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  1. Rjel, This is just astounding. Thank you so much. It goes beyond the obscure, splashy propaganda footage because so much of it is randomly thrown together. It's one crazy Nazi thing on top of another in jarring dissonance. Take, for instance, this one: https://archive.org/details/1944-07-11-UfA-Europawoche-072 See what I mean? This is like when they were inventing LSD in Switzerland at the very same time. (Sandoz) Yes. I exaggerate. I do have a question though: at the end of some of the clips a new menu is offered that requires registering. Is it safe to register? Thanks.
  2. TEShaw

    Future for VR

    Yeah. I'd be a first-time buyer of the CloD content if it was VR. Just sayin'.
  3. Thanks, Mo Brain... These are the first mission-anything-sort-of thing I've downloaded and tried. The word, 'great', yeah; but, it's not like you invented Cheetos, or something. I've tempted only two, just one in VR (once I knew I had them functioning). This is great. And, the added value of the 'set-ups' you offer, jumping-off points for adventures; maybe used as templates for amateur mission-builders, etc. Great. Thanks. regards, T. E. Shaw
  4. Thank you, Muskoka. (Now if only Oculus allowed that to be assigned to a joystick function...)
  5. Have the new Rift S up and running. (Thanks dburne, et al) How do you access those outside view cameras (like what you saw in setup)? It would be great to 'see' the keyboard/exterior without removing headset. I can't find an answer or even topic in Oculus forum, or anywhere else. So is there some Oculus command to access that external camera view? I've already spent too much time searching while you already know how to do it, so... how's it done? Thanks. regards, T. E. Shaw
  6. Piper Cub Waco glider Horsa glider Fokker Eindecker That stick and rudder stuff. Langewiesche, baby!
  7. I guess I was unclear. I'm running original Rift on my PC now. Rift-S purchasing specs have that *** *** Set up requires an iPhone or Android™ mobile phone and Oculus App (free download). Thanks.
  8. Looking at acquiring Rift-S.... I've long taken some pride in being the last First World person to survive without a cell phone. So, I could get a friend over with his/her phone to run the Oculus app at set up... is that all I'd need to run Rift-S? What's the deal? Thanks. regards, T. E. Shaw PS A vest pocket copy of 'Walden Pond' would stop a bullet better than a cell phone.
  9. One of the best aviation memories: Flying low and slow near the field and seeing a 'V' of white shorebirds flying below. regards, T. E. Shaw
  10. There's a well done docu-drama about infantrymen centered on the first day of the Somme, July 1, 1916, titled (unsurprisingly), "The Somme". -to be found on Amazon Video: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B07TK1ZFJK/ref=atv_wl_hom_c_unkc_1_6 And, yes, it is about the infantry; but there are some animated battle maps of the trenches that look very much like what a World War I flight simulator battlefield could be. And, it's offered here only as that- merely how some other entity envisioned it. And, yes, it's not unlike some of the BoX animated battleground. This is not a suggestion or comparison, just 'Oh, look at this one!' [And, now that I've brought up Somme infantry, there's this other documentary about battlefield camera-work where, in the smallest, barely discernible detail at the top of the frame, they show you something truly chilling. "Battle Of The Somme: The True Story" https://smile.amazon.com/Battle-Somme-Story-Julian-Richings/dp/B07GBFZXZH/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=somme&qid=1564750738&s=instant-video&sr=1-4 ] Enjoy. regards, Airman T. E. Shaw
  11. I guess we go over to the Technical Issues and Bug Reports forum. Shall we go?
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