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  1. Doh. If I flew less one man planes I might have noticed that. My bad
  2. Thanks. Controls not exactly intuitive. I kind of wish it were stand alone so it didnt mess with my normal bindings.
  3. My first try at Tank Crew. Jumping in the tank Im the driver. I cant seem to be able to become the commander or gunner. The keybinds appear to be saying press T. ( which does nothing )Or do I use the pilot change to another position. Eg R shift + Number. Ive tried both of these and nothing seems to work. I cant work out what Im doing wrong. Hope someone can help
  4. I havnt had a chance to play the campaign mode yet. Im not an Ironman kind of player so having that option fits me well. But of a bummer if the ironman guys cant recover.... I dont know a way past that other than constantly saving the file so you can roll back. My recommendation would be to not play ironman. If your killed stop playing. If for whatever you need to roll back Or you decide you wanna cheat and play on so what. Its your game play it how you want. The only person this matters too is you. Use your own common sense and use your own internal moral button. You dont need a computer to keep you honest . Do you?
  5. I Agree with the OP. Bug or not give people the option of playing IRONMAN. or not. Let people play their own way. We dont need a nanny.
  6. Ive been all through the profile section several times. I cant find anywhere to change my e mail address. Hopefully someone can help me here Many thanks.
  7. Ive been away. So i dont now why Im now getting a large transparent red disc in my lower vision. Its about 5cm across moves anywhere my vision moves. Looks like a radar hud but doesnt seem to do anything. Its also there in the initial game load screen. When Im looking at aircraft at game start it onscreen then too. I cant tell is this is part of something new and I dont now how to turn it off. Or is it a bug or an artifact of my new n videa drivers. Any help much appreciated.
  8. Im looking for any groups playing in a similar timezone to myself in New Zealand. anyone know of any friendly groups to join?
  9. Thanks Unreasonable that was really helpful I hadn't activated it. I hadn't read anywhere I had too. Could have been a little clearer on their part but sorted now . All good
  10. I thought I was supposed to get a new plane with the new patch. I had over a gig of download . Im at 1.101 but I have no i16 can someone tell me where it is , or if its a bug . Front end still saying BOS not BOM.
  11. Fulgore not poor mans anything . lol. She is a beauty. I would rather have that than an IAR 80 , though thats next on my want list if we stay eastern front in the next add on... Ive never really loved the p40 but Im looking forward to giving it a go. Will be great with new summer maps.
  12. lol. Smarty What you doing over here? Shouldn't you be fighting trolls over at combat mission Unnerving to find you ... everywhere:)
  13. Its not a snow campaign again is it? I cant cope with more snow maps.
  14. Yep. its going to be BO Kuban or Kursk. Or BO Mediterranean . Kubans kind of done to death, so my money is on the other 2. with favor to the soviet side. When it comes to campaigns its going to be evolution not revolution in plane sets.
  15. Ive been away. Was there a guestimate as to a release date for BOM? Next Christmas?
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