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  1. Ergonomy + personal flight simming history. Why learn new bindings to the same commands when moving from one sim to another? Some of my bindings reach back to Microsoft flight simulator 3, LOL. I also find it fascinating that, with the right setup, I have better ergonomy in the sim than in the gliders I fly in real-life. Many pilots are ergonomy and control maniacs.
  2. Hi there, Glad you guys like the tool The programming was a nice journey, but I had no idea whether folks would actually find it useful. Thanks for your suggestions, I'll have a look at ways to implement them (very little spare time right now). As I flew online with my squad last week, one of the guys dropped off coms, and I soon missed a pre recorded message along the lines of "Plane fucked - I must RTB" LOL. I'll keep you posted on my progress.
  3. If someone would volunteer to translate the readme into Russian, I could include Russian instructions and perhaps Russian subtitles to the vid. The executable works fine with the cyrillic keyboard.
  4. Very interesting app! Any chance of implementing the joystick and rudder indicator as a 2D overlap similar to the windows joystick window, but transparent? That would be a great tool for teaching certain maneuvers and tactics. Adding a throttle indicator would be great, too.
  5. Hi everyone, the in-game chat functionality has always frustrated me. As long as the chat window is open, it blocks my TrackIR, as well as my mouse and all non character-producing keys. I've programmed the ChatBox application in order to improve the chat experience. What is it? The ChatBox is a tiny executable file that you don't even have to install. It toggles it's own, semi-transparent overlay window near the top of the game window. When the ChatBox window is on, it intercepts input from character-producing keys, and displays the entered text in it's
  6. I fully agree, it would be great to be able to use TrackIR in external view. In addition, I'd add the option to bind keys for manipulating the map. Having to fiddle with the mouse during flight after having paid more than 1000 euros for a top notch HOTAS is quite disappointing.
  7. How about you make yourself comfortable in the backseat of my glider? I bet I can make you totally lose your orientation and puke your brains out in less than 20 minutes. And we'll see how good your flying skills, stamina and tactical judgement are then.
  8. I know tactics as well as anyone else among us gamers. Just, please, show some respect and decency and don't attempt to judge a man who actually put his life on the line just do we can enjoy our overpriviledged lives.
  9. It is not up to any of us gamers to decide 75 years after the fact who should have died in the war or not. IMO, most of us would have lacked the fitness, witts, skills and courage to even make it to flying status in a handful of flying lessons, let alone go into air combat AND live to tell the story. We gamers aren't top gun instructors, and combat pilots are not our students.
  10. I'm convinced that the new physiology model is a huge step in the right direction. IMO, the effects of most of the other factors you mentioned (length of mission, open canopy, exhaust fumes etc.) would be overshadowed by the effects of fatigue induced by the applied stick forces over time. It's not critical to develop every minute aspect of flying a warbird. Covering the key aspects is what makes a sim shine. IMO, the next big leaps forward in the physiology department are the implementation of fatigue due to stick forces, and a more realistic pilot damage model. I've submitted req
  11. Everyone seems to sink their teeth into wing loading, CLmax, and power-to-weight ratios. Perhaps we should have a closer look at trim drag during max performance and best sustained turns. If we were to compare two planes with identical wing loading, the one with less trim drag (i.e. the one with the center of gravity further back in relation to the center of lift) will be the better turner. That's why modern fighters have relaxed subsonic pitch stability. I've seen and documented many EF2000, Rafale, and F-16 displays, and I've never seen any significant control surface deflection to maintain
  12. Beautiful plane for sure. One has to admire those clean lines. I'm afraid most will be massacred by the luftwaffe while doing low level raids. FW-190 drivers instinctively start to salivate as soon as they see a Mossie below.
  13. Thanks, it turned out that a Windows update messed up my PC again. In addition to the game not starting, there were BSODs and other issues. I rolled back the unwanted update and everything is back to normal.
  14. Mine just stopped working. The launcher shows no update, and the game fails to launch and freezes my PC completely. After a wait of around 5 minutes, I get following error message: Can not create Direct3DDevice: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED (0x887a0005)
  15. Hi folks, I found out by accident that one of my squad mates and I appear to have different default key bindings for opening the in-game chat window. On my machine: numpad divide On his machine: enter Neither of us has changed the default binding. The weirdest thing is that he's able to assign numpad divide to the function, whereas I'm unable to assign any other key. We both have BoS non-steam as first game package. Can anyone enlighten me on what's going on?
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