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  1. Ha ha, I think there is more chance of me flying a 262 in real life than on this server. No technochat a problem..... practice, or there's WoL! I'm really enjoying this TAW, if it has a few minor flaws, so what... can you do any better? I understand what that have tried to do with the plane set, after all we don't have any 4 engined heavies modeled in game. And we wouldn't have the time to intercept them even if we did!! I think the immersion is great, and is only added to to by the omission of technochat. Yes pilots may be able to feel the plane, levers etc, but they didn't have a HUD, so please leave it off. And correct me if i'm wrong, this is the first server to do so, so well done. Keep up the good work guys, And thanks for all the effort you've put in. Sadly it appears not all appreciate it.
  2. That's exactly how it read to me..... But are these not just the handling quirks of individual planes? I mean all planes cannot feel the same, have the same stick force and induce blackout in the same linear fashion...? Wouldn't that be boring if they all handled the same? Surely you'll just have to practice to get the best out of the planes you fly regularly. It adds another dynamic to the game... And i use a MSFFB stick, good for knowing the start of, and riding a stall, not much use for the onset of G-lock!! 😀
  3. Same here, must be 20 years, and i got a spare incase one packs up. Couldn't do without it now!
  4. Yes, but once you see the tracers, you see the plane thats firing, right.....? I actually don't think spotting is that bad, but as stated it varies from monitor to monitor. And as someone mentioned camo schemes where used for s reason, Believe me when i say you can almost tread on a person dressed in white in a snowy field before you see them. So spotting a white plane on/over a snowy field from above should be equally as difficult. Same goes for a green plane over a green field...... etc. Spotting a plane above the horizon, i agree should be easier. But in my experience flying, even when youre told there is a plane in the area, the direction, altitude and heading, you sometimes still dont spot them straight away. I just wonder how many times IRL planes flew past each other and never saw a thing? One thing of interest (as a keen photographer) the yellow filter used on German aircraft should act as a contrast filter, and not a sun filter, making it easier to spot aircraft in a bleached out sky at distance!!
  5. Or here..... https://rcsimulations.co.uk/epages/93a3f77d-847d-4ca9-8b2d-6a951e9b272d.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/93a3f77d-847d-4ca9-8b2d-6a951e9b272d/Categories/TIR5 In the UK..
  6. Well i thought id have ago at this.... i disabled the technochat, turned off the players messages, and listened to the comms. What a blast, great fun and very immersive. I used the custom skins as well, Circling the airfield after a mission waiting to hear your call sign so you can land adds that little bit extra. Very well done..
  7. +100% Lets have a clean screen, and get rid of the "**** fired on a friendly" aswell...... It causes so many arguments and bad blood on the same side!! PS... would also like a longer disconnect time, 30 or 45 seconds, to stop people jumping ship so quickly when things are getting tough. Keep up the good work. Thanks.
  8. Just to help balance out the plane set on MP, I'd have : 1) FW189/Hs123 2) Li2 3) DB3F
  9. Thanks for the help guys..... I did a full windows install on a formatted SSD......... and the game now launches.. It did how ever swap all my devices around, Joypad1 is now joypad4, joypad3 is now joypad7 etc!!! A real pain to have to put all my key binds back in along with throttle settings, but a small price to pay. Its odd that you mention sound... because if i mute the sound in flight i get a noise like a hard drive working (!) Its worse when i move my head with TiR. And it seems to co-inside with the HHD light flickering? Is this a shielding issue? I didn't get it before, but i have a new power supply (Superflower) and the SSD mountings are right above it? Anyway, the game is working, so thankyou for your assistance.
  10. As far as i can see, i've tried other games, and they're running fine. Even all the applications, soundcard/graphics software, literally the only thing not working is Il2. I installed the chipset drivers that came on the disc, then updated them via the ASUS website/download (so they are all the latest). I will try the Event viewer as you said, and see if it flags anything. I just really don't fancy the fresh windows install route, but if that what it takes!!
  11. Hi... Specs: Asus RoG Maximus XII Formula, I7 10700k, Kingston Hyper X Predator 4266Mhz DDR4, I didn't change the SSD's, just swapped them over and located them in the BIOS for booting. So no fresh install. I've had no other errors, and everything else is working ok? The GPU and sound card are swapped over as well, and they work fine. Windows 10 64 bit version 1909..
  12. Hey guys, i need some help. I've just upgraded my PC (mobo, RAM and CPU). Got it all plumbed in and everything is running fine............. except Il2... The launcher starts, but as soon as i hit 'PLAY', i get an 'IL2 Not responding' message.. I've tried the launcher, Il2 aplication and Restarter in the Game folder........but to now avail.. I've even tried re installing the game... just the same... Any help gratefully received..
  13. You have a missus like that, and you're spending you're time on Il2??? Ha ha ha....... We need to have words!!!
  14. Im just curious, in the image above, the MG131's counters are at a different hight? Does this indicate a fault, as surely the guns where synced together? Or as stated where they used for each set of guns....
  15. I meant as a whole for the game, Not for BoN, as it was 4th (?) largest serially produced 109. (more G10's than F2, F4, G2, G4 and we have them) For BoN , as stated by CountZero, a G6 with the options of Erla canopy, larger tail and MW50 would help keep things alive for the Blue side sales wise...
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