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  1. I initially thought this to be a problem but as time went on I found I didn't really have one. For example these all use the exact same keys or controllers on my hotas and don't actually cause any real world conflicts... Open hatch and open canopy. Left and right in the tank is the same as left and right rudder. Forward and back in the tank is the same as the throttle in the aircraft. Turret control in the tank is the same as aileron/elevator control. etc. I see what the OP is talking about but so far I have no issues. I did initially do
  2. I also have the version from il2sturmovik.com (Not the Steam Version) but it still uses Steam VR so those tips can help if you are running Oculus. You are right with the situational awareness and at this point a VR player has no chance against someone with triples and TrackIr (Or even a single decent monitor really, I don't have an owls neck) but the immersion factor for me is so high I can't go back. The first time that fire came under the instrument panel... true horror! So I play with VR players only. Conveniently my wife has a similar setup and so do my friends so all good.
  3. I resisted the urge to get the dev kit. It was hard but I wanted the best experience I could possibly get with the tech available at the time and I can still remember sitting up until 2 in the morning enduring the pre-order charlie foxtrot, picking my CV1 up from the airport and hour a way a couple of months later, driving home, opening that box and firing the thing up for the first time. Better than I was expecting and it has been VR or no sale ever since. I eventually wanted to upgrade to the Index but I ran into "Not available in your country" BS and then found a Rift S on amaz
  4. I recon myself and many other older people would have little more experience with tech then most "young people" unless they have been plugging away on something earlier than my Vic 20 in the early 80's. Because of that experience It is quite possible that some of us know and understand enough about technology to have realistic expectations and can see exactly where this is actually going and where it has been... because we actually experienced it. Over all my years of simulation VR is the first time I have ever appeared to be sitting in the actual cockpit of my plane of choice and
  5. This looks like a more up to date source for the Oculus tray tool and info as it was edited 15 hours ago at the time of this post. It also has some stuff now for Quest. https://forums.oculusvr.com/t5/General/Oculus-TrayTool-SuperSampling-profiles-HMD-disconnect-fixes/td-p/523754
  6. I have a Rift S and not the Quest but maybe these 2 apps can help you by making it look and run significantly better. This is a SteamVR game and sometimes that does not work the best with with Oculus. I do believe from what I have read the Rift S comes out better even though it has less res in the panel but this might help you mate. Costs nothing to try and all up a couple of minutes to set up so well worth a try in my book. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1: Download OpenComposite. (Replaces SteamVR is makes it run so much
  7. Just in case this helps someone I was having the same problem and came across this thread. In this case it was the Burning_Steppe mission (awesome btw). I checked the list file and it was as follows... filename="multiplayer/dogfight/burning_steppe.chs","7b5d68e9" filename="multiplayer/dogfight/burning_steppe.eng","1334fd61" filename="multiplayer/dogfight/burning_steppe.fra","c9877fa1" filename="multiplayer/dogfight/burning_steppe.ger","00f1226d" filename="multiplayer/dogfight/burning_steppe.pol","59d3da60" filename="multiplayer/dogfight/burning_steppe.rus","4a
  8. This may be of some help. FYI I play in vr but assume it is the same across the board. Assign a button on your hotas in conjunction with the tilde key (~) to bring up the menu only when you are in the Commanders seat. When I press that button I get the command menu but I also get a white aiming circle I can place anywhere and when I press fire it locks on that position on the groud or a specific target. At this point I have to then use the F1,F2 etc... but!... There is a program called Voice Attack where you can train it to do things like say "Gunner fire" and then the
  9. Thanks for that. Direct replacement of the openvr_api.dll with the 64bit version and then putting in that ini file tip got it working.
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