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  1. My event viewer error page looked almost exactly like yours, ie: faulting app, faulting module, error code, SoundEngine.dll, etc. Just finished another 2+ hours of debugging to find the solution for me was to repeat one already tried several (6+) times before. Update audio driver. The driver for my Realtek HD Audio card (integrated into Asus Strix Z270 motherboard) said it was updating and that I then had current version each time. Win10 said I had current driver each time. While talking to a friend who had similar problems, he mentioned his version which just happened to also be on an Asus brand MB running Realtek, and it was NOT what I had. Previous updated driver was something like and the newer version is He had a slightly newer version .8345? but a totally different MB. I found the REAL "we really mean it this time newer" driver on the MB website. Not on Win10, Realtek, or interweb, etc. If you haven't already, I'd give that a try before giving up. After that, if it doesn't light off, do Gordon200's IL2.exe file. I'd recommend doing it anyway. Finally, it then only works for me if I run Launcher or iL2.exe as Administrator Best of luck to you!!
  2. When I launch that unzipped file it's says "The code execution cannot proceed because steam_api464.dl was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix the problem." It doesn't. My comment "Tried getting il2.exe from backup folder on other drive, and even from another user." was from seeing how you'd helped somebody else on that and I copied that file. A very sincere Thanks on that. I do appreciate the help. A full clean reinstall brings me to the folder as shown. It looks like it's missing files but this is direct from their servers. I would speculate somebody hacked them, but other people are doing okay. A close friend in another state is having same problem, letting me go first on trying to fix, so I know it's not a unique issue. His also direct purchase, not Steam. I even considered buying new copy through Steam, but that's a $40 experiment. Would definitely be worth it if it did work though. Thanks again.
  3. Sent 1C all sys info and diag reports they asked for. Thought I had it fixed with solving SoundEngine.dll issue per 1CGS support recommendation. Restarted, looked great for about 10 minutes while I remapped the control keys, but then it fails. I am normal retail from 1C, NOT Steam version. Tried all items on FAQ page, including: multiple reinstalls, move to new drive, start as admin, update Win10, update drivers, roll back drivers, delete update folder, A/V on/off, uncheck read only, wait for Friday to Sunday servers, shorten path, no seed, 4K off, firewall on/off, clean boot, no mods, no overclock, launch from .exe, uninstall through iL2, u ninstall through Win10, multiple combinations of each. Have now spent more time trying to fix than I've flown. Now after reinstall it goes to "failed to update." When I look in .bin it doesn't even appear to have installed il2.exe file. See attached. Tried getting il2.exe from backup folder on other drive, and even from another user. No luck. I'm dead in the water. What kills me is it worked great prior to last update. No problem with any other sim or game, including iL-2 CLOD. Just iL2-BOS. ANY ideas please?
  4. Good idea. Tried NO overclock. No joy. Even tried moving to another physical drive. I doubt that 1C-777 doesn't care, but them admitting even a tiny bit might be their fault equals too much liability to say anything, and that assumes they're completely innocent. (Not pointing fingers, but potential issue rhymes with Blindows) Still,....about >$200 USD in total investment down the toilet following one patch is not encouraging. Not counting I've bought every single retail release iL-2 has had since the very first. Even that Xbox thing. Otherwise,...buyer beware. I'm hoping iL-2's next big update inadvertently forces stuff back to original configuration. Beer therapy "should" take care of that.
  5. Ditto myself on all including ALL fixes (reinstall 5X, drivers, admin, drive, paths, 4K, seeding, etc.) Tried rolling back nVidia driver to 425.31which I knew worked (as well as last 2 but worth the effort to try). Updated Win10, and game amazingly started but then went back to CTD at launch (15%-ish?) It worked. They 1C updated. Now it doesn't, even going back to earlier drivers. Not saying it's there fault, just saying for chronological purposes. Sucky part is I'd recently updated to BOBP and it was working then.
  6. Forgot to mention. Trouble is unique to this sim. No problems on DCS, RoF, X-Plane, FSX, iL-2 '46, iL-2 CoDB, SH5, etc. if that helps.
  7. I have BOS, BOM, BOBP, and FC Since last update, I'm having same problem. Same symptoms. Same Launcher icon in tray. Same "can only close in task mngr." Tried starting from .exe as well as AV on/off, firewall on/off, Admin user, uninstall/reinstall, turn off seeding, no 4K, no mods, no OC, etc. No joy. Any ideas? Thanks a bunch
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