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  1. Thanks busdriver!! I was starting to worry that my days as a flightsim pilot were over!
  2. Awesome! Thanks so much Rjel! I'll give this a try when I get home from work. I really appreciate all of your help! 😁
  3. Thanks for the reply Rjel, When you say," ...look on the Alpha where they appear on the skin", are you referring to the PSD file named: P-47D-28_4k_Public.psd where there's a layer named "ALPHA" in the sub-section called "Shadows" (picture #1)? Or is it the "ALPHA" layer in the PSD file named: ALPHA_P-47D-28_4K.psd (picture #2)? How do you see the shade of grey to change the reflective appearance? The "ALPHA" layers that I've seen in the 2 PSD files are very transparent. Thanks for all of your assistance! Cheers! - CraigNT55 Picture #1 Picture #2
  4. Hi Everyone, I may be coming to this issue very late in the game. And I gather that there is an "ALPHA" layer in the *.PSD files that controls the amount of shiny reflectance that appears on the skin for either the bare metal or matte camouflage look. I've attached a couple skins I created of the 406 Fighter Group 512 and 513 Fighter Squadrons and they look alright for all of the glossy painted areas. The black anti-glare panel is the only portion of the skin that is matte. When I paint the skin with camouflage colors they are shiny except where the anti-glare panel is. I've located the "ALPHA_P-47D-28_4K.psd" Photoshop file and I'm wondering how I utilize this to create an ALPHA layer to allow the matte portions of the skin to be created. I have Photoshop Elements 2018.0 and the NVIDIA DDS Tools plug-in. My question is how would I create an ALPHA layer that would allow for all of the skin to be matte? Does it replace the original layer in the "P-47D-28_4k_Public.psd" Photoshop file? A step-by-step explanation would greatly be appreciate! Thanks BOS/BOM/BOK/BOBP/FC Community! Cheers! - CraigNT55
  5. Hey Cavok, Thanks so much for the reply! I had a feeling that this was a topic covered before but had some difficulty with the Search Tool finding what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Cheers! - CraigNT55
  6. Hi Everyone, I have a question for the excellent skinners on this site. How do I make a P-47 skin that has a matte (non-glossy) finish? I've noticed that there are several skins with camouflage paint schemes which are not glossy. All of my skins have a metallic and shiny finish...except where the anti-glare strip is on the top of the fuselage. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone! Cheers! - CraigNT55
  7. I understand exactly what you are talking about! The Hs-129 is a tricky airplane to fly. By all the historical accounts that I've read about the real aircraft, most pilots found it very sluggish and under-powered because of the mission profile it was made for. With all of the armor surrounding the pilot and critical aircraft parts, it was a flying pig. One thing I've found is to increase the throttle slowly, don't just "peg-out" the throttle to the maximum right off ("balls to the wall"). As you do slowly apply throttle make slight adjustments with your rudder and wheel breaks. Once you get the feel of how the aircraft is reacting going down the runway or airstrip (with any cross-winds if present), apply more and more power until the tail-wheel lifts off... then apply full-throttle for the remainder of the take-off sequence until becoming airborne. It's a very unique airplane and one I really enjoy flying. I remember making plastic models of the Hs-129 when I was a kid and that the design was wicked looking! Hope this helps, - CraigNT
  8. Hello Everyone, I've been taking the missions created in the Career Mode when they are in the form of the "generated mission" file (..\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\Missions\_gen.Mission) and copying them to the Webmissions location (..\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\Missions\webmissions) so I can fly with custom skins. Everything is the same as when I fly the missions in the Career Mode except when I activate the Mission Briefing Map only the icons of the ground forces on both sides appears but not the front lines or regimental names. Is there a way to turns those on or include them? Thanks for any assistance! Cheers! - CraigNT Mission Briefing Map of career generated mission in "Career Mode" (with Front Lines): Mission Briefing Map in career generated mission copied over to "Webmissions" folder (without Front Lines):
  9. Hi Panthercules, Thanks for the reply. In ROF I was able to make a "generic" skin that was used in the career missions for other squadrons and my squadron mates. Which was satisfactory for making sure there was continuity in the time frame pertaining to insignias, markings, and such... but each aircraft in each of the squadrons looks alike. In BOS I was able to do something similar and each of the aircraft in the squadron looks the same. All of them end up not having individual numbers which with WWII aircraft is paramount in identifying them. But I haven't found out how to assign individual skins for each aircraft in the mission. Thanks again, - Craig
  10. Hi S!Blade, Thanks for the tips! And yes, I would definitely like to use your profile if you are willing to share. Cheers! - CraigNT
  11. Thanks Zippy and Horna! I'll apply your suggestions tonight! Cheers! - CraigNT
  12. Hello Everyone, I've been using Trak IR ever since the beginning with BOS/BOM/BOK. And ever since the start I've never been able to view the down and to the side views (lower right and lower left) in the cockpit correctly. When I calibrate the view in the Trak IR software (which has the latest upgrades) I'm able to see smoothly all around in 6 DOF...but when I get into the cockpit in BOS, it shutters and hangs-up until I view forward. Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated! Cheers! - Craig
  13. Hello Everyone, I'm still trying to find a way to have custom skins in the Career Mode missions. I've seen in the recent update where you can apply custom skins to your squadron if you are the leader. But I was wondering if the file used for the latest mission in career mode (..\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\Missions\_gen.Mission) could be edited with custom skins and then be used within the next career mission. Is there a certain sequence for this to work? I've stopped the mission in a career and then aborted it so that the _gen.Mission file has all of the parameters of the current career mission. But after editing the mission file in the Mission Editor and resuming the Career Mode in the program it reverts back to the original file without any of my skin edits. Is there a way to accomplish this? My work-around is to save the mission in the "Web Mission" sub-directory (..\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\Missions\webmissions) and play the edited mission with custom skins outside of the Career Mode. But then I don't experience all of the cool features of moving through a career. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers! - CraigNT
  14. Hi Everyone, Sorry for the size of this note, but I have been attempting to fly in the new Career Mode with my custom skins and am needing some help. I was able to do this in the “Rise of Flight” (ROF) WWI flightsim and I assumed that it could be accomplished in a similar way. In BOS just like ROF there’s a Mission File (example: C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\Missions\_gen.Mission) that is generated every time the “Next Day” button is pressed (Figure 1 and 2). This Mission File has the ability to assign a skin to each aircraft in the mission. In ROF I just went into the Mission File using a text editor and reassigned the aircraft’s skin to one of my custom ones. But now I loaded the file into the BOS Mission Editor and changed the skin assignment (Figure 3). After saving the file in the Mission Builder, I opened the Mission File in a text editor to check and see if the new skin was assigned (Figure 4). I also noted that the date has been changed to represent the new mission (Figure 5). Then in the BOS Careers, I start the mission with the new date (Figure 6). The mission description confirmed the new date (Figure 7). But when the mission starts, the skin is the Default instead of my Custom one (Figure 8). Has anyone else tried to achieve this in the Career Mode? I would definitely like to see my Custom skins show up in the missions. It would truly make the experience more enjoyable! Cheers, - CraigNT
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