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  1. About time, cant wait. Hopefully you will be adding the nieuport 17 so I can shoot down some frenchies
  2. Love these articles, please keep up the great work @J2_Drookasi
  3. Sounds interesting and fun, hope all goes well and good luck 👍
  4. It was actually broken since the last update but was fixed like 4 hours ago
  5. Is it normal for the stats website not to update after server restart? Because the stats site seems to be stuck before the update of the game yesterday Please fix http://stats.jasta5.org:8000/en/missions/?tour=35
  6. I have been away from the community for a while since last year October and since I have come back this month to the community and the Flugpark server I have noticed they have been very quiet and for some reason the Flugpark server every so often is working and I will be able to connect to the server but most of the time it's up on the servers list but I can never join and nobody is ever on, unfortunately. After looking a little on the forums this seems to be why most of the community is not playing right now, it looks like its mostly down to the new damage model system. here
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