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  1. Stop dragging me through the mud. I never despawned in front of you. Show some proof or STFU.
  2. I'd try to become a tactical advisor. Recruit some of the best pilots and teach them the science of air combat tactics. WWII Top Gun. That area has developed tremendously after WWII. I'd also try to get the message across to plane manufacturers.
  3. The ackack excels at zero deflection shots. Go head-on against one and you're history. However, it's extremely poor at deflection shooting and very very stupid. All you need is one buddy. Send him ahead of you to attract the AAA, and let him fly wide circles around it anywhere between 500-2000m of altitude, and maintaining a distance of 1-2km to the AAA sites. The AAA will lock on to him and only switch to you if he leaves their lock on range. That way you can comfortably kill all AAA sites, and you can kill the remaining targets together.
  4. Get Autohotkey. It's a simple scripting language that enables you to map an endless number of functions with the limited set of buttons available on your stick. One example: when I'm in the cockpit, my sticks coolie hat controls elevator trim and some of the radiator / cooling flap functionalities. After I press F2 to switch to an external view, the coolie hat controls the rotation of the external camera. I press F1 to switch to cockpit view and the coolie hat switches to it's trim and radiator functionalities.
  5. Vasilij is right in his assessment of the 262. I fly on that server exclusively and when my squad is on there's an absolute carnage. But IMO it's not the plane's fault. The 262 was the plane that put an end to piston engined fighters. After the war it sparked a revolution in aircraft design. There never was an "antiweapon" during the war. However, the problem lies on the side of the server admins. I've discussed this issue with my squad mates and we'd actually like to see a mix of early and late war missions. I'd limit the 262 numbers, but allow the true survivers who bring the bird home safe and sound to use it again on the next sortie. One other thing are tactics. IMO The vast majority of red pilots on EU official are either totally disorganized, or else ineffective as a team. In order to beat the 262 you must apply great team tactics and outsmart the jet driver. My squad has worked hard and had totally dominated the arena during the long months during which the majority of reds flew spitfires. Back then, our 190A5 had only one advantage over the Spits: a slightly higher level speed, and only for 5 minute.
  6. My update just failed three times in a row. And I'm not the only one in my squad making that experience today. On my ONE flying day of the week. I'm utterly disappointed. May I suggest you guys announce updates 2-3 days in advance? Had we known you roll out an update today, my squaddies and I would have re-scheduled our weekly session. We're guys with jobs, families, real lifes, and it happens way too often that our weekly session, the one day we fly together, has been destroyed by an unannounced update. Thanks for considering.
  7. And this wonderful diagram is one of the reasons I believe the FW-190 offered THE best gun convergence solution of all WWII fighters: There are two convergence settings: one is termed convergence and is the range at which the bullets are crossing the sighting line. The second is termed crossover and is the range at which the left and right bullet streams meet. As you see, a convergence of 550 m means that the bullets cross the sighting line at 150m and at 550m. Crossover is set to 400m (outer wing guns), and 600m (inner guns). This means that there is limited, but useful spread of bullets at 150 and 550m. Especially if you look at the wing root 20 mm cannons, you see that the bullets were only 1.5 m apart at 150m distance. The end result is a plane that has two optimal kill scenarios: A) Shooting at long rage (400-600m) with all guns: here, the inner guns are for precision (basically no spread), and the outer guns provide the spread that's useful in landing hits even when aiming was not perfect. This will suit rookies and aces alike. B) Shooting at close range (150 m). Here, the projectiles will cross the sighting line, which helps aiming. Depending on skill and situation, the pilot can decide to use all guns (limited spread from the inner guns, big spread from the outer guns), or only the inner guns (for aces who don't need the extra spread of the outer guns). This makes a lot of sense from a statistical point of view: because it's much easier to hit a close target, and much harder to hit a distant target, and because the projectiles are very effective, it makes more sense to use all guns at big ranges, and only the inner guns at close ranges. In-game, of course, we can't set different convergences for the different guns, or set different values for convergence and crossover. In IL-2 '46 at least we could set different convergences for the different gun groups. I used 550m for the inner guns, and 150m for the outer ones. That basically turned the principles I mentioned above around, primarily setting me up for close-range kill shots with all guns. In the 190s, getting close to the enemy was easy. For the unlikely case of a bandit running at really high speed, I only used the inner guns at long range. This was seldomly deadly, but was more than enough to damage the opponent or force him to maneuver, which allowed me the 150 m all-guns shot. In GB series, I fly the Fws without outer guns most of the time, with a convergence of 550m. It's very useful in close- and long-range scenarios. Whenever I fly a 190 with outer cannons, I set all guns to 150m, essentially giving up the long range scenario. My advice: think of your kill scenarios and set the guns accordingly.
  8. Modeling light perception on a screen with the current state of the art technology is miles away from the way we as humans perceive light. Our eyes have a dynamic range of around 1:1,000,000 around 1000 fold higher than that of our monitors. Because a monitor cannot produce light so bright that it overwhelms our visual sense and is painful and harmful to the eye, the sun slider is probably useless in-game. I never had to use it in over 15 years of IL-2.
  9. What? No warthog throttles? 😉 Just kidding, awesome work!😉
  10. On planes with swept wings, a sideslip will increase the span of the wing that is being pushed forward relative to the air flow. Accordingly, the opposite wing will loose some span. The asymmetric span leads to asymmetric lift leads to roll.
  11. Hi, I've been there as well last year. In my case it was caused by buttons of my warthog throttles constantly sending key presses. I had one axis converted to two buttons in order to simulate the FW-190 trim buttons. The result was that when I left the lever in full aft position in order to trim fully tail heavy it was constantly pressing the trim key I had assigned in-game. The solution was to include a key release action in my Warthog key map after 5 seconds or so. So, look for keys that are stuck in pressed position.
  12. The only AI I ever saw that were using energy-conserving hit-and-run tactics were in Aces Over Europe (early 90s WWII combat SIM). Some of them had names, like Novotny. He would extend a few km, then pitch-back and attack head on. Not proper energy tactic, but very deadly.
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