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  1. Really, ok thanks for the info. So in full auto mode when it latches and moves back and forwards that is incorrect ??, is the full auto mode broken then ??. Also flying the DCS P47-D and the P latches for both forward and rearward movement, it could be a different model I guess and changed for that particular version.
  2. In the P47-D you can latch the P and B buttons to the throttle with small tabs that push in to place to keep them linked> In full auto mode the P slider moves back and forward with the throttle with no issues, if however you turn everything to manual the P lever slides forward but wont come back, the B lever works fine both ways, I have the buttons mapped in the controls section for this to happen and can see the little leaves latch and unlatch but the P latch seems broken at the rear and doesnt have enough material to stay latched. What is the fix for this ?? Cheers
  3. Great update, anyone know where the P38J skins pack is for the 25 missions that was mentioned
  4. Hi guys one of my server missions on the Kuban map has just started to show white un-textured building in towns and on all airfield objects, this mission worked fine last week, its on my dedicated server steam install. I opened the mission in the editor on my main PC and the buildings also don't have any texture they are just white. Has anyone see this before and know a fix ??, I have run a repair and it didnt fix it Cheers
  5. The latest hot-fix has fixed ever issue i had with the server crashing using the missions I host, thanks IL2 Team for getting on to this very quickly.
  6. Hi the server update seems to have fixed the missions crashing, ill run all the missions that were crashing the sever over the next couple of days and report back...but so far it looks promising. Thanks guys
  7. I tried your mission too Fourspeed, crashes my servers also.
  8. Hi Rapidus thanks for getting back to me. I have added the zips here minus the .mission file as that was to large, I have sent a PM too you also. Both these missions crash the Dserver.exe once the mission loads successfully, I know these missions have errors in them when doing a integrity check in the mission editor but have always ran fine on my dedicated server for the last 2 years, I know they are heavy with AI and give warnings about the server being overloaded but as I have said, they have run fine and we have had a lot of playtime out of them. I have several missions all based o
  9. The missions I run are very heavily populated with random AI flights that overload my server at times, these missions have run after every Il2 update over the last 2 years, this update they refuse to run, I have put on a simpler map with less AI and the missions run fine, I did not even have to run these through the mission editor again. My conclusion was that the heavily scripted missions with AI are causing my missions not to run under 4.005, im no mission editor guru and only do the basic stuff, my complex missions were built for me by others.
  10. It seems to me that Dogfight missions with very limited AI work fine, any mission with complex AI routines don't work anymore and crash my server even after re-saving.
  11. I have now narrowed this down to custom missions for Dogfight mode, the Dsever.exe runs the sample dogfight mission fine, any of my custom missions crash the Dserver.exe. I have followed the std procedure I have in place for Il2 updates In the ME I have re-saved all missions in the folder, then I have opened them in the ME and re-saved them to the Dogfight folder so all the correct files are generated along with the .list file, the newly generated 4.005 missions still crash the Dserver.exe with no crash log.
  12. I'm having the same issue, none of my Dogfight missions on my Dedicated server are running since the 4.005 update, I have opened them in the ME and re saved them and it still crashes the Dserver The sample dogfight mission supplied runs fine though, so its an issue with complex missions.
  13. Hi if anyone is looking at my posts, I have narrowed this down to just a Dogfight server, a Cooperative server runs fine with the test mission and a custom mission Cooperative After loading the base dogfight example mission works fine Dserver works, so the issue is with all my current missions.
  14. I have just done a clean install of IL2 vers 4.005 plus the small dedicated server update today (35meg) on my dedicated IL2 server rig and Im getting a crashing server once the mission loads. On the Dogfight server list I see less servers now so Is anyone else having an issue at all, i'm not getting an error on the server log as its a program crash, is no one else getting this ??, before the 4.005 update my dedicated server ran fine 24/7 with the odd crash every now and then. Cheers 22:53:48 Remote Console service started on port 8991 22:53:49 =====
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