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  1. I use the feature in DCS with no issues other than the UI being a little screwy. They need to fix that. Aerofly FS2 and Project Cars 1 & 2 both also use a similar feature and it works really well. It definitely is a YMMV type of situation. Options are always appreciated.
  2. Thank you. That makes sense. Their upcoming solution does sound like a simpler fix than requiring the player to manually change the startup file. I still think a manual adjustment setting would be nice in-game allowing you to tweak world scale slightly up or down.
  3. The manual IPD adjustment using the knob on the HMD has nothing to do with the in-game IPD. It only adjusts how far apart the physical screens are and the corresponding lenses, letting you adjust to the sweet spot of the lenses. Did I misunderstand this dev's post somehow?
  4. Does this mod still work as of now? Also, the install instructions are not clear to me. What files need to go where?
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