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  1. Lol I been busy building a new rifle (Anschutz).
  2. Agents put another map up, bit by bit we are getting there
  3. Sorry for delay chaps but here is August AotM Congrats ST_Zilch (Zoo did shit didn't he? )
  4. Been in tonight it's crap the wings on the Camel stay on, that's when Wanderfalke is not knocking them off like a crazy Dutchman on weed All good Redneck xx
  5. I would not fly anything I had built Marc, great vid buddy.
  6. Your just as bad "I'll let you wind Noone up for a bit"
  7. Catchov never sees anything coming to busy staring at his crotch.
  8. We do go in flug now and then, but we prefer fast food. We are not out to show the world we are as you say "that good", we are out to enjoy ourselves and have fun, just as flug flyers prefer no icons, that's humans hey, so fickle on what they like, and not what others want them to like. We fly in the Zoo server because 1) it's a great server. 2.) We are all good friends in there. and 3.) We have a good laugh as ripping each other apart and no bitching. And if Flug flyers are so good why don't the fly in the Zoo server the comp' is open to everyone, I did use to see some of them in the snowy alps map, but they moved on when being shot down a few times.
  9. Bit of a fly in the ointment there for a ST whitewash.
  10. Lol but you know I'm an arsehole :) ST's and NFF pilots are as similar as Marilyn Monroe and Susan Boyle (ST's being Susan)
  11. Nearly forgot this My score for July AoftM 39, should have been more but others harassing me and in the last 5 mins couldn't take off due to one of Mal's bomb craters lol. yes I'm a stat whore.
  12. No I just use the virpil drivers and map as normal in FC. Like zoo said I wouldn't touch the warthog stick it's awful build quality will fail within 3 months from my experience, plus the spring is so heavy you won't need the gym for a while, I replaced the spring for a lighter one but the stick (base) was just poor quality I gave up on it.
  13. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/35263-virpil-mongoose-t50cm-dimensions-wanted/ http://www.havoc-company.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=1386 https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/62377-virpil-mongoose-t50-flight-stick-diy-mount/?tab=comments#comment-954151 There ya go buddy all there to check, great stick by the way :)
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