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  1. Its ok for me. Especially as schools now (in the UK) just don't teach modern History, well only history they want us to know! Interest in WWII aviation is kept alive through sims like IL2. Hopefully historically based servers like TAW will give a better perspective and understanding of this. And while IL2 tries to cater for all tastes from the casual pilot to the full real, we all simmers together..... Only by learning from history will we be able to prevent it from repeating itself.
  2. I fully understand why, and agree that the headrests should be fitted to the basic aircraft, in the same way loadouts should also be locked for others. And as you say, maybe headrest removal and the removal of other restrictions could/should be 'earned' by experten. I guess this could be when you reach a certain rank, or maybe if the pilot hasn't been killed on that particular map. It would also add incentive to look after your virtual pilot, but would of course put a bigger price on his head!
  3. Nice, Just one question.... Will the devs be re-releasing all the 4k skins we have in game without the tactical markings so we can add our own, or will the markings be just for the default skins? And will this include the correct Staffel, Gruppe, Geschwader markings/colours.. or just letters and numerals?
  4. I cant seem to open the google doc with the plane set and map.. Can anyone share me a link to download/view it. Thanks
  5. True...... all six of you would have to have earned the PE2's and have chosen a 'bomber' career. If out of 15 10 were fighters, i can see this happening from time to time. But ACG is a big squad, i can see this disadvantaging smaller squads, and by that i mean that may have to fly different planes. But was that not how the last campaign was, only this time it will be more restrictive..
  6. Ha ha ha....... and it hasn't even started yet.... I think this will be inevitable as pilots lives are now worth more...
  7. Actually..... no. It was said in the Q&A that you required very few points to get a new aircraft, and that it wouldn't take long (if you stay alive) to gain all the none basic aircraft in your career path for that map. It was even mentioned that your plane set may be carried over from one map to the next. (but this was unconfirmed) which would be a great idea. They've been testing this for for a bit now, and Blakhart says it all works very well... Its going to take a bit of getting used to. But i'm excited to see where this goes.....
  8. Look, The LG guys (and others) are trying something new, and must be applauded for that. Instead of the usual dogfight server. No other server has this sort of pilot career set up. Lets just give it a go and see what happens. They are reasonable people, and so will listen to suggestions on ways to improve it. But don't just moan before it even begins...... Come up with viable alternatives and use evidence to support it. And if you do gripe.... at least take part in the campaigns in the first place!!
  9. I started off in Microsoft CFS back in '98', I bought it in a kit along with a sidewinder precision joystick (which i still have!) Originally flew as just Schuck, then i flew with JG5 for a year and joined the squad in 2005..... and that as they say is history! We flew in VEF Virtual Eastern Front server and VOW Virtual online War, and had many great scraps with the EAF guys. Unfortunately the mess that was BoB saw many loose interest, but recently a few of the squad have been flying together again in TAW and DED.
  10. My idea was no so much to balance teams, (although it may help to) but to reflect the historic availability of aircraft. And the ability of each side to replace damaged aircraft. But i'm sure i'll still enjoy the server what ever solution you come up with!
  11. Ha Ha....... no.. But i would like to see the pilots head point in the direction the player is looking, no idea how difficult that would be to implement. And not a high priority!
  12. Mate...... you are going to love it, once you fly without it, there's no going back! Squadron name: Jagdgeschwader 5 (JG5) Number of active pilots: 5 (possibly 6) Side: Axis Time Zone: GMT 20:00hrs a couple of times a week! (maybe a bit more if the missus is not about!)
  13. Well.... what to say... I've flown with Roger for many a year, way back since the early IL2 days, when he flew as JMFT_Chunko. We managed to persuade him to join Jagdgeschwader 5, and i'm glad we did. Myself and Thijs (and other JG5 members) attended many a Flying Legends air show at Duxford with him over the years. He was a genuinely nice bloke with a unique sense of humour, you just couldn't help but like him! He will be sorely missed. Our small community has lost another. My deepest condolences to his family and all those who knew him.
  14. Make sure you do..... And will the server attract more players with 100% realism.... the answer is, i don't know, no one does unless they first try it first, and if it doesn't work revert back. And by making a suggestion rather than a criticism, i am trying to help find a possible solution, and not berating those who are, whilst offering nothing myself.. And as you correctly state, people will always gravitate towards the German planes, (they have done for the 25 years i've been flight simming!) but this does not necessarily mean better pilots! And in all the camp
  15. Hmmmm.. JG5..... i fly mostly German, How did you figure that out? I think the idea is to post suggestions and let the guys who run the server take the bits from it they like. Not to knock other peoples ideas... Did you even read what i have said, the idea is to give the allies More planes to reflect what was historically available, So 27 allied fighters v 6 German... and 15 bombers/attackers v 4.... And the ability to bail out or land a damaged plane and jump straight into a new one, something the Germans just couldn't do with the equipment shortages... how
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