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  1. Was hoping you would compare the PiMax 5K with the Reberb. I've heard a lot of good things about the Reverb especially from flight / racing simmers.
  2. Thanks for clearing that up. If I move from my i7 6700k @ 4.2 Ghz to i9 9900k will I be able to run at a steady 80fps in Rift S with my 2080ti? My i7 6700k is a dud in terms of OC. Also isn't the i9 9900k @ 5.0 Ghz?
  3. My 2080ti ran out the room in terror. Looks like the new system killer.
  4. I'm using an i7 6700K that won't overclock much. My GPU is a 2080ti on the Rift-S Would moving to an i9 9900k give me steady 80 fps? In this spreadsheet, I notice one guy, Virus* goes from 57fps to 87fps when he changes from 16GB to 32 GB of ram. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gJmnz_nVxI6_dG_UYNCCpZVK2-f8NBy-y1gia77Hu_k/edit#gid=46936995
  5. I also have a 2080ti. But I have a i7 6700K. Using the Rift-S I can't get it to run without ASW. When I look at the performance seem that CPU is a huge bottleneck. The CPU is taking 13 to 18 ms to render each frame. The GPU is taking less than 1 ms. Are you able to get above 80 fps? Also, why is this game so CPU intenstive. What is it doing?
  6. I bought some standard headphones. The sound is really great but it's been a bit of a pain. I'm considering getting these.... https://www.amazon.com/Bionik-BNK-9007-Mantis-Headphone-Playstation/dp/B0735X5M4X $34
  7. I love SweViver but he sometimes jumps to conclusions and makes these outrageous claims. You really need to test your claims and have others verify them on their systems. Is he exclusively a piMax pitchman now?
  8. Averages are meaningless. I was excited to work for this Investment bank when I heard the average salary was $300K. But that average is totally distorted by the fact that some people are making millions. Moreover, a lot of VR owners are older and have families and jobs. Some just play on the weekend if they can. I know a lot of sim gamers just play on the weekends when the wife is not around and they don't have to drive the kids to soccer practice. I think screwing over customers who supported you with cv1 is not worth the $50 the IPD adjust would have added to the cost. It's still a pretty good headset overall and I'm really enjoying the visuals in IL-2.
  9. I agree but I don't see why they couldn't grow the market with the Quest and still sell and Rift-S with IPD and earphones. But cost cutting on the Rift-S some with out of range IPDs may get a negative impression of VR after getting headaches. That's not good for the market. The Index sold out so there is a strong market for premium VR headsets.
  10. Sorry, when I said "HD" I meant Full HD. I think most people now just say HD to refer to 1920x1080. So the Rift-S pixels are 1.8M and Full HD is 2M pixels. So the Rift-S is closer to Full HD. So it's fair to say that moving to the Rift-S feels like a move to Full HD from something below that. And the added subpixels make it more like a 100% increase in pixels. Your chart doesn't count the subpixels. I agree with you that Oculus messed up by not giving us what they already had in the Rift, the IPD and headphones. They already manufactured millions of those. But regardless it's a very noticeable boost in image quality no matter how we quantify it.
  11. https://developer.oculus.com/blog/asw-and-passthrough-with-nvidia-optical-flow/
  12. So the Rift went from sub HD to essentially 1080p with the Rift-S. That's why it looks like such a big improvement. Previously, we were looking at sub HD resolution up close. Also the Rift-S image has a bit of supersampling so it's like a cleaned up 1080p image. A lot of us where disappointed by the specs but the image is impressive. I'm still disappointed by the lack of IPD adjustment and ear phones. That would make it perfect. I would cancel my Index preorder if that were the case.
  13. If you had to buy right now, I would say buy the Rift-S no doubt. But I would recommend waiting for the Index and its reviews. The Rift-S is a great upgrade visually. I'm blown away by how clear things are now. Small planes flying low over forest are now much easier to see. It's a huge difference. I plan to also get the Index so I didn't wait. But I suspect the index will be better. I don't bother with the HP Reverb because it has no IPD adjustment and that's the biggest weakness of the Rift-S for me and my high IPD.
  14. I have to say that I'm blown away by how much better IL-2 looks in the Rift-S. I don't have to apply supersampling anymore. Sadly my i7 6700K can't get me to a stable 80fps no matte what. So, I just cranked everything up and I'm getting a stable 40 fps since my 2080ti is doing the work. But ASW 2.0 is a nice improvement. I'm not getting as much double vision with moving planes. It's not all gone but it definitely looks improved. Also, they're going to update ASW 2.0 with some Nvvidia tech magic to make ASW even better in a June update.
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