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  1. Haha, mine throttle is fixed using zip ties as well (not visible on the picture). The plate was cut to accommodate X-55 throttle but recently I have rebuilt TQS, still work in progress so it's not permanently fixed yet.
  2. Don't try to copy Monstertech nut to nut, they are really well engineered and you will struggle to do the same with hand tools. Just eye ball it and adjust to your desk or sim pit, this is mine: Cost me less then £40 and few hours of my time, although I already had some screws and metal plates. The clamps Monstertech are using alone are about £30 each, mine are £10 for 2. And their mounting screws perfectly fit the slots in 6020 profile I have used.
  3. Visually - probably no or not much. But ASW is introducing some artefacts on fast moving objects and that makes plane identification much harder. Unless you flying attackers only you want to have it off.
  4. Zoom helps a bit but only at close range. In larger distances while zooming in, the spotted plane stays the same size, in effect is 'zoomed out'. In my experience: - graphic settings matter, a lot. Ideally you would keep 90fps with ASW off all the time. For this reason I'm trying hard to justify a new graphic card - Build your SA, look at who is shooting at who, ground fire, flak, most likely enemy routes and targets, etc. - Adjust your tactics and never ever go into a furball - At last, forget fighters and fly ground pounders
  5. They could model the engine (just the outline).
  6. The white vapour from damaged wing is a petrol, right? Is it expected that it doesn't ignite?
  7. What I would like to try is 'partial' snap view, you have to turn your head first 100-120 deg then press the button to turn it 20-40 deg more. It shouldn't be disorientating, would work more like a zoom. But I'm afraid devs don't have spare resources to experiment right now.
  8. In ME we have additional maps: Lapino, Novosokolniki and Velikie Luki. Is any of those maps included with both BoS and BoM?
  9. Don't worry about thump when moving your head, it's there as a safety measure to tell your brain you hit a barrier in the game while your real head it's still moving. After the last patch the sound is very muted and my brain starts to ignore it now, although I'd like to have an option (even by editing config file) to disable it for good.
  10. i7 and GTX970 and the game run smoothly on most settings, although with ASW enabled. The drawback of ASW is that at certain angles aircraft ID is much more difficult, so I may upgrade my graphic card soon.
  11. I have I7 4770k and GTX970 and have no problems, always at least 45FPS which is more than enough for rift with ASW enabled. Haven't tried MP yet. I also don't have issues with spotting or aircraft recognition, I don't think it's much harder then on monitor (at least from what I remember playing on monitor few years back).
  12. I for example don't feel sick hitting restrictions in the cockpit, although I'd like to have an option to disable thump sound. But taxing on grass airfields is a vomit machine for me! Funny enough, I have never had a problem in DCS, but taxing on concrete is very smooth.
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