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  1. Same here on Odyssey+; everything seems a little blurry since the hotfix, especially distant landscape.
  2. I also have this problem, since I updated Nvidia Driver (from 430.40 to 431.60). Also low preset and 4K textures, on a 1060 6Gb. Only affects FW 190 A-8, at least for german planes (didn't test red planes).
  3. Hi, since I came back from holiday 1 week ago and got the new versions of WMR and SteamVR, I experience a weird thing with my game : Where I used to see Steam VR Home while the game was loading missions, the HMD now just stays on the previous screen and flickers until the mission is loaded. Is anyone else experiencing this, or have an idea how to fix it ? My setup : Odyssey+, 1060 6Gb, 4790K, W10
  4. Hi Fenris, is this still up to date ? Since last WMR update, the "rendertargetscale" line has disappeared from my .ini file. Is this normal or should I add it manually ?
  5. I began to get those as well. Just a few times, really fast flashes. i7 4790K, 1060 6Gb and Odyssey+
  6. By any chance, does someone have a comprehensive list of what changes the graphic presets ("low"/"balanced"/"high"...) really apply to the game?
  7. Thanks for the files @SCG_Fenris_Wolf, although it doesn't really work on my setup (on O+). Zoom still need a little tweaking, and Alt+Left keys to change worldscale seems to do nothing. I used the files in the first post; any idea why? Maybe zoom values doesn't apply because Worldscale tweaking doesn't work?
  8. Has the key (Alt+ left key) changed since the new mod version came out? I can't get it to work...
  9. Hi, do you know if this is still valid? I own an O+, and I find my 109 cockpit a little small, but I'm 1,93 m tall, so I guess it could be a normal thing. How could I check the scale ?
  10. Yeah, I think I botched the "saving" part; I have to redo the settings, but I will put them again. No problem for me using the designated keys to set the convergence.
  11. Hi, I'm new to VR and just got my O+, especially for playing BoS. First testing session has been real nice (but still a little motion sickness, I hope I get rid of it soon^^), but I have some quick questions : -the mouse and keyboard disabling by WMR really bothers me when I put the headset on, since I still need to navigate the menus (and I'd like to use the mouse-stick of my x52 throttle for that). I've tried Alt-Tabing to switch the focus, and also using the Win+Y thing, but nothing works. It is really annoying having to remove the headset to usethe menus, how are you adressing this problem? - @II./JG77_motoadve, are you sure the scale is correct? Feels a little tiny to me (I'm sure then would need to hammer me inside this cockpit if I were any fatter, and the rudder pedals seem awfully close to me). - with SS at 130%, I still get an awful lot of aliasing; is that normal? Should I use also ingame AA?
  12. Hi, is there by any chance someone who knows how I could replace the power apadter a FFB2 jystick? I got an old stick for 5 bucks, but the force feedback doesn't work since the power adapter card is broken - most likely by the previous owner pushing the power cord too hard when plugging it, cracking the thing in half-. I would like to replace the card by an external power adapter, but I need to know what Voltage and Intensity to pick the right one. So if someone knows, or can measure the value, that would be of great help to me. Thanks !
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