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  1. Hi Trolls, can all trolls register with flugparks please, as this will get our squad on the list of squads, I have registered our squad with them but we need 4 members of the squad registered for it to show in the list, even if you don't fly regular on flugs at least the squad name will be in the list maintaining our high standard of pilots, the wife said that's not how you spell pillicks :)
  2. More like the angels don't want me loose on the internet causing havoc, so they whispered in the devs ears
  3. Cheating killing machine I think this is probably the most logical theory. better than my theory which is they couldn't fix the mess they had made to the DM in previous patches, so they twiddled on the quiet to see if anyone would notice then go SLAP, ha in your face, we fixed it and you are still moaning, but the yts kid went home early and forgot to switch the Camel wings fall off switch on, after that it all went tits up The other theory is Nooney's been banging on about the crap DM for near on 2 years, and because they value my opinion, and I am so highly thought of by 1c-777 t
  4. Well whatever they done to the DM it is actually usable at the moment. Strange how it's took nearly 2 years to fix the thing, then all of a sudden they cock it up for WW2 boys and sort it in hours. just shows you where the money comes from.
  5. You'll note I left saying "the DM is fine now on the camel, leave it as it is" lol.
  6. Yep no one noticed in testing, cough cough, that they couldn't shoot any planes down, pmsl.
  7. It seems it's gone from one extreme to the other now lol, but its fine they will fix it after they have brought out the latest sale item lol.
  8. No game is perfect, but at least they acknowledge there is a problem not try to bully you into shutting up because they wont fix it, and are scared they will lose money so they remove all post regarding the none existent DM. but if your willing to put more of your cash into it good on ya go for it. I don't know how long you have been flying FC, but it's not just happened in this update, the DM has been cocked up for near on 2 years now or didn't you notice it looking at the pretty pictures lol?
  9. Lol just waiting for the usual IL-2 mafia message to come through, I'm hoping they offer me my money back for what I spent over the years lol.
  10. I've jacked the game in, had enough, they block you if you even dare say DM lol saddo's. The game is so broken now it's ridiculous, I emptied a full mag into pfalz last night and it just flew off, then along comes a DR1 and 2 shots and my wings come off on the Camel, then they come out with the usual shite no it's fine keep buying sucker. I'm going back to DCS and maybe one day return to this when the real flyers and not the dev arse kissers tell me it's fixed. Sounds like a rant this but it's not just had enough of 1c-777 bully boy tactics telling me black is white and if I don't a
  11. Well chaps I've decided I've had enough of IL-2 the devs, and the bollocks they spout, I'm staying grounded for the foreseeable future and moving back to DCS. Fed up with 1c-777 and their bully boy tactics, if you dare to complain about the broken crap they are producing they send you emails, messages and block you lol, that aint no way to run a railroad. I'm not as bothered as this post might sound, there are plenty of other sims out there to choose from just fed up with the bullshit from the devs telling me to shut up over the DM and when I wont they try to brow beat you int
  12. Lol try telling that to the devs. I just been blocked on IL-2 FB page for daring to complain about the shity DM again, 1c-777 studios are the biggest bullies on the planet, if you don't bend down and kiss their arses they block you, sad bastards lol.
  13. Happy anniversary to all Trolls, 11 years ago this month the squad was formed.
  14. All the old timers in homes now :)
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