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  1. Yeah... that's a question I didn't realize I had. W00dy, are you saying if I own, say, BoS and BoK on Steam, I can still purchase single plane add-ons through the store here? And use them in Steam? And is the reverse true?
  2. Thanks for the info, gents! LuseKofte -- for the simple reason that Steam is my defacto gaming friend network. Convience, nothing more. On that note -- I assume the multiplayer for this game shares one ecosystem? Eg: Steam players and non-Steam players play on the same servers? Cheers!
  3. Hello, sorry for the rookie question. I could not seem to find a currently relevant solution in the forums. I own BoS and BoM, purchased through this site many years ago. Just verified I still own it, and installed the local client. However, I heard I can "migrate" my account to Steam by generating a Steam key. Is there still a way to do that? Can anyone tell me how? Thanks in advance!
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