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  1. I just downloaded BoS. I notice that oculus and steam/vr both start up. In the Steam VR box I see in red lettering that il2 is "unresponsive". The splash screen then pops up for few seconds and poof it's gone. I have tried other VR games both in and out of steam that work. il2 is the only one that responds "unresponsive". *edit* Two hours later and now it's loading and playing just fine. There was no tweaking on my part but it runs. *edit* *edit* Now 5 hours later Steam VR is again reporting that il2 is "unresponsive" in red. No tweaking on my part again. Hopefully this CTD is being looked into.
  2. It's unfortunate this has to be my first post. I'm downloading at 300 kB/sec on average and now the system has me downloading the 5.43 GB client again. I've stopped and started with no luck. Total time spent dl files is clocking in at 7 hours and growing. Curiously, the 1C folder on my hd is showing 12GB. Is this ultra slow downloading normal for this site? *edit* searching the forums confirms that downloading is indeed extremely slow here.
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