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  1. Interesting technology - now I think I'll need a high refresh rate hdr monitor soon But realistically It will be years before enough people own a monitor like that. In the meantime is a software solution in the pipeline or on a list of priorities?
  2. Is there any reason why this wouldn't be allowed? Where can we suggest this? Edit: I'm talking about the smoke rendering in particular, I can see why ships and objects would be a problem.
  3. I find it very difficult. I noticed a lot of people have been recommending to lower to gamma which is arbitrary and the end effect will always depend on your monitor calibration. I found that reshade offers a similar gamma setting but is bit more detailed/flexible so ended up using that. Even then I rely more on the clarity and sharpness filter more then gamma, at least it helps to bring out contours without making the rest of the game too dark. But I would really like to know if the spotting will be revisited by the devs in the future. It's playable as it is, just not as good as it could be. Imho better spotting would bring the game (MP especially) experience up a great deal. Right now, I seem to do a lot of flying around with 0 action. On occasion, I will move from 3km down to attack a ground target and suddenly I see what seems like 5-6 contacts that must have been there all along swirling around near the ground. EDIT: The other thing that could improve spotting and also ID'ing is to allow the player to zoom 10-15% further than what the current zoom level.
  4. hnbdgr

    non-invasive mods?

    Oh cool, so how does this work - can I enable any mods? Presumably none of the mods give a competetive advantage right? Also where do I ask for the password? many thanks!
  5. hnbdgr

    non-invasive mods?

    Interesting, is there a downloadable SP mission for spotting purposes? Like where you spawn in the air and there's 10 contacts spaced out 1km apart?
  6. hnbdgr

    non-invasive mods?

    I believe this topic covers some of it: Other than that - latest release won't work unless you also have 2x or 4x AA enabled. Not sure why but that's how it is. You may experience the odd crash on loading, but generally they are rare. There's a lot of tutorials online instructing on how to use reshade and by and large the process is the same with every game. The idea is to use 4-5 shaders max for minimal fps impact and maxium graphical improvement. You can also change gamma this way (if you don't want to do it in game)
  7. hnbdgr

    non-invasive mods?

    Yes I use the latest reshade, works fine as long as I have in-game AA turned on. It doesn't help too much with the spotting (a bit with reshade gamma and clarity) but as far as visual aesthetics it's very pleasing to look at. The smoke drawing distance mod is really cool though. On the Stalingrad map you can land at pitomnik or further even and still see the smoke stacks on the horizon.
  8. Ok that seems to have done it! thanks
  9. hnbdgr

    non-invasive mods?

    Ah, ok fair enough. thank you
  10. hnbdgr

    non-invasive mods?

    Hi All, Looking for a list of non-ivasive mods, that is mods that can be used online. Currently I use Banding (fixes gradients in sky) Smoke Draw (Draws smoke infinite distances, works great, no fps hit) Historical Markings But these presumably don't get accepted in Multiplayer?
  11. As per title, is there a way to disable this? Ideally I'd like to hide chat/kill the chat sound and only have the 'technochat' enabled (if that's the right word.)
  12. Hi Guys, just a bump to this topic as it's been a while. Any word on if the API is coming out soon?
  13. Yeah it just seems...i don't know unnecessarily sluggish... It definitely has a place but it would be good to have the option to turn it off as well.
  14. Ah I think you're referring to cinematic camera which does make it look a bit floaty in external view. I think I have that turned off. What I'm trying to get rid of is the inertia that is there in external view.
  15. Hi all, Recently started to enjoy Il2 more and more, jumping into quick missions and testing various planes. I'm impressed how much the FM has come forward since 2014. There's a list of things that bug me and one of the first ones would be the external camera inertia. I've selected 0% camera inertia in all the camera settings, yet whenever I go into external view and use the mouse to look around my plane is has this sluggish inertia mechanism turned on. Is there a way to turn it off perhaps with a mod? There's also a few other things I want to ask of the top of my head - is it possible to override the default minimum and maximum zoom distance in cockpit? I find the minimum is not wide enough and maximum doesn't zoom in as far as I'd like. I'll leave it there for now, thanks in advance for your help
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