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  1. Got a week to try and beat it, but I doubt that score will be beat, Lol the kom strava of flight sims (only a cyclist will get that). I think for next months and there after we will go for planes destroyed as the score, it's a crown to aim for (pun intended) and a world record attempt that would be hard to beat would be something to see, although I think 34 planes in under an hour has to be max concentration with no harassment from a Troll lol.
  2. I did a test today on the Sopwith Camel wing failure and have to say in both videos it held up well. In the G force test I dived from 2,000 ft and pulled up as I would normally in a dog fight and the wings remained intact, at the end of the video I pulled sharply on the climb and no surprise the wings came off under the strain which I would expect no less. The other video shows the amount of damage the struts took before failure, I deliberately aimed for the struts (you will have to forgive my poor marksmanship) and I have to say in the end it seemed the wing skin was the cause of collapse after taking some stick.
  3. Just to point out what the devs said with update 06 56. All Flying Circus airplanes: hitting at the central section of the top wing now also leads to breaking the top wing (its left or right part);57. The geometry of wing spars of all Flying Circus airplanes has been checked and brought into strict compliance with known sources. In general, now it requires much more bullet hits to break the wings of World War I aircraft; But clearly this is not what most are finding.
  4. What of those that do and the wings still fall off, despite the knowledge of knowing they shouldn't?
  5. if you fly the camel regular that is your max revs 1250, if you push your engine to 1400 for to long she will pop, and in a dive you blip the engine to cut her completely or it's flame out, so any knowing Camel jockey will keep the revs at 1200-1250 anyway straight and level.
  6. I agree the DR1 is a nightmare to fly, the gyro effect is well over the top, and if you use a warthog stick it becomes a arm wrestling match trying to keep it level, with 50-60% forward stick pressure. If you came from ROF it's a slap in the face compared to that DR1 FM, while the Camel has no such vices despite it being rotary as well. I flew the DR1 in ROF for many years and had great success in it, but I wont fly the FC version it just at the moment takes up space in the game. The devs really need to look at the DR1 FM, it is I would imagine the least used plane in the whole of FC and you very rarely come across a human player using it, yes I know some use it but as I said very few are willing to put up with it's vices, after all it's supposed to be fun after work, not an extra workload resulting in loads of frustrating stick wrestling.
  7. On Troll server tonight, we had at one time 8 pilots in, so looking good. My score for the AotM, 3 of my deaths were wing folds with no hits on them, don't like the new DM update, Camel wings to fragile.
  8. I noticed tonight on MP the camels wings broke real easy, more so than last update possibly my imagination or over stressing her without noticing, but 3 deaths out of the 6 were wing breaks through G force, and not particularly high G's, no hits on them. Anyone else noticed a difference or are we just looking for a fault that isn't there? If the devs turn round and say "we did nothing to the Camel" I'm fine with that and mind put at ease.
  9. Last date for this months scores Friday the 29th May
  10. Possibly already mentioned, bullet strikes on the target sounds like you have been hit from behind and causes you to disengage, once used to it you are not sure if you are being hunted or it's you hitting the target.
  11. I think if you cock your landing up you lose points, also their is nothing wrong with shooting a high scorer down in the server to protect your score, all tactical, I suppose they have a right to be pissed off tho' if your on the same side
  12. yea as many deaths as you like highest score, Banzai is going to be hard to beat. But post your best score as there will be a 2nd and 3rd duelist medal.
  13. Highest score of the month Esk and if you do better before the month ends delete your post and post the better score, it's all fun buddy, even if it's not the highest score it will win a medal 1st 2nd and 3rd.
  14. I've also said in the ST ace of the month comp' post that you can use either the zoo server or the trolls server depending whats up on any given day. Nice one zoo, I'll just map them on my throttle box save taxing my already confused troll head
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