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  1. To the contrary, we are perfectly organized. We have challenging full time jobs, families, kids, houses, gardens, lots of daily real life chores, and we still manage to hold our weekly squad session. The amount of time we have available for flying IL-2 amounts to around 3 hours per week. On our squad day we return home from our daily commute just in time to fire up our computers and start flying. Unfortunately, or sessions have been ruined quite often by unannounced updates.
  2. If you guys don't mind having your HDDs spammed with content you don't need, fine. One related annoyance is having to wait for updates of several gb volume to install on the one squad evening we have per week, knowing that it's just spam. I'll never care about tanks, yet here they are, LOL. These updates are never announced in advance, so we can't plan our squad evening around them. Many updates lead to server downtime, ruining our session completely
  3. I feel the same. Pushing all content into players computers, irrespective of whether they want that is lame IMO. Having to buy ever larger hard drives just to accommodate unwanted content is a waste of money and resources.
  4. Hi there, can anyone post a photo showing a side view of the long, curved Virpil extension? I'm building a mock-up to test clearance and ergonomy in my home sim. Salute!
  5. As a glider pilot, I absolutely love a very reclined position. It's super comfy. This is a WIP of my upcoming setup. I had built a proof of concept a few years ago and have happily used it ever since. I'm currently looking to upgrade the stick from an MSFFB2 sidestick to a Virpil or VKB combo, so I decided to replace the cheap prototype with a nice, solid pit. I've already tested a 1:1 mockup of a Virpil WarBRD combo in sidestick config, but it won't work due to clearance issues. I'm now looking to integrate a Virpil T-50 center stick solution. I'll probably have to tilt the base and maybe build a custom extension.
  6. JG27_PapaFly

    Spit Flaps

    Exactly! I never fly it, but I flew more P-51 lately, and boy was I surprised at the 110's turning ability on flaps.
  7. JG27_PapaFly

    Spit Flaps

    Great to see that more than a year after I documented these issues others share my frustration.
  8. I did a few level acceleration tests prior to the addition of Bodenplatte planes. Level acceleration under full realism, at 300m ASL, 50 percent fuel, on level autopilot. As shown in the diagram below, the Fw-190 and P-39 lead the pack above 350 kph TAS, and the Spit IX is the top dog below that speed. Because the diagram above does not show what the tactical meaning of the measured differences is, I've prepared following diagram. It shows how much time each plane needs to accelerate through given speed intervals. Here you see that the Spit IX needs an additional 5 seconds compared to the 190A5 to accelerate from 450 to 500 kph.
  9. Exactly, and you can adjust the response curves for the elevator and aileron trim axes for a more aggressive response. The 109 series, the 262, and the P-51 profit a great deal from this.
  10. That is easily corrected by mapping the elevator trim axis to the elevator axis. This effectively, and unrealistically, counteracts the high stick forces, helping to negate yet another genuine Fw-190 advantage. Map the aileron trim to the aileron axis and the mustang gets super maneuverable at high speeds.
  11. The success of this maneuver depends on your initial assessment of his energy state. If you underestimate his E state you find yourself trapped in a steep zoom, with little speed and therefore little maneuvering potential. Keep in mind that many red planes are great zoomers and are very easy to control (and to aim) in steep zoomclimbs down to walking speed. We employ this and similar maneuvers as aggressive team tactics. While one of us zooms right after the merge, one or two of us are close-by, ready for a swift deadly attack on an opponent who follows in the vertical. We call these maneuvers vertical baits. Even in this scenario one should have a plan B ready. That's why my advice is a less aggressive initial zoomclimb of up to 45 degrees. During this stage, we reassess the opponents energy and tactics. Should he have an energy advantage, we can quickly transit into a dive / unloaded extension. This buys some time and provides the higher speed necessary for effective defensive maneuvering. If however the opponent follows into the maneuver despite having less energy we can steepen the climb, eventually pitching back on an opponent that is now trapped I'm the vertical, with no speed and facing crossfire. The less steep initial climb is also a good way to slowly sucker the opponent into the vertical. He will often assume that you zoom moderately because you don't have the juice to go vertical.
  12. I use a simulation setup with a seat which is reclined 45 degrees, in combination with a force feedback Sidestick (msffb2), warthog throttles and mfg crosswind pedals. I'm thinking of switching to the FSSB R3 force sensing stick. http://realsimulator.com/html/fssb_r3_lighting.html There are four reasons: 1) Even after using my inclined simulation rig for six years, I still haven't found the perfect support for my underarm. This is easier with center sticks, where one can rest the arm on ones thighs. A stick that doesn't move at all is a logical step, as in the F-16. 2) The manufacturer promises unprecedented accuracy with the force sensing setup. They sell a new base for the warthog stick, which includes the force sensors for two axes. 3) Even a state of the art regular joystick has severe limitations due to the short travel of the gimbal. This would be a thing of the past with force sensing technology. 4) The warthog grips are in a different league compared to my MSFFB2 stick. More buttons, better ability to customize, and great look and feel. I absolutely love my warthog throttles. So, does anyone have experience with this product?
  13. Thanks for taking your time, this must have been a lot of work. Could you include a measure of variability as well in order to have an estimate whether the observed differences are statistically significant? Standard deviation, standard error of the mean, and CV (%) would work. As an alternative, you could plot box plot diagrams (can be done with Excel 2016). These include mean, median, as well as measures of the data distribution / variability.
  14. A head-on where both opponents are shooting is a tactic for the stupid, crazy, or desperate. We go to great lengths to get our squaddies to consistently and successfully avoid such two sided head-ons. Having one guy in a squad environment who for some reason likes head-ons has a very unpleasant side effect: you can count on him losing a plane in a head-on any time, and leaving his wingman alone and in a bad situation.
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