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  1. I'm sorry in advance if I in any way insult you. That is not my purpose here. It's just that you cant paint swastica and you give this as a reason. The fact that you have had many of your familymembers die in a WW2 against Germany? I cind of understand that and then again not at all. Well to be strickt I understand it but it's not good enough reaso for me. I have many of my family members die in WW2 against Russia and I have no problem with Russian star. There is no difference at all so I do not understand what did the swastiga do to you. If you want to hate something then hate the Nazi ideology. That all other exept pure arian Germans are trash and not even humans, because that cind of thinking is dangerous. It just seems to me that people are searching for something to blaim that is easy. Hate swastica and you can think and act like Nazis if you just dont use the symbol. The fact is still that Swastiga was and still to some degree is a symbol of Finnish airforce, Indian religion etc. Adding to that. There has been millions of people killed and treated as animals wearing a Russian star, American star and couintles other symbols. Symbols did not do those things, people did, people with ideologies. You can ofcourse paint or not paint the symbol on your own skins. I am not saying anything else. I also am sorry for the loss that your family has had to endure. As I said. I dont mean to insult or start a fight. It just seems to me that even today there is a man running to be the president of the united states of america and spilling the same hate filled ideology that Hitler did and knowone pats an eye, but holy sacred sacriligion, there's a swastiga in a plane at a game that tryes to represent history accurately. To me this is the real outrage, not the symbol that was simply inosent of the things that was made in it's name. As inosent as the cross that Jeesus allegedly hanged on. Same thing. A symbol of hate, burnings, massmurder etc but no one tryes to deny that. Sorry for the short of oftopic too.
  2. Terve. Erholts AKA Monsteri tässä. Minä olen kyllä kiinnostunut lentämään teidän porukassa. Tosin pääasiassa HE 111 ja kunhan JU88 tulee niin sillä. Minusta ei ole hävittäjään. Mihin topikkiin minun pitäs ilmoittautua tonne teidän omille foorumeille? Millon lennätte jne. Meitä on muutama muukin kiinnostunut kokeilemaan ja tulemaan mukaan minun mukana. Mato tais jo käydä teidän tessussakin juttelemassa.
  3. Well this is nice. I have been waiting for this. It would be nice if everyone would mention if the mission is PvP, SP or COOP as they chare it. Personally I'm looking for Coop missions.
  4. Nope. 10 seconds in the timer. I chanced it. Nothing. No planes no patrol. Thankyou for all of you who wanted and offered to help. But I have better things to do than fight with this. My opinion on this is that this is the worst editor I have ever encountered and that's it. For the life of me I can't understand why even devs would want to use editor that makes everything work by using thousand triggers. It does not make the editor powerfull, it just adds the amount of work that has to be done and adds the possibility of mistaces and unworkable missions. I'm giving up. DCS2 is right around the corner so I'm focusing on there.
  5. I Donwloaded your group Habu. Put it in a mission and put myself in another plane there and tested the mission. Your group is not there. Only my plane. Exactly the same tproblem that I have had all along. Explain that and maybe I will actually get to do missions.
  6. https://www.dropbox.com/s/d8lhyvrrmxw6e43/Monsterin.7z?dl=0 Here is the mission I was talking about. If you would look at it. I do apreciate your help.
  7. Ok. I am fustrated beond words. This editor is just moronic. The amount of triggers you have to use to make Ai do anything is just stupid. Ai should have basic behaviour in it self to start with. Why it does not is out of my understanding. I have tryed making a test mission with using ONLY your groups Haashashin and the Ai does not do anything. I made a simple mission where a players group. (Made by you) Took of from an airfield. Then there was supposed to be another group of Ai planes (Again made by you) that would patrol around so I could see they are there. I made both begin from the same mission begin trigger or MCU as you call them. The airfeld talked to me on take of and I did take of but my wingmen just stayed there on the ground. Also the group that was supposed to be patrolling was not there. It simply did not exist. This has been a problem with my earlyer mission that I made completely myself. Only Ai that is in the ground exist and they do not do anything. Also all Ai that starts from the air do not even exist in the mission. DCS has a lot more complex editor with options to make missions like any other sim and people tell me it's too hard to learn. Well this is way harder and it's missing something that DCS has. Smart Ai. If you tell Ai that it should take of exactly 30 minutes after the mission start it will take of 30 minutes after the mission starts and you make it with one waypoint. Not with 6 triggers that does not get the Ai even in to the air. I am very close at giving up with this game and unfortunately with me goes our community since I am the only one making missions. I wish I was not, right now with this editor I wish I was not. With DCS 2 Right on the corner and WW2 planes on it I cant see any reason to stay with this game anymore and I relly really wish I had because I love these planes and I have been with this game from the day one. I also love the prosbect of the Battle of Moscow and I really hoped that along with dedicated servers and mission editor I could make my friends fly coop missions on this but now it seems that the game has made it impossible. Only after I shot my own wingmen they started to move and even then they could not get up in the air. I am very clearly missing some key element form the missions that the tutorials do not tell anything about. Some Ai Behaviour trigger or some aspect of missions that affect the mission as a whole. I'm sorry for the rant but as I said. I'm very very fustrated with the editor. Feel like throwing keyboards to the wall.
  8. Ok. Still nothing works even when using your groups. They dont work either. So I will ask again. Is there something that you apsolutely have to do when saving the mission to ensure that the game actually reads the mission correctly? Do I need to group everything? Do I need to convert the mission somehow in to some other format? Anything?
  9. OK. Couple of questions. On your SP attack formation. What is the Check zone for and in off range and out of range checking. What are these triggers checking for? Other planes or... Also why are you deactivating those triggers? It does not work if they are not deactivated? Or is it so that those triggers do the check over and over again if not deactivated? I'm asking these because if I am to make missions I need to understand all of this and not just copy groups. I need to be able to do any and all things that you can to be able to do efective missions. I have been doing ARMA3 missions for a year now and DCS world missions too so I have some experience on mission making tough those editors are fastly different form this. Edit: Ah ok the inrange outofrange check checks if the target is in range because the planes are doing short of "patrol". Right? Now it propably does not work if the targets are farther than this 6000 meters so it needs to have targets inside the zone that the plane is checking?
  10. Thanks. If it seemed so I was not critisising you on how you have done things. I was instead pointing out that I dont understand why you have done things so differently and because of that I am even more confused how to use the editor. If anything I was critisising the tutorials available right now for not giving all that is needed to learn the editor.
  11. http://s2.postimg.org/mf1caxwmx/STEditor_2015_02_26_15_27_14_90.jpg http://s21.postimg.org/9p3p97ch3/STEditor_2015_02_26_15_27_35_22.jpg Basically I have those takeoff and land triggers over there in the end of the runway and the takeoff trigger is linked to the timer that again is linked to the mission begin trigger. Timer has 10 seconds in it. After takeoff the lead plane is ordered to take the first waypoint and make a formation.
  12. Well I just looked at Syn_Haashashins goups of Russian AAA and it seems atleast on that group you have done nothing that the tutorials on RoF editor say. It's completely different than any of the ways that I have seen about how units should have been done in the game. First it seems that you have triggered the AAA units alive in the mission with one complex trigger and one timer with 0 seconds time. This seems odd to me atleast when all the tutorials say it should be enought to use Start mission to bring units alive. I'm gonna steal your triggers a bit to try on my Ai planes:) Screenshots are abit too tricky at this time for me so I just try things first:)
  13. Hello. I have just started to actually try making missions. I did make a mission in RoF as a tutorial for my self and followed this guy on youtube as tutorial while using this new BoS editor but I seem to have trouble to actually get missions working. I have been able to spawn units in the mission including myself with a plane. But it seems even tough everything should be in right order I cant get the Ai to do anything. I have used the mission start trigger and so on so dont bother telling me obvious things. Instead I would like you to tell me what I am doing wrong? First of all. Should I somehow pack or alter the mission as a playable from before it's ready? And if so how do I do it? Second. I can't seem to be able to save the groups I have made in a right directory. The editor does not recocnise the groups. Should I make a separate file for them and if then where and what is the name of the file. I ask this because only way that I got my mission to work in the game was to make a file for my missions.
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