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  1. Yes, I know... I use laptops since 1987 (rather old, unfortunately!!!). Actualy I like best graphics options and prefer modding rather then gaming. Il2-GB is not open as il2-1946 was and it's always the same history: rather boring.
  2. This Mod allows you to customize the first image of the game: the PreLoad Logo. Use one of mine or create yours with the insegna of your virtual squadron. Download here of from my YouTube channel: https://mega.nz/#!OqZDnAzS!c1leKjgttjXEnjsa2JCq2xdb6_AZpZL-UKJj7kWTqSU Enjoy and let me a like if you like.
  3. Well, in the version I have, WWI planes are not available anymore. With this mod you can select them again. In the same way, the Unique-Skins were not visible nor selectable. Now they are. What's more: if you for example look in \...\data\swf\il2\worldobjects\planes\bf109f4\info.txt, there are lines like these: -------------------------------------------- &paintSchemes= unlockId, id| 1, bf109f4/bf109f4_skin_01.dds| 2, bf109f4/bf109f4_skin_02.dds| 3, bf109f4/bf109f4_skin_03.dds| 4, bf109f4/bf109f4_skin_04.dds| 5, bf109f4/bf109f4_skin_05.dds| 6, bf109f4/bf109f4_skin_06.dds| 7, bf109f4/bf109f4_skin_07.dds| 8, bf109f4/bf109f4_skin_08.dds| 9, bf109f4/bf109f4_skin_09.dds| 10, bf109f4/bf109f4_skin_10.dds| 11, bf109f4/bf109f4_skin_11.dds| 12, bf109f4/bf109f4_skin_12.dds| 13, bf109f4/bf109f4_skin_13.dds| 14, bf109f4/bf109f4_unique_01.dds| -------------------------------------------- You can add other rows with your personal skins, like that: 15, bf109f4/Bf109F4_MIne.dds| and they will be visible in the selection page, as the default ones.
  4. Hi, fortunately I don't want to become a god for anyone. Many people asked me about flybys. I suspect they are a composition of different wav files and you're right, they are not packed in Masterbank.bank As you can see in the \...\Data\luascripts\sound\planes\*.cfg files, many lines refer to unknown wavs. Where are they? I don't know. I'm afraid this problem is caused by the ungtp.exe behaviour: an old unpacker, not able to complete its work. That's the point: a newer, powerful version of it, would be necessary. We could also change the parameters inside *.cfg files, but no one in the forum seems to know precisely their meaning. What a shame for 1CGStudios, anyway! MicrosoftFS2020 has just released some fantastic news about their incredible sound packets. So... 🤔
  5. No. Actually "Unique" is the default name chosen by the "Game Masters" for this kind of skins. Probably a sort of prize for people that pay pre-purchase versions. Regarding Beebop question: I don't know if they are visible online. Think so. I installed this game on an old laptop (bought more than 5 years ago): online it reaches 20-25 fps on average, at 91°C 🥴
  6. Hello there, this Mod activates all "unique" skins available in 4.003 version. Even WWI planes are playable again. Download here: https://mega.nz/#!K25ThADQ!RIeKrmHSwnCWOdg3wUCQ0LA8PtmpyRfXH0B6a1XqTsk or visit my Youtube channel:
  7. Today 1CGS support wrote me that: Wow! I didn't know that. So... We can use in Steam what we've bought on 1cgs site, but we can not use in 1cgs site what we've bought in Steam. Really a madness. 😠
  8. Hello, I have the same problem: just bought a DLC on Steam and linked my Steam and Il-2 account, but it does not work. The airplane is available only inside Steam. If I start the game from C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\game\Il-2.exe or C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\bin\game\Il-2.exe it doesn't appear. Moreover if this DLC is the default plane when I start from Steam folder without Steam interface, all its skins are blocked by a padlock. I even contacted the Steam support and they wrote me to wait the end of the sale period. From my point of view the Activation Code was a better way to manage this kind of problem !!!
  9. Hi, finally I found a solution. Now Masterbank.bank can be unpacked and repacked. I added a lot of interesting sounds from IL2-1946 SA modded version... Tiger33 wavs too. Enjoy and let a like if you like. Download link: https://mega.nz/#!f2hwWSpa!l9gFItZY8pVx6XJN9LhGzSnVzAS95jnCLGj40LeS6Ts Youtube video here: https://youtu.be/Bs8d6WpY0lA
  10. Hello there, the new sound system no longer uses main.fsb I looked around: it's possible to unbuild masterbank.bank, but the rebuilding doesn't work. If someone has useful information to share, please contact me. I'd really like updating this nice tool. Otherwise that boring and politically correct refrain will accompany us till the end of the days. 😡
  11. Hi, the old Download Link doesn't work anymore (https://megaupload.nz/ is not reachable). This is the new link: https://mega.nz/#!WyZURQ7J!ft38ErmxoXSHcVqli-fJ9kNe8b3M4agDhbunSzZe_7s [edited] look in my Youtube Channel or send me a mail if you have problems. Good Luck
  12. EffeDB

    Moscow, Moscow

    Only few remarks: 1. Criticism always help a product development. 2. If you don't like a comment, clear that comment and not the entire topic. 3. My Mod is probably the result of an error of yours. It's not my fault, that' s sure. 4. People are intelligent and able to judge who's the bossy is in this affair. Free to ban me.... I will survive. 🤑
  13. EffeDB

    Moscow, Moscow

    Attack me again and you're banned. Jason
  14. No messages at all. Please see the youtube video.
  15. Hello there, This Mod is just like a new Map and works in Mission Editor too. Very beautiful to fly, even though the town should be improved. As usual, send me a like if you like it. https://megaupload.nz/XdK19fx7n1/Moscow_Free_Flight_rar
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