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  1. When this happens in-game, do this. Go to the mixed reality portal, click the box that lets you set up a room boundary. Choose the setup for sitting. It will ask you to center the headset, click to center the headset and that's all it should take to re-establish 6 dof tracking. This always works for me. Make sure you have enough light and put something on your walls (posters, frames, ets...). It give WMR something to track. Hope that works for you.
  2. I use the feature in DCS with no issues other than the UI being a little screwy. They need to fix that. Aerofly FS2 and Project Cars 1 & 2 both also use a similar feature and it works really well. It definitely is a YMMV type of situation. Options are always appreciated.
  3. Thank you. That makes sense. Their upcoming solution does sound like a simpler fix than requiring the player to manually change the startup file. I still think a manual adjustment setting would be nice in-game allowing you to tweak world scale slightly up or down.
  4. The manual IPD adjustment using the knob on the HMD has nothing to do with the in-game IPD. It only adjusts how far apart the physical screens are and the corresponding lenses, letting you adjust to the sweet spot of the lenses. Did I misunderstand this dev's post somehow?
  5. Does this mod still work as of now? Also, the install instructions are not clear to me. What files need to go where?
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