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  1. I got a CTD after successfully landing to my home airfield after bombing mission in P-38 career. When I reloaded IL2 mission wasn't saved or marked as completed. I'm back to square one. Never had issue like that before
  2. I have posted some interesting new facts recently published on Russian news resource
  3. Here some new historical insight in Russian. Short statistic 670 total tanks Soviet loses : 470 tanks German loses: 50 tanks Russian historians and official army sources confirmed - Soveit victory at Prokhorovka is myth created by Soviet propaganda for obvious reason to boost moral of people during WWII https://www.newsru.com/russia/11jul2019/prohorovka.html
  4. I haven't tried to take off in P-47 yet, but I believe real P-47 as in many other aircraft rudder pedals are calibrated with specific resistance (40 lbs or so? ) design to get a better. Most gaming rudder hardware I'm aware of do not have this "force feed". This actually makes a big difference for between depressing rudder during take off or give full rudder during spin recovery. I believe during take off no one depresses full rudder! I'm not saying it's impossible but definitely too awkward. Also there is big chance to overcompensate and make a ground loop or worse. That when I think rudder trim comes handy especially for tail draggers where a lot of small rudder input happening during take off . In sim world my CH rudder pedals have absolutely no feed back. While in real life I have physical sensation that can relate to my muscle memory how much rudder is depressed, in sim I can go from full rudder deflection to 1/3 and feel nothing. There on substitute is to sense foot extension and interpolate to the rudder depression. This effect can completely eliminate need do for rudder trim or manifest noticeable torque sensation. I know some developers that did manage to simulate rudder resistance by decreasing rudder sensitivity during take off, landing or slow flight ( It was TMB930 for X-plane 11 after many patches). I don't think it is simulated in Il-2 that well. I think they simulate rudder authority vs airflow but not vs physical input. Not quite P-47 but good view on rudder work in light tail dragger
  5. Both P-51 and P-47 have rudder trim take off setting because rudder alone is insufficient to compensate toque, slipstream and gyroscopic precession when the tail raised. I don't think they use rudder or aileron trim in combat because it's impractical. During the long haul perhaps? https://www.spruemaster.com/wp-content/gallery/manual/Republic P-47 AAF Manual.pdf
  6. Here is an interesting cockpit cam showing ball going to the right during straight climb at around 28:47. I don't see this in IL2 P47
  7. T-6 is commonly refereed to Texan family there are of course many variations. I flown SNJ-4 during in my post private exploration stage with taildraggers like Citabria and Decathlon. The major difference between all aircraft I flew before and after T-6 was I have never had to give full right rudder to keep it coordinated during power off stall. In T-6 one inch short required rudder input caused immediate inverted stall. Ironically, it exactly what happens with P-47 but then I barely touch right rudder stalls and rolls from slow flight. May be as you recommended I should tweak dead zone on my CH rudders. So far I get by using my CH rudders as is with other IL2 aircraft .
  8. When I did power off stalls in T-6 I had keep full right rudder to keep airplane coordinated just before stall. I mean I literally pressed rudder to the wall, one inch different of pedal deflection cost me inverted airplane immediately after stall, which scared me a lot. LOL Basically T-6 is super stable as long as coordinated. This kind of behavior reversed in the game. When I don't use rudder P-47 is "handing" there at slow speed. However, if I invoke my muscle memory and tap on the rudder, just a little bit, it does exactly opposite. Since we don't have feed back on PC rudders, perhaps rudder efficiency should be reduce by a much?
  9. I have odd experience in game P-47. 1/4 CH rudder deflection to counteract adverser yaw is causing P-47 to do a snap roll followed by a stall. I hope this model is in "work in progress" stage.
  10. Thanks for the help guys. Problem is fixed!
  11. Thanks Would it be this thread? https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/35771-how-to-save-a-broken-career-automission-start-failed-mission-save-error-statsubmitstatfailed/?tab=comments#comment-602078
  12. I’ve been flying Kuban career in Spit about 7 mission or so. After the last mission, which was escort bombers during offensive phase , Il2 hangs while loading next day. It looks like it’s trying to retreat something from the server but unable to do so. Animated cursor freezes but background music/sound is playing . i tried to restart PC several times, and load my Spit career again. But I keep getting stuck at the same place over and over. Does anyone know how to fix it? thanks
  13. I was ”lucky” to get in the wake of other aircraft. Even though its called it turbulence not quite like weather related turbulence. What happens when airplane gets into wake vertex usually results in uncontrollable roll ( which could easily get aircraft inverted ) I don’t think it’s modeled in current version of the game
  14. We are all excited about Po-2. But that is before we notice Bf-109 behind our tail. And then we sincerely wish it was night..:)
  15. Prop wash and wake turbulence two different things. The first one is created by spiraling airflow induced by propeller. The second one (wake turbulence) is generated by wingtip vortices. Wake turbulence is the main reason aircraft are spaced out during take off and landing. This is the most dangerous especially on take off and landing when altitude insufficient for recovery I imagine pretty significant load on CPU modeling proper wake turbulence behind particular aircraft. It greatly affected by many factors including AC speed, configuration , wind direction and etc. Waste of time IMHO for combat sim.
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