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  1. Really enjoyed it this time, Helped me kill the hours during my lockdown!!! Congratulations to the red team, well done on an almost complete victory. Congrates to Ala13_UnopaUno_VR for being the only red pilot to kill me.... i never even saw you (i literally never saw you, it was like you were not there! ha ha ha) Looking forward to the next one already.. And hopefully no pesky technochat (or **** fired on a friendly 😉). Thanks to the LG guys, for the best server, and especially the devs for a great sim.. Keep up the good work (and i'll keep donating! ha ha ha) PS. dont change to much, maybe adjust the scoring/points a little, and add some German air bases on the Kerch peninsular so we can have a bit more ship action! Until the next campaign, stay safe.........
  2. Here, here...... A special thanks to the Devs. I've always brought every collectors plane, and every version of the game in order to support it. Flight simming, airshows (where i've met many a fellow simmer, and made some great friends!) especially Flying Ledgends and WW2 aircraft in general have played such a big part in my life. To me its so much more than just a hobby.... We have such a great community, with a great bunch of people. Long may it continue..
  3. While i agree, zoom is needed for some (i don't use it). Its the level of zoom that appears to be the problem. As you look at an object and zoom, you reach a certain point and it dramatically changes in a unrealistic manner. So cap the view just before this happen. Then there will still be a zoom (reduced), for those that need it, but the object size issue goes away... I actually think the spotting in game is pretty close to RL....
  4. Check out Requiems The Air Combat Tutorial Library on Youtube, all you'll ever need to know, and more!
  5. Great job guys, The game looks awesome, everything maxed out now, reflections on, just a slight hint of a stutter here and there, but my system is 7 years old! So i can't complain. Just one question.......... if i'm on a server with technochat enabled, i can't seem to turn it off unless i turn off the entire HUD, then i loose all the chat messages and server messages as well, Is there anyway to get around this, or am i forced to have it on? I'm not to bothered about having a compass( the planes are fitted with them!), or seeing the " xxx has connected " " xxx has fired on a friendly " messages, but the chat and server messages are crucial for multiplay, Just need an over-ride for those of us who want to turn off the technochat even if its enabled... Thanks alot... Keep up the good work!
  6. Awesome news...... Can't wait.... the patch i've been waiting for for 7 years! 😉 Thanks...
  7. While i agree, a solution will need to be found, In my option the ability for the server to now disable the technochat far out-ways whether you can see what order you drop the bombs in or fire the rockets on a couple of aircraft. After all, you could just write it down and count how many times you press the keyboard key! (that's how i do it!) I suppose separate key bindings for each may help, Ctrl+1 for belly first, Ctrl+2 for wing first, Ctrl+3 for single drop, Ctrl+4 for pairs, Ctrl+5 for all, for example? I'm just glad that after 7 years of asking the unfair advantage some have when using the technochat has been removed.. And for that i thank the Devs...
  8. Of the 3 planes you mention, only the A20 has no cockpit reference for pylon mounted ordnance. As stated this was done by the bomb aimer. Maybe a solution would be to include rocket/bomb order selection, drop interval etc... on the settings page, with the convergence, timer and selected loadout. So you can pre-select before you start.. Obviously some planes will have the added advantage of being able to change this 'on the fly'. But i wonder how many times they actually changed this once they had taken off IRL?
  9. To be fair to the Devs, The current spotting in Alt view is pretty good, (monitor res etc aside) and in my opinion (if you don't use the zoom) very close to real life. Spotting an aircraft against the sky should be relatively easy out to 10k, as it is.... In reality, its actually movement that the human eye detects, long before colour or size. So, a parked white aircraft (either bomber or fighter) parked on a white background should difficult to see. (this is what camo is for). I'm hoping, as stated the up coming patch may help in this regard. Its a well known fact that a good percentage of pilots shot down had now idea it was about to happen, and very few had long protracted dogfights. They certainly didn't see a marker in their peripheral vision to warn them!
  10. I know..... This is absolutely great news. If the Devs read this, i would like to thank them for eventually implementing this feature. A lot of people are going to make a fuss, but its long over due for us that have argued for it. I am really looking forward to it.. Its just a simple question of choice whether you join a server with it or not. And i'm all for that... Thanks...
  11. Hey Widukind, I took off the other day with a group of your guys and witnessed a 110 ram and kill one of them, JG4_Thorwold i believe, I checked the states, but there was no name (not registered?) and i had a 110 shoot at me as well.. I don't know why, but there seems to be a lot of it going around this time... very strange.
  12. I applaud the Devs, Once again fantastic work....... And this "- now tech chat messages are a difficulty option " you beauties..... I have to be honest, i never thought it would happen, but i've never been more happy about being wrong! Time to start learning each planes characteristics and not relying on the messages. And yes, we'll all probably have to fly a little conservative to start with, rads open and reduced throttle, one eye on the gauges, but isn't that how it would have been? I just can't wait... Thank you very much Han, Jason and the guys..
  13. Well........ I've always thought 15 seconds was way to short a time to leave the server, i flew over Kalinin in an F4 escorting two Ju88's the other night and watched the planes on the runway vanish one by one to avoid being attacked/bombed, not that i do that sort of thing myself (!) But funny to watch.. So i think it should be more like 45 seconds. This would also give the chute killers enough time to go round for a second run if they missed on the first one! I'd also like to add Chimango has never shot me in a chute (good lad) 😉 And has TAW ever had full historic availability for planes and weapons on each map? I know a lot wouldn't like it, but can we give it a go one time just to experience the swings and roundabouts of the technological advances of both sides? Please. Keep up the good work, and the latest patch has certainly made a big difference!
  14. I have copies of 1-4, it will cost me a fortune to get them replaced with updated copies!! Any chance the updated information can be released separately?
  15. This may be true for WoL, but when TAW is up and running it is regularly the highest populated server, and as a 'full real' server they would definitely have it off. As someone like yourself SharpeXB who has spent thousands of pounds over the years purchasing every pre-order and collectors planes (even though i don't fly red) supporting this sim, not to mention computer equipment, joysticks, pedals, TiR, throttles etc, i feel the very least the devs can do is to give a server option to turn off the technochat/help text for those of us who feel it gives a unfair advantage to the opponent that uses it... After all they did say they were going to add the feature!
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