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  1. Thank you PicksKing :). Good work! That's exactly the stuff that  this  (already beautiful) map needed. Well done, keep up the good work!


    (For the textures replacement, I had a try with 2048 textures instead of 256 or 512 and didn't notice fps loss on this map (I7 7700, gtx 1070, ram16GB).

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  2. Hello everyone,


    here are four retextured maps, three for the Moscow map, and one for the Kuban map. These are not historical representations, I do not know what those places actually looked like. I only made these repaints to have fun and fly over something unusual.
    I give you the maps as they are for now. None of them are finished, lot of things really need more work. These are not  great quality retextures, but seen from the cockpit and in motion, it's ok.





    The files:


    - MOSCOWgreen.7z: green Moscow map, improved version (replaces default autumn map).


    - MOSCOW_W.7z: winter Moscow map, improved version (replaces default autumn map).


    - MOSCOW_F.7z: version with more cultivated fields and meadows. There are still many things I don't know how to do, so you will find some weird areas, some textures repetitions, etc. I wanted a generic agricultural landscape, which could be (with imagination) anywhere between Russia and the Atlantic Ocean. Personally, I use it mainly in QMB with BoBP planes (replaces default autumn map).
    http://www.mediafire.com/file/i92zdv0m8ed879r/MOSCOW_F.7z/file    (updated 05.13.19)


    - Kuban_W.7z: full winter version of the Kuban map, I'm not sure it's realistic, but can do the trick for different scenarios (replaces default autumn map).


    Unzip the archives in your "MODS" folder. Correct path is (eg. with green Moscow map): "yourgamefolder\MODS\MOSCOWgreen" and if you open this folder: "yourgamefolder\MODS\MOSCOWgreen\data\graphics\landscape_moscow_a\..." Activate the mod with JSGME or OvGME (I use JSGME). Remember that the three repaints for Moscow replace the same map, so you can activate only one at a time.


    And if you like Kuban map, find here a beautiful and very athmospheric winter version by LF_Gallahad: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/38957-mod-winter-kuban-map-released/

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  3. Hello,
    the mod works OK for me with 3.006.
    If you have more than 13 pictures(default number), look for "IL-2\data\swf\il2\userdata\default\preloader.txt".
    You'll find that: "history=1%2C2%2C3%2C4%2C5%2C6%2C7%2C8%2C9%2C10%2C11%2C12%2C13". Add your new pictures at the end of the line -example for 15 pics: ......11%2C12%2C13%2C14%2C15
    Hope it helps.

  4. Hello,
    Thanks mates for your interest :)
    Sorry, I don't know how OvGME works (I use JSGME), but I think I'll soon have a look at it as many people use it.
    Remember that you can activate only one map at a time (both are based on the same Moscow autumn map): eg. disable green map and then activate the winter one, and conversely. Activate none for stock autumn map.

    hope it helps

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  5. Hello all,
    sorry for late reply and many thanks mates for advices and comments.

    First, thanks Bilou -I think you're right about the trees files, I was wrong but I couldn't investigate more about them.
    Thanks LizLemon, very interesting finding. Adding diversity to forest is a really needed point.
    Big thanks everyone for help and sharing your investigation results:).

    For now, I still don't have a clue about trees implantation system so I'll have to make the textures  in a different way for the "europeanized" map. That may take some time, so don't expect it very soon.

    Unfortunatly, I won't have much time to work on the textures in the next weeks, so i give you the links of my unfinished work so you can use it .
    They are for green moscow map (reworked fields and other details) and the "semi-winter" map (I post the links in the green Mocow topic too).
    Don't expect the same quality that on stock maps, I'm not a graphist artist... But in flight they look good enough from the cockpit.
    Remember that everything is still WIP, so you will find some bugs etc. Hope you will like them anyway.


    Green Moscow: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1m3s77ojmfcq519/MOSCOW3.7z
    Winter Moscow: http://www.mediafire.com/file/uek2qy5vndk32sy/MOSCOW_W2.7z/file


    I need your feedback, so don't hesitate to revert on me and to show your feelings about. Thanks for interest.

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  6. Hello all,

    Edited the first post with a new link for green Moscow map and another for a new winter version. (some screenshots of winter version here:


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  7. Hello,

    thanks for your replies 🙂

    On 6/28/2018 at 10:12 AM, Feathered_IV said:

    Hi May-bug.  In this thread Bilou very helpfully mentioned the versionaccess.txt file and how you need to set "useBitmapAtlases to 0" to allow the game to defer to new bitmap textures.  I'd suggest trying that or do a search of the extracted game files with grepWin and search for Atlases as the keyword to see if there isn't a similar entry that also controls .dds files. 


    Thanks. I set "useBitmapAtlases" to 0, but it didn't help. I searched for entries in atlasses, but didn't find anything releted to those *_f files or "surfacetex" or "landtexturesquality" ...:wacko:


    On 6/28/2018 at 3:24 PM, Bilou said:

    So if I understand correctly, you managed to change the textures for the impostor trees (the ones far away), but not the mesh ones ?

    If so, there are interesting parameters in the "textures.tini" file (located in the landscape folders), like "ForestContrastMid", "ForestContrastFar" and "ForestFarBacklight" that sound like they could globally influence the color of trees.


    17 hours ago, G_GART said:


    May be this helps, the texture name for tress in the "graphics\landscape_moscow_a\trees" folder

    is: foliage.dds and is 2048x2048 pix size 5.5 MB.

    I added a red layer and load it i MB as a temporary MOD.

    format: DXT5 ARGB 8BPP | interpolated alpha with 10 MIP maps.


    Thanks for replies mates. What I'm trying to do is to edit the files that display the trees on each different texture (I already changed the mesh-trees and far-trees textures, it works ok, but my first tries with "textures.tini" were not very satisfying so I came back to default ones by now).

    This map has a first layer of textures which covers all the ground. Textures stored in "landtexturesquality" folder. I don't know which  associated file displays the trees on these ones, I'd like to know...

    Forests are another layer but are not concerned here, I won't change their location.

    Other textures (special aeras and fields aeras, towns, etc)  are used like "decals" on this 1st layer, and each one has an associated file (nameofthetexture_f.dds) which displays the trees on this texture. Files stored in "surfacetex" folder. I created my own *_f files, but like I said in 1st post, the game still displays the default location for trees on the textures, as if the game couldn't "see" the new ones and use the old ones instead (you can see on the three first screens that trees, hayes or small woods don't match with the new textures. This is trees location for original textures). With "useBitmapAtlases" to 0, I suspect the problem is a file format saving problem ? I 'll continue to investigate, but I'm a bit out of ideas ...

    Thanks for your help and interest guys 🙂

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  8. Hello,
    I'm currently working on a retexture for Moscow map, but I encounter a problem with a file format (I guess). I hope someone could help, because I have no clue:
    On ground textures, bump and trees are displayed via associated files: nameofthetexture_nm.dds for bump (normal map), and nameofthetexture_f.dds for the trees.
    Ground textures and normal map work ok, but I can't get the tree files working. The game still shows trees for default textures, seems it doesn't "see" my files. So trees don't match with the new textures. Not very nice, but there however are trees lol.
    This file is a black&white picture (RGB and alpha channel) and seems to be DXT5.
    I tried a lot of options in NvidiaTools for PScc and with DXTbmp, but I didn't success. What am I missing ? A small detail or an elefant ?
    Another question: does someone know which file displays trees on " landtexturesquality " textures ? Even if I can't get it working now, i'd like to know...
    Here are a few screens of this retexture. I try to give a more "european' look to the ground, since we have now the first planes for BoBp.
    And another one, Moscow under early (or late ?) winter. I don't know if it is realistic, I wanted to get something like winter Slovakia map in Il-2'46.
    Both "maps" are WIP, and they still need some work before first release (supposing I can make the tree files work).








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  9. Hello,

    Thanks for the comments :)
    sorry for no news, but I've been busy IRL this week.
    Here is the last version of the mod (I updated too the link in first post): http://www.mediafire.com/file/juog7witus3smlz/MOSCOW3.7z
    I'm still not happy with several things (especially trees), and there is still work to do on it. Tell me what you think.
    And please remember that this map is not intended to be a real summer map, that's why I called the topic "Green Moscow" ...so please no polemic on colors or season accuracy.

    Comments, ideas, etc are welcome.

    Hope you like it :)

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  10. Hello,

    Thanks for your comments, thanks Jason for info.
    The map is WIP, a few things are still to be done, and I want to polish some textures. So it is far from perfect. Everything is from stock, I just changed textures colors or replaced some by textures from other maps.
    I don't know if it really looks like Moscow area in summer, but it is fun to fly on a different map, and that was my first goal. I'll try later to find good photos to make a more accurate summer map, but I want to finish this one first (I plan too to make a semi-winter map by melting season textures, but that will require much work and will take some time).
    Here is a link to the file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ovxbiw2l0iexyg0/MOSCOW.7z
    Unzip in your "Mods" folder and activate with JSGME. It will replace the autumn map as Jason said.
    You can change the generic grass by other (from autumn Kuban map). It gives a bit different look to the map:
     1. rename "landtexturesquality" folder to "--landtexturesquality"
     2. rename "-landtexturesquality" folder to "landtexturesquality"
    Hope you like it, comments are welcome. Have fun!
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  11. Hello :),

    this is a small mod for changing (or adding) splashscreens.
    Unzip in MODS folder and activate with JSGME (Mods=on in the game)
    To add splashscreens, place your pictures in "images" folder, rename them to match with others (following numbers). Then open "info.txt", copy the last line, paste it on a new line and change the numbers to match with your images names.
    Your pictures must be *.dds, 2048*1024 or same ratio I guess. DXT1 seems to work ok.
    You have 13 pictures in "images" folder. Say you add two new pictures, so you rename them "14.dds" and "15.dds".
    Now open "info.txt". Last line is:
    13,  2,  0,  0,  il2/preloader/images/13.dds|
    Just add the following lines:
    14,  2,  0,  0,  il2/preloader/images/14.dds|
    15,  2,  0,  0,  il2/preloader/images/15.dds|
    Or you can simply replace existing pictures, just keep the name of the files.
    I hope forum artists will soon provide us beautifull pictures :) !
    Hope you like it, and big big thanks to 777 for allowing mods, and AnKor for new GTP util :salute:.
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