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  1. Thanks man. I didnt see that bottom tab. Could maybe be a little clearer on the site Thanks for the help much appreciated.
  2. Ive just got a new computer. I cant work out where I download the actual game. I can see my account keys. I can get on the forums. But where is the actual game . Very confusing.
  3. Its supposed to be fun not drive you away in boredom. LOL. Difficult to understand gamers defending the endless circle as a tactic. Its not realistic . Its not historical , Its just a dufus AI. Not a strategy. BOB 2 and Mig Alley did it better over 15 years ago and IL2 have only just now thought to improve it now. lol. Even Rise of Flight gave a better showing than what we have in IL2
  4. Thanks.Hes not kidding when he says theres a long way to go. That turn in a circle fighting does my head in The fight programming in BOB was incredible. If we could have that in a game with IL2's fidelity it wold be awesome
  5. Ive been away a long time and on returning Im really disappointed in the enemy AI. Fighters just seem to fly in circles . I remember AI being awesome in BOB , BOB2 and MIG ALLEY ( all same developer ) and at times you couldn't tell the difference from a human and AI it was so tough. I cant understand how when we are like 15 years ahead of these games the enemy AI is so , well lame I cant understand why there's the focus on new planes and maps and not on improving the actual experience. Will there be improvements or is this it?
  6. My late squadron has LA5fn's they just wont let me fly one. They give me a lagg3. Even if I get a mission with a la the next missions in a lagg!!
  7. Can you include the la5fn . I can never get one in Kuban career.
  8. I want to fly the la5fn in the Kuban campaign. every time I start a career that has the la5fn I get the lag3. Is there a way to get an LA allocated to me? Please before someone ways but in rel like I couldn't pick . Its a game I just want to play missions in the plane I want and have some fun .
  9. Doh. If I flew less one man planes I might have noticed that. My bad
  10. Thanks. Controls not exactly intuitive. I kind of wish it were stand alone so it didnt mess with my normal bindings.
  11. My first try at Tank Crew. Jumping in the tank Im the driver. I cant seem to be able to become the commander or gunner. The keybinds appear to be saying press T. ( which does nothing )Or do I use the pilot change to another position. Eg R shift + Number. Ive tried both of these and nothing seems to work. I cant work out what Im doing wrong. Hope someone can help
  12. I havnt had a chance to play the campaign mode yet. Im not an Ironman kind of player so having that option fits me well. But of a bummer if the ironman guys cant recover.... I dont know a way past that other than constantly saving the file so you can roll back. My recommendation would be to not play ironman. If your killed stop playing. If for whatever you need to roll back Or you decide you wanna cheat and play on so what. Its your game play it how you want. The only person this matters too is you. Use your own common sense and use your own internal moral button. You dont need a computer
  13. I Agree with the OP. Bug or not give people the option of playing IRONMAN. or not. Let people play their own way. We dont need a nanny.
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