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  1. I did the cable tie trick and it works very well, no disconnects even on my completely knackered connector. That should give you more play time while you wait for it to be sent back or picked up.
  2. Very exciting! Now, if I buy a Gforcefactory motion sim, will IL-2 work with it?😁
  3. LCD screens are acceptable in IL-2, for day missions. They are pretty bad though in predominantly dark environments, like Elite Dangerous. You do adjust after a while. Popping on my Vive Pro after spending some time with the Pimax 5K+ was like woaaaah, the colour and contrast were making me trip. Like going from LCD to LSD screens.
  4. After testing my 5K+ for a few weeks, I'm happy to go back to my Vive Pro. The clarity of my Pro craps on my Pimax. Now, it looks like the Reverb has fixed IPD and I'm betting this won't be any good for me either due to my low IPD. Reverb IPD is 63mm +/-8mm via software. It also has LCD screens, so we're talking low contrast and muted colours. 🙁
  5. That looks like a pretty good position for the basestation. It's not side-on as I had imagined. Yes, if that picture has glass over it then there's gonna be reflections.
  6. chiliwili69, I suspect that the reason is because the base station is not directly in front of you. Side on is not going to be optimal as many of the detectors will be obscured from the laser.☹️
  7. As a 32## Pimax 8K backer, I'm not holding my breath for any delivery soon, if ever, judging by the inexplicable procrastination at the assembly lines. I'm perfectly fine using my Vive Pro for the next 12 months. I like to keep my expectations low. But who knows. Maybe there will be a miracle at Christmas.😁
  8. Omg, the Bodenplatte cities look like they are going to be stunning.😍 I can't wait!
  9. Where is my 2080Ti and why did they send me scrapmetal instead? 🤣This piece of junk can barely do an overclock that is stable enough for 3DMark. This is only a few percent points faster than my overclocked 1080Ti. I don't hold much hope of it providing any benefit over a 1080Ti. But I'm still playing around with it and haven't compared in-game fps, yet. [edit] Well, VRMark tells a different story. Lots of gain, but don't know yet if that translates to real-world fps gain.
  10. I got the Founder's Edition. I've got a mITX case, so this with water cooling should be nice.
  11. IL-2 has always run a much better frame rate than DCS. As well as better fps, it looks so much nicer. If you want good fps in DCS, then only look at the sky. But then you will be confronted with billboard clouds which plainly look silly. My 2080Ti is out for delivery. So will be testing this tonight.
  12. Normal view, which is 150°, looks much better, according to the reviewers. It's going to have better SDE, better resolution and over 100° of sweetspot.
  13. Correct. SweVive keeps reminding us throughout his review, and also in VoodooDE's, that the fisheye effect only appears on the mirrored view of the monitor, not in the VR headset. I have no doubts about switching from 8K to the 5K+. I am happy with the SDE with my Vive Pro. The 5K+ improves upon this further with its RGB stripe and I don't need 8K levels of SDE. I prefer to have graphics effects maxed out than have lower FPS and lower SDE. The 5K+ also has a greater resolution because the panels are 9% smaller. SweViver, after 3 months of playing with these headsets, said that given the choice of the 8K or 5K+ he would take the 5K+. This seems to be the consensus of all 3 reviewers so far.
  14. The 8K is simply upscaling a 5K source. So both the 5K and 8K Pimaxs are fed the same resolution source material. I am assuming the 5K and 8K screens are the same dimensions.
  15. Because the panels are not curved, I reckon the resolution falloff at the edges is going to be greater for the Pimax 5K+/8K. So the center will benefit even more than the Vive or Rift. http://doc-ok.org/?tag=htc-vive
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