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  1. In multiplayer, i normally fly the German stuff, and if i can i take the A3. But if i just fancy an offline scenic flight around the Kuban, i have a secret love for the MiG 3.........
  2. There you go, Mincer and Lawyer, you have very much proved my point. Although i think you may have misunderstood me... I don't find the balance at the moment an issue in game play, or out come... I mean there were far more LW pilots registered than VVS, and the servers were never short of LW pilots, but they still lost 4-2? It seems to me the better organised team/squads will always come out on top irrespective of numbers! So i ask again...What would you guys do to address the issues that have been raised? And yes Mincer, i tried out the 110 almost from start to finish in one campaign, i believe i was killed 3 times in total, but lost a fair few more planes and had to resort to flying Jabo for a while for the CM's. There are people on this server who want to win maps at all costs, there are others who want the most points/kills and gain rewards for their efforts, and there are others who try to complete the campaign in a realistic manner with one virtual pilot life... The actual outcome of the campaign is not as important to some as the enjoyment and experience....
  3. Ok let me explain, Using your hypothetical example (although this does happen on TAW). Your 20 pilots would need good planning and coordination, attack one target at a time (something the reds did to great effect this time, even when outnumbered!) and gain local air superiority. The chances of the majority of the 40 are flying fighters is slim, but if they where, chances are they will not all be circling one target waiting for you! Plus nobody has ever won a map using just fighters!! Check the map, see where the enemy are, and attack somewhere else..... simple and effective? Using the points system i suggested would mean a bomber pilot who was killed would have the default load out for 3 flights if he could get 200 experience points per successful bombing mission (although some bomber pilots were scoring in excess of 350, and some 400!). So it wouldn't take too long to gain back your unlocks (unless you were killed on every map!) And fighter pilots with 2 kills scored on average 150 points meaning 4 missions, although the majority of fighter pilots seemed to have no kills and were either killed (experience would be set to zero) or gained about 50 points for completing a mission, so would take a lot longer. On a side note, most LW fighter pilots seemed to me to be inexperienced, (and died on masse) believing the LW planes to be easier to fly. Fighter pilots would in fact be greatly disadvantaged by the system. And maybe they would think twice about attacking bomber formations alone, or disengage when damaged to preserve the pilots life. Really the only people this system would effect would be people with a massive amount of deaths/hr/mission, compared to say the top bomber pilot (one death in 28 hrs) or top fighter pilot (none in 67 hrs) Whether this system would help i do not know, implementing it for a campaign to see and reverting back if it doesn't work i guess........ what is the harm? TAW is constantly evolving through people's ideas and suggestions, not people moaning how they don't like it! Its difficult, i know, but if as people suggest, they purely want balance, every map would end in a draw!
  4. Well all i see is a lot of players saying how bad it is, but no one coming up with any good suggestions!! At least i am trying to make a positive contribution and not negative comments..... So what do you think will help? The LG guys have done a great job with this server, and if i had to listen to half of this moaning,.........
  5. I also think that maybe an adjustment to the scoring to make people value their virtual pilots life may help in the balance, As the LW side has the numbers most of the time, but not the experience On quite a few occasions i have noticed massed attacks (suicidal in most cases) on airfields without any value for the pilots life as the players had already been killed 20-30 times. And that even pilots that had been killed many times where still higher on the leader board than those who had not. Which does not give much of an incentive for those people trying to keep their virtual pilot alive in a realistic manner. Trying to fight someone who has been killed multiple times and doesn't care whilst also trying to stay alive yourself gives your opponent an advantage. I would suggest something along the lines of: Resetting your experience to zero when you are killed, but keeping your rank and medals at the time of death. Also linking modifications to experience points, ie you only have default loadout (no unlocks) until you have more than say 300 points. This would favour bomber pilots (especially as they have more chance of being killed) as experience points are a lot easier to earn attacking ground targets. Or maybe only allowing player to only have the +1 planes until they reach a certain experience level, similar to how it is for the 262 now.. I believe this would also help reduce the damage inflicted as a proportion of players would only have the default loadout.
  6. Nice work, I would be interested to know if you are going to make the ground any rougher (not just the visuals)? I remember a time where you used to get stuck in the mud/snow, and taking off dirty was all but impossible. Now it seems you can take off and land on just about anything, and collisions on multiplay servers from people not using the runway are common place, and are an immersion killer! Thanks Keep up the good work......
  7. Great work...... again! 14. Oxygen mask breathing sound has been toned down a bit; Thats a shame, i thought the devs had it about spot on..... And it gave a good indication as to the pilots condition. I'm curious, have they also adjusted when the G effects start to happen, it just feels although you can throw the planes around a bit more before the onset? Maybe its just me!! Keep up the good work..
  8. This definitely would be a great idea. I'd like to see: "Permission to land" "Permission to take off" "Vector to home base" and "Vector to nearest friendly base" Of course this could go along with being able to switch radio channels between nearest friendly base, home base and your flight. And also depend on type of radio fitted (better radio set, greater range?) and whether the plane was actually fitted with one! Plus damage to a radio could mean losing all communications with the ground..
  9. The seat back position itself was not the all important feature, but also the leg position. Lifting the legs higher, and closer to the horizontal makes it easier for the heart to pump the blood against the G forces and to stop it from pooling at the extremities. Just check out a modern F1 driver seating position it allows them to handle up to 6.5 lateral G. I would be interested to know how much say a 1/4G increase would actually help in game. (something the devs/testers could try out, maybe?) Surely any advantage is an advantage no matter how small!
  10. LukeFF, Take a look at this. (https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/282780.pdf) It would appear that a 45 degree seat angle gave you a 1/4 G advantage, No mention of elevated leg position, (?) but if raising the legs to a similar angle gives a similar advantage, i would surmise a 1/2 G advantage would be gained. I have no idea as to the angle of German seats or the leg elevation though... Still an interesting read.. Hope this helps in some way.
  11. I like it just the way it is, Just a couple of small alterations, rapid stick movement from negative to positive should bring on the 'giddy' effect a lot quicker... And from experience, for me when exiting near black out (or prolonged blackout) the giddy effect should apply also for 30 seconds or so. This would prevent some of the weird evasive maneuvers you see, and also prevent people from 'riding' the blackout for more than a couple of seconds. NB i would be interested (from real pilots) if it was possible to 'ride' the blackout for a long period of time without any ill effects.. or would you just not risk it incase you blacked out completely...
  12. On the U2 subject, Maybe static targets can be hidden for both sides and show up when a Recon plane flies over for a certain amount of time. The U2 can keep its defensive and offensive armament, while other recon planes can have their loadouts fixed to empty. The Spit can also be used (A20?), and Ju88 for the axis side. And Tempest for armed recon in later maps. This would give an advantage to the allied side in Recon and help offset the axis transport/para drop advantage. One thing i did notice on the last map (or didn't) was the lack of barges and boats on the canals, maybe a few dotted about would give the P47 guys something to shoot at, we've all seen the guncamera footage of late war ground attacks! Also concerning the 262, many times i joined the game and found there where 0 262's available, i assumed the numbers where already heavily limited per map?
  13. Exactly the point i was trying to make, The 262 was a gimmick; And as X-Man says the No of kills by 262's will be a tiny fraction compared to other aircraft as to have had absolutely no impact on the out come of the map. I flew over 50hrs in game and never saw a single 262 in flight!
  14. With the 262 that makes sense. But it was a 110, i took off from Koln (map 178) and landed at Wesel (plane un-damaged, both active airfields), and got a ditched -30 points! 🤪
  15. I'm actually really enjoying the long flight times, monitoring the gauges without the techchat has given me a new enjoyment, and also strangely a new love of Jabo, bomber and transport missions!! I think a draw was a fair result, although the second map seemed to 'collapse' very quickly at the end? I tried the 262, but it bit me in the ass a couple of times, and i never saw another one in the air, so more of a gimmick than of any actual use... Couple of things i would change, 1) you should be able to land on any friendly air field without getting a ditch (ie loose points) if it's not the one you took off from. Loose the plane for a CM or two, ok, .... but points to? (same for bailing out as well !) 2) And placement of static objects on airfields in such a way as to help prevent 'dirty' take offs, it got stupid at times, and i believe there were several collisions. Can't wait to get back to the Eastern front.... Other than that, keep up the good work.
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