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    Planning flaps testing test plan

    I still see the same global issues in the stall behaviour I documented in my vid: - ailerons are too effective at critical AoA and beyond - ailerons produce too little drag in those conditions - planes can be recovered from spins with out-of-spin ailerons only, even if full in-spin rudder is applied - aileron effectiveness is increased drastically when flaps are deployed The net result is ufo-like plane behaviour and the widespread use of tactics that were unthinkable in reality. I'm a real-life pilot but to be honest I stopped using real-life control inputs to exit from spins. Instead, I apply full right rudder, full power, pull the stick all the way and apply out-of-spin ailerons: this method is always faster, providing instant recovery.
  2. JG27_PapaFly

    Planning flaps testing test plan

    The clean curve looks a bit strange. Is each data point in the diagrams a mean over several seconds of stable flight (stable speed and AOA)? That is very important and can be easily checked in tacview.
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    Pilot names on recordings

    Agree, a toggle would be great. We do debriefs in our squad teaching sessions, and it's difficult if the names are all gone.
  4. JG27_PapaFly

    So who else is looking forward to P-38 ?

    I expect to be able to copter the P-38 all day long without having to push rudder. Lowrider-style baby!
  5. JG27_PapaFly

    Binding the supercharger selection to an axis?

    Autohotkey is great for that
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    Fw 190A8 cooling

    Fully agree, but if they are beta they shouldn't be available on online servers. EU official is packed with spitfires that are UFOing around, making the whole thing look more like star wars than WWII air combat. We shoot them down all the same, but the online experience is ridiculous. On the flipside, if devs release early access planes for online use they should make sure the quality is there. The Spitfire 9 is a cheat.
  7. JG27_PapaFly

    So who else is looking forward to P-38 ?

    Add overheat modeling and flight modeling, and you've got the full picture. Bodenplatte is great in the overheat modeling, on average: one plane basically never overheats (Spit 9), the other overheats all the time (Fw190A8) 😮 I'm really looking forward to the 38, but I'd like to see some significant fixes beforehand.
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    Pilot fatigue?

    Would you like to have pilot fatigue implemented as a realism option? It was a huge factor in WW2 air combat. The developers spend a lot of efort on getting the limits of the planes' systems right, when in fact pilot fatigue was one of the most limiting factors. I think it could be implemented very easily. The game already calculates stick and pedal forces. Make all pilots equal and provide each with a given energy reserve and a constant energy recovery rate (this is mostly a function of the liver's metabolic rate; plenty of published data is available). Plot the sum of the applied stick and pedal forces vs. time in a diagram. Add an additional force as a factor to the applied positive g forces (e.g. 100 N per g). This is to take into account that pilots must contract their leg, buttocks and abdominal muscles under positive g in order to maintain physiological blood pressure levels in the brain and thus remain conscious. The integral of the total force vs. time diagram is your maneuvering-induced energy depletion rate. Substract that from the constant energy recovery rate and you have your total energy trend. Start limiting the available stick forces as a first low energy threshold is reached (yellow level in the hud energy indicator). The less energy, the less available stick force. At these levels, a full energy recovery can be achieved after enough time. If the energy is depleted to the red level, only a partial energy recovery is possible. This is to simulate the fact that exhausted, over-strained muscles will in reality not recover to full capacity until earliest next day.
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    109 guns

    While looking at the video I realized that, apart from the catastrophic structural damage to the fuselage, the explosion severed the elevator controls. The stick was pulled initially, and you see the elevator drop after the explosion.
  10. JG27_PapaFly

    Planning flaps testing test plan

    I'd love to but I have no time due to real life obligations... Sorry
  11. JG27_PapaFly

    Planning flaps testing test plan

    I suggest recording two to three polar diagrams in the power off or engine off condition at a fixed prop pitch. In order to do this you would glide at a given IAS, starting from e.g. 1500 m ASL, and record the average sink rate for at least 4 speeds covering a range from stall speed to perhaps 400 kph. With tacview you get a lot of data, including the AoA. In the end you plot the curves. The dots on the curves show you the lift-to-drag ratio across the speed range. If the modeling is correct in-game you should see that the L/D ratio gets worse and the whole plot shifts towards lower speeds with increasing flap settings. Here is the polar of the Fw190 A5 (no flaps). From this you can calculate the L/D ratio, also known as glide ratio. As you see the clean wing 190 peaks at an L/D of close to 12 at 260 kph IAS. The complete L/D plot would shift to the left and to lower glide ratios when deploying flaps.
  12. JG27_PapaFly

    P47 dogfighter ?

    Get yourself a few buddies and work on team tactics.
  13. JG27_PapaFly

    Fw 190A8 cooling

    Half a year has passed and nothing has changed. The 190A8 is still quite useless and as unpopular as ever. I feel ripped off.
  14. JG27_PapaFly

    Track sorting

    Dear developers, is there a way to make the sorting of tracks stick? Let's say I have recorded three tracks and I want to watch them: I sort for date and watch the first track. After that, the sorting is back to default and I have to sort again for every single track I watch. To make things even more annoying, the "date" sorting does not consistently place the most recent track on top. Could you kindly make the sorting option stick? May I also suggest further changes in order to make reviewing and editing tracks more enjoyable? a) User-definable naming system. I'd love tobe ale to assign following style: yyyymmdd_serial, e.g. 20190218_001. b) Add more columns, e.g. track duration, time, player plane/vehicle, SP, MP, map, last edited etc. The columns could be user-definable. c) Allow us to edit the head position and zoom angle inside the cockpit in tracks. I really miss that feature a lot. S!
  15. JG27_PapaFly

    How to be a good escort?

    IMO the best escort is a sweep. Especially in MP you know most of the time where attackers are lurking. Fly several km ahead of the bombers and engage the enemy fighters, keeping them busy for as long as possible. Best is if you manage to push them to lower altitude our lure them to a different direction. In the meanwhile, your bombers will sneak through and destroy the targets. My squad has used this approach very successfully in the AW war in Il-2 46. It's best to have one second line of defense (high escort near the bombers), and to communicate well with the bombers. It's too easy for the fighters to get distracted from the main goal.
  16. JG27_PapaFly

    Asymmetrical flap damage Me 109

    I've noticed that with the latest DM versions planes loose flaps and gear covers extremely often. Whenever I land a substantial wing hit those parts are the first to pass my canopy. My impression is that this effect is a bit overdone.
  17. JG27_PapaFly

    Hype about ME262

    Im not keen on the 262. It was a troubled design. It was clearly the fastest and most heavily armed fighter, but it's aerodynamics and controls did not match it's speed. Although vulnerable, it was great at slashing through the P-51 cover and destroying strategic bombers. It wasn't a good fighter though. Here are my expectations: - limited high-speed maneuverability due to compressibility - slow accelerator - vulnerable - delicate engines requiring very gradual throttle movements - very visible in the dogfight arena due to its size and engine smoke
  18. JG27_PapaFly

    When Do You Stop Shooting?

    When I stop shooting? Depends who sits in the other plane 👹
  19. JG27_PapaFly

    Aerodynamic damage and stall/spin characteristics

    Wait a second here: I've put a lot of time into a thorough analysis, revealing 16! FM issues. And you really expect me to open 16 individual complaint threads, pushing dozens of tracks onto the developers? Sorry, I have a family and a full-time job to attend to, so that simply isn't possible. Besides, I don't see how that would take the heat out of the discussion. So please stop spooling off the "your report is in the wrong format" tape. It stinks. The issues I posted are so basic that each of you can easily replicate them. That of course would mean spending time in-game instead of constantly stalking and pestering me on the forum.
  20. JG27_PapaFly

    Aerodynamic damage and stall/spin characteristics

    Dude, I never said that. If you want to quote me, use the quote function. Stop lying about stuff I never said. Can you do that for a change?
  21. JG27_PapaFly

    Aerodynamic damage and stall/spin characteristics

    The challenge with combat flight sims is this: you must have plausible flight modeling at the edges of the flight envelope. If this game was about general non-aerobatic aviation I wouldn't care. But air to air combat is all about the edges of the envelope, the damage model and the interaction of damage model and flight model. Stall and post-stall behaviour are extremely important. Just yesterday I saved my virtual plane (Fw190A5) twice by coptering. Coptering is what we call the global exploit of the fact that planes become spin-proof as soon as significant sideslip is applied. One moment I had a spitfire with a very good pilot 50 m behind me, the other moment I pushed full right rudder, pulled the stick 100% and applied a bit of left aileron to keep the wings level. The resulting AoA of more than 50 degrees slowed me down as if I had hit a wall. One blink of an eye later I had the Spit in my gunsight. My speed was below stall speed, but by keeping the right rudder pushed and pulling the stick all the way I remained in control, able to aim and shoot. A simple exploit. Totally unrealistic.
  22. JG27_PapaFly

    Aerodynamic damage and stall/spin characteristics

    We won't have realistic stalls and spins of damaged planes as long as the stall and spin behaviour of undamaged planes is so flawed as in this game. See here: All planes I've tested so far can be instantly recovered from a spin by deploying flaps, sideslipping and using out of spin ailerons. All three inputs are a complete no-go in real life. Also, check 4:31 to see how a Spitfire with one deployed flap and even missing an aileron can be induced to spin on both directions and instantly recovered using the described method.
  23. JG27_PapaFly

    Help for aim

    You're right. In reality quite often different horizontal and vertical gun harmonizations were used on one plane. This allowed the creation of complex hit patterns. One example: Fw190A8 All 4 20mm were harmonized to 550 m vertically, as shown in following diagram (lateral view, y=0 is the sighting line). Horizontally, the outer 20ies were harmonized to 400m, and the inner 20ies to 600, as shown in the following diagram (top view). This created a pattern of limited spread at the vertical harmonization points ( 135 and 550 m, where the bullets crossed the sighting line). The machine guns were not harmonized horizontally, i.e. their bullet streams never crossed. Unfortunately we can't even set different convergences for the different guns in-game, let alone different vertical and horizontal convergences.
  24. JG27_PapaFly

    Help for aim

    As already pointed out by previous posters, shooting at maneuvering targets from 500m is a waste of ammo if you could get into a shooting position at close range. Typically, there are two situations in which I try: a) When one of my squaddies is in a desperate position and every second counts. b) A target is trying to extend. In both situations landing hits is a nice-to-have, but the main effect is psychological, putting the enemy under stress and eventually forcing him to start hard evasives, thus offering me a shot at close range. MG151/20 bullets need around 1.5 seconds to reach a target at 500 m. A lot of things can happen during that time. You need to memorize gunsight pictures corresponding to a few standard situations at your most frequently used shooting distance. From these you can extrapolate many other situations. One example: a target at 30 degrees aspect flying with 350 kph TAS must have his spinner on the revi ring in order to be bit in the cockpit area. In other words I need 1r (one revi radius) of lead. This is true for 50-300 m, a zone in which we can regard bullet speed as constant. The same target at the same speed and aspect will require more lead at 500 m, since bullets have slowed significantly at that range. So I'd approximate a lead of 1.5r. If you both came out of a dive and he runs at 700 kph, you already need 3r of lead. If he runs with 700 kph and 30 degrees aspect you need 6r of lead. Regarding gun harmonization in the 109 (all fuselage-mounted): I'd harmonize the guns for the difficult long-range shot (500 m). This eliminates one unknown from your difficult long-range shooting equation: the bullets will cross your sighting line at that range. Now you must find out the range at which the bullets will cross the sighting line for the first time. This will likely be between 100 and 200 m. Go into qmb, hit the level autopilot, switch to external view, pull the camera to 500 m distance from your plane and place it in the bullet stream. You are now on the gunsight's line of sight. Now move the camera closer and note the distance at which the bullets hit it again. This is the first crossing point. Your bullets are below the line of sight btwn your plane and the first crossing point, and again beyond the second crossing point (500 m). They are above the line of sight between the two crossing points. I've requested realistic gun harmonization in the suggestion thread, because what we have now is extremely simplified. Please support the suggestion here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/767-thread-to-gather-your-suggestions/?do=findComment&comment=686872