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  1. Yesterday (Sun 29.3) I have this bug also in a Finnish Virtualpilots server. I saw flaks and bombs explosions on the ground but I did not see any oyher planes. And then somebody shot me down. Unfortunately I have not a tracks about it.
  2. I checkd ball bearings and I used 4 x 13 x 5 bearings in the gimbals. 5 is bearing's widht.
  3. I used 4 x 13 x 4 ball bearings in the gimbals. Original hole is 1/2" what means that the hole must be enlarge. It is very easy job with a sanding paper.
  4. Hello I have got many Private messages about my mod. I added photo where is litle information about my od and also I did and added a sketch from big gear and it's bearing which is main component of mod. I haven't exact measures because I did my joystic without professional documentation and I did it during long period. MXL 160T pulleys are from ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/MXL16-160T-Timing-Belt-Pulley-Synchronous-Wheel-Gear-Width-7-11mm-Pitch-2-032mm/254248000069?hash=item3b325c9a45:m:mgVhECqT_2__FbbzC3TpHrA and MXL 10T pulley are from beltingonline https://www.beltingonline.com/10-tooth-mxl-pulley-al10mxl025fb-5165 I hope that these information clarify how I build my joystic. Best Regards SFF Vellu
  5. Some times I have also this bug. Most easy way to "repair" it is push ctrl+alt+del and go to desktop and after that come back to the game. Usually FFB starts to working normally when I did it once. Some times it has to do few times. SFF_Vellu
  6. Sorry but I have't time to make a modded joystik to sell. Other reason why I can't sell the modded joystik is that I modded a 230V power source if I sell the modded joystik responsibility for electrical safety would have mine. Third reason is my wife. She thinks that I waste too much time to this hobby...
  7. Your extension works very well with a moded circuit board by Viktor.
  8. First test have done with the new version of MS FFB II. I replaced original plastic gears with timing belt and feeling is absolutely different. Right now in the joystic hasn't any gap and the feeling of gears is gone. I attached few photos how I mod the joystic.
  9. Some times I have same problem but then I press ctr + alt +del and return to game. Usually this works immediately but some times it has to repeate few times.
  10. Fw-190. And I would like more the Fw-190 if it would have been simulationed correct. According to Wing Commander Johnny Johnsson (top Brittish ace) the Fw-190 turns better than the Spit V.
  11. Fw-190 and its BMW 801D has a hydralical / mechanical control system (Kommandogerät) which control automatically a engine rpm, a fuel mixture, a ignition time, a supercharger and a boost pressure. A pilots used only the throttle levers and the kommandogerät control all other things in the engine. That's why the Fw-190 was first plane which the pilot's has HOTAS system.
  12. In Finland I have also same hobby but I think that your trees are bigger.
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