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  1. The various posters who state that cpu utilisation figures are incorrct and misleading are correct (the people are right that the utilsation figure is wrong... i think this is worded better. ) this is worth a read. http://www.brendangregg.com/blog/2017-05-09/cpu-utilization-is-wrong.htm We seem to be fixing a software optimisation problem with brute force; my waiting for the gtx3080ti, others looking for cpu’s that can work out the ultimate question (the answer is 42) when the software and hardware get in sync vr is going to be even more incredible. I think I’ll be going for the pimax 5k+
  2. Using fpsvr, a must buy at £3, I’m seeing the same as sweviver in DCS; both cpu and gpu are only running at 50% utilisation. In IL2 gpu is running at 100% utilisation and cpu at 50’ish % utilisation. My rig is an Odyssey (ss 150%), oc 4Ghz 4690k i5, 8Gb ddr3 mem and a gtx1080. There's something wrong with Dcs as it’s not really stretching either the gpu or cpu. IL2 and DCS are running at about 40-50fps, but dcs stutters a lot more...iL2 is a lot smoother, and this makes it the better vr platform at the moment IMHO any idea when the GTX3080ti will be released? We need better and faster graphics cards, the rtx2080ti just doesn’t seem a worthwhile upgrade...
  3. 1CGS owe me ten seconds of my life, cause that's how long I spent deciding whether or not to pre-order BOB/BOBO/BOBp/BOBx.. all pre-ordered Wow, that was an incredible climax to the past months dev blogs.. can we pre-preorder FC1?
  4. I'm seeing this as well, squares/rectangles of forests flash for a moment as you look round (VR Headset - Vive). This has only started since the Spitfire update, and I've only seen it whilst flying the Spitfire ... this might be a coincidence, as I'm flying the Spitfire a lot at the moment.
  5. Gustav05, I tried this template on a draft skin for a H16 and if there are any issues they're minor. The view from the top turret, the place I go for a coffee and cigarette when flying on autolevel, looked fine.. I couldn't see any problems
  6. The JU88 pilot position is the worst for me, if you don't keep your head still the pit drags all over the place. I can take about an hour of it before feeling sick. In the He111 if I lean back in my chair and reset the view, then lean forward again it's fine. I'm only getting this problem on MP servers, never in solo, so I guess it's to stop you sticking your head through the side of the fuselage. Is there a reason why MP servers have this turned on, and would it be non-starter to ask their admins to turn it off? I hope they find a fix for this soon, as this is probably one of the best VR flight sims
  7. Thanks for a great time last night, it was a blast, i look forward to flying with you all again... and next time i'll remember to bring Tequila's, a sombrero, and a pair of sunglasses (formation flying into the sun...interesting)
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