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  1. I have 2 MSFFB2, 1 spare in case the other breaks. I couldn't be without them............ In Il2 46 they used to really start to shake right 'on the stall' which was a great help. I would certainly pay £300-400 for a more up to date version.
  2. Many thanks for the G2. And may i say, from myself and JG5 members past, what an honor and privilege it has been to take part in FNBF with so many of you. A special thanks to the DBS guys and Tip (who i was lucky enough to meet at Duxford) for all the hard work you have put into FNBF. It will be sorely missed, and never forgotten. From the first....until the last.. Thankyou..
  3. Clear as mud mate!! lol. Yep...... real life is a pain in the butt, welcome to our world!!
  4. Know idea who signed me up(?), but thanks a lot. And that first mission..... no less than 8 JG5, those where the days..
  5. Damn..... 109's went quick.... Put me down in reserve please.. Thanks.
  6. Great work as always...... Lets just hope the technochat doesn't warn you of the onset of 'Greyout' 'Blackout' and 'G-lock' !!!!! Having experienced it myself it also leaves you feeling disoriented for a while after! The effort is much appreciated, Thanks...
  7. Great vid.... Great airshow. I try to get every year, do my bit to help keep these planes in the air!
  8. I think people are getting realism mixed up with the FACT that people who use technochat/tips have a distinct advantage over those who don't. And quite clearly the people who use it realize this, or they wouldn't be to bothered about having a server option to turn it off. I think, as SharpeXB has said, maybe a visual aid like a slider (without increments) would help those with VR with throttle positions etc without giving any noticeable advantage. But at the moment you can set 74% throttle 50% mixture 100% prop pitch time and time again without ever having to look at any cockpit gauges. The tips are just pure arcade, like "pull up the ground is getting near" that surely is just for beginners, and is a total immersion killer! Nobody is advocating getting rid of them, just an option for those who don't want them in a server....
  9. Damn..... missed out on a 262, better take a D9 then please..... I mean someones got to cover their butts taking off and landing!!
  10. I can't do the night ops as i'm not home from work early enough, But i'll gladly jump into a 262 for ground attack, if not any axis fighter. Thanks
  11. I agree, no room for politics in sport.... Liverpool v Spurs final... should be interesting!
  12. 4-0.............. get in there... Lionel who?
  13. Hey Tip, I'm a 50/50 for this one, so if you could just pencil me in for a G2, thanks. If they fill up i'll grab anything that's left on the night. Thanks..
  14. 2560 x 1440p @144hz ASUS RoG Swift.. Strangely the thing i noticed most was the tracer was much slower, but looked more realistic! The temp never got above 48 degrees, so was it stressing all the cores? Does it use them all? I don't know how well the game is optimized for multithreads. Does it matter?
  15. If its of any use to anyone...... My 5 year old liquid cooled i7-4960X @ 4.20GHZ (X79 platform) 32GB of Kingston Hyper X DDR3 @ 2132 Mhz Liquid cooled GTX Titan X With every setting maxed out Managed a pretty smooth 50-60fps, until the bombs went off, then plummeted down to 30!!! Blue sky was 144fps (my monitor refresh rate) In parts it did seem in slow motion even though FPS was showing at 50-60. Accelerating the game to 8x actually made the FPS go up? It was playable, but not great...
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