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  1. Doh. If I flew less one man planes I might have noticed that. My bad
  2. Thanks. Controls not exactly intuitive. I kind of wish it were stand alone so it didnt mess with my normal bindings.
  3. My first try at Tank Crew. Jumping in the tank Im the driver. I cant seem to be able to become the commander or gunner. The keybinds appear to be saying press T. ( which does nothing )Or do I use the pilot change to another position. Eg R shift + Number. Ive tried both of these and nothing seems to work. I cant work out what Im doing wrong. Hope someone can help
  4. I havnt had a chance to play the campaign mode yet. Im not an Ironman kind of player so having that option fits me well. But of a bummer if the ironman guys cant recover.... I dont know a way past that other than constantly saving the file so you can roll back. My recommendation would be to not play ironman. If your killed stop playing. If for whatever you need to roll back Or you decide you wanna cheat and play on so what. Its your game play it how you want. The only person this matters too is you. Use your own common sense and use your own internal moral button. You dont need a computer to keep you honest . Do you?
  5. I Agree with the OP. Bug or not give people the option of playing IRONMAN. or not. Let people play their own way. We dont need a nanny.
  6. Ive been all through the profile section several times. I cant find anywhere to change my e mail address. Hopefully someone can help me here Many thanks.
  7. Ive been away. So i dont now why Im now getting a large transparent red disc in my lower vision. Its about 5cm across moves anywhere my vision moves. Looks like a radar hud but doesnt seem to do anything. Its also there in the initial game load screen. When Im looking at aircraft at game start it onscreen then too. I cant tell is this is part of something new and I dont now how to turn it off. Or is it a bug or an artifact of my new n videa drivers. Any help much appreciated.
  8. Im looking for any groups playing in a similar timezone to myself in New Zealand. anyone know of any friendly groups to join?
  9. Thanks Unreasonable that was really helpful I hadn't activated it. I hadn't read anywhere I had too. Could have been a little clearer on their part but sorted now . All good
  10. I thought I was supposed to get a new plane with the new patch. I had over a gig of download . Im at 1.101 but I have no i16 can someone tell me where it is , or if its a bug . Front end still saying BOS not BOM.
  11. Fulgore not poor mans anything . lol. She is a beauty. I would rather have that than an IAR 80 , though thats next on my want list if we stay eastern front in the next add on... Ive never really loved the p40 but Im looking forward to giving it a go. Will be great with new summer maps.
  12. lol. Smarty What you doing over here? Shouldn't you be fighting trolls over at combat mission Unnerving to find you ... everywhere:)
  13. Its not a snow campaign again is it? I cant cope with more snow maps.
  14. Yep. its going to be BO Kuban or Kursk. Or BO Mediterranean . Kubans kind of done to death, so my money is on the other 2. with favor to the soviet side. When it comes to campaigns its going to be evolution not revolution in plane sets.
  15. Ive been away. Was there a guestimate as to a release date for BOM? Next Christmas?
  16. IAR 80 and Airocobra would make a good partnership/ twin set of add on planes. I agree. Unless they intend to go Mediterranean on the forth game. In which case they will probably do a spitfire or hurricane. So it can get ported over on 4th campaign.
  17. One of my points is that unless your flying over the city itself you could literally be anywhere. Snow , trees, anywhere. So why not somewhere with Macchi's flying. Having tight control of the date is important so we dont have LA7's turning up. But like in original IL2 using some russian water map as an alternative channel map. Sometimes you need to let yourself have a bit of flexibility. Since this is a game and its for entertainment. It could be more things to more people. Not just one thing to a bunch of rivet counters. Im enjoying the game but I am tired of the snow. Original Il2 didn't limit itself to one specific place or time. The anti Macchi squad are more concerned with rivet counting than the potential fun. I want a IAR too. Were getting a Macchi so suck it up. As for "Dogfight over the steppes" Whats wrong with that;. I dont look at the ground when Im shooting down planes. When Im playing ROF I dont look down and think " what part of France is that , This maps totally inaccurate for Passiondale. I cant play this crap" Use your imagination, you are somewhere . You can call it whatever you want in your head. It was the day your group flew in together an met the enemy. Fill in the blanks in your head. Do you really need everything written down for you . Might be nice but you dont need it to have fun and be immersed. If you have an imagination. But I guess not everyone does. Fly it your way , be open to others fling theirs .
  18. Yeah I like bacon too. I dont want it for every meal though. I like a bit of choice
  19. It looks great and I admire your work. Another white map though. At least that forested map gives a little more texture to the ground. To be honest the white ground and being unable to tell if Im looking at sky or ground in a fight is pushing me away from this game. I find Im playing it less and less and this is definitely one of the reasons for me. Todays update saying there will be summer maps gives me great hope though.
  20. Jaws. Its a game . Its not like were playing historically accurate sorties. Eg Dambusters or something. All our sorties are made up never happened in real life sorties. The maps might have names but in the game world they could be anywhere on the Russian front. The game is for entertainment. So have fun an stop getting wound up over minutiae. So it sounds like we get new Stalingrad spring/ summer maps. Im sure well be getting the Macchi and a lend lease at the same time. Then mission editor and some good community missions. Cant wait. With the unlocks gone now the community will be struggling to find something to bitch about. No sorry. Forgot which group I was talking about .lol. Im sure there'll be plenty
  21. I think I need to keep coming back to the fact ITS A GAME. So what if there arnt c202's at Stalingrad. I can get over the name of a map and fly happily thinking Im " somewhere on the eastern front 1943 or whatever" I dont need some rivet counter telling me where and when. The dogfighting is in the air not the ground. I couldn't care less about the detail on the ground and where Im supposed to be. The meeting place is the sky. A change from white would make orientation easier though . But as the Starks say . "Winter is coming"
  22. Dont understand why so many jumping to conclusion N Africa/ Malta. The poll was between Macchi and the IAR 81. Both eastern front. I expect there will be a package with one new axis and one new lend lease plane. With or without a new map. The games going to move forward in evolution.Bit by bit. Not revolution, where you need a whole new stable of planes and a new map to just get started. Once theres enough diversity of planes its easier to port it across to the Med. But thats way off.
  23. Been away a while. LAst I was here it was sounding like there was to be a Macchi C202 add on and I guessed there would probably be a lend lease add on opposite it when it hits the store. Anyone heard any more on this subject. I know from ROF planes appear for sale Im guessing its the same format?
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