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  1. Hi guys I have edited one of my missions I run and added in some AI Flack & AA, now when I load the mission, you can hear you spawn in a plane (engine running) but the view goes to outside and looks at the ground, pulls back then to the screen looking at the landscape, I need to then click finish the mission, this happens with every plane in the mission. I have searched the forum but came up with nothing Anyone have any idea on what causes this, the mission passed the integrity check> Cheers
  2. Thanks Andre Ill revert back to 1.38 and compare my slider settings for both, ill offer some feed back here if you want it. Cheers
  3. Hi I have just updated to version 2.2 which I believe is a beta, I have come from from the stable version 1.38. Using a Butt Kicker v2 it seems that this version all the effects sliders don't make any difference, the only slider that makes any difference is the engine slider I used to run the engine at 30% and most other effects around 70%, Im struggling to feel the guns now and flaps and gear and other effects they are all very muted and the slider doesn't make any changes. I tried to go back to 1.38 but the setup link now only takes you to 2.2, anyone else ??
  4. Hi all, has anyone with a Butkicker V2 and Andre's softwear ever switch out from the their M/B on-board sound to a dedicated sound card like the Creative PCI-E Audigy Fx 5.1 ??, if so did you find the Buttkicker was better with the dedicated sound car or is their no difference from on-board sound cards ?? Cheers Stephen
  5. That's good to hear I have only had my software about a month, I will msg Andre in an email. Cheers
  6. I can understand having to activate it after a clean Windows install, this softwear has acted a little bit strange on my PC so far, I know Andre is active here I will wait to see if he answers before emailing him about it.
  7. Hi guys, before I hassle Andre, has anyone had their Simshaker Wings software activation stop working, I started mine up today and it said it was in Demo mode and need activating, I did that and it told me I now had 3 activation's left out of the 4 I started with. Yesterday and for the past 2 weeks since purchase it was fully activated with my 1st activation, anyone else had this happen. Cheers
  8. Thanks Tip, I managed to get it up and running on the Rhineland winter map, our guys are having a blast with your missions. After playing for a week or so now on all your versions of the Random maps, once you have done the ground tank attack, train attack and barge attack, we then had a large bomber formation attack, plus the protect our ground asset mission, after that it seems the missions stop generating, is this how it supposed to be. ??, is it possible to make the missions generate new ground attack missions at all and some more bomber attack missions as these really are exciting missions to play. id like to suggest some escorts for the bombers to make it a little bit more spicy , we had at one time 12 players on this mission and the bomber one was still really hard Cheers Hotdognz
  9. I have some missions that I have downloaded for our server and the mission creator has included the .mission file so it can be edited, when I open it to add some planes in I lose the following in the mission properties Name <no Name> Description <empty desc> How do I keep the original authors name and mission description in place. Cheers Hotdognz
  10. Thanks for the reply, yes all your missions are being run on a DServer We have played some more and finally had a CAP missions to protect our Armour and also the random bomber destroy mission which was very exciting Also any chance of some of these missions being run on the Rhineland winter map, it looks so nice. Cheers
  11. Hi TX_Tip, I just started testing and hosting your missions on my server for our squad guys as we like COOP missions, lots of fun thanks, just a couple of questions, the AlliedRandomRhineland map it seemed impossible to finish the tank and artillery mission, everything was so hard to kill, even with 2000kg bombs on the P38's, to the point in 4hrs we had not completed that 1 mission with 9 pilots, how much do we need to destroy to complete that type of mission ?? Are there many random enemy CAP patrols at all, we only got attacked once by enemy fighters hitting our AF and never saw a CAP over the tank mission. Thanks very much Hotdognz
  12. It needs to change as the AI is making the game pretty boring now, only reason I haven't ordered Bodenplatte after getting every other IL2 pack, is how bad the AI are, even in ACE mode they are very easy to get on the 6 of even when they have a major advantage.
  13. Is there anywhere that explains the difference between all the cloud options in the editor, im looking for the dual cloud layer otions but there are a lot to go through to find it. Cheers
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