool render 1.5 , steam vr SS 30 % in game medium textures , distance view 70 km, sharp filter , AA 2x, medium clouds, low shadow... got pretty nice visuals and fps between 80~70 ( depends of map)
  14. 3.009 "17. It is now possible to lean to the gunsight closer than before on all aircraft;" Well I never dive correctly in your mod settings. My IPD is 66.4 what should I change in this x , y parameters ? In which ini file I can play with saturation and colors settings ? thanks for your help in advance Edit: Modified colors and saturations, its very close to natural, this mod really helped me and immersion bumped up !! . I'm going to like my Pimax more and more .Thank you @lefuneste