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  1. I noticed the same when I first started with Il-2. Try using Sharpen in the Graphics settings. Makes a big difference for me.
  2. Yes, I've often wondered the same. Beautiful artwork! Would be great to enjoy for private use (wallpapers, image in personal notes about flying an aircraft).
  3. Great system, thanks Pat! My friend and I just had a co-op mission where he collided with an A-20B just across the Soviet front-line. I landed to try to help pick him up (narratively), but pranged my propeller. We were both just a few km behind the front line and wondered if it meant we were both automatically captured. Seeing our pilots as Active after the mission was welcome but puzzling. Awesome to know this situation is anticipated and there's a reasonable chance for evasion and escape if close to the front lines.
  4. Overall, the 190 is DESIGNED for high speeds in a way the 109 wasn’t. While the 109 can reach similar speeds in a straight line, the 190 is far more maneuverable in the outer half of the envelope. Far more capable of pitching and rolling above 300-400 kph. In this sense, it’s like the Mustang: a “2nd generation” WWII fighter designed around 1500hp+ power and optimized for the resulting high speeds. Maneuverability at speed is the key to the 190. Makes it much easier to score hits while maintaining high speeds (“boom”) without needing to anchor. As a 190 pilot, I’m generally Zen and "smooth jazz" in my flying. Smooth and no sudden movements. Yet once I enter a dogfight, in the back of my mind I always need to be ready for a sudden violent defensive Split-S. Can’t get TOO lulled into the graceful ballerina mentality with the 190. Knowing you have that "card" to play if surprised is key to long-term survival. The other note is that the A-3 is surprisingly agile when you choose to anchor. Most of my historical knowledge of the 190 came from the later (and heavier) A-8 model that the Americans were facing in 1944+. Flying the earliest Fw 190 in the game circa Dec 1942 has been an eye opener. It has a surprising rate of turn, very competitive for the first 90-180 degrees of turn. I still wouldn't recommend getting into a sustained turn fight with a Yak-1 (or Yak-1B!), but the A-3 can roar in at high speeds, then anchor and turn surprisingly well to get off a devastating raking shot. Don't be too afraid to turn-and-burn as long as you keep it to <1 circle.
  5. I've flown through a number of the scripted campaigns and really enjoyed them. I have two friends who I'm bringing into IL-2, and we're getting excellent results from Pat Wilson's Co-op Campaign Generator. However, after 20-25 missions, we're getting the same mission types and general flight patterns over-and-over. This is entirely realistic, and it's a credit to Pat that there's as much variety as there is among the randomly generated mission. Yet nothing can compare with the kind of carefully hand-crafted missions I've flown in Ten Days in Autumn or Fortress on the Volga. My question: Is it possible to modify scripted campaign missions to make them Co-op? I assume that would require my friends buying the campaigns, which is totally fine. But if we all have license keys for the content, can I convert the individual mission to a Co-op Multiplayer and fly them together?
  6. Thanks YoYo. Glad to see it confirmed by others. It's one of the most striking differences between DCS and IL-2 when flying, as I like to switch back and forth from internal to external views pretty regularly.
  7. Oh I agree it isn't a big deal. But when cycling outside view then back into the cockpit frequently, it gets annoying. Was hoping there was a config setting or mod that could address the issue. Perhaps the devs monitor some of these threads and can add it to the future roadmap.
  8. Great! Thanks Pat. Traveling this week, will test it out this weekend.
  9. I'm the OP, HTC Vive Pro running SteamVR here. Glad to hear it happens to others, but sounds like nobody knows how to avoid it?
  10. Yes indeed! Thanks Pat! My team (three of us) are eagerly looking forward to these changes.
  11. That makes sense. I know the 190 had a tendency to flip over on takeoff if the pilot didn't keep the tailwheel down, was wondering if they'd built it more strongly as a rollbar for pilot protection in that case. But perhaps it's just driven by the thickness of the glass plate.
  12. OK thanks for the response Patrick! Again, great program, and we'll look forward to the ability to remove pilots in the future.
  13. First of all, many thanks for creating the PWCG Co-op campaign generator. I've been playing IL-2 SP for 6-8 months, but the Co-op campaign has been the key to get several friends to jump in and begin playing IL-2. Without PWCG, the learning curve would have been too steep. But flying together, I've been able to help them learn how to fly and fight together. However, that learning curve has come at a price :). II./JG 52 now has a squadron roster full of wounded (co-op-linked) pilots. There are ~10 pilots on the roster, but only 3 are AI, 1 is my pilot, and the rest are linked with my friends (all wounded). Just tonight, I learned that I can add additional pilots to a mission, and I'd like to add some more AI pilots to fly with us to help strengthen our numbers in the air. I've searched the forum and seen that we can't remove co-op linked pilots yet from a roster. If I add additional pilots via "Create Pilot", can I set them as AI rather than linked to a human pilot? Then we could bulk out the roster a bit and have some more AI pilots to join us on missions?
  14. Coming to IL-2 from many hours playing in DCS, and there's a strange effect when switching back to internal cockpit. In DCS, you can jump out to external view, then snap back to internal cockpit right where you left off. In IL-2 (which I love BTW), there's a second or two of "floating" on returning to the cockpit, as if the camera was "settling back" into your skull. It's disorienting and annoying. I notice the same floating in place when IL-2 is paused. Are there any config settings or other workarounds that can eliminate this effect?
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