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    PC Audiophile, Flight / Space/Race SIM lover ! Waiting for 3 dof montion platform, Pimax 8k backer.

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  1. Hello Devs - I have tried many times update my game client to 4.003 but its stuck during download. I have no problem with net ( UPC 300mbit via cable)
  2. YES We have flickering when loading MP map. Meybe becouse of not compatybile 3D Migoto mod ?
  3. can anyone explain me how to correct Pimax 5k zoom settings ? as I see double image when zooming in ver 14 or 14.1, @lefuneste you have Pimax on board, can you expain me how you did double vision correction in new vers. of your mod ? or send me please your setting file. Thank you
  4. Game crashing with Dx error since 3.201 in VR - MP servers. QM is fine but there I have stable 72hz ( Pimax 5k) and in MP I have sometimes low fps . Anyway unplayable in MP , too many crashes...
  5. Tried with 3.102 launcher fix , copied both files but still no luck with launcher - checking update -> failed to updates ! Devs please fix it. @Sneaksie
  6. AOC U3277PWQU 32inch best value to money IMHO
  7. Not sure if this is related with topic but I dont see gyro marks in gunsight in VR flying Tempest.
  8. In VR I don't see Tempest cross mark in gunsight Anybody else ?
  9. Hello I was VR beta tester, my old account or password is not working after update to 3.201 Please help me login to game. Already changed password but still no luck with login My bad - tried login to to beta installation.
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