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  1. JG27_PapaFly

    JG27 is recruiting

    Hi there, check your PM 😉
  2. JG27_PapaFly

    SpitIX FM and DM bugs.

    So you have to deliver total proof on a silver platter before anything will happen on the developers side? Hope they pay you well because it sure sounds like you're doing their work for them.
  3. JG27_PapaFly

    JG27 is recruiting

    JG27_Kornezov and I total more than 40 years of flight simming. We fly as a team for around 10 years now. Many players believe that all it takes to have an efficient team is to be on the same server and to chat throughTeamSpeak. That is not the case. Becoming an efficient team player is what transforms you into a complete pilot. You'll be able to achieve much more than you could ever dream of while alone. Here are some aspects that we cover during our journey: -communication skills -plane control and aerobatics -air combat maneuvering in all imaginable scenarios, like 1vs1, 1vs2, 1vs many, 2vs1, 2vs2, 2vs many -offensive and defensive team tactics -manipulating the opponents into playing your game, and losing -single and two element tactics -air-to-air, air-to-ground, and combined ops What it takes is to be open-minded, curious, and willing to learn. Korny and I see this as a life-long journey. You are never "there", but are always presented the opportunity to learn new things and deepen your expertise. Besides, this is a great way to stay proficient even though you might spend very limited time online. Right now, Korny and I fly once per week due to real-life obligations. Nevertheless, we are very competitive and never have to back off from a fight. Here's a vid showing you a tactical mission debrief done by Korny:
  4. Dear developers, as a faithful customer I'm really disappointed. I had expected that you fix e.g. - the overheat issue in the FW-190 A8 - the fact that the spit9 never overheats - the missing gyroscopic forces in the spit9. - game stability issues Instead, we get new bugs, like the massively nerfed MK-108 30 mm. My impression of a low quality, sub-par product grows stronger every week.
  5. The 30mm MK-108 is a joke now. Just tested it against different targets and we almost always needed multiple hits.
  6. JG27_PapaFly

    SpitIX FM and DM bugs.

    We'd have less partly dewinged planes flying around if pilot fatigue would be modeled.
  7. JG27_PapaFly

    Pilot fatigue?

    Would you like to have pilot fatigue implemented as a realism option? It was a huge factor in WW2 air combat. The developers spend a lot of efort on getting the limits of the planes' systems right, when in fact pilot fatigue was one of the most limiting factors. I think it could be implemented very easily. The game already calculates stick and pedal forces. Make all pilots equal and provide each with a given energy reserve and a constant energy recovery rate (this is mostly a function of the liver's metabolic rate; plenty of published data is available). Plot the sum of the applied stick and pedal forces vs. time in a diagram. Add an additional force as a factor to the applied positive g forces (e.g. 100 N per g). This is to take into account that pilots must contract their leg, buttocks and abdominal muscles under positive g in order to maintain physiological blood pressure levels in the brain and thus remain conscious. The integral of the total force vs. time diagram is your maneuvering-induced energy depletion rate. Substract that from the constant energy recovery rate and you have your total energy trend. Start limiting the available stick forces as a first low energy threshold is reached (yellow level in the hud energy indicator). The less energy, the less available stick force. At these levels, a full energy recovery can be achieved after enough time. If the energy is depleted to the red level, only a partial energy recovery is possible. This is to simulate the fact that exhausted, over-strained muscles will in reality not recover to full capacity until earliest next day.
  8. JG27_PapaFly

    Spitfire's torque effects ?....

    I wonder where the gyroscopic prop forces are in the Spit. They are huge in the 190s. I'd expect them in the Spits, since their prop has similar weight and rotates even faster.
  9. Thanks guys, it worked by using two profiles on target!😁
  10. I don't think that'll help, since the slider axes are assigned directly in-game. AFAIK the game will always identify e.g. the left throttle axis as the left throttle axis, independent of the target profile I'm using. What I'd like to do is to assign a physical axis as e.g. axis 1, and as a different axis when I fly another plane. The reason I want this is that I can do very fast hammerhead reversals in e.g. BF-110 and HS-129 using differential power on both engines. Great fun while attacking tanks.
  11. Here's a question for you controller experts: I'd like the two throttle axes to be assigned to different functions depending on the number of engines on my plane. Single engine plane: one throttle for power, the other for prop pitch. Two engine plane: both throttles for power; one for engine 1, the other for engine 2. Can this be done? I use the target software with advanced profiles and a few extra autohotkey scripts. I don't use the target scripting language and have no time to learn it.
  12. JG27_PapaFly

    Rolling performance

    Excellent data! Do we know what stick and pedal force limits are currently implemented? It would also be nice to know whether the limits of pitch and roll axis differ. From a physiological point of view I believe they should. I found another NACA report (Measurements of the flying qualities of a Supermarine Spitfire VA airplane) which stated that the maximum force their test pilot could in practice apply on the Spit's roll axis was 40 lb. In addition, many pilot reports state that the combination of narrow cockpit and control column design limited the lateral force that could be applied and led to the general impression that the planes biggest flaw was the slow roll rate and huge lateral stick forces.
  13. JG27_PapaFly

    Fw 190A8 cooling

    Dear developers, the real life climb test series with the boosted A8 I mentioned also contains tests that were flown at lower boost settings equivalent to those of an A5. The same cooling flaps setting was used and the engine showed no overheat signs during the 12 minute climb to 8000 m. I think the A5 cooling scheme should also be adjusted. Flying at slow speed and full A5 boost on a 24 degree day for 12 minutes without overheat and with cooling flaps at 75% is quite convincing. The tests contain detailed temperature diagrams for all boost settings. http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/fw190/BMW_VB_126.pdf
  14. JG27_PapaFly

    Fw 190A8 cooling

    Dear developers, thanks for this sim and especially thanks for the 190 A8. I've tried to replicate a maximum performance climb test that was flown in September 1943 by the Germans. See here for the documents: http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/fw190/BMW_VB_126.pdf They used the FW-190 A8 with the increased boost you have modeled in-game The outside temperature on deck was 24°C The oil and cylinder head temps were closely monitored throughout the tests Powersetting: maximum boost throughout the climb The cooling flaps were set to 3, i.e. 75% The indicated airspeed was kept at 260-270 kph The plane climbed to 8000 m in 8 minutes The engine didn't overheat at any point Following the test, the plane was cleared for 10 minutes of maximum boost. This, however, was simply an official clearance of the engine manufacturer and was not limited by heat. Here are my settings for the in-game test: The map (Stalingrad Autumn) is cooler than the temperatures during the real test. Power, speed and cooling flaps were the same as in the real test The in-game climb performance is within 10% of reality Unfortunately, the plane overheats after 5 minutes at 4500 m and that is the end of it Could you please fix this? The real-life data of this plane is extremely well documented and available (http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/fw190/fw190a8.html). Thanks in advance, S! S!
  15. JG27_PapaFly

    Force feedback issue

    I don't think it's an issue with my MS FFB2 stick. It has both centering forces which vary with airspeed as well as spring effects. Are there any spring effects when diving at very high speed and the control surfaces and the stick in the virtual cockpit shake violently? That's one example where I believe force feedback effects are missing.