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  1. How is that possible ! Are you sure wide fov was turned on ? What map ? What version of Pitool have you reached this fps numbers ? FFR was on or off ?
  2. CPU utilization in Il 2 is a problem for every headset on the market.
  3. I tried both in Berlin and 5k+ wins in terms of picture clarity and percived resolutions. 8k have better SDE.
  4. Looks great , with rgb pixel pattern and direct rendering inside hmd.
  5. its working since beta .129. Now we have stable version .132
  6. Have you installed latest beta Pitool .129 ? , there is an option to use this device based gyro ( without base stations) but you will have only headtracking BTW: It is wise to write on Pimax forum than here if you have tech. problems
  7. I'm sorry but you want gain in frames thanks to FFR if you maintain 72 fps everywhere and run 72 hz mode ?:)
  8. It helps in some terrain situation like Kuban map near cities. Not munch 6~9 fps more depends of alt. Tested with high textures and AAx2 ,distance view 70km , no shadows For instance in Elite this difference is munch more noticable, + ~20 fps or so. check this video but this red circles marked by Sweviver is not adequate in my opinion. Conservative mode pixel degradation is almost not visible.
  9. I'm rendering 3760x3120 per eye with my Pimax 5k in IL 2 ( Strix RTX 2080TI) BTW: "Fear is the path to the dark side...."
  10. Tried yesterday Kuban map, Pitool 1.25 and SteamVR app SS 60 % , 72 hz mode with FFR conservative. It's working stable, no single crash and Q is nice but still CPU ( 8700k 4.9 OC) is a botteneck in IL 2 becouse game engine don't use multicore. FFR helps in some some situations but near ground close to buildings I had dips 70~60 fps or even less in MP dogfight at this map which is very resourcefull in VR
  11. I have matched this axis in my 2 dof ( front 100mm acu)
  12. Hello @all Just leting you know that simtool IL 2 plugin is working even with simple 2 Dof platform , 2:01 - IL 2 gameplay
  13. Simtools plugin is working with my 2 Dof montion platform but I have one issue - my Gametrix Jeat Seat - Wings software is using different port Plugin developer prepared it for 4321 and looks I cant have both ports opened and runing my devices at the same time. [KEY = motiondevice] addr = "" decimation = 2 enable = true port = 4321 [END] "Wings" software form Andre use this port: 29373 @Andre can you help here ?
  14. So what are your pitool settings, are you using SM ? and what fps you achiving at Kuban map and Stalingrad ? I have Strix RTX 2080TI OC / i7 8700k OC and playing at medium settings with AA off, distance render 70km, sharpness filter, pitool 1.25, 72 hz mode , FFR off , SM off , Steam VR 60 %, and achiving mostly stable 72 fps in Single player , sometimes at Kuban forest my fps dips to 62 when flying at low alt.
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