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  1. Hi ! I have a really similar system, could you share your settings ? I'm not getting that good results on my rig with my current settings.
  2. I sometimes have this problem with my Odyssey+ (also WMR). To fix it, I just go to Mixed Reality Portal and reset the space limitations to "sitted position", and then it works again.
  3. I think so, but difficult to check since I don't have Vive controllers... EDIT : my problem was with OVR adv settings, but it's solved, and works now !! Thanks for the help @SCG_redcloud111
  4. Had a problem with the dlls, which is solved now. So now I do have the green box in SteamVR, I'm getting closer ! But... after using the FreePIE script, I can get rid of the Box in my HMD (pressing Rshift+P); I now have those two vive controllers right in front of my nose, and the keyboard keys supposed to trigger snap turns don't work. Edit : note that in the steam VR bindings menu, I can't find the Razer Hydra ; maybe there's a problem with the Hydra VR drivers? Edit 2 : the vive controllers shown in my HMD do have an animation on the buttons when I use the keyboard keys from the script. But still no snap turn.
  5. Hi guys ! I have a problem trying to use the FreePIE script : I copy/pasted it from the document, but FreePIE refuses to run the script, giving me the error "expected an indented block" at line 13. Does anybody have an idea to help ? Thanks ! Edit : it appears that when copying from either foxit, adobe reader or even my browser, the spaces aren't pasted right in freePIE...
  6. Yep they are. I had to put a sicker on my stick so the FFB doesn't deactivate while I'm using the mouse with my right hand
  7. If you don't have access to your mouse, I suggest using something like joytokey to bind mousewheel up/down on some controller you can use while flying.
  8. In your setup.cfg, search under Key = Camera vr_zoom_speed = 1
  9. MSAA is edge-detection based. That's why it won't blur distant contacts.
  10. I don't know s..t about the technical part of it, but would it be possible, somehow, to change the response curve of the HMD tracking so that we get a little more than 1:1 on the horizontal rotation axis when looking on our far sides / rear ? Just to gain a few degrees and compensate for our puny FOV (and/or weak neck muscles ^^). That would be easier to use than a button, and more importantly, wouldn't break immersion...
  11. Well, I don't want a snap 6 hour key as I prefer a soar neck to something that would ruin my immersion (which is IMO the maion point of getting VR). BUT I totally see the point since we are limited by the HMDs FOV. Would it be possible to tamper with the Yaw tracking curve of the headset the way we do with TrackIR ? Keep a nice 1:1 in front, and get a bit more sensitivity as we look to the far sides / rear. Wouldn't this be a good solution ?
  12. No doubt MSAA is better for both image quality and spotting. But heck, it's really good for those of us not having insane rigs ! With the gain from getting FXAA, I was able to add some eye candy and still get acceptable FPS (never below 45, which is OK for me with reprojection) on my 4790K@4.6, 1060 6Gb and O+ !
  13. Same here on Odyssey+; everything seems a little blurry since the hotfix, especially distant landscape.
  14. I also have this problem, since I updated Nvidia Driver (from 430.40 to 431.60). Also low preset and 4K textures, on a 1060 6Gb. Only affects FW 190 A-8, at least for german planes (didn't test red planes).
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