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    PC Audiophile, Flight / Space/Race SIM lover ! Waiting for 3 dof montion platform, Pimax 8k backer.

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  1. Just found out that when in game volume is to loud than all what you can achive is very close to constant rumble. The most noticable differences I achived when in game sound is between 16~25% of the scale. RPMs & guns difference is very intense now.
  2. Pimax 5+ with large FoV mode is all what you guys needs.
  3. steam vr as well mirroring sound..
  4. TWHYata_PL

    Steam Awards - Best VR Game of the Year

    voted „the best vr....” but this is in advance becouse VR for many of us is not only what you can see , but also what you can feel. Without telemetry exposure I feel nothing in your sim. No G forces, no tactical vibrations and finally no wind simluations .Cheers
  5. TWHYata_PL

    -DED- Server's. From Russia with Love ;)

    is there somewhere players server stats or ranking on this serwer ?
  6. TWHYata_PL

    Samsung Odyssey +

    @moosya , from other forum found this „ Some people say to put the headband all the way down the back of the head. This is wrong. You get bottom light leakage, and the headset is angled wrong, so the controller tracking is bad.The people who say wear it like a crown are correct. You have to put the headset on face first, and once it’s flush to your face, you tighten it where it is. The ONLY way I was able to do this without scratching the lenses with my glasses was to add my 6mm VRCover Vive facepad on top of the Odyssey+ facepad.With the pad, the headset doesn’t hurt my forehead. The headphones barely make it down to my ears though.” Have you tyied wearing O+ like a crown ? do you have 6mm vr cover ?
  7. TWHYata_PL

    Samsung Odyssey +

    have you tryied lower you IPD in HMD ? scale issue with gear vr mod is common but lovering IPD helps , for isntance if your IPD is 67 get it at 63,5. Cheers.
  8. TWHYata_PL

    Atum sale payment issue !

    the same problem found here EDIT solved with Xsolla customer support
  9. TWHYata_PL


    Edit : solved with customer service
  10. anyone else have problem with payment (web, not steam)? Its looks like veryfication is missed /corrupted and reciving error. No problem with other games using PayPal.
  11. Tryied today buy BoM but after "cart" I was redirected to this page: https://secure.xsolla.com/paystation3/desktop/list/?access_token=rupnndUS4kPUstchKZgBzrhc8VQesfu8&sessional=eyJoaXN0b3J5IjpbWyJzdWJzY3JpcHRpb25jaGFuZ2UiXSxbInNhdmVkbWV0aG9kIl0sWyJsaXN0Iix0cnVlXV19 and my PayPal payement was rejected with info" 1092: Your payment was declined for security reasons. Please try again using a bank/prepaid card for additional verification of your account. Otherwise, contact our customer support for further assistance. It's looks very shaddy . Have you guys changed something in payment methods? I never had this problem before ( aleray bought BoS,Kuban, Bodentplatte and coolector planes in this way)
  12. TWHYata_PL

    Introducing the VPC MongoosT-50 Throttle

    Thanks , will try today.
  13. TWHYata_PL

    Introducing the VPC MongoosT-50 Throttle

    sorry can someone explain to me how to make throttle mode selector (1~5) to work with IL 2 ? Do I need an additional software for that?
  14. TWHYata_PL

    my gametrix problem

    I recived finally respond after one week ( probalby becous i wrote about it at their Facebook page) from Gametrix/Forcefeel support. I guess there is only one guy . Anyway I recived permission to open gametrix and check wires, one of them was broken. Fixed It but becouse everythink was glued inside my foam now is partially destroyed. @56RAF_Talisman you presumed a bit wrong but thanks anyway. I'm quite advanced sim user ( flight /racing/space sim) and gametrix software is not a problem for me.
  15. My gametrix kw 908 is daying slowly and support do not respond my request , I have it 10 months and there is connection problem with cables inside seat, not all vib. motors rumble 😕 Already sent them 2 mails over site and additional 2 directly at support email , no answer at all ! Any idea what should I do in this case ? https://www.gametrix.eu/products/gametrix-kw-908-jetseat-turbojet