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  1. I checkd ball bearings and I used 4 x 13 x 5 bearings in the gimbals. 5 is bearing's widht.
  2. I used 4 x 13 x 4 ball bearings in the gimbals. Original hole is 1/2" what means that the hole must be enlarge. It is very easy job with a sanding paper.
  3. Hello I have got many Private messages about my mod. I added photo where is litle information about my od and also I did and added a sketch from big gear and it's bearing which is main component of mod. I haven't exact measures because I did my joystic without professional documentation and I did it during long period. MXL 160T pulleys are from ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/MXL16-160T-Timing-Belt-Pulley-Synchronous-Wheel-Gear-Width-7-11mm-Pitch-2-032mm/254248000069?hash=item3b325c9a45:m:mgVhECqT_2__FbbzC3TpHrA and MXL 10T pulley are from beltingonline https://www.beltingonline.com/10-tooth-mxl-pulley-al10mxl025fb-5165 I hope that these information clarify how I build my joystic. Best Regards SFF Vellu
  4. Some times I have also this bug. Most easy way to "repair" it is push ctrl+alt+del and go to desktop and after that come back to the game. Usually FFB starts to working normally when I did it once. Some times it has to do few times. SFF_Vellu
  5. Sorry but I have't time to make a modded joystik to sell. Other reason why I can't sell the modded joystik is that I modded a 230V power source if I sell the modded joystik responsibility for electrical safety would have mine. Third reason is my wife. She thinks that I waste too much time to this hobby...
  6. Your extension works very well with a moded circuit board by Viktor.
  7. First test have done with the new version of MS FFB II. I replaced original plastic gears with timing belt and feeling is absolutely different. Right now in the joystic hasn't any gap and the feeling of gears is gone. I attached few photos how I mod the joystic.
  8. Some times I have same problem but then I press ctr + alt +del and return to game. Usually this works immediately but some times it has to repeate few times.
  9. Fw-190. And I would like more the Fw-190 if it would have been simulationed correct. According to Wing Commander Johnny Johnsson (top Brittish ace) the Fw-190 turns better than the Spit V.
  10. Fw-190 and its BMW 801D has a hydralical / mechanical control system (Kommandogerät) which control automatically a engine rpm, a fuel mixture, a ignition time, a supercharger and a boost pressure. A pilots used only the throttle levers and the kommandogerät control all other things in the engine. That's why the Fw-190 was first plane which the pilot's has HOTAS system.
  11. In Finland I have also same hobby but I think that your trees are bigger.
  12. Brief description: ​Self sealing tanks of 109 & 190 Detailed description:​ If Me 109 or Fw 190 get hit to fuel tank the tank starts to leaks fuel immidiattely and leaking continues as long as tanks has fuel. Both planes have self sealing tank which resists rifle calibre or 12.7 mm bullets without leaking. Sometimes even 20 mm shels can hit to self sealing tanks without fire or leaking. Additional assets:​ Every player has seen this bug that 109 or 190 fuel tanks continue leaking.
  13. Hello I attached a simple wind calculator which I have used. WADC.html
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