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  1. How... would one go about that? I mean. I'm sure people have tried already? All that is needed is a readout of values that can be seen in each particular cockpit at the moment (IAS,Heading,Radiator open/close values, ball centering etc.) Those values would then be 'broadcast' either locally or via local network. Values are ingested by a program which ought to work on 2/3 platforms - Windows, Android and/or iOS to allow compatibility with 2nd monitors and wireless devices. The end user should be able to manually adjust the GUI to a degree. And that's pretty much it. What is the concern about? Would people somehow be able to use it for an unfair advantage?
  2. Thank you that's great, I'll see if I can maybe get in touch with him! cheers
  3. Thanks OP, so the ROC data is taken from the game directly? Would it be possible to calculate performance on emergency power according to engine HP increase or another forumla?
  4. Hi guys, can someone give me a quick run down on what the difference between standard and advanced entails? I've looked at the website but it's not clear to me what the RL differences are?
  5. That's some good news then I guess! thank for letting me know
  6. Hi Guys, is there a list of mods that work with no need to turn mods on? I heard the migoto mod does that?
  7. So guys I since updated to a new build as mine was getting old. New build is i7 8700k, GTX 1080, 32 GB RAM @ 3200. I've managed to try things out via the occulus go and a third party app. Obviously not the best choice due to refresh rate, but it worked. Gave me a bit of VR sickness for about 4 hours though. Would you still recommend the Rift-S? What about something like the Valve Index (with no controllers)?
  8. Hi Guys, I know variations of the spotting topic have been posted endlessly but just wanted to know if there's any word from the devs as far as looking at it in the future? Anything in the roadmap? I know some people find the current system (not the alternative one) to be 'realistic' but truth is many people have immense trouble locating aircraft at the 0-2km range. The culprit imo is how the model changes contrast when it's closer vs when it's further. As soon as it comes within a certain range the LOD changes and the aircraft can effectively be invisible against some backgrounds even if in RL the contrast would be still apparent. I find it incredibly frustrating. Thanks, Badger
  9. thank you guys, I'll look into the Rift-S!
  10. Hi Guys, just recently got a second hand Oculus Go which is a fun experience/intro into VR but not a full fledged headset. I'm looking into getting a better VR headset for PC - mainly for IL2. A a lot of people seem to still recommend the Oculus Rift. How does this compare to others in 2019? Costwise they're very affordable second hand in the UK. I'm looking for something I can plug into my pc and at most do a 360 experience but without physical movement if that makes sense. For IL2 visibility and spotting are important for me. My current specs: Win 7 i5 3570K @ 4600 which runs pretty well for singlethreated tasks ASUS GTX 1660 ti dual OC'd 16 GB DDR3 ASUS P8p67 pro mobo Dual monitor setup with gaming monitor: Asus VG236H 23" 120hz I realize the setup is getting a bit old in the tooth and will be considering an upgrade this black friday/christmas but for now it's running well. Any help appreciated. thanks, Badger
  11. Interesting technology - now I think I'll need a high refresh rate hdr monitor soon But realistically It will be years before enough people own a monitor like that. In the meantime is a software solution in the pipeline or on a list of priorities?
  12. Is there any reason why this wouldn't be allowed? Where can we suggest this? Edit: I'm talking about the smoke rendering in particular, I can see why ships and objects would be a problem.
  13. I find it very difficult. I noticed a lot of people have been recommending to lower to gamma which is arbitrary and the end effect will always depend on your monitor calibration. I found that reshade offers a similar gamma setting but is bit more detailed/flexible so ended up using that. Even then I rely more on the clarity and sharpness filter more then gamma, at least it helps to bring out contours without making the rest of the game too dark. But I would really like to know if the spotting will be revisited by the devs in the future. It's playable as it is, just not as good as it could be. Imho better spotting would bring the game (MP especially) experience up a great deal. Right now, I seem to do a lot of flying around with 0 action. On occasion, I will move from 3km down to attack a ground target and suddenly I see what seems like 5-6 contacts that must have been there all along swirling around near the ground. EDIT: The other thing that could improve spotting and also ID'ing is to allow the player to zoom 10-15% further than what the current zoom level.
  14. hnbdgr

    non-invasive mods?

    Oh cool, so how does this work - can I enable any mods? Presumably none of the mods give a competetive advantage right? Also where do I ask for the password? many thanks!
  15. hnbdgr

    non-invasive mods?

    Interesting, is there a downloadable SP mission for spotting purposes? Like where you spawn in the air and there's 10 contacts spaced out 1km apart?
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